As President Putin and the patriotic part of the Russian government emphasize, Russia won’t be involved in any wars or military conflicts, unless there is a direct attack on Russia itself. The whole world can go up in flames, but as long as no one attacks Russia, she won’t let her military to move a finger.

Of course, designing, producing and selling weapons, along with allowing the volunteers to go and help their favorite causes doesn’t constitute being in war as a country.

Russia and China will never initiate the war with the US. Why, then, the aversion of Russians and Chinese to war spells the end of Europe?

Russia and China will never attempt the preventive strike on the North America. It’s not in nature of these two peaceful nations. ironically, however, it means that Europe, especially Eastern Europe has no chance to survive after the US-NATO attack on Russia.

Today people say it is unimaginable, tomorrow they’ll say it was unavoidable.

The USA can no longer regain its preeminent position so what it will attempt to do is drag the rest of the world down. This is the real threat to an already economically and politically unstable world

The WWIII won’t be like the WWII and the Great Patriotic War. Don’t expect the Russian “polite people” entering Berlin and liberating Europe. It won’t happen. Russia will respond to NATO attacks with the nuclear missiles and will target the countries hosting those attacks. I believe that the Eastern Europe Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Czech republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia will seize to exist. And don’t tell that the European Slavic nations are the brothers from another mother. The eastern Europe took it upon itself to play a role of Cain for Russian Abel. These countries joined NATO knowing full well that it was the alliance against Russia.

When the war is over, the surviving Germans will cooperate with the surviving Russians in inventing a wheel and taming wild horses. Russia will return to its historical before -WWI boarders. People will forget about the hordes of self-proclaimed Yankees, – nation of pirates and misfits, who used to travel to Eurasia to kill, and murder, and pillage. The End.

How to make a herd of swine elite? Decorate each pig with a red beret.

New York feds and stock exchange are moving their offices to Midwest, Chicago.

The US conducting the massive drills with the intended to subjugate its own population.

Another issue worth discussing, real estate and arable land prices in the West Ukraine.

It’s clear that the NATO forces are accumulating in the West Ukraine now for the purpose of removing the Ukrainian population and installing the Polish population. I don’t see the sons and daughters of the West Ukrainians Nazis give up Lvov and farm lands around it. If they can’t have it, they will destroy it, just like in Donbass.

The last, but not least… Putin worshiping in Sri Lanka.

Economy of Ukraine

  • Average salary 20% smaller than 12 months ago. And keep falling;
  • Inner debt is growing huge. 150.000.000 debt on VAT refunding just to Metinvest;
  • Bigger and bigger delays in salary payments for state services, mines, state corporations;
  • 50 collapsed banks, more of them shall collapse in matter of weeks or months ( Ukreximbank is first on list);
  • International and gold reserves February 2014 15Billion USD February 2015 5billion usd ( in march reserves are almost 10 Billion thanks to IMF credit, but it will be interesting to see dates at end of April);
  • deficit 72% and keep growing;
  • GDP fall 8,2 % in 2014 ( excluding Crimea and Novorossia ) and in 2015 it will fall 7.5% (current estimation);
  • 97% of roads are in bad conditions and need repair;
  • Inflation in last 12 months 38% ( 10% in march 2015 alone) and growing;
  • more that 16% of all credits are in delays, compared with less than 8% at end of 2013;
  • More and more residents don’t pay bills any more ( 35% residents in Kiev do not pay bills in 2015 compared with 8-18% in 2014);
  • the Pension Fund lacks 80 billion needed for pensions for 2015.

1.    Ukraine may tell Ukreximbank creditors that bank may default on its debt – FT [Source]

April 17, 2015: Interfax-Ukraine – Ukraine plans to tell bond holders of state-run Ukreximbank on Friday that the bank will announce it will default on its Eurobonds unless the creditors agree to reschedule repayments on these bonds, the Financial Times had reported.

Earlier in April, the bank failed to receive the consent of the majority of its creditors to reschedule the payment. The last attempt to reach the agreement will be made on April 27, which is the maturity date for Ukreximbank’s Eurobonds issued to the tune of $750 million.

  1. Ukraine mining-metal sector on verge of bankruptcy, sustainable state policy required – Metinvest CEO [Source]

April 17, 2015: Interfax-Ukraine – So Ukraine owes more than 150.000.000 Euros to Metinvest, they simply want to destroy Ahmetov.

