On Monday night I was up watching in stunned amazement a meltdown of the almighty market the likes of which has not been seen in years.
Even if you never held or traded stocks, you couldn’t miss the corporate media talking heads blubbering something incomprehensible, like “it’s a garden verity market adjustment.” I want to share with you two very useful links. These graphics give you a full world markets overview at any time. Major world indices
and the World markets in real time

You will notice that Russia is conspicuously absent here. I found it impossible to understand anything on Russia’s stock exchange website. This is how Russia’s volatility index looks like  They want you to estimate the Volatility index by using these simple formulas. To keep your mind sharp and all.
Here is a general overview
Russian media: U.S. ‘economic apocalypse’ in September

I don’t know what is left for the Fed to do. We are basis points away from a goose egg, and it looks like the curtain is lifting on this charade for too many people. I don’t see the Fed being able to buy the “markets” back up while everyone knows what will happen the moment the money runs out. The lies have run their course, and the truth is leaking out.

The half-life of Central Bank intervention has grown so very short that there just isn’t any marginal return on taking action anymore. Another Quantitative Easing (the Federal Reserve buying up the market and Corporate buybacks) to keep the market up would finally and completely expose the game for what it is – the fiscal plundering of America.

I really wish that markets could stay up for a little longer, though. The main reason is this public embarrassment is pushing the US government and local corporate media to search for more enemies. They have already placed the blame for the crash on China. I am confident they will find the way to blame Russia also.

It’s Western economy however, which is in a deep and desperate slump. I drove by the local produce market owned and run by Catholics and was floored to see the market opened on Sunday. It’s never happened before. Inside, I suddenly and fully understood the meaning of Emmanuel Kant’s “Thing-in-itself,” that we all studied in high school but not to the point of comprehension. Kant claimed that the thing-in-itself was incomprehensible for humans, because we were outside it looking in. The only way to understand the thing-in-itself is to open it. However, once opened thing-in-itself stops being a thing-in-itself and becomes something else. Kant claimed that he wrote his books about God, but I am convinced that he wrote about watermelons.

Another thing-in-itself we never get tired of talking about is the Ukrainian mind being opaque to the outside comprehension. Take for example the War on Corruption, that precipitated the putsch and coming of junta.
Update on the war against Corruption in Ukraine.
Борьба с коррупцией провалилась: за полгода в бюджет вернули только 8 тысяч гривен — Госказначейство

Keep in mind that Corruption (in countries other than the US) is such a bad thing, it’s the worst evil in the world, worse even than poverty or genocide. Corruption is SO evil, that it is worth overthrowing every government that has it; it is worth completely destroying a nation, going to war, killing thousands of innocent people, and then rebuilding again, only just without Corruption this time.

With that background in mind, Ukraine’s anti-Corruption Center issued their report on how much money they have returned to the Ukrainian treasury, which would have been lost due to Evil Corruption, if not thwarted in time.

And it turns out, it WAS worth it: The war, loss of Crimea, destruction of Donbass infrastructure, tens of thousands of dead soldiers, thousands of civilian lives lost… it was all worth it.

Because the Anti-Corruption Revolution was able to return a whopping 7865.77 HRYVNAS* to the Ukrainian treasury.
*1 Ukrainian Hryvnia equals 0.045 US Dollar

The other obvious achievement of Maidan driven junta is that millions of Ukrainians live on less than $1 a day.

Have you ever heard of the Russian fairytale Masha and the Three Bears?

Now, I am going to tell you the opposite story. An American fairytale called A Gunman and Three Marines.

Like any other American fairytales, this one takes place in France.

Let me get the story straight how I heard it from the French and US media. An “alleged” Muslim gunman prepares to go and “to kill many people” on a train. A gunman has ” no known connection to any terrorist groups.” Of course, because this fake Hollywood produced and CIA staged “terrorist” attack would be immediately rebuffed by everybody.

Back to the “lone” gunman. Upon careful consideration he chooses a Russia made automatic weapon, that he most likely picked up in a local grocery store. He also has a handgun and a knife. Plus, he had many magazines. At least 8 magazines judging by this Reuter image:

Somehow, all those magazines and a Kalashnikov fit into his small backpack.

He has the whole arsenal on his persona, but he doesn’t load any of his weapons. How one can bring a Kalashnikov and pass the train station security?

