President Putin’s 2015 Q&A marathon LIVE UPDATES

Regardless of what is said and done to contribute to the tragedy of Ukraine, we shall keep our focus on one and only constant: the Empire, US and NATO, has initiated the war against Russia. The Empire is coming for Russian natural resources. Russia, on the other hand, is fighting for its survival. Donbass is David who fights with the NATO Goliath.

Why is it an event of Biblical proportion? Why Donbass should be supported by everyone on earth and above? Because of the NATO’s intention to attack Russia, and the Russia’s new defense doctrine, summarized so brilliantly by President Putin, “Кто нас обидит, тот трёх дней не проживёт!”

The ballpark translation of this Putin’s phrase is all of the following: In the current 2014 defense doctrine, it is indicated that Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction against Russia or its allies. Russia can also use nuclear weapons in response to large-scale aggression with the use of conventional weapons, when the existence of the Russian state is endangered. The alliance, which is marching to the East, is 4.5 times bigger and stronger than Russia in terms of both manpower and military equipment. Russia considers how to deter NATO, eliminate disparities and prevent the threat of war in Europe, in particular, with the use of tactical nuclear weapons. If the West attacks Russia, it will have less than three days to live. That’s it. No ifs, or buts.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians are keeping themselves busy. They are not the kind of people who would sit around idle and wait while two superpowers are fighting in their backyard. Ukraine armed forces, owned by NATO, battle the Ukraine militia forces, owned by Israeli oligarchs. Unnamed authorities cut water for Lvov for non-payments. Don’t they know that not paying for utilities is the Ukrainian national tradition? I believe they even have a holiday commemorating this with the mobs burning piles of utility bills in trash cans. The West Ukrainian village of amber-miners declares autonomy from Kiev and places road blocks, sporadically shooting at the direction of the neighboring villages.

The President of the Donetsk Republic Zakharchenko vows to free Ukraine from Kiev junta and the Ukro-Nazis. Poland buys millions of parabellum gun bullets. Greece is para bellum with the Russian S-300s. After the death of Petrodollar, the oil exporters are holding the garage sales of the US treasures and other assets.
And the last, but not least… In car camera videos of Russians being nice.

1. Autonomous republic formed in Rivna region
На Рівненщині утворили автономну республіку й розставили блокпости
15th April 2015, Rivne region, failed state Ukraine. In the Rivne region was formed an autonomous republic and placed checkpoints. “Residents of the village “Stare” from Rokytnivskyy district announced the formation of an autonomous republic. This to the media “” said the villagers. Currently the entrance to the settlement was blocked by checkpoints. Note that in this village majorities are amber miners. Local say that the recently between them and the inhabitants of the neighboring village Berezovo happened a conflict and shooting.
Law enforcement officials don’t interfere into the situation”

2. 14th April 2015, city Kiev, fascist state Ukraine: Mass protest against foreign intervention
Near US embassy in the Kiev was mass protest against foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Ukraine. Below, quote of Kiev junta media, surprisingly…
“At April 14th, public movement “Right?Yes!” held a protest against foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Ukraine. The peace rally by name “Silent protest” attended by over a thousand people who were protesting silently, with dark tape taped on mouths.
The bottom line is that people have long tired of the mess in the country, senseless military actions and cynical looting everything that has not yet been stolen. Deceive of the people of course is possible, but only up to a certain time, after which even the most obtuse realize that Ukraine has become a testing ground for showdown of two super-powers. That’s just from the people beginning to understand and see it clearly consisted members of this action.
The protesters gathered near the US Embassy in Ukraine with posters and slogans from “Hands off Ukraine!” to “We aren’t cattle!”. These placards and slogans were turn to building of US embassy, which people rightly begins to blame in chaos which is happening in Ukraine.”
Source: Kiev controlled media
Ukrainian blogger wrote about this action and gave links to videos but the information has been blocked or removed:
Videos: Demonstrators in front of the US flag; People hold banner saying ‘Thank you for poverty.” people hold the pictures of the bombed village with a banner “Thank you USA” and chanting “Truth, truth, truth…” A correspondent asks a woman with a sealed mouth, “What do you want? What truth are you seeking?” A woman points at the banner that reads: “USA, Thank you for the war.”
Participants of the action – mostly old people, I have the impression of theatricality of this action. Some of the participants are similar to those who earn money by participating in rallies.
It is possible that the US ambassador has approved such meetings, to “let off steam” of the people’s wrath. For Ukrainians somebody impose “civilized rallies”, while the US Embassy by violence overthrew Yanukovich, elected president of Ukraine. Ukraine is not the first country, in which the United States and other countries allow the public to protest peacefully after the occupation was made. These meetings do not show the Western media and such meetings cannot change the situation in the occupied country. By Konstantin

