About an article East Ukraine’s Donetsk Republic Will Hold Referendum To Join Russia

Without going into intricacies of world affairs, I need to give to you, our readers and commentators, the same warning I give to our Research Assistants: Check Your Sources.

First, ZeroHedge reposts a xinhuanet.com article that claims its source was “the Donetsk-based Ostrov news agency

Upon simple cross-reference, nothing is found that would confirm that the Referendum to Join Russia is the official stand of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s republics. It could be “fake news,” right? Let’s look who is spreading the fake news. What is “the Donetsk-based Ostrov news agency” also known as ostro.org?
NGO “Ostro.org” is operated and financed by the notorious US State Department’s tool of color revolutions and fascists putsches NED.org National Endowment for Democracy for Ukraine
Along with the “Donetsk Committee of Voters of Ukraine: Freedom of Information” that has received $55,840 for Promoting Civic Journalism in Eastern Ukraine. “Donetsk Committee of Voters of Ukraine: Political Processes” that has received in 2014 $10,000 for “Promoting Voter Education, Mobilization and Monitoring in Eastern Ukraine.” to operate an election hotline and create a special section devoted to election-related topics on its informational portal, (NGO.donetsk.ua). Along with Ukrainian Youth Association of Ukraine (SUM) NGO Strengthening that has received $38,185 for “Strengthening Civil Society in Central and Eastern Ukraine
To strengthen civil society organizations in the Chernihiv and Donetsk regions of Ukraine.”

Center for Research on Social Perspectives in the Donbas Freedom of Information has received in 2014 Supplement: $37,493 in “Supporting Independent Regional Media” to help “To disseminate independent information about and for Ukraine’s regions, with a focus on the May 2014 presidential election and the ongoing political transition. The Center will continue to operate its popular news website, OstriV (www.ostro.org). Initial and supplemental NED support will be used to cover the salaries of four correspondents, who will produce more than 200 analytical and 10,000 informational items for the website. Funds will also be used to cover a portion of the Center’s basic operating costs.”
Center for Research on Social Perspectives in the Donbas has been a recipient of multiple Western grants over the years. Like, for example, from irf.ua that awarded grant number 30639 to ostro.org … Grant budget (UAH): 19183, E-mail: [email protected]. Registration date: 20.06.2003, Grantee address: 83100, м. Donetsk for Preparation and Publication of Analytical and Informational Materials on Social and Political Processes in Donetsk region”

Needless to say that irg.ua, a.k.a. International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) or Міжнародний фонд “Відродження” is one of the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation spawns.

The simple whois search yields that company IAA “Ostro” is run by Yaroslav Kolgushev. It was founded in 2002 as a NGO with the address: Artema str. 193 v/67 Donetsk Donetsk Oblast 83004 UA Phone: +380.62348077 and administrative Contact Information: Name: REDO Hostmaster Organization: PP Rulez (.REDO) City: Kiev Zip: 03186 Country: UA Phone: +380.442414975

Yaroslav Kolgushev, editor of NGO portal “OstroV,” which was created in 2002 to operate in Donetsk and has been hosted on Google service, in scenic Mountain View, California. On a google server with IP with at least 33 another websites. A very interesting bunch of websites, to say the least: 24daily.net (Самые свежие новости Украины и всего Мира без Цензуры The freshest news from Ukraine and the World without Censorship), acopy.net (a Hong Kong based anti-Chinese government news portal), and also pravda.com.ua (новини онлайн про Україну, Українська правда, Keywords: топ, Донецьк, українська правда, украинская) and libertyinnorthkorea.org (Liberty in North Korea is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Torrance, California, United States. The North Korean PEOPLE have massive potential to drive change in their country. We exist to empower the PEOPLE); umuvugizi.com; zambianwatchdog.com; premiumtimesng.com (Breaking news and deep investigative stories from Nigeria) allegedly based in Abuja, but with the administration address in Toronto, Canada; radiokiskeya.com (Radio Kiskeya 885 FM Internet radio stations for Haiti, Listen to Radio Kiskeya on the Go! Call 712.432.7885 from any phone to start listening now* *U.S. Phone number and so on. One of the way the US phone companies control information to Haitians migrants in the US and Canada); inmediahk.net (An anti-China government “citizen” media platform run by a group of volunteers in Hong Kong) and of cause – passiontimes.hk. Don’t click on it looking for hot Asian chicks. It’s a website run by Civic Passion (Chinese: 熱血公民) a populist anti-communist Hong Kong political portal, an “internet activist group” that also runs Passion Times

