Planet Pluto is smaller than Russia. It’s a fact. Another fact is that the EU via Reuters is peddling the birth of a “Christian “Taliban” by a “maverick” battalion.

I don’t understand Polish politicians. They lick the Hegemon’s boots like a popsicle, and once in awhile, out of blue, they stop licking, spit saliva full of shoe polisher and blurt out the truth. Like the Polish economist Zdzisław Sadowski saying that once US troops enter a country, they will never leave:

The silence of the Russia’s government about the US troops arriving everyday to Ukraine is puzzling. It’s a direct and blatant violation of the Minsk II Agreement for which Russia is being sanctioned. Russia has to respond by introducing sanction against the US for violating the Minsk II Peace Agreement signed by Kiev authorities and the DPR and LPR. Russia should hold America’s feet to the US’s instigated fire. Beat them with their own weapon. Give them a symmetric response. Keep the US honest to their own “truth.”

Not only the US is keeping boots on the ground in Ukraine, the US transferring CIA’s ISIS schemes and methods to Ukraine. This time, however, CIA uses the “Christian” theme. Moscow Must Burn”: Ukraine’s “Christian Taliban” Pledges Anti-Russian “Crusade

Will these undertaking result in all Christians being seen as “terrorists?” Time will tell.

There is another Middle Eastern connection that I can see. The birth of “Christian Taliban” reminds me of a heart to heart conversation I had with a security officer in Ben Gurion Airport . He noticed an orthodox cross on my neck and asked me if I was a “Christian Terrorist.” I responded that such animal didn’t exist, as being against the nature of this religion. One can be either Orthodox Christian or terrorist, but one cannot be both. “There is always the first time for everything,” the officer whispered ominously, looking straight into my eyes. I suspect that the Israeli security services have been midwifing a birth of the “Christian Taliban” for quite some time now.

About burning Moscow…It was Kiev the Ukrainian Nazis burned first, when the Labor Union Hall was burned on Maidan and the Berkut prisoners in the building on the top floor were handcuffed to the batteries and burned alive. Odessa was second. Mariupol was third, when in May 2014 a number of Militsiya were burned alive in the Militsiya HQ building in Mariupol. Previous burning of people by the Ukrainian fascists include Khatyn, a village in Belorussia.

The Soviet leaders, who were mostly ethnic Ukrainians, covered up the simple truth that people in Khatyn were burned by a death battalion of Ukrainian Nazi collaborators. The last of them died in Canada in May 2015.
He was a member of Schutzmannschaft Battalion 118

Here, you can read a study of the activities of the Schutzmannschaft Battalion 118, a collaborationist formation made up primarily of Ukrainians. Formed in the spring of 1942, it served in Belarus until July 1944. The core of the unit consisted of Ukrainian nationalists from Bukovyna.

According to my grandmother, who spent three years in a Stalinist labor camp, in the labor camp all the guards were ethnic Ukrainians, all the management heads were Jews, and all the prisoners were Russians.

Research on the ethnic makeup of Stalin’s camps are being done as we speak. Remarkably, the NATO Ukrainian war liberated the Russian society from any attempts to cover up war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Ukrainian nationalists. Germans were blamed for many of them. It was a time honored Soviet tradition to cover up the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists, and also Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and Finnish nationalists, for the sake of friendship between all nations in USSR and the Warsaw block. It worked until it didn’t.

Off topic. A Belarusian name of the village Khatyn has linguistic roots in Middle East. Khatun is a word used for the village in Iran. Khatun (Mongolian: Хатан, Khatan, Persian: خاتون‎ – Khātūn, Urdu: خاتون‎ – Khatoon, Turkish: Hatun). Ukrainian nationalists claim that the Ukrainian language predates Russian and has “ancient” roots. Sure, why not? A Ukrainian word “hata” for a village house with straw roof has the same linguistic root as the name of the Belorussian village the Ukrainian Nazis had burned with its people. It’s the same word that people use in the Middle East and Asia from Turkey, to Iran, Mongolia and even Japan. It’s the word “village.”


1. TASS updated Ukraine News August 4th [source]
Ситуация на Украине. Хроника событий. 4 августа

2. The Minsk Security subgroup failed to agree on the text about the withdraw of arms [source]
Security subgroup to submit to Contact Group two texts on weapons withdrawal on August 26 [source]

2. Ex-Ukraine PM launches ‘salvation committee’ to win power in Kiev, end civil war [Source]
I couldn’t find Azarov’s interview with the English subtitle, yet. Listening to his interview from start to finish, I have got an impression that Azarov is a refreshingly sane politician.

