Ukrainians are failing in their nation building, mainly because they don’t follow through with their main principle.
Ukraine builds its new national identity on a negative image. It declares itself being not just anti-Russia, but Not Like Russia. It would be if like we live, work, decorate our houses, send our kids to private schools, buy cars, cut lawns, erect a blown up Santa Claus on the roof, all in order to be Not Like The Johnsons.
The main objection to such national platform is it’s bulk. In order to be “not like the Russians” Ukrainians seem to carry Russia with them everywhere they go for the constant verification of unlikeness and un-sameness. The task is enormous. Russia is a heavy load for everyone who loves her, let alone for those who hate her. In Ukraine the failure to be “not like the Russians” often results in arrest, beating, loss of control over one’s assets, or even death. It understandably makes people nervous. Under the duress, maybe, have the Ukrainians missed one, very important similarity.
While reading Declassified US documents show Russian oligarchs supported NATO expansion during the 1990s [Source]
it’s hard to miss the similarity between Russia’s period under the “rule of the seven bankers” and Ukraine today. The grand scheme of “reforms” resulting in nothing but grand theft. The sons of Israel as unelected rulers, using one of the local aboriginals as a pawn. A group of Baltic executioners with eyes so transparent, you can see the inside of their heads. Next to them a bastard son of Polish nobility up to his shoulders covered in fresh human blood glaring at the unavoidable Georgian trendsetter. The same declaration of the mandate for power taken from the beseeched, bewildered, pillaged, fooled, looted, and tortured faceless masses. We have seen this act performed by the exact same set of characters before: in Petrograd in 1917, in Moscow in 1993, and in Kiev in 2014.

Each member of these gangs and all of them together are so creepily identical in looks, biographies, … as if they are premade, packaged, labeled, stored, delivered, and installed by the same manufacturer.
If the Ukrainians want to become their own people, in their own country and act in their own national interest, they really truly urgently need to kick this prepackaged McGovernment, and start governing their country themselves, in their own interest and by their own people.
Oh, wait! That’s what Russia is doing… Doh!