3. 15th April 2015, failed state Ukraine cut water to Lvov
Половину Львова залишили без води
Half of city Lvov from 1 p m of today was left without water because region power company cut off city water company. City water company owes a lot of money to power company.
From local media: “Today, April 15, JSC “Lvivoblenergo” cut off power supply of two water stations of LCP “Lvivodokanal”, so that half the city left without water. Around 1 p. m. was suspended in water supply Frankivsk, Zalisnichniy and Sykhiv districts of the city Lviv. In particular, without water remaining residents of neighborhoods Noviy Lviv and Levandivka.
As explained to news agency “ZAXID.NET” Juliana Gorbata, spokesman of LCP “Lvivodokanal” through power down of communal company to the downtown area and to the market “Privokzalny” water will be delivered by the reduced pressure.
Recall that during the March-April [of this year] “Lvivoblenergo” three times cut off power supply for objects of LCP “Lvivodokanal” because arrears over 11 million UAN [about 0,4 million $]. ”

4. Ukraine’s Security Service opens 157 criminal cases against its own staff
KIEV, April 15. /TASS/. Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) has opened 157 criminal cases against its current members who fulfilled their duties in 2013 and 2014, the head of the service, Valentin Nalivaychenko, said on Wednesday. “We have brought charges not only against the service’s leadership, but also against ordinary employees. Today 157 criminal cases have been opened. They are against people who have not left Ukraine. They are being questioned,” he told the session of the parliament’s committee on preventing and fighting against corruption. Last week, the SBU initiated criminal proceedings against Ukraine’s former president, Viktor Yanukovych, on charges of usurping power, the head of SBU’s main investigative department, Vasily Vovk, said.
Criminal proceedings have been also initiated by the SBU against judges of the constitutional court and other high-ranking officials on charges of acting in cahoots with an aim to change the constitutional order in Ukraine and usurp power.

Ukraine – Donbas SITREP

1. Very strong political statement made yesterday by Alexander Zakharchenko, head of Donetsk Peoples Republic.
Карательная операция Киева закончится освобождением Украины от бандеровщины
One year after unleashing this blood-spilling war in Donbass, the politicians in Kiev still do not understand, that this war will end in the entire collapse of their ideology.
“The Kiev clique that seized power in Ukraine, has still not grasped the fact, that the final result of the war which they have unleashed, will be the complete liberation of this country from the Banderite ideology. The country will be liberated from the fascist disease by the Ukrainian people themselves, which at present is the hostage of crazed politicians.”(….)
“The Ukrainian government and army consider themselves to be ‘liberators’. We, on the other hand, citizens of the Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples Republics, consider them to be murderers, who have thrown their punitive battalions into the peaceful cities and towns of Donbass.
“They wanted to force us to submit to their will, to forget our own traditions, culture, and language. They wanted to teach us, that we have no rights, and that our lot is to be silent, and to be obedient slaves on our own native soil.
“However, the Kiev ‘political minds’ miscalculated. Having started a war against their own people, they have snared themselves in their own trap, risking Ukraine’s very existence as a sovereign state. Those who inspired the so-called ‘Anti-Terrorist Operation,’ as well as their foreign benefactors, did not foresee, that Donbass is an undefeatable fortress.”

2.  April 15 Donetsk information from some reliable sources:
Have spoken to Gorlovka and Donetsk City Proper this morning. Shooting could be heard on both communications, some quite heavy including heavy artillery and tank fire. Gorlovka says that there is no, to their knowledge, bombardment of patently civilian areas at this time although fighting in the ‘north suburb’ is heavy and ongoing, lasting all night. They say that most citizens are back in the cellars.
Donetsk Proper two locations were contacted, shooting could be heard from both. Both said the fighting is ongoing and heavy from Spartak around to Sand. One said there was no north wind blowing that they could see. Both said the fighting had been extant all night and this could be verified by our contact with both at 02:00 and after sunrise. One has contacts in the medical profession and states that wounded from both sides were brought to a hospital ‘all night long’.
Contact with the South Front is not possible at this time.
NB: In Russian blogosphere certain anonymous sources considered being “reliable.”