I recall years ago I was able to assemble and disassemble Kalashnikov in under one minute. It’s heavy, long, and bulky. It would make terrible clunking noises hitting those magazines inside the backpack, while the man was walking. No one can carry undetected a Kalashnikov around in the summer time, wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. So, an alleged “gunman” came to a train station carrying an automatic Kalashnikov rifle, a handgun tacked into his jeans and a big knife, and a backpack full of magazines. I won’t speculate the place he hid a knife. The train station attendants, police, security, and other passengers must all politely have looked the other way.

Did the three “heroic” marines board the train at the same station, or did they just “happen” to be on this train and in this wagon? I have a terrible suspicion that there are three US NATO marines on every train and in every wagon all over the EU.

Now, the “gunman” carries his arsenal onto the train and into the crowded wagon, but he has never loaded his weapon. Which is completely understandable. This is something he could do anywhere anytime, right? So, he goes to the restroom allegedly to “load his weapon’ ignoring the fact that he was followed there by two white and one black guys. Because, it’s completely normal for a group of guys going to restrooms together. So, the alleged gunman loaded his Kalashnikov in the restroom, meanwhile three guys were standing on the other side with their ears pressed to the door, listening.

In Europe if you notice many young people congregating at public restrooms, have no fear. All those men are the US NATO marines and they are there to protect and serve you, and undoubtedly give you a happy ending.

After that mayhem. They attacked him, and one of them got shot in the back. We don’t know how many people were around. Why no one took a video and uploaded it on YouTube? We don’t see security videos of the alleged gunman walking at the station with his arsenal.

“He could kill so many people… he had a magazine. I don’t know how many magazines he had” said a mayor of a local town. Security kept him in a dark about a quantity of magazines, but they immediately released the information on a gun maker. It was Kalashnikov, of course. Every fake staged terrorist attacker uses a Kalashnikov. Never- ever a western-made weapon is used. The softheaded western plebes have to be reminded about Russia lurking somewhere on a background.

The very next day, which happened to be a Saturday, the mayor of the town awarded three “heroic” marines with some French awards or medals, that just happened to be lying around in his office. Days later these American “heroes” are awarded the Legion of Honor, but not the guy who got short in his back. We don’t know who actually shot him. The injured guy wasn’t in the military. He was a professor of sorts. He wasn’t part of the group, no medal was made for him.

The whole story reminds me how a couple of years ago I was approached by a shady character that looked like a bar bouncer offering me to buy a gold and diamond engagement ring for a hundred dollars. I agreed, of course. Who wouldn’t want to buy a gold and diamond ring for a hundred dollars? A ring looked good with an 18K mark and all the paperwork with $11,000 price tag attached to it. “You see, the guy said. My girlfriend just dumped me. I wanna sell the damn ring and to get some cash.” I recommended him to return the ring back to a store. “No, man.” he said. “I used my girlfriend’s credit card to buy it, so they won’t give me my money back.”

I reached into my jeans pocket and got out a small magnet that I always carry with me, just in case. The ring got stuck to my magnet with no hesitation. “You see, bro. This is not gold. If it sticks to a magnet, it’s not gold.” “It’s gold, he said. Only a special kind of, sticking to magnet gold.”
“I know now why your girlfriend dumped you like a hot potato.” I said, returning a ring back to him. “Why?” “Because, you gave her an engagement ring that sticks to a magnet. That’s why”

Will the European public buy a fake terrorist story from such a shady character as NATO? It’s really irrelevant, because the US occupational authorities will use this fairytale to place a tank in every European train station and more US boots on the ground for protection of the US interests in Europe.

A CEO of the largest and longest running Ponzi schemes, the Pope of Rome, is about to arrive to Philadelphia on his way to Washington in September. Philadelphia that suffers a 100 year decline and urban decay is expecting to accommodate two million pilgrims. The City Hall dwellers thought long and hard and came up with the original idea of a fence around the center of the city. No one has answered the simple question of how two million people are supposed to get inside this Pope cage, considering that no one will be allowed to use cars or similar self-propelled apparatuses. Two million bicycles?

