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The international backdrop for this week Ukraine SITREP

Twitter is full of loaded statements of the Western “experts” on a subject of Russia naming the US a “threat” in its new National Security Strategy.
No, Russia’s New National Security Strategy Doesn’t Explicitly Call U.S. a Threat to Russia

Oregon standoff between the ranchers and the Federal government “in the so-called sagebrush rebellion, a decades-old conflict over federal control of millions of acres of land and natural resources in the West.” [source]

RT’s Egor Piskunov reporting from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge asked one of the militiamen how long they’re going to be there, and he said what anyone in Donbass has been saying: “I live here.” The Federal prosecutors are pushing for a 5 yr term to hand to the ranchers the Hammonds convicted under terrorism law, for burning some brush to improve range. The original sentence was 5 years but the lower court judge felt it too harsh and they served a year. The federal prosecutor appealed and the appeals court upheld so the Hammonds now have to go back for 4 more years.

All for doing a back burn to stop another fire that threatened their property and livestock.

“A Post At The Market Ticker:
This situation is just too serious to remain silent on so I want to clear up a few things. I am the Coos County Coordinator for Oregon III%. Our group, along with Idaho III% and other members of the Pacific Patriots Network organized the rally in Burns yesterday to support the Hammonds and condemn the actions of the BLM. Although their story was initially publicized mostly by Ammon Bundy, the Hammond family later told him and everyone else they were not going to fight the charges and didn’t want violence of any sort to take place. Oregon III% leadership was in contact with the Hammonds on the day of the rally and they were pleased to have our peaceful support. Ammon Bundy’s rhetoric had been increasing over the past few weeks and some people were worried about what he might do. After the rally, our Vice President Jeff Roberts spoke to the attendees and asked them to come to the fairgrounds for further discussion of the issue. At that time, Ammon Bundy stepped in and told the crowd that he and his group were going to take a “hard stand” and seize the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. None of this was coordinated with or approved by our groups, he basically just dumped it on us and wanted the crowd to follow him out there. Jeff told them this was their decision but that our groups would have nothing to do with it. Our response is currently linked on the front page of Sipsey Street Irregulars. We do not support Ammon’s actions and believe them to be hasty, premature and ill-advised.”

Three points here that you take from mainstream and alternative media: society doesn’t support this liberty movement, at least openly. Those who do believe that “watching the congressmen and senators and police of the state gives us a good idea about the theory: US Military will never fire on USA citizens and will not come for your weapons.” The Liberty movement in the United States has no clear goals at the moment.

Quoting Haus-Targaryen, a ZeroHedge commentator, “The point & time to do something has passed long ago. The Liberty movement in the United States has no clear goals at the moment.

Let me elaborate: Does the Liberty Movement (So Sovereign Citizens, III’ers, Militias, etc., etc.,);
1) Want to return the entire US to the Constitution?
1a) If so, what do you do with the 150 million people who have no interest in liberty, and prefer the status-quo?
2) Want to return only parts of the US to the US Constitution?
2a) If only parts, then what parts, and would the US Constitution be the best example for a new CSA, or could it be improved upon? If so how?
3) Is the goal personal preservation or preserving the United States?
3a) If not, what if it becomes easier to leave than to stay & fight? What would you do?
There are no clear positive goals in the Liberty moment right now. Only things they don’t want happening.
Until people figure out it is what they want, this is just for show. ”

Revolutions succeed only and when being supported by outside forces.

Revolutions instigated from the outside and desperate domestic revolts always result in a crackdown and tyranny and immeasurable misery for population. To avoid inflicting even more damage on humanity , Washington regime, this bunch of psychotic entitled morons and self-appointed world rulers, have to realize that it’s time for them to retreat from the Middle East, from Eastern Europe and Ukraine, and from the Midwest.

During the New Year celebration in Cologne, Germany 1000+ drunk young men of dark complexion attacked, beat, and raped a hundred of German women. The circumstance is similar to what takes place every year in New York during the Puerto Rican Day parade.

The racial makeup of the assailants, – Middle Eastern; their physical composure, – young, strong and drunk; and their strategy, – assailants split into groups, and attacked women in the square and streets, speaks volume that this event was carefully planned, coordinated and executed with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women. BBC agrees.

Germans are terrified to ask some legitimate questions, like : Who had paid to this group of “random Arab men”? Who had put them together? Who guaranteed that they would get away with it with no consequences? Instead, the Europeans talk about building fences, banning immigration, and shooting at the 3rd world people coming to their 1st world union. Not one European union politician called for normalization of life in the Middle east by leaving the Middle east alone, and giving Russia, China, India, Iran and their allies chance to bring peace to the region.

What we all see here is the Washington’s hairy hand getting into German women’s pants. But, which one of you see a Saudi’s hand that has been already there? Remember, this rich Saudi who fell evidently penis first into a British teenager? He was acquitted. So, the Europeans do what has always been done by selling their women to Caliphate in exchange for lower oil prices. I bet that Cologne rapists will successfully argue the same defense in court. Because, wait for it… Five days later Saudis slash oil prices for Europe.