Meanwhile, EU Ukraine Summit – Extracts from President Juncker’s remarks at the final press conference of EU-Ukraine Summit, 27 April 2015 [Source]
Poroshenko (in hallway): Juncker! C’mon, it’s an emergency!
Juncker: Excuse me. <Gets up and answers the door.> Alright, what is it? You’re interrupting!
Poroshenko: Well, you know, I’m packing for the European Union, I need to borrow your bathing suit.
Juncker: This is an emergency? You need a bathing suit?
Poroshenko: Well, I like yours.
Juncker: I don’t know, my bathing suit? That’s a little familiar, I don’t want your…your boys down there.
Poroshenko: C’mon, what’s wrong with my boys?
Juncker: Your boys should stay in their neighborhood. [Source]
Issue of Ukraine’s Joining EU Not on Agenda – European Commission President. If the process of Ukraine integration into EU winds down without giving one of them the chance to have a colossal mental breakdown, I’m going to be slightly annoyed.
Sounds like France and Germany don’t want the EU bosses to make a statement they don’t agree with. Maybe tough love is on the way.
EU NATO US Ukraine
1. Interpol refuses to seek Klyuyev [Source]
KYIV, April 27 /Ukrinform/. Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine states that 12 ex-officials are put on Interpol international wanted list.
Deputy Prosecutor General Yuriy Stolyarchuk said this at a press conference on return of the Ukrainian assets, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“As of today, 12 former ex-officials have been put on the international wanted list,” he said.
At the same time, the deputy prosecutor general said that Interpol refused to search for a number of former officials of Yanukovych regime, including former head of the Presidential Administration Andriy Klyuyev because of accusations of political persecution.
Stolyarchuk also said that a large number of former ex-officials hid in the Russian Federation, which refused to extradite them.
2. Ukraine Takes Down 30,000 Sites to Block Five ‘Pro-Russian’ Ones [Source]
April 29, 2015: Kiev – In an attempt to shut down allegedly anti-Ukrainian websites, the Ukraine State Security Service instead blocked access to thousands of unrelated sites.
3. Issue of Ukraine’s Joining EU Not on Agenda – European Commission President [Source]
Earlier Monday, Petro Poroshenko called on the European Union to grant Ukraine membership in the bloc.
April 27, 2015 – KIEV (Sputnik) — Ukraine’s accession to the European Union is not on a discussion agenda at the moment, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said Monday.
“The issue of Ukraine’s joining the European Union is not on the immediate agenda.”
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
4. Ukrainian to Become Official EU Language – PM Yatsenyuk [Source]
April 27, 2015: – Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said during the plenary session between Kiev and the EU that Ukrainian might become one of the official languages of the EU, Channel said. “I am convinced that there is a significant prospect that the Ukrainian language will become an official language of the EU, and that’s why we’ve gathered here today,” the prime minister said during the plenary session.
You really couldn’t make this up. Ukrainian as an official EU language? Now, they won’t not be allowed in for another 10 years. Are English and French going to be the two working languages in Ukraine, and Ukrainian as well? At least it will make it easier for all the English speaking ‘masters’ when they arrive. Oh, and Tusk seems to have bailed out.
5. France, Germany May Try to Block Joint Statement at Ukraine-EU Summit [Source]
April 27, 2015 – France and Germany are now trying to amend the wording of the statement the way its content would be completely neutralized, a European diplomat said in a comment to Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency in Brussels on Saturday.
Brussels wants Kiev to have its constitution reformed before this year is out, including the special status of Donbass, political decentralization and the war on corruption.
The Ukrainian side, for its part, will insist on its citizens’ visa-free access to the EU countries. According to The Wall Street Journal, the April 27 summit in Brussels will try to “stem an erosion of trust between Kiev and its Western neighbors.”
“There are sharpened concerns in Europe that Ukraine’s commitments to internal change —economic and political — haven’t been followed through which Europeans fear will, over time, intensify Kiev’s economic woes and possibly stoke tensions with Russia again,” the WSJ said in a report.
6. My earlier suggestion that Poland has been actively supporting Maidan uprising and overthrowing of a democratically elected government of Ukraine to get back their historical Western Ukraine territories with Lvov is getting more and more traction.
See Nickolai Staricov’s article Poles Back Kiev With a View to Retaking Western Ukraine [Source]

See also: Restitution or surprise for Ukraine – How Much Ukrainians have to give back to Poland [Source]
Реституция или сюрприз для Украины — много ли придется отдать полякам (ВИДЕО)
I wouldn’t call the demands for restitution “surprising.” The moment the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement text became available online, many people who could read, myself included, tried to warn the Ukrainians about a reparation clause of the said Agreement. In response we, collectively, were called “Putin’s agents.” What else can I say? Payback’s a B**ch.

Discovering a drive for land grab behind Poland’s staunch support for Kiev junta, let’s look at the true reasons behind Poland’s passionate intercourse with NATO, accompanied by screams of rabid anti-Russian paranoia. We can find that the real reason = treason. That and desire to save some money, about 60 billion to be correct.

a. Poland Says Still Waiting for US to Apologize for Holocaust Remarks [Source]

b. NATO to Bulk Up Its Base in Poland [Source]
NATO continues to increase its presence in Eastern Europe. The defense ministers of Germany, Poland and Denmark agreed to add more soldiers at NATO’s Multinational Corps Northeast, based in Poland.

c. Poland Eyes Fund To Arm Eastern Europe [Source]
Explanation why Poland is so interested in Ukrainian conflict escalation.

