I must admit that my trusted sources of information on the situation in Novorossia and Ukraine suddenly stopped functioning, or got shutdown by FB, twitter, and VK. It might be due to lack of funding. I’m in a process of searching for new sources.

1. Israeli-made air-to-air missile may have downed MH17 – report [Source]

However, the legal assault on Russia continues with the $900mil lawsuit filed in the US court by the relatives of the victims of MH17 crash against Igor Strelkov, of all people. So we can see that it’s all always about the money. The West is masterminding situations to extract the money from Russia.

Malaysian Boeing Tribunal: Another anti-Russian spectacle [Source]

2. An American Minister of Ukrainian Finance believes that default will be healthy for the economy [Source]
The default can be declared either tomorrow, or next week. Goldman has already said that Ukraine to default in July. So, it must be true.

3. Retail sales in Ukraine fell 25% in June 2015 [Source]

Donbass Novorossia

1. Per Colonel Cassad in one wordcontroversial
There are no information about the recent terrorist attacks in Donetsk and arrests. Colonel says that his informants are silent due to the “fog of war.”

The good news is that the economy is developing. There are some successful attempts to break the financial blockade. The Republics are moving towards the full integration into the Russia’s economy.

Donetsk Central Bank started social payments for the disabled and for the families with small children [Source]

Pushilin: Political problems and radicals don’t make it justifiable to stop implementing the Minsk II agreement [Source]

2. Colonel Cassad offers a plan of action for Ukraine that fashioned after the memorandum of the National Committee for a Free Germany (German: Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland, or NKFD). Free Germany was a German anti-Nazi organization that operated in the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War.

1. to support the Government of Ukraine in Exile;
2. To mobilize for the fight against Porosheko’s Junta and his war crimes all segments of the population, including officers, who feel responsibility for the fate of the nation;
2. to completely eliminate all laws based on racial discrimination and hatred towards other peoples, as well as all agencies of the Kiev Junta’s pro-Hitler regime;
3. to repeal of all laws of the Kiev regime, based on coercion and against freedom and human dignity;
4. recovery and further expansion of the political rights of workers, freedom of speech, press, Association, and freedom of conscience and religion;
5. freedom of economic development, trade and crafts;
6. ensuring the right to work and protection of property acquired by lawful means;
7. return all the loot of the Kiev Nazi rulers of property to its rightful owners;
8. confiscation of property of war criminals, and their military confiscated profits;
9. the deployment of trade with other countries;
10. immediate release of all victims of the Kiev junta’s pro-Hitler regime and the payment of adequate compensation;
11. the trial over the war criminals;
12. the creation of the new Ukraine’s government.


The Shocking 2008 AIG Report On The Motives Behind Europe’s “Perpetual Crisis” And The Death Of Greece
“Which brings us to the final question: What Europe Wants
Here is Connolly’s answer

To use global issues as excuses to extend its power:
•environmental issues: increase control over member countries; advance idea of global governance
•terrorism: use excuse for greater control over police and judicial issues; increase extent of surveillance
•global financial crisis: kill two birds (free market; Anglo-Saxon economies) with one stone (Europe-wide regulator; attempts at global financial governance)
•EMU: create a crisis to force introduction of “European economic government”

And there it is: in four simple bullet points laid out in a 7 year old presentation, a prediction which is about to be proven right. Because once Greece folds, next will be Italy, Spain, Portugal, and so on, until the European Economic Government, also known as the “European Empire”, controlled by a handful of “northern” European players and the bankers financially backing them, shifts from mere vision to reality. ”

2. The idea of the United States of Europe was brought up after the WWI, and was used by Lenin and Stalin. Essentially, the European Union I was the Warsaw Pact countries. It dissolved. Now, we are witnessing the beginning of the dissolution of the European Union II. The main reason is overextension, and the gap in the levels of economic development desire for the new members to live the life of luxury like the old members. Here is the view of the political analytic Vitaliy Tretiyakov, a Member of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy

3. An anti-Germany alliance in forming in the EU [Source]
The remaining three countries Germany, Poland, and Ukraine will form a union called Pogeruk or Gerukpo.