Anything, just to be “free” from competitively priced Russian oil and gas. Right? Europeans made their bed with takrifi devils and Europeans shall sleep in it.

Tentatively, the “rape of German women” comes up in too many variations as of late. First as a mudslinging of the May 9th Victory 2015 celebration, accusing the Soviet Army in raping “millions” of German women at the end of the WWII, Now them becoming victims of migrants. Genetically speaking, if millions of German women were raped by the Russian Red Army, while German men away or killed, who is now populating Germany? Statistically speaking, since over 1000 Arabs participated in a rape of about a hundred women, it takes on average 10 Arabs to take down one German woman.

The bottom line, somebody wants to make German men very angry, not that they ever would.

So, misbegotten humanity, embrace your brave to world that the globalists have planned for you.

The US and Saudis employing hash tactics by taking Europe down to the level of the Middle East and Ukraine. [source]

For those of our commentators, who have expressed hope that at eleventh hour Russia will interfere, and a polite, smiling, nice Russian military will come to Europe and clean up the mess, overcome Washington’s army of mutants, and hand over cats as bonuses like they had done in Crimea. My answer is ‘no.’ Nobody in Russia, including its government, has any desire to “help” Europe in any way, shape, or form. From Russia, Europe being crucified by Washington and Saudi’s head cutters is being watched with great sense of Schadenfreude, that we have learned from the Germans. Granting that Europe has almost 1 billion people and Russia has 145 million of which 60% are women. The US plan is to make the conformist Europeans squealing in pain so they the last time ever would go with war on Russia. Russians are just waiting for the European murderous hordes to reach their borders one last time.

new russia bear

Meanwhile in other parts of the globe:
• Almost all S-300s are taken of duty in Russia, and placed on duty in Iran. In Russia they are replaced by S-400s and S-500s.In case of war between Iran and Saudis, most likely scenario is for Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz, and to make Saudis’ oil rigs redundant [source]

• Poland has been claiming for years that the Victory day parades in Russia were threatening to Poland, Russian bikers were threatening to Poland, Russia’s food ban was threatening to Poland. Now, new President of Poland declared North Stream 2 to be the most threatening to Poland enterprise, because it goes around Polish territories. [source]

• Interview of Prof. Efraim Inbar – Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (In Polish)
Władze w Rijadzie ścięły szyickiego przywódcę, szejka Nimra. Starcie między Iranem a Arabią Saudyjską wchodzi w decydującą fazę
Same interview in Russian
The Middle East is a region where the most unrealistic scenarios come to life. Saudi Arabia is under duress and might lose its statehood. Saudis spend on war over 100bln in 2015. It’s population is young and unemployed. They’re running out of money to pay welfare. Only 40% of the population are wahhabists. Saudis are seeking to buy nuclear technologies from Pakistan to use in war on Iran. Collapse of the Saudi Arabia will cause tectonic changes through the Middle East.
In Israel we absolutely want to weaken Iran, because they are our enemies. Unfortunately, in this round Iranians are winning.

Ian Murdock, a programmer whose achievements are too many to list, committed suicide after being beaten and raped by the Police.

Here his absolutely shocking tweets that had been already taken down elsewhere
The Police brutality in the US is routinely directed against non-whites and poor, by the case of Ian Murdock, a white millionaire programmer, shatters this notion. Armed with military grade weapons, with over 10 million people being imprisoned, and over $8 billion in Police civil forfeitures in 2015 on the top of the biggest budget ever, the Police is a force to be reckoned with. [Police civil forfeiture, is when they come and take your stuff, your car, your house, your money in a bank, without as much as a court warrant.]

Rather then seeing them as a state within a state and/or out of control apes with licenses to kill, as the majority of Americans do, I think of them as a private army for hire. They are given instructions and impunity to act the way they act, and it’s not by the local townships authorities, or states, or even Federal authorities. Who was threatened by Ian Murdock work? Microsoft. Who was threatened by the work of Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide (murdered) being bullied by the law enforcement. Who was threatened by Aaron’s work? Jstor and other for-profit science libraries. Who was threatened by the work on the Russian programmer Sergey Aleynikov? Goldman Sachs. Law enforcement was on Sergey like white on rice. As I wrote here and here,

What’s in store for the American people now that it’s law enforcement, Police force, courts, and punitive system is fully owned by a few supranational corporations and oligarchs, a.k.a. the ukrainization of the law enforcement. Will they be satisfied with harassing and killing non-whites, a competitive programmers and some bankers (there were over 30 mysterious brutal deaths of bankers in 2014)?

I don’t believe so, and neither do you.

Russia and Ukraine

After two years waiting to be occupied by Russia, Mayor of Ukrainian town Genichevsk asked his President, President Putin, to give his people gas to get heat to his frozen town. [source]

Just like ones Buryats asked Putin to intervene, when their own local authorities lost any touch with reality.