The plan is as native to Philadelphia as a fake flu vaccination, and cheesesteaks. Caging people, houses and urban ghettos is a lifestyle, but I suspect that this event will become the final straw that will break the town’s back. Just think about the impact on 100 year old plumbing that has never been updated. Philadelphia is located along the Delaware river at the sea level and is surrounded by elevated suburbs. Some of those burbs still use sewage treatment plants and piping built in the 1900s, proof of a great civilization that has been gone a long time. Two million people descending to Philadelphia will create a certain challenge for antiquated and fragile plumbing. If it gives up, the level of substance floating down into Philadelphia might be as high as the Pope himself.

That’s why this visit has a potential to be more interesting than other Pope’s pop ups around the world.

As if it wasn’t enough the organizers of Popacalypse are using prison inmate slave labor to build decorations and props like a carved chair for Pope. Just like they use 30000 prison inmates to put out wild forest fires in California and state Washington. Oh, America, land of the very few free white rich men.


1. “Witch-hunt” the Ukraine style by Clement Chautant
“Chasse aux sorcières” à l’ukrainienne Clément Chautant 25 Août 2015

Ukraine has made the choice to lead an offensive legislation to counter the Russian influence, regardless of its form. This has led to the changing and rewriting of the “history” and adopting the “décommunisation” laws, intended to punish different from the authoritative political views and historical analyses in a country in a quest for order and stability.

2. The turnout for Independence day in Kharkov proves it is a Russian city [source]
Report from bloggers:

“Kharkov administration held a concert devoted to the Independence day of Ukraine. Millions of Kharkov patriots came to the central square to celebrate this most important holiday. On the biggest square of Europe there was no place to swing a cat. Kharkov patriots once again proved to all that Kharkov is Urkaine, and quilted jackets [vatniki] should stay in Russia”.


3. MH17 Most Likely Downed by Surface-To-Air Missile – Dutch Prosecutors [source]
Investigators believe that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was most likely hit by a surface-to-air missile, though the possibility of the plane being downed by an air-to-air missile cannot be excluded, a spokesman for the Dutch Public Prosecution Service said Tuesday.
the following is the comment of Mark Nesop of marknesop.wordpress.com

I saw the MH-17 story in the Kiev Post as well, under the bullshit headline, “Netherlands considers air defense rocket as likeliest cause of Malaysian Boeing crash”. Since the “story” is just a paragraph, I will repeat it in its entirety:
“MOSCOW – The Public Prosecution Service of the Netherlands is still examining a theory whereby the Malaysian Boeing was shot down in Ukraine by a Russian Buk rocket, but to say that the parts discovered earlier were precisely of this system would be premature, Public Prosecution Service spokesman Wim de Bruin said.”

Emphasis mine. If I were one of those lying-as-naturally-as-breathing Ukropi, that would ring in my ears as a warning, considering there have been many much more condemnatory statements made already which say the investigators are “almost 100% sure” and “ready to identify the perpetrators”, and Kerry has blustered all along that the evidence is ironclad, no doubt, you can take it to the bank. This sounds an awful lot like waffling to me. Like they’re actually not that sure. And now, thanks to the perfidious west and the spineless Malaysia and the criminal Ukraine, even a verdict that says “We just don’t know what happened” is going to expose their clever tribunal stunt as the vicious piece of malfeasance it was – because it will be obvious they were prepared to convict on an investigation which was not finished, and in the end could not reach a conclusion. This is a no-lose for Russia now – it just has to be patient and stick to its guns.

4. Ukraine Is Too Corrupt for Debt Deal to Work [source]

Novorossia Donetsk Lugansk

1. Novorossia Military Analysis on August 24th, 2015 [source]
Обзор военной ситуации в Новороссии на 24 августа 2015 года

General Situation
The overall military situation on the fronts of the unrecognized people’s republics DPR/LPR continues to remain extremely tense. The fighting continues to occur in the positional key with episodic attempts to conduct reconnaissance by force with 1-2 RTG or take part of the “neutral territory” as the Armed Forces of Ukraine AFU regularly try to do it in the region of Donetsk, or as Armed Forces of Novorossia AFN recently has done in the area of Maryevka. l and Maryevka is ours Photo report

Not leading a large-scale offensive action, the parties are trying to be active on a tactical level, extracting small local victories, which have a negligible effect on the overall operational environment. It is worth noting that the renewed since the beginning of August a massive bombardment of the frontline cities over the last few days has weakened, and the brunt of the nonstop evening and night artillery barrages across the front now lay on the positions of the parties and the areas of concentration of artillery.