The bottom line, if this shared google server with IP hosted only US-NATO propaganda directed at Ukraine, someone could suggest that this server is rented by some Ukrainian entity. However, the scoop of the anti-governments web sites hosted on this server is wide enough to be worldwide, it looks like it belongs to the Soros’ Open Society Foundation itself.

Back to our sheep, I mean the front man for “ostroV” news portal Yaroslav Kolgushev. As Tracey Goldner writers for Globaljournalist.org (The University of Missouri UMC School of Journalism.  BTW, as you can see, the globalgournalist.org enjoys the same “open-handed donors” since the 1990s, “including private business, Open Society (Soros), Press Now, National Endowment for Democracy, European Union and the U.S. Department of State…”

So, as Tracey Goldner writers for Globaljournalist.org on 30 September 2014, in her article Project Exile: Ukrainian flees amidst fighting
that “Ukrainian journalists Olena Kolgusheva and Yaroslav Kolgushev” moved from Donetsk to Lvov “after the home of one of their colleagues was shot-up with machine-gun fire.” Lvov (Lviv) however, has proven to be too dangerous for a couple of heroic truth fighters for “democracy” because from this nest of friendly Banderovets and Maidanovets
they went straight to, you guessed it, to Missouri, where their son Roman, a graduate student and Fulbright Scholar at the University of Missouri, helped arrange for his family to come to the United States on a two-month visa with the help of the university and others.”

Yes, YES! Everything is connected and everyone knows each other. Kiev junta cloud is a one big happy family adopted by Soros and whatever and whoever uses him as a front man. ZeroHedge and xinhuanet took the fake Donetsk news right from the horse’s mouth, the US State Department and NATO, and maybe some little bits from Bibi’s mouth. Do you want them to see a reaction of the Russia’s government? The EU? Will they start a new “Putin – Russian Tsar” campaign? You betcha.

Guys, and ladies, every time you go out to fight the Western spawns of hell, do two things: check your sources, and don’t forget your kevlar.

1. Poland: Unknowns in masks destroy a monument to UPA video
Поляки уничтожают памятник УПА

2. NATO occupied Ukraine plans to solve the growing problem of unemployment by forcing 10 million working adults to dig foxholes and tranches [source]
Interview with Ruslan Bortnik, the director of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management.
10 миллионов украинцев заставят мести улицы и рыть окопы в случае введение военного положения (ВИДЕО)

3. The unknown soldiers of the strange war [source]
Swedish veterans of the war in Donbass have confirmed the participation of officers from the EU and NATO member states in war hostilities in eastern Ukraine

Economy of Ukraine

1. This week I found a new favorite Ukrainian political analyst and economist, Alexander Dudchak [source]
“Business – starting from the small up to the big companies – live their every day like it is their last day, having lost faith in tomorrow. The state and the people, or, as they now say, the nation live more and more independently from one another. The people even ask the government at least not to interfere and let them survive. ”
August 14. Александр Дудчак, экономист, «Блажен, кто верует»: экономика Украины за неделю

Alexander Dudchak, an economist, A new record of Ukraine is registered – by official data, the shadow economy totaled 47% by the half of 2015 with a tangible growth versus the same period of 2014 – 5% in the first quarter of the year.

By data of the Ministry of Economic Development, the shadow economy comparing to GDP in Ukraine was as follows during the last five years: 38% in 2010, 34% in 2011, 34% in 2012, 34% in 2013, 41% in 2014 (record-breaking year since 2007).