Mayor got what he asked for. Everything is fine. There is no controversy. Everything is happening very quietly, while the world is watching an obscene improv theater performed by a group of actors called Kiev junta. No one in the West would ever see or understand how things are happening. No one in the West will ever be able to intercept or interfere with this very quiet process. Because, Russians have always gone back home. Because, it’s very quiet in the center of the storm. Because.. it’s Russia, brothers.

The South Ukraine has been under spell of an unusually cold winter, with even parts of Azov sea being frozen. The air smells like a brand new Kherson People’s republic, and people are whispering about Putin remitting Russian passports via gas pipes to Genichevsk. Andrey Kobolev, CEO of Naftogaz of Ukraine, immediately went on tweeter to lie in Ukrainian language through his teeth that “no one asked Putin” and that the whole thing is just a hoax of stupid Russians. Now, other towns in the region are looking to make a move towards Russia. What would be Kiev junta’s answer? A handful of international con-artists and local sadists can only send punitive militant groups to arrest and execute local people. They can’t provide country with fuel, electricity, food and water, and other luxury items. However, they can send Azov battalion with machine guns and Right Sector groups with yards of natural fiber rope to shot and hang all those who wants to heat their homes in subzero temperatures. [source]

Ukraine is Europe now. No argument there.

NATO, the EU and Kiev junta has immediately started political repressions against Genichevsk town authorities
The former head of Genichevsk district administration, ethnic Crimean Tatar Сейтумер Ниметуллаев Seyteemer Neimitullaev, is wanted by junta’s punitive apparatus. He famously said that he didn’t see Ukraine being without Russia for the next hundreds of years.
His “crimes” against junta: “suspected in separatism,” organization of the groups of people to travel to Kiev for Anti-Maidan demonstrations in December 2013. He also accused in attempts to change the borders of Ukraine and for Kherson region to become a part of the Russian federation, which is a crime in Ukrainian criminal code: part.2 article.110.
To make an arrest of this political opponent “legitimate,” junta claims that Neimitullaev illegally privatized 1000 hectares of land that, as we all know, belong to Monsanto and the Biden’s family.
His whereabouts are unknown at the time.

However you look at a true Ukrainian, you can only see his derriere.

1. Next year, Ukraine won’t celebrate a New Year [source]
It’s a holiday for Commies. Instead, all true Ukrainians will celebrate Stepan Bandera’s birthday on January 1st. With over 44 monuments to Bandera erected around the country, there will be no shortage of placed to do a pilgrimage. http://nnr.su/95849

2. Kiev junta is preparing to file a lawsuit against Russia in the UN international court with the claims that Russia supports terrorism [source]

3. Mariupol is completely devastated and turned into ruins by the raids of Kiev militants, Turkey Jihadists, NATO troops, and foreign PMCs. Mariupol is occupied by Ukraine, but the majority of population there supports Donetsk. Right now, there are three punitive militants on every civilian. Thousands have been executed: people were shot, burned alive, murdered by running tanks over them, hanged, beaten, and tortured. Population is brought to the extreme state of desperation. [source][source]
According to cyber-berkut and military intelligence, 100s of ISIS militants showed up in Mariupol in December. Witnesses claim that they see Arab speaking militants everywhere.
More of cyber-berkut revelations here

4. Oleg Tsaryov, a Dnipropetrovsk businessman and politician on shadow Ukrainian economy [source]

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine seized Korban’s schemes of raids on businesses, and payments he made to his accomplices.
In particular, the investigation discovered the identities of M. K. and B. A., Michael Kashlak and Vasily Astion, who had been paid $600,000 to seize a bread-baking plant number five. The authorities of Ukraine have already established the communication with me via the Internet. I, in turn, want also, with the help of the Internet, to assist their investigation. The bakery #5 is part of the Second bakery and was raided and seized along with the other twenty-seven companies that belonged to my family.
I have information that proves that similar schemes were used by Kolomoisky, Korban, Filatov and Oleinik to take over the property assets owned by different owners to the extent of one billion dollars.
This is the deal in which these people got paid for burning Odessa and to fuel the war on Donbass.

5. Kherson region, to defend themselves and their families from junta’s militants and jihadists, people are forming partisan groups similar to the legendary partisans of the Great patriotic war [source]

6. Saakashvili thanks Lukashenko for “restraining Russia’s pressure” [source]

7. People’s protests spread across the whole historical territory of Novorossia [source]

8. Why “true Ukrainians” and anti-Russian opposition in Russia are infuriated by the opinion poll in Crimea [source]

7. Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council: Minsk process will be continued in 2016 [source]

8. NATO military base near Lvov (Lviv) Ukraine [source]

9. White Erdogan is looking to recreate the Ottoman Empire, Poland is looking to recreate [source]

10. Kiev sends 300 foreign hirelings to the south of Donetsk region – intelligence of Donetsk People’s Republic [source]

11. Who owns Ukraine? [source]

1. New Year celebration in Donetsk

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