Donbass Donetsk Novorossia

1. Today again non-stopping Ukrainian artillery strikes on civilians in Makeevka [source]

2. Full list of shellings in Makeevka [source]

3. Town Zhovanka, Donetsk, after Ukranian Arned Forces shelled it overnight August 13 – 14 2015 Images of horrible obliteration [source]
Жованка после обстрела со стороны ВСУ

4. Terrible tragedy in Gorlovka. Severe intentional shelling of Gorlovka by NATO and Kiev junta armed forces. Video
Последствия обстрела Горловки в ночь на 14 августа

5. Results of Ukrainian artillery strikes on Makeevka photos and videos August 14, 2015[source]
Последствия обстрела г. Макеевка, Червоногвардейский р-н

6. Results of Ukrainian artillery strikes on Makeevka. Images of firefiters by Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper [source]

7. Woman killed in Donetsk near her house on August 14, 2015 English subtitles video

8. Terrorists of NATO and Kiev junta armed forces continue to brutalize civilian population of Donetsk People Republic and Lugansk People Republic. Night on August 15th, 2015 Donetsk was under heavy shelling by NATO Ukrainian armed forces [source]
Reports that 10,000 houses and buildings are destroyed in Donbass by the continuing shelling and bombing by NATO and Kiev armed forces

9. Donetsk burning from NATO, European Union and Kiev junta shelling [source]
Донецк: ночь с 15 на 16 августа 2015

10. Here, more videos of the shelling of Donetsk by NATO and Kiev Junta forces August 15, 2015 [source]

11. Eduard Basurin: Kiev junta plans to conduct several terroristic acts to justify its attacks on Donetsk [source]
Хунта планирует провести серию терактов для оправдания своего наступления на Донбассе. – Эдуард Басурин.

12. Novorossia SITREP Updated news

13. Town Gorlovka under NATO shelling August 14 – 15, 2015 Video

14. Town Makeevka. Video DRP – Makiivka. Shelling aftermath Aug. 14th, 2015 | Eng Subs. We have no desire or energy to comment the ongoing war crines of Bandera Nazi fascist Kiev junta. The Kiev Junta is terrorizing the civilian population and destroying our infrastructure [source]

15. NATO conducting the war against the East and South eastern Ukraine. With boots on the ground and occupying Ukraine, NATO produces “polls” stating that Ukraine wants to join NATO.
Here is the NATO propaganda video on how Ukrainians wants to join NATO

NATO has occupying Ukraine for almost two years. Why does it matter what population wants at this point? NATO terrorizing Donbass to show what will happen if Ukrainians say anything against NATO and US occupation.

16. An American in Donetsk. Техас под обстрелом. “Texas” under fire. ТВ СВ-ДНР Выпуск 485. TV EOT-DPR Issue 485

17. Graham Phillips Special Report about people of Donetsk
(Eng subs) Гриша – Специальный Репортаж.(#7) “Пуст люди узнает – город Донецк – как нам жить”

18. Gruzian (Georgian) military specialists along with Israeli military specialists are training Ukrainians junta’s Nazi military battalions Donbas and Azov for war against Russia. Saakashvili and Poroshenko are forming a military first to hit Donbass [source]
Грузинские военспецы готовят хлопцев к новым боям: Элита армии
Саакашвили формируют в Донбассе ударный кулак п…
Ирина Иванова от 14.08.2015. by Irina Ivanova

This is an informative article with lots of names of candidates for the International tribunal of NATO Ukraine war crimes.

There are no doubts that Israel takes participation in all activities hostile to Russia in the world. In the Western war against Russia Israel takes leading role. Watching and recording Israel’s actions against Russia has become a part of the process of reporting about the NATO occupation and war in Ukraine.

19. All illegal migrants from Ukraine will be deported from the European Union. London police manhunt for the Ukranian migrant workers. [source]
В Лондоне устроили облаву на гастарбайтеров из Украины. More than 41% of working adult Ukrainians work abroad. The majority of course are in Russia.

20. Situation in eastern Ukraine explosive: Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German foreign minister [source]
“By Reuters | 16 Aug, 2015 – In a newspaper interview on Sunday, Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he had proposed in talks with his Ukrainian and Russian counterparts that Kiev and pro-Russian separatists sit down urgently with representatives from the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) to try to reduce tensions. ”
What causes the fascists government of Germany to express “concern”?
The alleged attacks on Junta troops near Mariupol.

“Last Monday, Ukraine accused the separatists of carrying out the heaviest artillery attacks on government positions near the port city of Mariupol in half a year. The rebels have denied attacking government troops. ”

As we can see, German foreign minister has not even one word of concern about Junta and NATO shelling towns and villages of Novorossia.

The question is when NATO, the US, and European countries will start paying for their war crimes and crimes against humanity?

Russia and Beyond

Joseph P. Farrell on the far-reaching impliclations of the recent meeting between Putin and Elvira Nabiullina, President of the Central
Bank of Russia. Very, very interesting. (13min.)

2. Putin pitches Grand Alliance against Daesh/ ISIL, but Syria Rebels
want al-Assad Gone [source]

3. Russians value tolerance and civility more than freedom of speech — poll [source]
Russia August 13, 14:55 UTC+3 Some 67% of respondents believe that those working in the world of art should not insult religious sensitivities with their art works

4. Ukrainians are buying real estate in Crimea, to get residency of Russia [source]
Украинцы покупают недвижимость в Крыму, «чтобы проще получить
российский вид на жительство»

5. US Classified Docs: Army Not Capable of Sustained Fight with Russia
15 years of pointless and failed “counter terrorism” warfare has
depleted America’s capability to fight a serious war against a major
opponent [source]

6. US owes millions of dollars to Cuba as compensation for years of
embargo’ – Fidel Castro

7. Russia declassifies the report on the aftermath of the US nuclear
bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

8. CrossTalk : Remembering Victory
The War in Europe came to an end 70 years ago. The Soviet Union and its
Allies stood supreme over the vanquished Nazi enemy, with the
continent on its knees. What lessons have been learned since that vast
conflict? And what lessons have been unlearned? Was the loss of so
many millions in vain?
CrossTalking with Geoffrey Roberts, Jeffrey Tayler and Dmitry Babich.

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