The Depressing Similarity Between The US and Iran
The share of Americans living on more than $50-a-day dropped from 58% in 2001 to just 56% in Pew Research Center’s latest report. The dubious distinction of this depressing reality is ‘exceptional’ America is the only developed nation to see its standard of living drop… a narrative not even Greece suffered (but Iran did!!)


1.    Unmasking Western hypocrisies: Katherine Frisk’s Interview with 44 Days Radio Sinoland’s Jeff J. Brown [Source]

2.   Some important points from the News conference by Vladimir Putin following the BRICS and SCO summits
Vladimir Putin gave a news conference following the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization summits in Ufa.

The key documents that were approved by the BRICS leaders – the Ufa Declaration

The plan of action and the Economic Partnership Strategy,  pdf in English
It contains concrete agreements on the development of our association and the consolidation of its international status, and provide for comprehensive measures to deepen our coordination in foreign policy, and expand mutual trade, investment and technology exchange.

More BRICS documents here
and here

17. The Strategy for the BRICS Economic Partnership that we adopted today would be the key guideline for expanding trade and investment, manufacturing and minerals processing, energy, agricultural cooperation, science, technology and innovation, financial cooperation, connectivity and ICT cooperation between our countries.

We emphasize the important role of the New Development Bank, the BRICS Interbank Cooperation Mechanism, the BRICS Business Council, the BRICS Business Forum and the BRICS Think Tanks Council in the implementation of this Strategy.

24. We acknowledge the potential for expanding the use of our national currencies in transactions between the BRICS countries. We ask the relevant authorities of the BRICS countries to continue discussion on the feasibility of a wider use of national currencies in mutual trade.

The BRICS expressed:
– deep disappointed with the prolonged failure by the United States to ratify the IMF 2010 reform package, which continues to undermine the credibility, legitimacy and effectiveness of the IMF.

– concerns regarding the challenges of sovereign debt restructurings. Debt restructurings have often been too slow and too late, thus failing to reestablish debt sustainability and market access in a durable way;

Pages are dedicated to Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan and Afghanistan. Two sentences are dedicated to Ukraine: “43. We reiterate our deep concern about the situation in Ukraine. We emphasize that there is no military solution to the conflict and that the only way to reconciliation is through inclusive political dialogue. In this regard we call on all parties to comply with all the provisions of the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements, adopted in February 2015 in Minsk by the Contact Group on Ukraine, supported by the leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine and endorsed by the UN Security Council in its resolution 2202.”


Russia asked very little from Ukraine and from the West. Russia asked for Ukraine to remain neutral and not being ruled by the fascists anti-Russian ideology. In return, Russia was giving cheap credits and cheap gas, and didn’t interfere into Ukraine’s elite game of multi-polarity.

The US said “no.” The US says that NATO is in Ukraine to stay, fascist regime is in Ukraine to stay, and the Russia will be destroyed.

You can’t get peace, if one of the sides is joisting for war. In this conflict, the US suffers minimal risks, and Russia has the most risks.

Meanwhile in Russia, the US is plotting to topple Putin and to take over the power like they have done in Ukraine.
Pentagon is rapidly moving troops and military hardware to Russia’s borders, to invade Russia immediately after toppling its government. Evgeniy Fedorov estimates that anti-government putsch is planned for the Spring of 2016.

The only healthy and rational way to act in this situation is the way that is being advised by Sergey Glazyev and Evgeny Fedorov
The most important point now is to change the outdated and self-defeating post-soviet mentality in Russia that America is an omnipotent and omnipresent deity. The general Russian misunderstanding that the US is an absolute power is counterproductive. No one in Washington has a plan for a future. All the America elite is trying to do is to preserve their hegemony. The Russia’s government has to ignore everything the US is saying and act in the national interest of Russia. Just act like the US doesn’t exist.

I can give you an exact date of the beginning of liberation of Ukraine from the NATO occupation. It’s the same day when Russia declares its the central bank nationalized . The same day when Russia starts printing its national currency.
That is what Fedorov Evgeny, Russian Duma deputy and the leader of the National Liberation Movement, is saying about the plot to dismiss Putin and to organize the partition of the Russia federation.