3.  April 15, TASS: UAF opened fire on the Ukrainian volunteer battalions
MOSCOW, April 15. /TASS/. Ukraine’s armed forces are shelling volunteer battalions not controlled by Kiev on the outskirts of the city of Dzerzhinsk, the Donetsk Region, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Defense Ministry said Wednesday. “Our intelligence determined that shellings on positions of Ukrainian volunteer units on the outskirts of Dzerzhinsk who refused to join the ranks of the armed forces of Ukraine continue from positions occupied by units of the Ukrainian armed forces’ 93rd separate mechanized brigade near Novgorodskoye, It stressed that the Ukrainian OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) battalion doesn’t understand the direction they are being fired from, and as a result, the OUN is shelling Gorlovka.” the ministry told the Donetsk News Agency. It said the volunteer battalions, in response, without sorting out the situation, periodically open fire on the outskirts of the city of Gorlovka, which is near Dzerzhinsk.
Gorlovka mayor Andrey Darkovsky confirmed to the agency that “cannonade is heard in the city.”

4.  NAF “Vikings” battalion platoon tactical training [eng subs]
One or maximum few soldiers of platoon are members of International Eurasian Movement . Logo of this organization you can see in hand of soldier from video. This movement haven’t fascist or any kind of racist ideology.

5. Anti-terrorist operation is really underway in Donbass, but it is being carried out by the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, the head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky told a briefing at the Lugansk Information Center yesterday.
АТО в Донбассе проводят ЛНР и ДНР, борющиеся с государственным терроризмом Киева – Плотницкий
“ATO is really taking place in Donbass – we are fighting the state terrorism of the Kiev regime, which is more and more turning into the European version of Al-Qaeda. No government in the world tries to starve to death its citizens by refusing to pay pensions to the elderly and social payments to nursing mothers. Even Hitler’s army annihilated citizens of foreign countries, and the Ukrainian army is killing its own people. All the residents of the Lugansk region still have passports of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian authorities allegedly consider our territory as a part of Ukraine. Kiev is destroying cities and industry of Donbass, we are protecting them. Kiev is trying to cause starvation here, we’re opening social canteens and providing humanitarian aid. Kiev is launching the economic blockade against the people of Donbass, we’re establishing win-win relationships with various enterprises, including the Ukrainian ones. So, who of us is a terrorist? Everyone is well aware of the Nazi and terrorist essence of the Kiev regime, but it simply doesn’t pay to talk about it.
Unlike Ukraine, the LPR authorities have not been engaged in destroying, but they’ve been engaged in restoring. As of today, 74 institutions have been restored, including 22 hospitals and clinics, 20 schools and orphanages, 3 boarding schools. The second phase of restoring is going to include 215 institutions,” – Igor Plotnitsky said.

6. Country song by “Texas” — NAF volunteer from the US [eng subs]
US militia volunteer’s country song.
It must explained: “Sut Vremeni” – “Essence of Time” is the Russian left politic and public movement, members of this organization, as volunteers came to Donetsk and Lugansk republic. For unit, which include members of this organization had to sing Russell Bonner Bentley “Texas.”
This dude is becoming a legend.

7. The Head of the Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs demonstrates a complete disregard to the Minsk II agreement
Глава МИД Украины демонстрирует незнание Минских соглашений — Пушилин
Denis Pushilin, official DPR representative in the Contact Group and Vice-Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, stated that the statement of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin regarding conditions of negotiations with the DPR and LPR is contrary to the commitments that Kiev assumed within the Minsk agreements, saying.
“Apparently, Klimkin didn’t read the package of measures signed on 12 February in Minsk by Kuchma and publicly supported by Poroshenko. In Paragraphs 4 and 12, Ukraine agreed to engage in dialogue with Donbass representatives on preparing elections, and agree with us in how to conduct them. That is, we must precede any election, after which Klimkin claims he’s going to talk to us, with talks with us about their conduct. Klimkin should read the Minsk documents, so as not to show the world his gross incompetence,” – Pushilin said.
Yesterday, Klimkin said on Ukrainian TV that in current conditions Kiev couldn’t dialogue with the People’s Republics leadership. He alleged that negotiations would be possible only after local elections in Donbass.