The political situation
Politically after the talks in Minsk in early August, followed by continued escalation of hostilities, we observed a complete standstill. The resumption of consultations in Minsk will commence on August 26th, but progress is not not expected neither military, nor politically speaking. None of the points of the Minsk agreements is completed and, as recently stated by Poroshenko, in the Ukraine they actually needed Mink agreement only to recover after the defeat at Debaltseve and to prepare for a new phase of war. With this in mind, it is naive to expect that Ukraine will implement this agreement if they formally consider it nothing more than a gimmick and a way to gain time in the interest of continuation of the war. Therefore, any negotiations in Minsk now look like merely informational and diplomatic camouflage.

The situation on the front line
Last week, the frontline changed insignificantly. Some success of the Republics’ armed forced at Marevka (which was a contested part of neutral territory) is similar to the success of the AFU same kind of in “neutral” Gubankov. Attempts of offensive activity of AFU in the area of New Laspi and Stargatewiki didn’t brought any significant success to the enemy. At the front from Shirokino to Granite, the situation largely remained within a fairly heavy shelling. In the area of Dokuchayevsk and Yelenovka in recent days enemy activity decreased slightly. Existing group, launched in sector M, remains the strongest armed forces in Donbas, and this is where you can expect the most large-scale offensive activity which ambitious versions may be associated with attempts to go to the borders of the DPR and the Russian Federation.

On the fronts of Donetsk and Gorlovka situation geographically remains without significant changes. Attacks on suburban districts periodically transferred to the forefront. Counter battery works to Novorossia’s Armed Forces partially successful, and the AFU can still vary as the target, and the intensity of the shelling. The MRLS are applied sporadically, heavy type systems “Uragan” and “Smerch” hold in reserve in mind the limited quantity of missiles. After increasing activity in the middle of the month advanced positions Novorossia’s Armed Forces somewhat strengthened, although from the front periodically are being received complaints that the front is strengthening is not enough and need more to draw arms from the rear to the front, especially in relation to the military preparations of the armed forces. It is worth noting that in the last few days some alarming symptoms were noticed like removing the AFU minefields on potential areas of attack, loitering of aircrafts of AFU on the Mariupol direction near the front line, the continued accumulation of equipment (tanks, artillery, armored personnel carriers, cannons, etc.) on the first and second lines. In the zone of effective action summed up tactical missiles and heavy artillery.

Dubbed by command of the direction of impact of the AFU, in General, reflect the simple fact that the main forces deployed against the DPR. With high probability, the main effort of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be made to the achievement of the operational objectives on the territory of DPR, although it is possible that the General staff of AFU may be several options for plans of offensive operations.
In LPR the enemy’s offensive capabilities are much less and the defeat of the armed forces of LPR junta does not compute even in the plans. However, even here assembled grouping deployed in order of battle to attack and threaten the Slavyanoserbsk and Lugansk (although the capture of Lugansk it is unlikely to go). Fighting on the fronts of the LPR are similar in nature to what we observed on the territory of DPR, although the intensity, as shelling and clashes are traditionally less. However, this difference may be deceptive if the impact of AFU on the front of the LPR will be coordinated with strikes on the territory of the DPR and it will retard the portion of provisions for the relief attempts of the enemy to capture one of the major towns of the Lugansk. Military sources in parts on the “front” as one suggests that the onset of the junta expect in the next few days and preparing hard for him.

During the reporting period on the territory of the republics (mainly on the territory of DPD) several dozen homes and infrastructure destroyed by shelling. Military losses of the parties in fact are secret, but judging by the information leaks to the press by the junta, they reach up to 100-120 people a week killed and wounded. Obviously, losses and on the part of the Armed Forces of Novorossia. Here it can be noted that the level of military censorship on both sides has grown significantly. Although, as shown by the battle for Debaltseve, in the battle party Armed Forces of Ukraine lost control of the information and much of what might fall outside the framework of public attention was leaked.

On August 24, we have a medium fighting situation with sporadic nature and its transition to high-intensity positional phase. While the current configuration of groups of the AFU in all four sectors is offensive in nature, and technical and human intelligence AFN has identified a number of characteristics of the preparation for a large-scale offensive operations. In general, there is a very high probability of transition of the fighting into maneuver (mobile?) phase, where the first blow will belong to the AFU.