Negotiations to Remove Putin Underway: Evgeny Fedorov

Also in many ways the same as above, in Russian: Evgeny Fedorov talks to Russia’s business community in Ekaterinburg

Евгений Федоров: разговор с предпринимателями на Инопром. Екатеринбург 08.07.15

Yevgeny Fyodorov: conversation with entrepreneurs on The Innoprom Conference, Ekaterinburg-Expo exhibition in Ekaterinburg 08.07.15 [Source]

Brief description of the Yevgeny Fyodorov’s Video

00:00 – Russia implements the decisions of Washington;

02:35 – The mechanisms for communicating the Washington’s orders to those in authority and power to implement them;

05:40 – Who are the authors of the laws in Russia? The US and EU think Tanks;

08:25 – The Russia’s government is not run by the President. By the Washington imposed Constitution, the President only has authority in foreign policy and defense. He has no power over banking, finance, and industry;

13:40 – The Department of State policy imposed on the US’s colonies, including Russia;

18:25 – The ways Russia’s Parliament Duma adopts laws. They receive the packaged laws, over 1500 per year, from the US think tanks and give them to the Members of parliament to vote and implement.

20:15 – the Essence of activity of the Foundation “Dynasty”: the ban on science in Russia. The ban on investments into the Russia’s science. The search for the most talented young scientists and transfer them overseas to work for the US.

As a colony, Russia is banned from having and developing science. The USSR used to have powerful science, that constituted 1/3 of the world science. Today, science in Russia is absent. All talented young specialist are being moved to the US by the foundation Dynasty. Only those colleges and universities that move specialists to the US can receive money from the government by the directive of the US government.

24:50 – Historical technologies to control colonies.

We are colony because we lost the war and surrendered. We have to build the country from the ground up. We have to cancel all those colonial laws that are draining the economy and culture.

After the US attacked Russia in Ukraine, Putin said: Freedom or Death.

We are weak, but motivated, because we are facing an imminent death.

We are sitting and doing absolutely nothing. For a year Parliament has not done anything to overcome the crises. The US government expects that the worst will be in spring of 2016. The world elite is preparing for the power change in Russia for the spring 2016, to break the country apart.

The variant that will save us is the Putin’s adviser’s Sergey Glazyev’s plan to start printing our own money, to nationalize the Central Bank, to lower inflation, to raise wages and pensions, to give people more money to spend and to put back into the economy, to restart the manufacturing and agriculture. In Russia it’s prohibited even to talk about the politics of Quantitative easing that the whole world is using now to prop up their economies.

If Russia becomes independent, we will pay 5 times higher wages, 5 time higher pensions, print our own money and invest the money into real economy, we will jump start the industry and science. Then and only then the specialists will start retuning to Russia, foreign specialist will start coming to us to work.

Either that, or the US will overthrow Putin, and will break country apart causing the civil war and death of the country.
We don’t want to become like the Americans, the aggressive colonies owners, we just want to keep them away from Russia.
We are under attack, we are in a state of war. How can we fight back, if all our governmental bodies are controlled by the enemy?

27:25 – what is a “genius” of Putin?
32:25 – Where is the switch for Victory?
35:20 – When will the conspiracy against Putin take place?
38:35 – Is there an alternative to this crisis and conspiracy?
45:40 – Can we just push the American economy towards collapse?
48:50 – We are at the defensive stage of resistance;
50:55 – What I liked in Putin’s speech at the Security Council.
53:00 – Brief on the situation in the South-East of Ukraine;
54:40 – The role of Crimea;
56:20 – In war there is no intermediate option. The role of truth.
58:10 – Why can’t we take over Donbass?
1:01:10 – If we are not sovereign – we will not be allowed to survive.

If Americans build military bases in the South Ukraine and Odessa, they will move onto Crimea and Rostov. If we liberate the South Ukraine, we will move to Kiev.

That’s why we have to admit that the coup in 1991 was illegal and the whole territory of the USSR has to be put back together. Because tomorrow the US Department of State will send us a paper saying that Saint-Petersburg is not Russia, and Yekaterinburg is not Russia, and Chechnya is not Russia.

The key to the situation is the decision of the General Prosecutor’s office to declare the anti-government coup illegal and unconstitutional, and all the law adopted in 1991 and after in regard to the dissolution of the USSR to be illegal and unconstitutional. [Source]

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