1)In Minsk began meeting of the contact group on Ukraine 

The contact group on conflict settlement in the South-East of Ukraine began the discussion of the work of thematic subgroups, meetings of which were held in Minsk

“Meetings of sub-working groups were completed. The contact group had begun to discuss the results of their work”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

“The meeting will hear reports from focal points from OSCE sub-groups on security and on humanitarian and political issues,” wrote Olifer on his page Facebook


2)Military events in NovoRussia for 15.06.15 (Russian)


3)Military events in NovoRussia for 16.06.15 (Russian)


4)Avakov appointed chief of the Crimean militia” 

The Department of MIA of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea will operate in Odessa and Kherson

“I form a new project, the essence of which is quite unusual — we formed the office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea taking into account the special features that this administration will lie in connection with the ongoing occupation by Russia”, — said Avakov.


5)Every day the number of Ukrainians is reduced to 650 people 

According to the state statistics Committee of Ukraine, for April, the population decreased by 19 400 people

The number of inhabitants of Ukraine on may 1 of the current year amounted to 42 854 106.

The state notes that on may 1, 2010 the population was $ 43.5 million (the data are already excluding the Crimea and the area of the so-called special operation in the Donbass)


6)Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Expresses Protest Over Russian PM’s Crimea Visit


7)UN Role in Ukraine Unlikely Due to Divisions in UNSC – Chief of Staff


8)Residents of Donbas appeal to the World (VIDEO + English Subtitles)


9)Expert: the peace is pushing Ukraine into Russia’s embrace 

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that Russia had allegedly developed plans to capture the left-Bank Ukraine

“Putin has absolutely devastating weapon against the junta is the peace. She (the junta) is no longer able to hold on, because people see what all has come to. So why do we need this war and why we left-Bank Ukraine, if the peace in our embrace will throw all of Ukraine, even the Western,” says Zhilin.


10)In Kyiv region somebody was shooting at the children with a shotgun 

Children of 8-12 years were fired for bathing near the residence of one “oligarch”

“They conducted aimed fire. One got shot in the ass, the other two (including the son) miraculously survived, bullets flew near the neck and chest. Children in shock, parents in horror, until the police wrote the paper,” wrote the woman.

“Given the possible oligarchical owner, we are afraid that the man who shot the children will be left without punishment. In the future our children will always be under the gun, and tired oligarch at any time may order his guards to fire on children?” — sums up the mother of one of the affected children.


11)Ukraine and the Apocalyptic Risk of Propagandized Ignorance


12)Saakashvili: Ukraine Will Return to Pre-Maidan GDP Level…IN 20 YEARS


13)Energizer Bunny Saakashvili Has Already Promised Odessans Heaven on Earth


14)Fights In Donbass 15.06.2015 (English)


15)Fights In Donbass 16.06.2015 (English)


16)My Plan for Peace in Ukraine


17)Dnepropetrovsk demands resignation of Poroshenko (VIDEO)

Activists of the public movement “Civil patrol Dnepropetrovsk” held a protest March along one of the Central streets of the city, blocking traffic

“Destructive politics of Poroshenko threw back the development of Ukraine’s 20 years ago. This was said even by Saakashvili. Who will compensate our young generation the lost time and opportunities? We demand the resignation of the President,” said one of the organizers of the March Yevgeny Palamarchuk.


18)Poroshenko Calls Russia’s $3 Billion Loan A ‘Bribe’


19)McCain: Not Arming Ukraine ‘One of the Most Shameful Chapters in American History’. Really?


20)Patience of Ukrainians will burst in a year 

Two thirds of Ukrainians believe that the situation in the country is going in the wrong direction

No wonder about the future of the country to the expectations of the people of Ukraine were not very bright. Every fifth sure that the country has never been able to overcome the existing problems, 41% said that if it happens, it happens only in the long run. And only a quarter of respondents hope that the situation will improve in the next few years.


21)If You’ll Believe Russia Is the Aggressor in Ukraine You’ll Believe Anything


22)Ukrainian military firing artillery against the rebels  p>

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