Speaking about the possibility to completely destroy People’s Republics, it should be noted that such military capabilities of the APU is gone, when the current correlation of forces possible for the APU is offensive to a depth of 15-25 kilometers with the capture of several settlements, after which the battle will take the nature of a counter battle, where the APU, being at new and unequipped positions, would have to repel the attacks of AFN reserves

Obviously, such adventurous activities, like during the summer of 2014, cannot be expected from the AFU. However, when enemies are trying deep breakthroughs, there are still huge risks associated with bare flanks, which can be counter-attacked with strikes that may put into question the integrity of the front with the APU in Donbas. That lack of confidence in the ability to win in an oncoming battle and repel the counterattacks of the AFN reserves keeps the junta from the very, very reckless adventures. But at the strategic level, the junta is interested in the war, as it reflects both the objectives of the United States and allows it to divert public attention from the difficult situation in the economy.

2. Novorossia SITREP August 26, 2015

3. Last night Kiev junta Armed Forces started massive attack on Belaya Kamenka on Viking battalion of the First Slavic Brigade of the Armed Forces of Donetsk People Republic positions [Video]
НОВОСТЬ ДНЯ: боевые действия под Белой Каменкой продолжаются 6 часов, батальон «Викинг» держит оборону (+КАРТА)

Russia and Beyond

1. Cragill office in Russia fires a specialist for criticizing the company’s support of non-traditional sexual minorities
Американские компании увольняют российских специалистов за традиционную ориентацию

A very interesting article on how the American companies getting to Russian market by buying out various small European companies, and how the US companies conduct abuse of Russian employees.

2. Anguish and gnashing of teeth in Sardine-stan
Latvia was waiting in vain for Russia to lift its food ban and to buy Latvian canned sardines. First, Russia banned the fish in response to the EU sanctions. However, being Russian which means not wanting to sound rude, authorities asked Latvia to fix some production problems and to bring the quality of their product up to level with made in Russia products. Latvians acted like it was all a big joke and responded in Latvian language, not even bothering to translate their letters into Russian. Lo and behold, Latvia lost its biggest buyer, billions of dollars in annual revenue and 20,000 jobs. Meanwhile, Kaliningrad region companies came up with their own canned Baltic sardines that 2.5 times cheaper and taste better.

3. Ukraine positions itself to be ” a stopper of Russian aggression” for the West, eager to reap huge unspecified rewards. Ukraine should learn from the mistakes of others. Even the biggest American bootlicker, a former Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski compared his country’s liaison with the US with giving to the Americans free blow jobs. Everyone thought he got a brain damage in a process. No wonder he lost his job, his bid for presidency, and even his American wife, who for some reason decided that her soul wasn’t “Polish” after all, and couldn’t not stand to stay even a minute longer in “this country.”

The following interview points a somewhat unexpected light on the uncomfortable position Azerbaijan twisted itself in trying to serve its American masters. Needless to say its efforts were futile. This explains why Azerbaijan has been uncharacteristically quiet lately. An informative interview with the Israeli political analyst Avraham Shmulevich. Keep in mind that Israel acted as big friend of Azerbaijan. The Jewish community in Azerbaijan is rich and powerful, and it’s known to direct large financial support to both Azerbaijan and Georgia (Gruzia) for anti-Russian propaganda. It’s not going to change ever, but it’s interesting to watch Shmulevich kicking the former Azerbaijani “friends’ with his shuda cuda wuda.

After the West’s agreement with Iran, Baku has no one to contain. One week of the South Caucasian region in review
После соглашения Запада с Ираном, Баку стало не кого «сдерживать»: Закавказье за неделю. Издание minval.az беседует с Авраамом Шмулевичем

The title of the original interview war “Russia has already captured Azerbaijan without any military actions”

Shmulevich says that Azerbaijan has only itself to blame for growing tensions with the West caused by low oil prices, war on Russia, and abysmal state of civil society that the West has been silent about until now. The West (not clear the US or EU) said something nasty about Azerbaijan being a totalitarian corrupt regime. Essentially a code word for incoming western putsch and all the following bombing and plundering of a country. Azerbaijani authorities suddenly woke up to the great opportunity to be westernized, which means to be hanged like Saddam Hussein, or sadomized to death like Colonel Gaddafi. No wonder, they decided to stick with Russia and to seek peace with Armenia and Iran, at this point. Shmulevich doesn’t like this sudden change of the Azerbaijani government’s mind, which is an excellent indication that they are doing something right.