8. Clashes between the units of the Ukrainian armed forces and Ukrainian volunteer battalions continue
Боестолкновения между ВСУ и «добровольческими» батальонами не утихают – Басурин
15th of April, 2015. Donetsk People’s Republic, Novorossiya. Clashes between the units of the Ukrainian armed forces and Ukrainian volunteer battalions continue, the DPR Defense spokesperson Eduard Basurin told journalists today. “Our units continue to record clashes between units of the Ukrainian National Guard and the Ukrainian armed forces. One such incident occurred yesterday near Peski. The Ukrainian “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” battalion there was fired upon by regular Ukrainian units, who in turn blamed it on DPR troops,” – Basurin said.
Previously, on 10 April, the Ukrainian media published a statement by the Acting Media Director of the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff of Aleksandr Mazepa that the OUN Battalion allegedly withdrew from Peski. Eduard Basurin noted, “According to our information, the battalion was in Peski, and it continues to be there”. He added that a Ukrainian soldier taken prisoner near Donetsk airport on 13 April admitted that he was part of the OUN battalion.

US-NATO War against Russia

1. NATO not going to cancel deployment of US missile defense system in Europe — Russian envoy
Moreover, Russia has noticed a sharp increase in the number of NATO flights near Russian borders, Russia’s Ambassador to NATO noted
2. Fearless Guardian ground convoy arrives to Ukraine
Paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Support Battalion approach the border between Poland and Ukraine April 10, 2015 during a several day ground movement. The convoy moved from their home station in Vicenza, Italy to Yavoriv, Ukraine to deliver…
173rd Airborne trickling down to Ukraine. Here on Polish A4 motorway, close to UA border.
Important to know that when someone with a Russian IP address tried to read this article, this page was blocked. This person got a message on his computer: APPLICATION BLOCKED. You have attempted to access a blocked website. Access to this website has been blocked for operational reasons by the DOD Enterprise-Level Protection System. APPLICATION: qos-mission-critical-pan
Oh well, here’s some highlights for our Russian readers:
VICENZA, Italy — Paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Support Battalion arrived in Yavoriv, Ukraine April 10 via a ground convoy from here to deliver the brigade’s training equipment for Operation Fearless Guardian.
The cargo of the convoy is meant to assist the brigade with equipment it needs to conduct the training, and is not equipment to be issued to Ukrainian troops, according to Capt. PJ Hartman, the battalion’s transportation planner.
“The equipment on the convoy consists primarily of logistics vehicles to support and enable the training effort in Ukraine,” said Hartman. “This equipment will provide maintenance support as well as troop and general cargo transport to and from training areas.”
Approximately 1850 kilometers separate Vicenza from Yavoriv, and took the convoy of approximately 50 paratroopers and 25 vehicles through Austria as well as NATO allies Germany and Poland. Planning and conducting such a movement provided training of its own.
“This convoy is a demonstration of sustainment interoperability among our allies and partners,” said Pineda. “When we call the 6th Polish Airborne Brigade to discuss movement through Poland, that’s a unit we’ve worked with countless times through Atlantic Resolve in the last year. That makes everything easier.”

US-NATO war on Russia (March-April 2015)
Grasp the scale of the conflict that is creeping up below the radar:
The US stealth preparations for attack on Russia

The Russian politically correct title for the NATO maneuvers in Europe is “trying to scare a hedgehog with a naked butt.”
US powerbrokers are convinced that America’s economic slide can only be arrested by staking a claim in Central Asia, dismembering Russia, encircling China, and quashing all plans for an economically-integrated EU-Asia. Washington is determined to prevail in this existential conflict, to assert its hegemonic control over the two continents, and to preserve its position as the world’s only superpower. But first, the US has to win in the war with Russia.
The following is an incomplete list of US-NATO preparation for the war in Europe.
1. 24 February: Dutch Fighting Vehicles and the Dutch 43rd Mechanized Brigade ArriveIn Estonia

2. 3 March 2015: The United States Will Fund Equipment Purchases And Training For The Ukrainian Army

3. 4 March 2015: Canadian Armed Forces deployed to the Mid-Eastern Europe region
4. 10 March 2015: 750 pieces of US Army military equipment like tanks & helicopters, arrived in Riga, Latvia; US Mission to NATO
5. 13 March 2015:  13 000 Soldiers Involved In Training Within The Estonian Firing Ranges – “Equivalent of Mobilisation”

6. 13 March 2015: NATO “Spearhead” NATO Quick Reaction Forces Will Be Stationed In Poland

7. 19 march 2015: Abrams Tanks – Again In Poland
Soldiers of the 1st Brigade of 3rd Infantry Division arrive to Poland

8. 20 March 2015: US Army Patriot Missiles In Poland

9. 21 March, 2015: British Military Instructors Arrive In Ukraine
10. 22 March: Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force with US NAVY Forward Deployed Naval Forces started Multi-Sail 2015