Just one example how the US and Israel are blackmailing the sovereign Governments to follow the NATO footsteps in ever escalating war on Russia. John Helmer writes in April 21, 2015 –
So Long Siklebaum – Poland under US pressure over failure of war against Eastern Ukraine, Russia [Source]
“Sources in Warsaw say they suspect officials in the US and Israeli governments of threatening to revive a campaign claiming $65 billion in compensation from Poland and other European governments for losses of life and property caused to their Jewish nationals during the war. The project, launched in 2011, is called the Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce (HEART). It is based in Israel, headed by Rafi Eitan, the Mossad agent directing espionage against the US in the 1980s. In Milwaukee HEART has been managed by a Democratic Party consultant called Bruce Arbit and his A.B. Data company who have run several earlier Jewish restitution campaigns. HEART was suddenly suspended last July, without explanation.
In Warsaw, according to Polish sources, officials believe it would be a small price to pay to allow more US troops into the country and spend more on the war against Russia than to risk having to pay the bill for Operation HEART. The Siklebaums are among them, the sources say.”
“We can see that after Sikorsky’s dismissal from the Foreign Ministry, there is much less barking about Ukraine in Warsaw”, comments an influential Polish analyst. “The Comey remarks demonstrate that basically Poland has no allies. Even historically good relations with Hungary have now been destroyed through the attack on [Hungarian Prime Minister Victor] Orban by the Polish government [Warsaw, February 15] The Weimar Triangle group of Poland, Germany and France is more and more a diplomatic formality, not an alliance . And as we know [former Polish Prime Minister Donald]Tusk in Brussels is a mere puppy of Auntie Merkel, and not the influential representative of a strong and powerful Poland in the EU. After Poles sabotaged the career of the Sikorsky-Applebaum couple and cooled on Ukraine, Poland is now being reminded how low it ranks in Washington, Brussels and London, too.”
I have an idea: Poland should demand $65billion from Ukraine. Ukraine will get this money from the US to give them to Poland. Poland will give the money to Israel, Israel will give this money back to Ukraine for the war with Russia, because the wars in Europe are very good for business.

7. American military swine turned Lvov night club into pigsty and irked locals [Source]
Американские инструктора загадили ночной клуб во Львове (ВИДЕО)
April 30, 2015, Lvov – According to the Ukrainian news sources, on their first day off, the 173rd Infantry Brigade conquered the posh Lvov night club by drinking too much, vomiting and urinating everywhere.
“One of them grabbed me by my hair and tried to force me to have sex with him,” complaint one female customer. Local prostitutes were shocked by the brutality and savage behavior of the U.S. soldiers and refused to have sex with them for any money.
Americans also took taxicabs and refused to pay, in some instances attacking the cab drivers. “British and Americans don’t consider us to be people,” a taxi driver told to a journalist.
The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Ukraine, a US State Department sponsored organization, sent the letter to Poroshenko demanding to send the U.S. soldiers back home. “On April 14, four American soldiers brutally raped two underage girls in Kiev. One was 13, the other was even younger. Is this why they came to our country? These people violate the law and not being punish for this. What these “instructors” can teach our children? They treat us as the second class people. We can predict now how they will treat our sons. Our sons, being under the military oath, will be subjected to brutal treatment from these inhumans (not-people, neludey).”

8. Solidarity with Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine’s event
For those living in the UK:
This Saturday, May 2nd, London will be honoring the victims of the Odessa Massacre.
Attend if you can!
See link to the event for more details.
The Solidarity with Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine campaign was established at a London meeting on June 2nd, 2014, and one of its aims is precisely “to demand that the killers of 42 people at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on May 2nd be brought to justice.”
On May 2nd, 2015 we will gather outside the Ukrainian embassy in London to demand Justice for Odessa – no impunity for fascist killers

Economy of Ukraine
1.. Ukrainian industrial production figures reveal industrial production off 21.1% year over year and this factors out Crimea. With Crimea it’s even worse [Source]
Coal production is down 61%.
Kiev to Implement Association Agreement, Request EU Membership in 5 Years
The 17th EU-Ukraine summit is taking place on April 27, the first such summit under the framework of the Association Agreement.
Export earnings are off 35%. [Source]

2. Nazi protests the upcoming sale of the Ukraine arable lands
April 27, 2015: Kiev – Oleg Lyashko, of Nazi notoriety, posted on his FB page a rant about upcoming sale of arable Ukrainian agricultural land – the second largest source wealth of the country. He says that for a talented and industrious nation, it’s a shame to give away people’s wealth for next to nothing in the interests of a handful of oligarchs and bureaucrats. “To sell the agricultural lands of Ukraine, it’s a chilling scenario, which we (government) try to hide under a beautiful wrapper. Open sale of agricultural land now means to launch a new wave of oligarchs in Ukraine.”