August 13. Ukraine as a friendly country of Poland ought to help its partner in anti-Russian sanctions with electricity.
As the energy system in Poland is experiencing a crisis, the government of that country has appealed to Ukraine for help. Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk charged taking immediate measures: “We must support our friendly country Poland and do everything possible to help our partners stabilize the energy situation in their country as soon as possible.” To that end, Ukraine will increase the import of electricity from Russia by 200MW.

The Third World War
1. US Military Uses IMF & World Bank To Launder 85% Of Its Black Budget [source]
A very important article uncovering the ways the US colonizes sovereign economies to financing its military to bully countries and nations into colonizing them.

My advice has always been to follow the money to understand the situation.
“This is part of an even larger financial scheme. It is fairly well-established by now that international financial institutions like the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund operate primarily as instruments of corporate power and nation-controlling infrastructure investment mechanisms. For example, the primary purpose of the World Bank is to bully developing countries into borrowing money for infrastructure investments that will fleece trillions of dollars while permanently indebting these “debtor” nations to West. But how exactly does the World Bank go about doing this?’

“the four-step plan for bamboozling developing countries into becoming debtor nations:
Step One, is to convince a nation to privatize its state industries.
Step Two utilizes “capital market liberalization,” which refers to the sudden influx of speculative investment money that depletes national reserves and property values while triggering a large interest bump by the IMF.
Step Three is “Market-Based Pricing,” which means raising the prices on food, water and cooking gas. This leads to “Step Three and a Half: The IMF Riot.” Examples of this can be seen in Indonesia, Bolivia, Ecuador and many other countries where the IMF’s actions have caused financial turmoil and social strife.
Step Four, of course, is “free trade,” where all barriers to the exploitation of local produce are eliminated.”
Armed with this knowledge, there is One and only Step that all the non-western countries should take – to declare all western debt being Odious, predatory and colonial and turn to non-western banks and sources of financing.

The Putsch Pirates of The Potomac – Part One

2. Russia-Insider commentators:
For the gazillionth time: This is not “disgraceful journalism“, this is information warfare. Warfare. They’re making people dead. Maybe you (or your entire demographic) are on the list (Spoiler: You are.) The media owners of “Western” media have no civic duty or social contract with the citizenry. That’s a quaint notion cooked up by some Dead White Guys. The literal religion of the owners dictates that they shall utter whatever falsehoods to the citizens so that they may be subjugated to God’s Chosen People(tm).

In the cosmic realpolitik of the Chosen, you as cattle have no right not to be deceived. In fact, you have no rights at all — only the right to die for your beliefs (or your ignorance… same thing, really).

I’m wondering why RI keeps referring to it as “journalism”. It’s “journalism” in the same sense that a B-52 carpet bombing is soil tilling.

They’re not “clueless”. They’re not lazy. They’re not “getting it wrong”. They’re intentionally lying to further an agenda of murder and conquest. And virtually the entire lot of YOU write them checks to maintain the sluiceway of distraction, distortion and falsehood. Where does their power come from? Their power comes from your consumer dollar. Why don’t you exercise the “terrible power of the purse”?

Donbass Novorossia
1. Message from Donbass “plastic surgeons” to the Ukro-Nazis and NATO militants: Come to Donbass and will significantly improve your looks. (18+ images)

2. NATO Kiev junta military group threatening Donbass [source]
August 20 – 90 thousand NATO thugs, 450 tanks, 203 Grad multiple rocket launcher systems, 5 Tockla U, short-range ballistic missile systems (NATO Designation SS-21 … Tochka-U (SS-21 Scarab-B).

Киев усилил группировку ВСУ: Донбасс атакуют 90 тыс человек, 450 танков, 203 РСЗО , 5 «Точек-У»

Political analysts states that Kiev is afraid of yet another caldron and is getting prepared for a second since WWII the great Kursk Tank battle [source]
МАРКОВ Сергей, Киев боится попасть в «котел» и готовит аналог «Курской дуги», — политолог

3. Валентина Лисица. Донбассу с любовью! Valentina Lisitsa. Donbass with love! (ENG subs)
Valentina performs 3 movement of the famous 14th sonata written by L. V. Beethoven.

Russia and Beyond

If you have a problem, ask a Russian engineer to find a solution!

