1)DWN: Poroshenko will reimburse France for the damage of the Mistral”

DWN: Порошенко возместит Франции ущерб за «Мистрали»
The damage done to France as a result of failure to deliver Russia “Mistral” will fall on the shoulders of Ukraine and Poland



2)Yatsenyuk: Ill go, when I will fulfill all my promises.

Яценюк: Я уйду, когда выполню все свои обещания.

“You’ve never hit me from the path on which I stood. We can change the country, we will carry out reforms, we will do what we promised 15 months ago. I took responsibility for the country’s fate”, he said.


3)SBU arrested 900 “terrorists” and eliminated “Odessa Republic”
СБУ арестовала 900 «террористов» и ликвидировала «Одесскую республику».

The security service of Ukraine announced the intention of some “Pro-Russian” forces on the anniversary of the tragedy in the House of trade unions to turn Odessa into Republic.”



4)Zakharchenko: Kiev crossed the Minsk agreements and is preparing for war.

Захарченко: Киев перечеркнул минские соглашения и готовится к войне.

“In what other country, speaking about the desire for a peaceful resolution of the conflict, declare mobilisation, thereby driving the actual preparations for war? The actions of official Kiev have crossed the Minsk agreement and discredited itself as a proponent of peace talks”.



5)Military events in NovoRussia for 23.04.2015.
Сводка военных событий в Новороссии за 23.04.2015.


6)Military events in NovoRussia for 24.04.15

Хроника военных событий в Новороссии за 24.04.2015.
7)”Rusich”: Slavic nationalism against the Ukrainian Russophobia.

ДШРГ “Русич”: Славянский национализм против украинской русофобии.


8)The Italians showed the truth about Ukraine and Russia (VIDEO with subtitles)

Итальянцы показали правду про Украину и Россию (ВИДЕО с субтитрами)



9)The state Department claimed about “well camouflaged” Russian military in Ukraine.

Госдеп заявил о «хорошо маскирующихся» российских военных на Украине.

“Russian soldiers are well camouflaged so that they would not be recognized. There are many ways to do it, but we still were able to identify,” said the official representative of the foreign Ministry.



10)The kidnapping of Victory (Russian version – 01.09.2009)

Похищение Победы (Русская версия – 01.09.2009)



11)Ukraine’s Membership in NATO is Impossible German Media



12)US Making Russia Out to Be ‘Aggressor’ Against Europe Commander.



13)Russian State Duma Approves Amnesty for Quarter-Million Convicts.



14)Indecisive Hollande Offers up Mumbo Jumbo on Mistral Ships.



15)Obama’s absence from V-Day parade won’t bother Russian public – poll.



16)‘Ukrainian neo-Nazis switch from theory to practice’ – Russian diplomat.



17)Ukraine – Russia’s Lavrov calls EU charges against Gazprom ‘unacceptable’.



18)Ukraine: Violence erupts in Kiev as protesters clash over ‘illegal’ building.



19)The media noticed the “erosion of trust” between Ukraine and the EU.

СМИ заметили «эрозию доверия» между Украиной и Евросоюзом.





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