3. Ukrainian Prime Minister Claims Donbass Owes Kiev $3 Bln in Taxes [Source]
April 27, 2015: KIEV (Sputnik) — Kiev did not receive some $3 billion in taxes from Ukraine’s eastern conflict-torn region of Donbass, country’s prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Sunday. “Three billion [dollars] of taxes is what we did not get, and losses [as a result of military action] make dozens of billions,” Yatsenyuk told Ukrainian TV Channel Five.
Southeastern Ukraine is suffering from a humanitarian crisis that emerged as a result of a military operation against independence supporters, launched by Kiev authorities a year ago.
According to State Statistics Service of Ukraine, Resident population in Donetsk and Lugansk as of March 1, 2015 equals 4,278,924 and 2,212,947 respectively. Currently 1 Ukrainian Hryvnia equals $0.044.
Kiev stopped making social benefit payments to the people of Donetsk and Lugansk regions last July. In November 2014, the Ukrainian government imposed an economic blockade on Donbass including the cessation of activity of the Ukrainian Treasury and the National Bank in the region.
Not sure if the $3B mentioned is nett or gross, but assume gross. As Kiev has withdrawn large amounts of Hryvnia and cut the banking links paying taxes might be quite difficult.

4. Assessment of Ukrainian economy and reforms by a bank manager from Ukraine [source]
April 18, 2015 Что происходит с украинской экономикой
Translation here
a. Immediately after the revolution, the revolutionaries assembled a new government… and proceeded to do nothing for several months;
b. War is a good time to push for reforms. Even if they are painful, you can always blame the damned moskals while telling the people that a bright future is just around the corner;
c. Absolutely nothing was done prior to the Rada elections [in November ’14], and very little has been done since;
d. the Ukrainian government becomes the Ukrainian-American-Georgian-Lithuanian government. Probably, to keep track of where all that IMF money is going;
e. Further, with no further adieu, he introduces the new reformers and their reforms. And he proceeds with the portraits of the new multinational government of Ukraine;
f. It suddenly turned out that the “broke, tax-leaching” Donetsk and Lugansk accounted for 20% of Ukraine’s GDP and 30% of its’ exports. Then it turned out that Russian markets are now closed to Ukraine and that exports to Russia are falling catastrophically, while the growth of exports to the EU is a pathetic 1-2%, well below the new export quotas. As we’ve learned, no one in Europe really needed our goods;
g. Reform of the banking industry. Well. First we let the hrivna fall, then we make everyone panic, then we close 50 banks, then we take over the good banks (especially if they belong to someone we don’t like). End result? Massive capital outflow, wide distrust of the banking system, reserves falling to $8bn. I take it this constitutes reforms.
Overall, the results of these reforms are such:
46% inflation
22% plunge in manufacturing
24% fall in retail trade.
“I am not even gonna mention the hrivna. All this in just a few months since the “reforms” started. Pitiful. But hey, it’s probably because we are fighting a war, right? The damnable moskals are keeping us down. So then why don’t we keep the war going, this way the people will never ask you why the reforms are so bad. A great idea, no?
The government made all of the mistakes they could have possibly made. I also feel obligated to thank the IMF experts for their “valuable” advise, most of which suggests to me that the IMF is somewhat detached from the Ukrainian reality.”

Novorossia Donbass SITREP
1. Many faces of Donbass [Source]
April 27, 2015: Donetsk – Rock Music Concert in Donetsk: Chicherin, group 7B and Vadim Samoylov performed for people of Donbass.
Nice Music, Happy Young People, but sure propaganda like nothing else. According to the West (yes, you Finland, you Poland, Latvia, Germany…) – these people are terrorists and must be destroyed.
Рок-концерт в Донецке: Чичерина, группа 7Б и Вадим Самойлов спели для жителей Донбасса.

2. My journey to the war zone of Eastern Ukraine [Source]
April 29, 2015 – Halyna Mokrushyna
From April 13 to April 17, 2015, I participated in a press tour to Donbas, the region in eastern Ukraine torn by armed conflict between Ukrainian military forces and local insurgency. The people of Donbas (the region includes the oblasts of Donetsk and Lugansk), rebelled last year against Kyiv’s imposed integration with the European Union and its new, official history and ideology based on extreme and exclusive Ukrainian nationalism.
It’s time for a divorce: Donbass does not want the oligarchs and Nazi-supporters in Kiev. Donbas would return to a federalized Ukraine, but only if the Kyiv government would undergo what Donbas people call “de-nazification”. Sadly, this is very unlikely to happen.