3. Ukraine’s Bessarabia elects People’s Governor to defend itself from Kiev, Saakashvili [source]
Aleksandr Yankov, who used to be a senior investigator in the Odessa Prosecutor’s Office, was elected as Bessarabia’s People’s Governor. A popular gathering of Bessarabian residents in the Odessa Region of Ukraine has elected a People’s Governor to protect them from the Kiev authorities and newly-appointed regional head ex-Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili.
Народное вече в Бессарабии: «Долой Порошенко», «Мы за свободную Бессарабию», «Саакашвили хватит врать!»

4. Bessarabia elected People’s Governor Aleksandr Yankov disappeared [source]
СБУ предпринимает шаги по нейтрализации общественного защитника Бессарабии

5. Kharkov meeting for the special autonomous status of the region was attacked by the “nationalists” from Right Sector, Battalion Azov, Gromadska Varta [source]
В Харькове националисты разогнали митинг за спецстатус региона (видео) «Правый сектор», «Громадська Варта», Батальон «Азов»

6. De-Christianization of Ukraine [source]
A nun of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy was killed in Kiev on July 30, 2015. She was found in her apartment tortured to death. This is the second murder for the past seven days. [previously, a Ukrainian Orthodox priest was killed on his house doorsteps.

7. The Ambassador of Latvia to NATO: our biggest threats are the inflow of Ukrainian refugees and the outflow of our population [source]

8. Ukraine Wants to Use US Guarantees to Borrow $1B in November [source]

9. So now what? Glory to the “Aggressor”? [source]

10. What austerity means in Ukraine? Eating out of a dumpsters
The article describes “Elegant European dumpsters,” where people can get some good food.


1. Night from August 4th to August 5th – Kiev regime’s armed forced shelling Donetsk. One woman was killed. Many buildings sustained severe damages. [source]

2. Critical and bitter, but very informative letter of a self-defender Gromov who was fighting for Donbass since the first days [source]
Письмо ополченца Громова — Умоемся кровью. Commentary to the letter from Boris Rogin (Бориса Рожина – Colonel Cassad)

3. Winged eyes of Novorossia – Drones
Беспилотники – крылатые “глаза” Jul 29, 2015 by a war reporter from the Help Novorossia Foundation .
The military guy says that these kind of drones are used by the majority of the armies in the world, and now in Novorossia’s Armed Forces

4. Why did the Times publish an article about a Novorossia dirty bomb? [source]
August 3rd, 2015 by Oleg Tsarev, the Chairman of the Parliament of Novorossia. Translated by Kristina Rus

Russia and Eurasia
With the new US sanctions against Russia’s taxpayers, and with more countries joining, the last to join were Montenegro, Albania, Island, Lichtenstein, Norway and Ukraine, all the European countries cut their trade with Russia. And it brings me to an inevitable conclusion that when the Silk Road is build, it will be forced by the European sanctions to stop at the Russia’s border. With the sanctions in place, China won’t be able to ship its goods to Europe via Russia, and Europe won’t be able to transport goods, and people to Eurasia via Russia.
Europe ultimately will hinder the China’s Silk Road project by confiding it to Eurasia, and by cutting itself and isolating itself from the growing Eurasian economies.

Essentially, the economic war on Russia is also an economic war on China and Eurasia via the Silk Road.
The European ban on trading with Russia, is also a ban on trading with China. It’s becoming clear that the whole scoop of anti-Russia sanctions are to isolate Europe from Eurasian and to affix European trade to the US exclusively. For its own prosperity, the US need to suck sovereign countries’ wealth dry. Since Russia and China are not an eager and easy targets any more, Europe serves just fine.

Europe’s rulers calculate that the economic hardship will bring a violent revolutionary “regime change” in Russia, with new pro-West government to “return” the country to the West to be flogged and dismembered, I assume. But, at this unlikely scenario Russia would be under the full US control, like Ukraine now. The US opposes the China’s Silk Road and to the development of Eurasia all the way. “neglect of China’s strategic interests in Russia by the West may prove to be a tactical blunder of the highest magnitude.”

Peper Escobar writes in the introduction to his new book “Empire of Chaos: The Roving Eye Collection“: “Incrementally, I have been arguing that Washington’s number one objective now is to prevent a full economic integration of Eurasia that would leave the U.S. as a non-hegemon, or worse still, an outsider. Thus the three-pronged strategy of “pivoting to Asia” (containment of China); Ukraine (containment of Russia); and beefing up NATO (subjugation of Europe, and NATO as Global Robocop).”

The Western banks refuse to transfer money paid for the Russia’s goods by non-Western countries [source]

Sanctions Have Failed. ‘Buy Russian’ Is Working [source]
Western sanctions may result in the resurrection of a food super-power which competes with the EU on global export markets. The showdown with Russia over Ukraine and the imposed sanctions may eventually cost Europe much more than the present or future foregone sales of European produce in Russia. They may result in the resurrection of a food super-power which competes with the EU on global export markets.