Inner debt is growing and growing and ….

  1. Igor Kolomoisky has been secretly investing in Midwest real estate, and in Kentucky, Texas, Florida too [Source]

April 13, 2015: JohnHelmer – estate sources warn that the market value of the assets at acquisition has probably deteriorated while the debt remains the same, or has been growing. “Kolomoisky’s men had threatened to demolish the building if they didn’t get their way.”

  1. Roshen decides to liquidate Mariupol factory [Source]

April 22, 2015: Interfax-Ukraine – Roshen decides to liquidate Mariupol factory

  1. Ottawa pays for Civil War in Ukraine, twice [Source]

April 8, 2015: JohnHelmer – A widely reported Russian interpretation of the Canadian government’s Russophobia is that it serves the interest of Canadian companies in Arctic resources claimed by Russia, but sought by Canada.

Canada that 10 years ago looked like a shinny beacon of the western democratic socialism, but flying high on high oil and gas money is no more. Now, it looks more like it should, a cold, desolate hellhole with falling industries, falling life level, falling stock market, and growing unemployment, debt, poverty and warmongering hysteria. 10% of Canadians are Ukrainians and they will never let us to forget about that.

How exactly Canada is paying for the Civil War in Ukraine?

“Surviving Or Thriving” – What Canada’s 40% Surge In Meat Prices Means For Ordinary People [Source]

  1. Average salary 20% smaller than 12 months ago. And keep falling [Source]

Average salary 20% smaller than 12 months ago. And keep falling. Open wages document.

  1. Delays in salary payments for state services, mines, state corporations [Source]

April 6, 2015: kyivpost – Luhansk region miners will get wages for January – Luhansk administration.

  1. Dropping Like Flies: 46 Ukrainian Banks Go Bankrupt in Course of One Year [Source]

April 11, 2015: sputniknews – The Deposit Insurance Fund of Ukraine will not be able to repay people their losses and will have to rely on the external funding from the EU and, in particular, European taxpayers.

  1. Ukrainian banks under liquidation. As of 08.04.2015 [Source]

10.Loss of Ukrainian banks in February 2015 exceeds figure for whole 2014 [Source]

March 30, 2015: kyivpost – The loss of Ukrainian banks in February 2015 reached Hr 66.027 billion, which is 7.8 times up on January 2015 (Hr 8.504 billion), the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has announced on its website.

  1. GDP fall 8,2 % in 2014 ( excluding Crimea and Novorossia ) and in 2015 it will fall 7.5% (current estimation) [Source]

See the state budget

  1. 97% of roads are in bad conditions and need reparation [Source]

13        Tens of Thousands of hectares of the Ukrainian black-soil farm lands are owned by the Saudis [Source]

33,000 hectares of chernozem (black soil) farmland by way of land lease in the Lviv region in Western Ukraine

We have to keep watch on the Saudis’ economic and military presence in Ukraine, more see in my previous SITREPs.

14.    Ukraine gearing up for the sales of strategic assets. Mind you, no Russians allowed [Source]

Абромавічус виставить на продаж перші держпідприємства найближчим часом

19th April 2015, Kiev – First stage of sale of Ukraine began: 342 objects from strategic reserve of Ukraine (about 3000 objects in reserve) be sold during several months. During previous 23 years of mass privatization, governments of Ukraine created and didn’t touch strategic reserve, because state companies from there giving income to state budget. But Kiev junta are agents of the sale of Ukraine. Ayvaras Abromavichus (real name Ayvar Abramovich) Lithuanian-Jewish “guest” in the government of Kiev junta preparing the first stage of the sale of Ukraine.

Translation of article from Kiev junta media, 17th April 2015:

“Abromavichus puts on sale the first state-owned enterprises in the near future”. Ayvaras Abromavichus, Minister of Economic Development of Ukraine plans to sell the first public companies in the coming months. He said it in the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington (USA), reports RBC-Ukraine. He also said which state-owned enterprises will be sold in the first place. “If we look at what will be most willing to put up for sale, it assets in the agricultural sector, such as” Ukrspirt”, grain elevators owned by State Grain Corporation, some companies in the energy sector, such as “Tsentrenergo” – he said. He added that some companies from the chemical industry will be sold. He said that the first companies to be sold over the next few months.” Source, Kiev media

15.    Oleg Doniy – privatization of the state owned companies is illegal [Source]

Доний объяснил, почему подал в суд на Яценюка и Раду

По словам экс-нардепа, готовится незаконная приватизация ряда госпредприятий

By information of Oles Doniy, chairman of the Research Center of political values (Ukraine) in first stage Kiev junta going to sell 342 objects. Oles Doniy, past yesterday, said follow in political show: I have a list, now the government decided to privatize 342 objects: different CHP ports , Odessa port, 40 thousand. hectares of land, airlines, various power companies, etc.”

