1)Ukrainian neo-Nazis announced Poroshenko is a puppet of Moscow 

Supporters of Ukrainian neo-Nazis accused the incumbent President of the country Petro Poroshenko in relations with the Kremlin

“Unless we understand that the main traitor in Ukraine is planted in an armchair of the President by Russia – Poroshenko, P. A., and all of those Muscovites, and other lackeys only obey that order, we will never win this war. Only the blind can’t see,” said Petrikov.


2)Military events in NovoRussia for 19.06.15 (Russian)


3)Fights in Donbass 18.06.15 (English)


4)Fights in Donbass 19.06.15 (English)


5)In Ukraine, the colours of the flag of the United States came under censorship 

Censorship against objectionable official Kiev media began to take a very bizarre shape

In the editorial office of the TV channel also believe that, if you follow this logic, then owned by President Petro Poroshenko of TV “channel 5” is decorated in the colour of the Communist flag. Note that Communist symbols in Ukraine today is prohibited.


6)Kiev began the trial of Yanukovych 

Ukraine launched six absentia trials of politicians who lost power in a coup in February 2014 in Kiev

“In addition, initiated the process of conviction in 6 criminal cases against 7 persons — V. Yanukovych, A. Klimenko, R. Bohatyryova, S. Arbuzov and others”, — said the head of the Supervisory authority.


7)Poroshenko Purges Security Service Chief


8)Kiev Is Waking up to Just How Dangerous the Oligarch Kolomoisky Is


9)In the Parliament there was another scuffle deputies 

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, people’s deputies semen Semenchenko (fraction “Samopomich”) and Mikhail Golovko (“Freedom”) put up a fight

Golovko criticized the coalition due to the lack of a large number of deputies in the session hall. During discussion of the bill Semenchenko began to push Golovko. The fight was stopped by the deputies, who at that moment was there.


10)Putin: Russia and Ukraine are doomed to a future together 

The Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum

“From the beginning we believed, and we believe that Ukraine has the right to their own choices – and to civilization, and political, and on economic, whatever” – said the head of the Russian state.

“I am convinced that after the bipolar system ceased to exist, disappeared as the Soviet Union, some of our partners were in a state of euphoria. Instead build new good-neighbourly relations, began to develop new, as they thought, geopolitical space available”.

“Allow us to define our interests and needs,” said the Russian head of state.


11)Putin: Language of Ultimatums Unacceptable for Russia


12)UK PM Blames Ukraine Ex-President Yanukovych for ‘Discontent, Instability’


13)Lavrov: Moscow is not a supporter of the collapse of Ukraine 

In the West are beginning to accept the need to increase pressure on the Ukrainian leadership to implement the Minsk agreements

“The main problem that hinders the implementation of the Minsk agreements — whatever option you take, they all require the integration between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk. This Ukrainian authorities do not want that is the key issue to reach agreement on all questions of the device of the Ukrainian state”, — said Lavrov.


14)EU Sanctions Against Crimea, Sevastopol Extended Until June 2016


15)Ukraine’s Sixth Wave of Military Mobilization Will Fail Like the Previous Five


16)Ukrainians Have Had Enough: ‘In Kiev, One Gang Was Replaced With Another’


17)The “Denial” of US Military Aid to Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Battalions. The Conyers-Soho Amendment


18)Mother of 16yr old girl killed during shelling of Gorlovka by Ukrainian regime criminal army


19)Heavy Clashes Continue In The Battle For Marinka


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