If the Russians can break Dutch monopolistic hold it would be a godsend to the Africans, and save Russia a fortune on the price of flowers. By GB from London [source]


1. The Eurasian Big Bang: How China & Russia Are Running Rings Around Washington [source]

2. China’s New Silk Road: One Belt, One Road — More Than Just A Geopolitical Game [source]
By Danyi Yang & Mark McNamee

3.   Pakistan by HUSSAIN SAQIB [source]
Pakistan has finally been accepted as a full member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). And this has happened thanks to active support of China and Russia, its time-tested friend and a bitter-foe-turned-friend, respectively. Pakistan, with this new status, has effectively divorced itself from the bondage of its US friendship in order to join a new fraternity. It may be better to say that Pakistan has joined SCO not only to break free from the US clutches and crutches but also to be in synch with the changes taking place at a fast pace. This is something Pakistan could not have imagined to achieve just a decade ago.”

“Which is evident from China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) worth $46 billion. Russia would be pleased to chip in in this venture. Pakistan has already diversified its sources of military supplies and is gradually minimizing its dependence on the US and West. It nuclear program is comparatively the safest, effectively controlled and its nuclear weaponry of the superior quality.

With its deep-sea port of Gwadar, Pakistan would provide shortest supply routes to China and Russia and also Central Asian States. It naval forces would be strong enough to protect its Sea Lanes of Communication (SLOCs).
With the world’s 6th largest standing army, one of the finest nuclear arsenals, swiftly changing internal security environment for the better and its geo-strategic location, Pakistan should be all set to play its role to create at least some ripples, if not chaos, in the existing world order which is manipulative, oppressive and unjust.”

The U.S. and E.U.

1. Meet The Kagans: Seeking War To The End Of The World [source]
Read the comments. Gradually, very carefully Russians and Chinese, followed by many other nations, are discovering the ways to avoid, overcome and dismantle the murderous ideology of America’s neo-cons.

4. Iran publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel [source]
By Amir Taheri Aug 1, 2015
NATO is preparing for wars in Europe. I think they are going to use the upcoming market crash and the EU dissolution that will follow, as an excuse to have false flag attacks and to start the war in Europe. The US needs a war in Europe to cancel its own loans. Russia won’t take a part in any of this, and NATO don’t have enough guts to attack Russia.

5. US Army Building Roads in Eastern Europe, Citing ‘Russian Aggression’ [source]
They already have the tanks in place, now they just need the roads for them to drive on.

In a bizarre twist of fate, while NATO with the US money builds roads over the Baltic swamps, the Highway Trust Fund in America fell into insolvency.
“Today it’s the Highway Fund. Tomorrow it’ll be the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (we’ll talk about that one soon) and the United States Postal Service.
Then it’ll be Social Security and Medicare. Then the Federal Reserve. And eventually it’ll be the United States government itself.
The signs are everywhere– every single one of these hallowed institutions is flat broke.”

“Bankrupt governments invariably resort to plundering the wealth of their citizens. Inflation. Higher taxes. Confiscation of assets. Indebting unborn generations. And defaulting on the benefits promises they made to voters.” However, in case of the US they still have an option of plundering other countries to keep their own going. With the US debt estimated to be over $200 trillion, and with the major American institutions going for broke we will see more and more conflicts going up in Europe, around Russia, Asia, Latin America. No county is safe.

Is NATO promising the Eastern European countries a payoff if they participate in attacking Russia? That’s why Baltic countries, Montenegro, and occupied Ukraine are whipping up their population into fascist lather. However, as one commentator eon ZeroHedge says, “No more wars. Blood and Treasure are too valuable to be fighting other people’s wars.”

Of course, there is another way out of their misery, to untangle themselves from the deadly grip of the US and join the countries of the Eurasian Union in development trade, industries and agriculture and to have a peaceful prosperous life, without feeding the Hegemon. But that would be peaceful and beneficial for their nations, to their people, and not for the military industrial complex of the US. The US won’t allow this.