Source, Ukraunian TV channel.

KIEV, April 19. /TASS/. Kiev plans to admit Western investors to privatization of Ukrainian state assets and legislatively bar this opportunity for Russian business, Ukraine’s Economic Development and Trade Minister Aivaras Abromavichus said on Sunday.

“If we start large-scale privatization, then, of course, we’ll need to make a normal roadshow, i.e. to show what we have and invite Western investors,” he said in an interview with Ukrinform news agency. “We’ll not allow Russian investors to buy the assets and, therefore, we need to expand the geography,” he added. The ban for Russian investors to participate in Ukraine’s privatization will be legislatively sealed, the economy minister said. Russian investors will not be admitted to the purchase of Ukrainian state assets “during either the primary or secondary sale,” he said. “This response [from Ukraine] will be adequate,” Abromavichus said.

The list of state enterprises and assets slated for privatization has passed the stage of its examination in a government committee but has not yet been published, he said.

“Everyone knows which assets the state owns. We have already stated that the sale list will exclude strategic enterprises in nuclear power engineering, forestry and the railway sector,” the Ukrainian economy minister said. “Many other assets that are not located on the temporarily occupied territories must be gradually put up for sale, proceeding from the fact that the state is an ineffective owner of these assets in such a situation,” the minister added.

The list of assets, which Kiev plans to privatize, includes Ukrspirt alcohol producer, Tsentrenergo electric power utility and the Odessa port factory, the economy minister said.

Abromavichus earlier said the Ukrainian government planned to leave about 950 companies in the list of strategic enterprises, adding that in his view this number was still large.

Agribusiness companies will be among the first enterprises that are expected to be privatized, the minister said.

16.        EU Association Agreement with Ukraine Is a Gift to Kleptocrats [Source]

Michael Hudson: The agreement, by worsening economic conditions of Ukraine, will guarantee unending violence in the east –   October 3, 2014

  1. Learning From the Best: US Airborne Brigade Sent to Ukraine Has History of War Atrocities [Source]

A veteran of the 173rd Airborne Brigade writes about what Ukraine can learn from his former unit

While RT (Russia Today) for unknown reasons calls the 173rd Airborne brigade “elite force,” Russia-Insider looks into war crimes committed by this military formation.   Their song from 1964: “If I die on the Russian Front,     Bury me with a Russian cunt,   Pin my wings upon my chest,   And tell my mom I did my best.”

I suspect that it will be the Ukraine front, that will do them in.

  1. The US militants arrive to Lvov, which is located in the West Ukraine on the border with Poland;
  2. The US militants will train the Right Sector and the National Guard, the militant formations of the predominantly West Ukrainians, and Galicians, with some Israelis and islamists thrown in the mix;
  3. 100,000s Polacks are claiming the West Ukrainians farm lands, villages, town and cities including Lvov, as their own in accordance with the EU Agreement;
  4. 100,000 if not 1,000,000s of the West Ukrainians will be displaced as the result of this;
  5. The US militants arrive to help Poland to remove all those Ukrainians,” occupiers of the historically Polish land”; ( those are the lands of the Russian Empire, FYI)
  6. The US militants are training the Right Sector and the National guards whose fathers and grandfathers killed millions people in ethnic cleansing to take those lands over;

Can you imagine the members of the Right Sector coming to their hutor (ukr. village) and telling their families that they have give up their houses and farms to the Europeans and relocate somewhere? Unless Canada and the US give citizenships to all those misplaced Ukrainians, the West Ukrainians won’t agree to any of these. Watch out for those legal papers for the reparation and retribution moving through the European courts. I predict, that we might see the burned and leveled to the ground Lvov, just like Donetsk.

As for the US militants “hate-Russia” song. “If I die on the Russian (Ukrainians) front..” Looks like it’s not a matter of “IF,” pal, it’s a matter of when.

