First of all, I want to express my gratitude to all of you who responded to our call for research assistants. No one can embrace unembraceable, said famous Russian satirical character Kozma Prutkov. Solitary, one can’t; but together we just might.

Human Flood in the Land of “We’re always right”: Europe should expect up to 35 million refugees. Apparently, the Ayn Rand Institute, a neo conservative ultra Liberal pro-Israel think tank, is behind some of the efforts to bring refugees to Europe. One of their sites,, posted information in German on how to help, transfer, finance and hide people. Initially, whois information listed the Ayn Rand Institute as the owner, after the scandal broke out the registrar information was changed. [source]

NB: Thanks, alan for mentioning this on September 11. There are also rumors that the Austrian Intelligence services released names of the US organizations that participate in organizing the human trafficking, but I couldn’t confirm that. Another aspect, the refugee camps in Turkey were well-funded via the UN. However, in December 2014 the UN stopped food programs for Syrian refugees. [source]

“It is highly unusual for a major aid provider like the World Food Program to follow through on its admonishments by immediately suspending a major assistance operation.” One of the prime reasons for the wave of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers is the sharp fall in international funding from United Nations countries. [source]

On December 1, 2014 WFP Forced To Suspend Syrian Refugee Food Assistance, Warns Of Terrible Impact As Winter Nears [source]
Today, the EU announced that it will give the EU 1 billion euro for an UN refugee agency, World Food Program that was announced by every Western Mass media outlet. The previous budget was EU 4.5 billion. This information is absent on the EU parliament website. Instead, they announced the beginning of the EU military operations in the Mediterranean [source]

During a meeting of the security and defense subcommittee on 22 September, MEP from Austria, Eugen Freund expressed skepticism that the “root cause” of the migration was people smuggling, as the military operation identifies it. The head of the operation Lieutenant General Wosolsobe (European External Action Service, EEAS) said that that “a UN mandate would be required for his forces to intervene within Libyan territorial waters.” As soon as he gets this mandate, he will start the EU war in Africa. Here, he is making noise about deployment of military and civilian forces to the Horn of Africa, Mali, Somalia, and the Sahel region. Expect Africa to go up in flames next. [source]

Food for thought
Expert Seminar on the EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy [source]
• Europe’s “real” neighborhood, where its vital interests are at stake, stretches out into the Sahel, the Horn of Africa and the Gulf.
• Europeans have to defend their own territory against “external aggression
• The need to deploy heavy forces on Europe’s eastern borders, in the context of conventional deterrence, while engaging in various operations in the broad southern neighborhood, and preparing for likely additional deployments
• How can the integration of the CSDP in the broader range of EU instruments be deepened and civilian-military synergies further exploited in Africa?

Essentially, the EU is preparing to start military actions in the North Africa, while defending itself from the imaginary external aggression, while deploying heavy forces to Russia’s boarder, while engaging in the operations in Syria, while preparing for more deployments, and to keep on they are subjugating the EU civilian resources and services to their urgent military needs.

Just for a day it looked like the Europeans have realized that their wars are the root of all evil. However, they quickly decided that a secret to success is to keep attacking their “real” neighbors. If you think that you have had enough refugees from the Middle East, wait until you get twice as much from Africa.

The Pope in the U.S.: The Beast and the False Prophet?

Europe is gearing up for more wars, while the Fed is preparing for the final collapse of our economic system making a path for the next leg down without immediate destabilization [source]

Democracy has departed the Western world [source]
Diplomacy is Russia’s False Hopes — Paul Craig Roberts [source]
“Doomsday” Arctic Seed Vault Tapped For First Time In History As Syrian Civil War Threatens Biodiversity [source]
“I don’t think the U.S. intentionally wanted to threaten the world’s food supply, but what the hell – they were in the neighborhood and figured, “Why not?”