Ukraine/Russia, Plus West vs Non-West SITREP by BAAZ

1. Shot from the past: P. Poroshenko was tried in the U.S. for pedophilia [source]
Выстрел из прошлого: П.Порошенко судили в США за педофилию, Устраханов Руслан

2. Obama’s Taxpayer Hired 400 – 800 Blackwater Killer Mercenaries ‘deployed on ground’ In Ukraine! [source]

3. American expert: USA and Ukraine hide the data on the “Boeing”, the investigation of opaque and politically motivated [source]
Американский эксперт: США и Украина скрывают данные по «Боингу», расследование непрозрачно и политически мотивировано

4. The barbaric actions of Kiev: children removed from DND, taken from their parents, grandparents [source]
Варварские действия Киева: детей, вывезенных из ДНР, отбирают у родителей, дедушек и бабушек

5. In Hungary printed fake dollars and hryvnia under the order from Ukraine [source]
В Венгрии печатали фальшивые доллары и гривны под заказ из Украины

6. Rinat Akhmetov’s humanitarian aid worker –Read this letter and curse this war!

7. Americans to break Ukraine apart if they fail to get Russia involved in the conflict officially [source]

8. Infamous Maria Gaidar, is not a granddaughter of the writer Arkady Gaidar [source]
Мария Гайдар не приходится внучкой Аркадию Гайдару

9. Haaretz removes article about plans to assassinate President of Ukraine

10. Kiev Junta’s exit will be as terrifying as its entrance [source]
Кустурица: Украинская власть уйдет так же страшно, как и пришла

11. More than 50% of Crimean Tatars left after the re-unification with Russia, came back home [source]
Более 50% крымских татар, уехавших после референдума, вернулись обратно

12. Well-Known Canadian Journalist Visits Ukraine and Praises neo-Nazi [source]

1. Lavrov revealed Putin’s plan to combat Islamic state, by expert group RusNext [source]
Лавров раскрыл план Путина по борьбе с ИГ

2. Russia wins the game in the middle East: the Syrian Kurds is ready to conclude an Alliance with Bashar [source]
Россия выигрывает партию на Ближнем Востоке: сирийские курды готовы заключить союз с Башаром Асадом

3. Stratfor Conversations: The U.S. Media’s Misleading Portrayal of Russia (Video)

4. U.S. Tries to Stir Ethnic Division in Crimea [source]

5. Russia Pulls UN Cover Off MH17 Propaganda, by Ulson Gunnar [source]

6. Khazin First channel On the establishment of the national payment system of the Russian Federation (Video) in Russian
Хазин Первый канал О создании национальной платежной системы РФ

7. Mikhail Khazin – Forum Eurasian economic perspective (Video ) in Russian
Михаил Хазин – Форум Евразийская экономическая перспектива

8. Rostislav Ishchenko and Maxim Shevchenko: Viktor Yanukovych. The impact of power Viktor Yanukovych was in power for ten years (Video) in Russian

9. Anti-Russian propaganda destroys Western journalism [source]

10. Russian commander: airborne troops willing to Syria in the fight
against terrorism  (needs translation from German)

11. Published “White Book” of war crimes – Tragedy of the South-East Ukraine”

12. Shoigu: Russian Navy to receive 69 ships by year’s end [source]

13. John Batchelor Podcast Ft Prof. Stephen F.Cohen (Audio) (August 4th 2015)

14. “Heroes” of new Ukraine? “Azov” Battalion [source]

15. Maria Gaidar – Like Father, Like Daughter | Eng Subs

The West
1. The Half Non-Nuclear Bowl Beneath the Iran Nuclear Deal [source]

2. State Dept. ‘frankly doesn’t know’ legal authority behind US airstrikes supporting Syrian rebels [source]

3. Operation storm: Croatia’s triumph, Serbia’s grief [source]

4. Coup d’Etat in Washington: While Obama Visits Africa, ISIS Czar Allen
Rams Through No Fly Buffer Zone in Northern Syria, Protecting ISIS
Supply Line from Kurds; Obama Must Fire Allen Now!

5. British SAS Special Forces “Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels” Fighting Assad in Syria

6. The Brookings Institute Plan to Liquidate Syria

1. South China Sea and Geopolitics of Islands, by Leonid SAVIN [source]

2. RIP: America’s “Engagement” Strategy towards China? by Jeff M. Smith [source]

3. Light at the end of the Afghan tunnel, By M K Bhadrakumar [source]

4. ISIS in Afghanistan: Proxy War against Iran and China [source]

5. China and Iran to exchange fighter jets for oil [source]
СМИ: Китай и Иран обсудили обмен истребителей на нефть

6. Civil War In Turkey (video)
Гражданская война в Турции: бои внутренних войск с Рабочей партией
Курдистана (ВИДЕО)

7. Speech of President al-Assad during a meeting with the Chairpersons
and members of popular organizations, trade unions, chambers of
Industry, Commerce, agriculture, and tourism – July 26, (Needs a
translation )

8. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah | Palestine Conference 2015 (English Voiceover)

9. Double Strike – Why Turkey is bombing both Iraq and Syria | Eng Subs

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