Solar Powered cold storage is the technology that will be disruptive to all those colonial western electric and food companies

Russian inventor offers a cheap and simple solution to the problem of storing crops in hot regions of the world, like Africa, Middle east and India. Patrushev Nikolay, a chemistry student from Bashkir State University, Russia

Autonomous storage
Autonomous storage with temperatures inside from -5 to +2 degrees Celsius. It is ideal for storing vegetables, fruit and meat. Farmers don’t need to buy expensive electricity from the Western owned corporations. [source]

Interesting enough, the James Dyson Award website removed all the information about Patrushev Nikolay invention in English and in German

You still can view Nikolay Patrushev profile in cash format

Implementation of this versatile design will give small farmers in countries colonized by the West the chance to save up to 3/4 of their crops that they lose now due to heat and lack of the electricity.
James Dyson Award forgot to remove this page on Solar Powered cold storage

You can also view Patrushev’s invention on this video

Congratulations, Nikolay, well done!

2. Grehm Fillips found in Yalta, Crimea, an unhappy local Ukrainian woman and very satisfied refugee from the West of Ukraine.
08/18/2015, Ялта, Виктор Орлов. Крым, Политика, Россия, Украина Грэм Филлипс нашел в Ялте недовольную местную украинку и довольного приезжего западенца

August 18th, Crimea – President Putin answers question about Russia’s economy [source]

First, however, he took a submarine ride into the depths of the Black Sea to take a look at the ancient ship resting on the bottom [source]

President Putin also has called Ukrainians and Russian “One nation” and said that “despite of some current difficulties” Ukraine, after unification with Russia, will built itself a much better future. Quote: «Украина встанет на ноги и будет развиваться позитивно, вместе с Россией будет строить свое будущее», – заключил он.

Here is the video of Putin’s interview in front of the crowd of people in Crimea. He’s answering the question about the situation in Donbass.

President Putin’s information meeting and a conversation with the representatives of Crimea [source] English translation

New trends emerging these past seven days, and also old trends coming to their logical conclusions

Russia redirects railway traffic from Latvia to Ust-Luga
August 14th – Representatives of the Russian Railways OJSC inform that the cargo traffic to Latvia may be stopped fully.
It should be noted that the Riga Free Port transferred 23.709 million tons of cargoes (from and to Russia) for seven months of 2015, which is by 1% more than for the same period of 2014 – 41.08 million tons – by 15.8% more than in 2013.
Latvian transportation minister wants to visit Russia trying to keep the Baltic port transit money EU1.2 billion annually and support at least 75,000 workers in Latvia [source]
Министр сообщений Латвии хочет посетить РФ, чтобы не потерять транзит

As I reported before, Russia is building new ultra-modern port to bypass the Baltic countries oil and gas terminals.

Instead of going to a NATO and EU member, fanatically anti-Russian and Euro-hysterical Latvia, billions of dollars are staying in Russia in Ust-Luga port
50% of population of Latvia are ethnic Russians who have non-citizens status even so they were born there. Latvia stages NATO drill 150 meters from the border with Russia. Latvia stages old-SS and neo-Nazi marches. In what fresh hell they think that all of these won’t damage their trade with their neighbor, which just happened to be the biggest country in the world? Russia is bigger than planet Pluto. Don’t you ever forget it! Latvia is in size of my toenail. As the commentators of Russian Spring (rusvesna.su) suggest the Westerners complain that Russians don’t smile enough. So, let’s kick their European asses with a smile.