Forget The New World Order, Here’s Who Really Runs The World [source]
1. They cannot get Assad out
2. They are stuck with the Saudis and low oil prices are working too slowly to cause turmoil
3. They cannot start a race war in the US
4. In the U.S. both people and cops are wising up to the attempt to turn each against the other
5. China caught them in the act of trying to destroy the Chinese markets
6. They cannot bait Iran into a war
7. People realize that The U.S. will be fighting Russia till the last Ukrainian
8. People realize that The U.S. will be fighting Russia till the last European
9. People realize that the U.S. will be fighting Russia till the last Middle Easterner
10. People realize that the U.S. will be fighting Russia till the last Latin American
11. It is always and has always been about containing Russia, whereas only the containment of the West will spare the world from a total war
12. Their instigator immigrants are being defused
13. ISIS is being exposed as a western mercenary army
14. People realize the markets are a fraud and won’t be trapped
15. The whole VW things is about the Germans getting friendlier with Russia and requiring the Germans to take 10 million Muslim refugees
16. People are turning away from MSM in droves
17. The US backed effort to assist Qatar and the Saudis in destabilizing the Assad regime was doomed from the start [source]
18. The CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) arrives in Iraq and Syria [source]
19. Syria: Rumors about the Russian Army made Daesh terrorists to surrender [source]
“It’s incomprehensible that the US ever believed its strategy in Syria had a chance of succeeding. Washington and Riyadh were attempting to simultaneously subvert Tehran’s regional ambitions, tip the Sunni/Shiite divide in favor of Sunni extremists against the Quds even as the US literally attempted to do the exact opposite in neighboring Iraq, and jeopardize Russia’s energy leverage over Europe at a time when that leverage was key to Russia’s bargaining position over Ukraine. To call that a fool’s errand is to be exceptionally generous.”

Photo blog: Traveling on Iranian Roads

Per our contributor Peter, a new section in our STREPs:

List of the U.S. instigated state terrorist operations
• VW according to RT just started an engine manufacturing plant in Russia to supply engines for its Russian and European vehicles, short after the “scandal” broke put. Curiously, if you just google “scandal broke” the listings will be ALL about the German car manufacturer
• An official “story” of how last year, a group of “researchers” at West Virginia University uncovered one of the biggest “frauds” in automotive history while working under “a small $50,000 grant” [source]
The West Virginia University is a cover of sort for the U.S. military Intelligence. Besides taking down the European industries, this University is very busy with organizing vibrant anti-Russian propaganda. I have to chuckle to see that the same US DoS and DoD apparatchiks work to destabilize Russia, and now destabilizing Germany. Here you can see some of my research on HSE in Moscow and “researches” from the West Virginia University.

• Malaysian PM who bypassed the US/UN and the Ukraine Rada garbage, and talked/negotiated directly with “separatists’ when MH17 was shot down. Now being “investigated” by FBI for corruption.
• FIFA officials being extradited to US
• The crisis in Ukraine that followed was Russia’s punishment (as some put it) over what Russia had done in Syria
De-Industrialization of Germany.
Step 1: Destroy trade between Russia and Germany;
Step 2: make Germany to support the openly Neo-Nazi dictatorship in Kiev;
Step 3: Flood Germany with refugees;
Step 4: Dismantle its most iconic brands;
Step 5: Put entire German auto industry at risk;
Step 6: Put Germany on the list of first strikes for Russia by bringing into Germany nuclear weapon;
Step 7: Put entire German economy at risk;
Step 8: Cut the Russian gas and the Chinese financing (see article above) and the industrial collapse will follow;
Step 8: With all those emigrants being out of work and Germans being out of work due to industrial collapse, there will be social unrests that Germany has never seen before.
Video choc ! Migrants affrontement avec une famille suisse !
If youtube is blocked watch here

Last summer, I predicted that the de-industrialization of Germany by the U.S. is going to be so vicious, as nothing we have seen before. This attack on the German car maker is essentially an attack on the German character. Americans excel in character assassination techniques. Cheating on a test is such an un-German kind of trespassing. I might have a romantic view of the German national character, but Germans never cut corners when it comes to the quality of their products. After the Great Patriotic War, many German POWs remained in the Soviet Union for some time and worked rebuilding what they had destroyed. As the stories go, they were so meticulous and excellent in their work, that the Russians were asking them why would they put so much effort in something that was not even theirs. The Germans’ answer was, because they were Germans.