11. 24 March: The US Brigade is stationed in Romania, only 10 kilometers from Odessa region

12. 24 March, 2015: Dragoon Ride Operation In Poland. US Armored Vehicles Passing Through Mid-Eastern Europe NATO Operation Atlantic Resolve

13. 25 марта: USA started the military drills in Romania and Bulgaria… Romania — Operation Atlantic Resolve South has landed. — the USA preparations to attack Russia approaches the point of no return;

14. 26 March: Romania — UH60s arriving at Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Base to support Operation Atlantic Resolve South

15. 25 March 2015: The joint exercise of Swedish, Finnish and US air forces in Baltic Sea, with the Americans being stationed in Estonia
16. 26 марта: Trains with heavy American weaponry move across the neutral Austria
через Австрию на восток идут составы с американской бронетехникой

17. 26 March 2015: The US A-10 attack aircrafts Deployed To Powidz Air Base, Poland

18. 26 March 2015: Armored HMMWV’s Delivered To Ukraine

19. 27 March: Latvia — Exercise Summer Shield in Ādaži with Royal Canadian Regiment troops and US NATO Allies Latvia — Operation Summer Shield: 1100 forces from Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Luxembourg, Canada, US in Ādaži

20. 27 March: The US Threat Reduction Agency Stands Up Nuke-focused Directorate

21. 28 March: 12 F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft, 200 Airmen to Europe for Atlantic Resolve

22. 27 March 2015: The US Air Force launched two more Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles over the Pacific Ocean.

23. 28 March: The Black Sea, US UH60 conducting water training in Operation Atlantic Resolve South

24. 29 March: NATO started drills in Romania for Operation Wind Spring, multinational US, UK, Romania security cooperation

25. 29 March: US-Dutch training on Javelin anti-tank missile in combined defensive live-fire exercise at Grafenwoehr Training Area
26. 29 March 2015: British Royal Air Force held their largest air combat exercises in 13 years

27. 29 March: A column of Dragoon Ride had a delay of 7 hours at Harrachov because a US Army Stryker armored vehicles broke down
28. 31 March: US Soldiers To Reach Ukraine In April. the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade will be deployed to the Lvov District

29. April 2015: The Bundeswehr’s units will start using of the Puma IFV’s as parts of a part of the NATO quick reaction forces

30. April 2015: The Defense Department starts training the Ukraine National Guard beginning in late April

30. April: The USS Porter will arrive to NAVSTA Rota port on April 30

31. 1 April: the US is rebuilding the Iron Curtain along a thousand mile stretch from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea
Tanks, armored vehicles and artillery are being sent to the region to reinforce a buffer zone around Europe in order to isolate Russia and to create a staging ground for future US aggression.

32. April: Operation Saber Junction Phase 2 begins in April
Will see nearly 5,000 participants from 17 nations train at Army Europe’s Joint Multinational Training Command Hohenfels Training Area Germany and at distributed locations in Italy, Lithuania and Romania.

33. April 1: Research Report: “Nuclear Implications of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict” by NATO Defense College

Very important publication missed by many stating that the US and Canada stand in favor of nuclear weapon use in Europe.

34. April 4: US Fighter Jets Send Message to China With ‘Emergency’ Landing in Taiwan

35. April 7-9 NATO’s Anti-Russia Spearhead Force Conducts First Exercise
The Spearhead Force is part of the Alliance’s larger NATO Response Force, which is being increased to a force level of around 30,000 troops

36. April 7: America Will Lose Patience with European Appeasement
America is running out of money and time before the financial collapse and wants Europe to hurry up and start “sacrificing” itself in war with Russia.

37. APRIL 8: Belgian F-16 Fighters Will Stay In Poland Until August

38. APRIL 7: Russian Su-27 Intercepts US Spy Plane Heading Into Russian Airspace

39. APRIL 9: A joint declaration, the defense ministers of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland said Northern Europe must prepare for possible crises with Russia.

40. APRIL 9: Polish Border Guard Acquires 1.5 Million 9×19 mm Parabellum Rounds. Observation Towers To Be Erected Near The Russian Kaliningrad Oblast Border.×19-mm-parabellum-rounds-observation-towers-to-be-erected-near-the-kaliningrad-oblast-border

41. April 10: many countries have American nuclear weapons on their soil that make them nuclear nations but these countries would never be allowed to fire them without permission from the USA… just like “Britain’s” nuclear deterrent… Trident!