As a Russian woman, Svetlana, comments on Russian Spring portal,
You still have to come to understanding your Ukraine. As for us, Russian, in our country everything is clear: fields are planted, harvested, farms are modernized, industry develops , many new factories are built, young people study and do sports. Russia supports Ukraine trading relationship and all our stores are filled up with Ukrainian products, but most likely only because this year on vacation to Crimea more than 4 million tourists has already arrived, apparently we buy Ukrainian produce to feed everyone without problems. But now a lot of excellent products made in Russia , so soon we will be done trading with you … I drove in January 2014 in Ukraine to Lviv .In Central Ukraine the people plow field; in Western Ukraine is all overgrown with weeds; on the way to the Donbass all fields planted with grain and vegetables, enterprises function.
First time I went to the Krasnodar and Stavropol regions in January 2015 and was particularly surprised by thousands of miles of fields, all are plowed and planted. I saw huge plantation and vineyard. In Crimea last year they collected 2 million tons of grain – they need only 1 million ; huge vineyards; orchards of peaches, cherries, apples, pears, strawberry, roses, and lavender field…!!! The people working! It is time for Russia to ban the import of products from unfriendly countries. And You Ukrainian Europeans , well, you just have to help Latvian Europeans something to ship in the ports of Latvia ))) …
And now for another edition of “Amerika in decline…”

Join is as we watch the collapse of the US dollar, and with that the implosion of the US economy.
Yuan Devaluation Sparks Biggest Crash In US Corporate Bonds Since Lehman [source]

Just two days ago we warned of the dramatic disconnect between equity insurance and credit insurance markets – at levels last seen before Bear Stearns collapse. As the Yuan devaluation shuddered EURCNH carry traders and battered European assets, US equity markets stumbled onwards and upwards, impregnable in their fortitude with The Fed at their back no matter what. However, US corporate bond markets were a bloodbath…
The Bank of America/Merrill Lynch High Yield CCC Yield got absolutely slammed this week, rising from 13.58% to 16.18%! The biggest spike in yields since the financial crisis.

The US is cooking a putsch in Brazil, followed by a civil war, followed by collapse of economy, followed by the US companies grabbing national treasures and resources for free and instituting “austerity” and the neo-Nazis rule. [source]

see also:
Austerity – Elite Terrorism Against Ordinary People [source]

The US failed in Armenia, now they try to occupy Brazil and Turkey. As God is my witness, after Ukraine, any nation that buys a pro-American and anti-national sovereignty putsch government deserves what’s coming to them. Somehow, I believe that there are no other nation in the world as stupid as Ukrainian. Who else wants to attach themselves to a sinking Titanic?

Off topic, I own some items that used to belong to a famous person who died on Titanic. I bought them at an auction. I feel like I am channeling this person’s spirit through his belongings. He definitely warns against attaching yourself to a sinking ship. Most likely it won’t end well, neither for a ship, nor for you.

“Deal Or War”: Is Doomed Dollar Really Behind Obama’s Iran Warning? [source]

“But what could really be behind Obama’s dire warning of “deal or war” is another scenario – the collapse of the US dollar, and with that the implosion of the US economy.
That scenario was hinted at this week by US Secretary of State John Kerry. Speaking in New York on August 11, Kerry made the candid admission that failure to seal the nuclear deal could result in the US dollar losing its status as the top international reserve currency.”

American Malls In Meltdown – The Economic Recovery Is Complete & Utter Fraud [source]
“What happens when we roll back into the next official recession, unemployment soars, and consumers really stop spending? What is revealed when you look under the hood of this economic recovery is that it is a complete and utter fraud. The recovery is nothing but smoke and mirrors, buoyed by subprime auto debt, really subprime student loan debt, corporate stock buybacks, and Fed financed bubbles in stocks, real estate, and bonds. The four retailers listed below are nothing but zombies, kept alive by the Fed’s ZIRP and QE, as they stumble towards their ultimate deaths. The coming recession will be the knife through their skulls, putting them out of their misery.”

Another Top US Defense Establishment Figure Calls for Killing Russians

Caught On Tape: Native Americans Chase John McCain Off Navajo Land

Feds Give Shell Final OK To Drill For Arctic Oil
By Keith Goldberg
Law360, New York (August 17, 2015, 5:12 PM ET) — U.S. offshore drilling regulators on Monday gave the final go-ahead to Royal Dutch Shell PLC to drill in Arctic waters after a piece of required emergency equipment made its way back to the Chukchi Sea aboard an icebreaking ship that had to undergo repairs.
The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement had approved Shell permits to conduct limited exploratory drilling in the sea about 70 miles northwest from the village of Wainwright on Alaska’s northern coast, but wouldn’t allow the energy giant Shell to enter oil-bearing…

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