In Brief: John Helner reveals a conspiracy of the governments, members of NATO, to implicate Russia in a war crime committed by the Ukrainian Porosheno’s junta. The Dutch and Australian records make the Buk story impossible as cause of death. the Dutch government wanted to warn the Dutch against revealing what the Australians had already reported – that there was no evidence of more than 7,800 pieces of shrapnel in a Buk warhead. Most evidence point that it was a bomb onboard calculated to go on the day of the pre-arranged conversation between presidents Putin and Obama about Ukraine. If the evidence Putin gave Obama that morning were to be published and then believed, the responsibility for what had happened would be clear around the world – the Ukrainian Government had committed a war crime.

If you are interested in financial crimes, at least $1.8 billion in IMF “emergency liquidity assistance” (ELA) to the National Bank of Ukraine has disappeared through Privatbank and related-party accounts offshore. Ukrainian investigators and reporters claim local prosecutors and the anti-corruption agency refuse to open a formal case against the bank or its control shareholder, Igor Kolomoisky. [source]

Kiev and the West Ukrainians always complained that Donbass and Crimea were heavy burdens for the Ukrainian economy. From that point of view, loosing Crimea and Donbass should not harm Ukrainian economy, but significantly boost it.
1. Ukraine Should Be Given Legal Cover to ‘Walk Away’ From Debt to Russia says Chris Murphy [source]
WASHINGTON (Sputnik), Leandra Bernstein — The United States and other international players should take actions to help Ukraine avoid honoring a $3 billion debt to Russia, US Senator and member of the Foreign Relations Committee Chris Murphy told Sputnik.
“The international community should make it clear that we should take whatever steps necessary to give Ukraine the legal cover it needs to walk away from that debt,” Murphy said on Thursday of the debt Ukraine owes Russia.

2. Selective materials on the Ukraine’s selective’ default [source]
3. Ukraine’s sanctions will make Russian air companies suspend flights to Moldova — expert [source]
4. Poroshenko threatens Russia with sanctions if elections in Donbass recognized [source]
Ukraine’s president called the elections in DPR and LPR “faked” and promised that “we will do everything in order not to allow repetition of this process”

“On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the vote in the DPR and LPR scheduled for October 18 and November 1 would not violate the Minsk deal as it specifies no dates. Lavrov noted that the Minsk agreements “contain several provisions which have long been crudely violated by the Ukrainian government.” The minister reminded that under the Minsk accords, Kiev had to launch talks with Donetsk and Lugansk on the modalities of holding the elections the day when the withdrawal of artillery began in April.”

5. Ukraine will become a member of the UN Security Council in January 2016. What to expect? [source]

6. Radio Svoboda about protests in New York against President Putin’s visit [source] On twitter people are asking what behind the protests hate or fear. I say it’s the State Department and military budgets.

7. The panic in the ranks of the invaders in Mariupol: “Russian warships approached 4 miles to the town” [source]

8. Zhevago’s top-10 bank faces liquidation as lawmaker’s London-listed firm faces liquidity squeeze [source]
Finance & Credit bank liquidation will cost Ukraina alot,, just for depisit repayings deposit fond will have to pay about 500million euros.
9. Laws on Ukraine’s commercial foreign debt restructuring published on Saturday [source]
Ukraine’s gross foreign debt as of July 1, 2015, totaled $126.98 billion, which was 0.8%, or $1.01 billion up on April 1, 2015, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) reported on Friday.
10. In symbolic visit, NATO offers Ukraine support but no arms [source]
September 23, 2015 By Reuters – “Ukrainian plans to sign a new military doctrine in Stoltenberg’s presence – a document identifying Russia as Ukraine’s only aggressor – were cancelled, apparently to spare the NATO chief diplomatic embarrassment.”
Overtly, NATO continues to lie about the scoop of its involvement in Ukraine. This article doesn’t even mention the Ukraine-2015 NATO drills that take place this week with the massive involvement of NATO specialists in radio, chemical, and biological warfare.

Russia and Beyond
1. The US owned news source on Ukraine reports that Russia is ready to respond with retaliatory measures against two Ukrainian airlines [source]
September 26, 2015 – The two Ukrainian airlines will be banned from flying over the territory of the Russian Federation, Russian information agency TASS reported referring to a statement of Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov made Saturday to Russia’s TV channel.

2. Illicit Financial Flows: The Most Damaging Economic Condition Facing the Developing World September 2015
Global Financial Integrity paid by the Ford Foundation claims that Russia is “illicit financial flows (IFFs) leader” [source]
This one of many reasons for the Russia’s government to implement strict capital control.

3. the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said in a statement that Kohver, sentenced to 15 years in Russia for espionage, was swapped for former Estonian security officer Alexei Dressen serving a sentence for confidential data transfer to Russia. [source]

4. Israeli citizens who made billions in Russia are moving back to Israel [source]

5. “They are running from Russia” “They” means neo-liberals of the 5th column [source]

Ukraine’s Blockade of Crimea
1. Ukrainian farmers and business owners suffer  Video Eng subtitles
“As the impromptu “blockade” of Crimea has started, it had as a goal to limit ALL movement of transport carrying goods from Ukraine to liberated Crimea. The genius behind this is some Tatar wahhabist, supported by the Right Sector thugs. Interestingly as with the Russian counter-sanctions, which barred trade from Europe and some other countries, and has seen a colossal rise in domestic production, the case is the same here. Except here it was purely a concept invented by Ukraine, and in fact does not even come from the ukrop govt but from a rogue “state within a state”.
As a result, all of the farmers and whoever else who wanted to sell their goods to Russia ended up stranded on the border, having to dump their goods at below break-even prices as to save at least some of their investment. In the meanwhile, Russian manufacturers and farmers rejoice as this just adds to their already booming domestic demand.
So here is a short interview with some of the merchants stuck at the border.”

2. Crimean Deputy PM – ‘A Blockade of Crimea is Impossible [source] Video Eng. Subtitles
Graham Phillips interview with a Crimean Deputy PM. The Crimean Tatars backed by activists of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group “Right Sector” blocked the roads on September 20, saying they were aiming to prevent supplies from reaching Crimea. …In reality the peninsula gets less than 5 percent of its supplies from Ukraine and won´t feel the effects of any blockade…This is the answer to pathetic attempts of Ukrainian neo-Nazis and Tatar “activists” who try to block Crimea….

3. Kiev started food blockade of Crimea. Ukrainians business people and farmers threaten to attack block posts, since they lost their only stable market [source]

4. Saturday 26 – Armed attack on the ambulance station in Simferopol, Crimea. The doctors are killed, more injured. [source] [source]

4. Warsaw Poland. Nazi swastikas on the monument of the Soviet troops fallen for liberation of Poland in WWII [source]

5. Efforts to remove all presence of the Russian civilization from the Western world continues: Poland dismantling monument to the Soviet General Ivan Chernyakhovsky, who was killed during the liberation of Poland from the Nazi Germany. In a bizarre twist of fate, Ivan Chernyakhovsky was what now is considered ethnic Ukrainians. [source]

In its fight against Russian culture, Europe should go even further, stop producing classic ballet, stop drinking vodka, and stop using the periodic system of chemical elements invented by the Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev, stop using Russian gas and oil.

6. Poland Bans Russian Diplomat Ahead Of OSCE Meeting ! A Gross Violation By The Polish Regime ! [source]

7. Pro-Putin demonstration in New York today [source]

8. How the British “royal family” stole the Russian Imperial family’s jewels in 1717 [source]

9. BBC: The Memorial of the Unknown Soviet Soldier the Liberator of Berlin BBC calls a “grave of unknown rapist” [source]
Now, people are asking BBC to stop its Russian services and to go back to the UK.
Here is the portrait of the BBC female journalist who insulted three generations of Russian people [source]
Here is the twitter of the fascist pig Lucy Ash [source]

Armenia – Azegbajan – Karabach
Reported escalation of hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Azerbaijan in Karabakh region [source]
Foreign Ministers of Armenia, Azerbaijan meet in New York [source]
On September 25th Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandian, who is in New York on a working visit, held a second meeting with the Co-chairs of the Minsk Group, Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.
Edward Nalbandian condemned and characterized as unacceptable the gross violations of the ceasefire by Azerbaijan with the use of heavy artillery, which claimed human losses. He said that “to divert attention from the outrageous human rights situation in Azerbaijan and the growing criticism of the international community in towards this, Baku escalates the situation on the Line of Contact with Nagorno-Karabakh and the border with Armenia with considerable unforeseen negative consequences. With this provocations Baku demonstrates its disregard both for human life and its own commitments”.


Colonel Cassad on the upcoming elections [source]
On Russian passports, again [source]
In Moscow Anti-Globalists create a unified front against “Washington spawns” at the conference of Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia
198 photo review on food prices in Donetsk. All prices are in rubles. [source]

Inquiring minds what to know:

How come the satellite footage in Syria gives great pictures of Russian planes and tanks, while it is not possible to provide a single good picture of the hundreds of Russian tanks in Ukraine?
Interesting, they do have great quality satellite photos of equipment that is stationed on Russian territory or in disputed Crimea. However, once it comes to Donbas, those pictures lose a huge share of their quality, precision and detail. They become blurry to say the least and the only “considerably credible” way, that authors use to make them depict “Russian or Russian-manned hardware” is association with dubious photos from VK and “written testimonies”.
Suffice to say, MH-17 is supplied with even more crude material.
The US satellite blindness [source]

Should we expect the detonation of a dirty nuclear bomb in Ukraine by the time President Putin will be giving his speech for the UN General Assembly. NATO’s drills in Ukraine Ukraine-2015 is a preparation for an explosion of a dirty nuclear bomb. [source]

China Economic/financial SITREP by Serbian Girl

Is China preparing for a major financial event?

China has recently made some unprecedented “blink-and-you’ll-miss them”-moves, which indicate that a financial tectonic shift is underway. Here is a slow-motion break down of developments so far.

The timeline starts in August 2015:
IMF refused China’s request to include the Yuan/RMB in their currency basket. They justified their refusal by explaining that the Yuan was a tightly controlled currency, and even though it was used in bilateral trade transactions it was rarely being used in international debt transaction [source]

Following the IMF decision, China promptly replied that they wished for their currency to be “more reflective of market conditions” and they proceeded to de-peg the Yuan from the dollar. [source]

Predictably, mainstream media went ballistic, how dare China manipulate its currency to gain a trade advantage? It’s unfair competition, a provocation. [source]

Even Donald Trump, presidential candidate, weighed in saying China was “sucking money out of the by unfairly devaluing their currency” [source]

Objective analysis puts the Chinese action into perspective: the removal of the peg created a devaluation that was of only 2-3% compared to the dollar. The Yuan is still strong compared to many emerging market other currencies. The trade advantage argument doesn’t hold water. So why the fuss and angry reaction from the Anglo-American mainstream media?

Why was this currency peg so important?
Possible answer: The Currency peg allowed the US to maintain the value of the dollar in spite of persistent trade deficits. [source]

When the US launched their QE programs, the dollar should have significantly devalued, but this did not happen. This is because the Chinese were willing to buy the dollar to maintain their currency peg.

With the peg gone, that game seems to be finished. [source] [source]
As a reminder, here is an overview of actions that China has undertaken to create parallel structures and bypass US dominated financial institutions
1. Creation of an Asian infrastructure bank [source]
2. Creation of China International Payment Systems CIPS to replace SWIFT [source]
3. Creation of RMB Clearing Banks and RMB Swap facilities. [source]

And now recently we have:
4. De- peg of the Yuan
5. Selling of treasuries

Regarding point number 5, the sale of US treasury bonds is another unprecedented move. China holds USD 1.6 Trillion in US treasury bonds, and could plunge the US in a severe crisis by selling all of them on the open market. Of course, this option would cause China a lot of damage as well. Hence the smugness of some US officials “it’s our currency, but it’s your problem”. [source]

But to everyone’s surprise, China did go ahead with the sale of approx. USD 100 Billion US treasury bonds. [source]

Although this sell-off of US treasuries did not affect their price or yield curve, a taboo was broken: China went overnight from being a massive buyer to being a massive seller of US treasury bonds. [source]

By only observing financial market indicators, we would have barely registered the effects of these recent events. China has managed to move tectonic plates without creating a financial tsunami. Is a big event in the financial markets around the corner?

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