3. April 30, 2015: UPDATE
23:55 Local Time: In the suburbs of ‪‎Mariupol‬, mortars and machine guns can be heard — Resident Source NAF;
Heavy artillery fights in Pesky UAF is using heavy artillery. UAF continue to bring reinforcements to the frontline (heavy artillery and soldiers).
Heavy Fights in progress heavy artillery and tanks can be heard in Gorlovka .
In Gorlovka the fights increased in intensity

Fights In Donbass 29.04.2015 [Source]

The Right Sector will hold a protest in Kyiv today in response to what they say is a govt plan to undermine Ukraine’s volunteer battalions.
Rumor : right sector is surrounded by Ukraine army, they need to lay down arms !!
UPDATE 23:55: Around the Donetsk area, both the city and environs, 10 to 18 UAV sighted operated by the Ukrainian Army — Confirmed NAF

April 28, 2015, Lvov – Lviv regional deputies ask the Verkhovna Rada and Poroshenko to recognize Crimea and Donbass part of Russia [Source]
UKRAINE—Popcorn advised as Praviy Sector mounts a picket of Presidential Admin. at 12:00 April 30 in Kiev, due to Ukraine troops blocking Right Sector’s base in Dnepropetrovsk.
US Army paratroopers in Ukraine training the National Guard of Ukraine.
Yarosh threatening to “storm” Poroshenko

4. Death threats for OSCE inspectors by Ukraine servicemen – Russia’s Foreign Ministry [Source]

Russia and Beyond…
1. Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov We won’t have war with Ukraine [Source]
Замминистра обороны России: «Мы ни при каких обстоятельствах с Украиной воевать не будем»
April 30, 2015, Moscow – In his interview to the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov states that “Russia won’t fight war with Ukraine under no circumstances. Ukraine is not our enemy. Even in theory we cannot think this way. I hope that Kiev has enough wisdom not to try to provoke us. Plus, Germany and France might put their foot down to stop Kiev from reigniting the conflict in South East Ukraine. Russia will help Europe to achieve this.”

2. Kremlin Confirms Putin-Merkel Talks in Moscow on May 10 [Source]
Kremlin confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow on May 10.

3. Burying The Greatest Victory in Spite: Rewriting History to demonize Russia [Source]
In efforts to demonize Russia, the history of the Western World is being distastefully rewritten. The monumental sacrifices of the Russian people during World War II are not only being marginalized, but flipped upon their heads. Today, reading through the Western media, one will find a multitude of comparisons between Russia and Nazi Germany, with Russian President Vladimir Putin compared with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.
Beyond distasteful, this propaganda is dangerous to the point where it borders on exonerating the Nazis, even celebrating their acts of aggression and bolstering those monkeying their ideology today, particularly in Ukraine, Poland and other NATO-oriented Eastern European nations where fascism has been resurrected to once again battle the Russian people

4. Russian State to Support Truth in Mass Media [Source]
Russia president has vowed to support credible media at a forum devoted to the subject of Russian press

5. Gaddafi’s Libya Was Africa ‘s Most Prosperous Democracy [Source]
Contrary to popular belief, Libya , which western media described as “Gaddafi’s military dictatorship” was in actual fact one of the world’s most democratic States.

6. 12 Unanswered Questions About The Baltimore Riots That They Don’t Want Us To Ask [Source]

7. Baltimore riots: A product of the Soros Machine [Source]

8. Russia Central Bank Cuts Key Rate By 150 bps To 12.50% Citing Risk Of “Considerable Economy Cooling” [Source]
According to the Bank of Russia forecast, consumer price growth will slow down faster than expected. Annual inflation will fall to less than 8% in a year (April 2016 on April 2015) and to the target of 4% in 2017. As inflation risks abate further, the Bank of Russia will be ready to continue cutting the key rate.

Last, but not least..
Shopping for electronics, Russian style [Source]
Feel and hear the difference..

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