Donbass – Ukraine SITREP

The fighting is slowly increasing all around Donetsk City and in the north and east outskirts of Gorlovka. Peski is a running sore of casualties for both sides, as is Airport. No one seems to understand what OSCE meant by a ‘third party’ provoking the exchanges of gunfire going on generally all day and all night at varying levels.

Mariupol Front is continuously noisy day and night. Casualties are daily on both sides.

On the entire front in DNR from the Azov all around to the remains of the Debaltsyevo Pocket most of the populace is stocking up as they can and anyone within range of the front is keeping foot traffic to a minimum. Schools are still open and the remaining shops are doing their best to conduct business as normal considering the situation but the populace is nervous and understandably so.

  1. Database of the Ukraine Civil War Criminals. People who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity [Source]

MOSCOW, April 20. /TASS/. A total of 410 mortar bombs launched from Ukrainian positions have exploded in the village of Shirokino in the Donetsk Region over the past 24 hours, Russia’s representative in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) of the ceasefire regime in Donbass Col. Gen. Alexander Lentsov told the Donetsk News Agency. “Today we went to Shirokino jointly with representatives of the OSCE and the Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic,” Col. Gen. Lentsov said. “We registered that 410 mines that came from Ukrainian positions exploded in Shirokino over 24 hours. Yesterday, since the departure of the OSCE, massive machinegun and then mortar fire attacks started, ending with artillery. The key reason is great tensions between the sides,” he said.

According to Lentsov, units of Ukrainian volunteer battalion Azov remain in the vicinity of Shirokino, and they destabilize the situation. “The key fire attacks and clashes come from the southern direction,” the general stressed. “On the western direction, where there are units of Ukraine’s armed forces, there are virtually no fire attacks.”

US – NATO War on Russia

  1. Another good example of hypocrisy and double standards of the West when dealing with Russia and the recent murders in Ukraine. On the one hand they say:

UK Foreign Office on the murder of Nemtsov: “We are shocked and saddened by news that former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov has been shot and killed in Moscow. Our thoughts are with his family and we offer our condolences to them. We deplore this criminal act. Those responsible must be brought to justice. We will continue to follow the situation closely,” – UK Foreign Office spokeswoman said. (Source:

Whilst on the other: UK Foreign Office on the murder of journalists in Ukraine: A Foreign Office spokesperson told TASS on Friday the Foreign Office typically did not comment on situations unless they were linked with British subjects. [Source]

Unless, of course, Boris Nemtsov was a “British subject.”

  1. April 20, WSJ. EU to file antitrust charges against Gazprom [Source]

BRUSSELS —The European Union’s competition regulator plans to file formal antitrust charges against Russia’s state-owned gas company OAO Gazprom on Wednesday, a person familiar with the matter said on Monday, a step set to escalate the standoff between Europe and Moscow.

EU Formally (And Spitefully) Files Anti-Trust Charges Against Gazprom [Source]

Pipeline neutrality in this case does not mean pipeline neutrality, but it translates into “Getting Gazprom to pay to build the pipelines while the EU gets to control them.”

3.    Akunin doesn’t want to stay in the “occupied country”

Акунин решил больше не жить в «оккупированной стране» [Source]

A mini essay written by Zakhar Prilepin, one of the most important contemporary Russian writers, after the BBC interview by Boris Akunin, a Georgian national using the Russian penname and publishing pseudo-historical mystery novels taken place in Russia late XIX and early XX century. In his interview Boris Akunin declares that “this country now is occupied*,” that he is leaving this country” because he can’t stand the “rise of chauvinism*,” the rise of “xenophobia*,” lies*” … ” In this situation, says Akunin, you either leave the territory, or take a gun and become a partisan fighter.”

“What’s characteristic, Prilepin answers. I wrote 10 years ago, that in 90s and 00s I had a torturous feeling of living in the country under the foreign occupation. Thus was when Boris Akunin felt very comfortable, indeed. Even back then, myself and my friends had never thought about leaving Russia. because it was our Motherland. But, that’s a personal choice after all.”

*”this country now is occupied,” a.k.a. being taken back by the Russian people, that he is leaving this country” because he can’t stand the “rise of chauvinism,” a.k.a the Russian patriotism, the rise of “xenophobia,” a.k.a. Russian national interests,” lies,” a.k.a. criticism of the West…

Russia and Beyond

  1. Caught On Tape: National Guard Troops Patrol California City, Conduct New Jersey “Homeland Response Drill” [Source]
  1. Putin as a miracle worker [Source]


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