4. Russian MP, a member of the Committee on Information Technology and a member of LDPR Vadim Dengin contacted the law enforcement with request of developing software against internet trolls. He claims that this sort of software is used in the EU and US with the 89% of accuracy. He claims that internet trolls are dangerous species and their activities often leads to victimization of their innocent targets. However, he admits that the best way to battle trolls is to ignore them

5. The Myth of a Russian “Threat [source]
August 26, 2015 by Pepe Escobar

Not a week goes by without the Pentagon carping about an ominous Russian “threat”.
Where’s our loot?
The Pentagon’s rhetorical games also serve to mask a real high-stakes process; essentially an energy war – centering on the control of oil, natural gas and mineral resources of Russia and Central Asia. Will this wealth be controlled by oligarch frontmen “supervised” by their masters in New York and London, or by Russia and its Central Asian partners? Thus the relentless propaganda war.

6. All future wars will be fought for water [source]

7. Alfred Cox, a former member of the US imposed occupational government of the post Soviet Russia in 1990s, on his pilgrimage to the roots of Ukrainian nationalism in Germany writes about his trip on his FB
Cox also wished to drive a wooden stake through all those opposing Ukro-Nazism.
As one of the readers commented, “Alfred Cox on the Stepan Bandera’s grave. It’s all we have to know about the liberals in Russia.”
It’s also all we have to know about the European democracy.

And now for another edition of “Amerika in decline…”
Join in as we watch the collapse of the US dollar, and with that the implosion of the US economy

1. Why It Really All Comes Down To The Death Of The Petrodollar
• the world seems to have underestimated how structurally important collapsing crude prices are to global finance;

• the Petrodollar meaning was the world in which oil export countries would recycle the dollars they received in exchange for their oil exports, by purchasing more USD-denominated assets, boosting the financial strength of the reserve currency, the US, and the US military;

• In 2014 the oil producers effectively imported capital amounting to about $10 billion. By comparison, they exported $60 billion in 2013, $248 billion in 2012, and $511 billion in 2006;

• ZeroHedge along with the Western governments tend to believe that the death of Petrodollars came as a result of China, Russia and the rest of the BRICs trying to distance themselves from the West smilingly for no reason at all. See “The main thrust for this shift away from the USD was that with Russia and China, as well as the rest of the BRIC nations, increasingly seeking to distance themselves from the US-led, “developed world” status quo spearheaded by the IMF, global trade would increasingly take place through bilateral arrangements which bypass the (Petro)dollar entirely.”

• The truth is that unraveling of the Western economy is entirely of the US doing.

2. some truly amazing charts showing the first minutes of trading and how there was practically no market for a period of about 30 minutes due to every single HFT algo going haywire almost as the same time…
The Stunning Comparisons Between The “Flash Crash” Of August 24, 2015 And May 6, 2010 [source]

3. Judging by predictions of VIX backwardation, S&P500 and the whole US stock market will keep crashing until September 18, 2015, after which it will be very slowly rebounding or trading sideways into March 2016

4. Devaluation Stunner: China Has Dumped $100 Billion In Treasuries In The Past Two Weeks [source]
“China has sold an epic amount of Treasuries in the past two weeks.

How epic? We turn it over to SocGen once again:

The PBoC cut the RRR for all banks by 50bp and offered additional reductions for leasing companies (300bp) and rural banks (50bp). All these will take effect as of 6 September, and the total amount of liquidity injected will be close to CNY700bn, or $106bn based on today’s onshore exchange rate. In perspective, the PBoC may have sold more official FX reserves than this amount since the currency regime change on 11 August.
There you have it: in the past two weeks alone China has sold a gargantuan $106 (or more) billion in US paper just as a result of the change in the currency regime!”

China’s FX reserves are still 134% of the recommended level, or in other words, around $900bn (1/4 of total) and can be used for currency intervention without severely impacting China’s external position.

Remember this past winter everyone was saying that to collapse the US economy and to stop its war machine, all China had to do was to sell its holding of the US Treasuries. Now, China HAS to do this to support its economy. The Western economy has been piggyback riding on China’s back, while threatening, insulting, and abusing the country and its people. The US $, as a reserve currency, days are few to come. This, too, shall pass…

The Essential Saker IV: Messianic Narcissism's Agony by a Thousand Cuts
The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA