1)MPs: Russia is the historical name of Ukraine 

The relevant bill was submitted to the Ukrainian Parliament

According to Ukrainian MPs, the use of the word “Russia” as an official synonym of the Russian Federation is “aggressive reminder to the citizens of Ukraine about the “temporariness” of the Ukrainian statehood”.

In Kiev believe that this is an infringement on the sovereignty of Ukraine.


2)Military events in NovoRussia for 6.07.15


3)Military events in NovoRussia for 7.07.15


4)Russian Ukraine Gas Cut Off Beginning to Worry the EU


5)In Kiev will be campaign against EU membership 

The members of the Bundestag with the Ukrainian partners will explain to the population that the expansion of the European Union is unlikely

“This initiative of several German politicians, in particular, the deputies from the party “Alternative for Germany”, – said Bondarenko.

“All wonderfully understand that Ukraine in the near future does not Shine no European integration. Moreover, the EU does not Shine no extension in the near future, at least in the foreseeable future. Deluding oneself is counterproductive, ” he said.

“I understand that the same idea was hatched by he social Democrats, the German, especially the left wing, and other political forces, not only in Germany. Europe understands that it is necessary to do something with Ukraine, which is her roommate, but at the same time we can’t give her inflated promises, hopes, etc.” – said Bondarenko.


6)Yatsenyuk again require to buy coal in South Africa 

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk has instructed the Ministry of energy and coal industry in advance to sign contracts with ship owners for the supply of coal from South Africa

“You now have to contract the boats”, he stressed and urged not to repeat last year’s situation with coal from South Africa.

“2 billion USD loan that you requested, we will raise on the condition that you will be able to transparently split,” he concluded.


7)US Will Pay Salaries to Saakashvili Team


8)Fights In Donbass 07.07.2015


9)French Senator Urges US to Stop Intervening in European Affairs


10)People wrote a letter to the Prosecutor General accusing Saakachvili 

Major government official believes that Saakashvili should be prosecuted for attempted abuse of power for the purpose of obtaining improper benefits

Suspended the head of the state aviation service of Ukraine also accused Saakashvili in lobbying for the interests of the company with Turkish capital “Atlasjet Ukraine”.


11)‘Police Academy’ in Ukraine? Kiev Introduces New ‘Metropolitan’ Police in Hollywood Uniforms


12)Is It a Cold Day in Hell? Ukraine Denies Registration to Far-Right Party


13)Focused on Ukraine Russia at Risk at Being Blindsided by Islamic State


14)US to Bankroll Saakashvili’s Odessa Reforms


15)Ukraine secretly sells weapons 

There is information on export supplies of Ukrainian weapons in 2014

In total sold  23 tanks, 27 armoured fighting vehicles, six combat aircraft, eight helicopters, six large artillery systems of caliber, one warship and 18 rocket launchers.


16) Odessa demanding the resignation of Saakashvili 

The Odessa Antimaidan activists held a rally demanding the resignation of the head of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili

“Odessa remembers that the hands of Saakashvili to the elbow in blood. It was he who ordered the shooting of peaceful neighborhoods in South Ossetia, there were killed hundreds of civilians. He unleashed a massacre in Ossetia, and today came to Odessa to unleash carnage in Transnistria”, — said one of the organizers Mikhail Koshelev.

“Odessa should have a normal local Governor who will protect its interests and not crazy war criminal,” added Koshelev.


17)Facebook Liquidates Azov Batallion’s official page page on facebook




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