42. April 10: NATO Reduces Size of Russian Delegation After Internal Reports of Espionage

43 April 11: NATO ships arrive in Scotland for massive joint exercises

44. April 12: Estonia President Toomas Ilves seeks permanent Nato force

45. April 12: TTIP set to become the economic arm of NATO

46. April 12: At Stanford, key diplomat describes changing face of NATO
47. April 10: Russia slams NATO’s ‘odd’ plans to cap partner-states missions

48. April 10: Rosomak APCs Deployed To Hohenfels – 700 Kilometres Covered To Reach The German Base

49. April 12: NATO via faznet to publish the warning to Russia: If Kiev junta resumes hostilities, arms will flow. NATO will not tolerate further territorial expansion by anti-NATO anti-junta population in Eastern Ukraine.
Ukraine „Separatisten haben mehr Waffen als zuvor“

50. April 12: NATO Official’s Derisive ‘Geography Lesson’ for Russians Gets Maps Wrong
NATO spokesman Lt. Col. Jay Janzen got his foot caught in his mouth over the weekend after posting a tweet mocking Russian Foreign Ministry statements that NATO exercises in Romania were considered “confrontational.”

51. April 12: US protests ‘unsafe’ intercept of reconnaissance plane by Russian fighter jet over Baltic Sea

52. April 12: Russia’s space defense troops spot foreign spying satellites

53. April 13: NATO Drills Begin in Lithuania on Monday
According to Lithuania’s Defense Ministry, NATO exercise Fire Thunder using US Paladin M109A6 artillery systems has begun in country

54. APRIL 13: Ukrainian Crisis Prompts European Countries to Boost Military Spending

55. April 13: Inquiry Dismisses Sighting of Russian Submarine Near Stockholm
Last October’s allegations that a Russian submarine had been spotted in the waters around Stockholm have been proven to be false by a Swedish Armed Forces’ investigation.

56. April 13: First Anniversary of Kiev’s Military Operation in East Ukraine
On April 13, 2014, Kiev decided to launch a military operation against independence supporters in eastern Ukraine.

57. April 13: Mysterious Ukrainian Company Sells NATO Equipment
VT Group offers consumers more than 2000 different items and has over 40,000 pieces of equipment ranging from road, construction, and track passenger machinery.

58. April 13: US shows muscles right at the Russian border
USA viser muskler rett ved russergrensa

59. April 12: General Secretary CSTO Nikolay Bordyuzha: NATO Engages into the Civil War in Ukraine
NATO’s command centers in 6 countries along the Russian borders is the direct preparation for war with Russia.
Бордюжа: НАТО ввязывается в войну на Украине
ОДКБ Организация Договора о коллективной безопасности –
Collective Security Treaty Organization CSTO
Related to this interview: NATO to Set Up Command Centers on Eastern Flank

60. April 13: 100 Additional Leopard Tanks For The Bundeswehr

61. April 14: Russians arrive in Scotland to inspect NATO exercise

62. April 14: Romania — A-10 Thunderbolts II fly above Campia Turzii, April 14, Operation Atlantic Resolve – 10kilometres from Odessa region and 200 kilometers from Crimes, Russia.

63. April 15: NATO will use all its power against Russia if necessary – head of the NATO military Committee
У разі необхідності НАТО застосує проти Росії усю свою силу, — глава воєнного комітету НАТО

64. April 16: Joint Romanian-American-British army drills this month in Romania
У Румунії розпочались військові навчання НАТО

65. April 16: Europe ‘At Hybrid War’ With Russia, Says Former Nato Chief
Even the Western madmen of NATO started expressing nostalgia about the “predictable USSR.” The good ‘ol USSR now seems “safer” than new, dynamic, and patriotic Russia. Hmmm…

66. April 16: More German troops in Baltic Countries by 2016
German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen kicked off a two-day visit to the Baltic states on Tuesday

67. HOHENFELS, Germany, Saber Junction 15 NATO military drills runs April 1-30, 2015.
Saber Junction 15, which includes more than 4,700 participants from 17 countries, prepares NATO and partner-nation armies for offensive, defensive and stability operations.

Russia and Beyond…

1. The Western press plunges into hysterics over some 30 year old Russian destroyer
This might be the most sensationalized reporting on the Russian Navy ever.

2. The Collapse Of The Petrodollar: Oil Exporters Are Dumping US Assets At A Record Pace

3. Europe Will Be Very Angry When It Learns Greece Is About To Buy Russian Anti-Aircraft Missiles

2. Russians being nice caught on Russian cam videos

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