1)Kiev asks “Gazprom” on gas blockade of Donbas 

The Ukrainian authorities have to decide whether they agree that the DPR and LPR  its territory or not

“Some time ago “Naftogaz” approached us with a very peculiar request —not  to deliver gas to South-East. If Naftogaz believes the South-East of Ukraine is Ukraine, it should not be problems with the payment for the supplies. If they think differently, they will say so. But they don’t say,”

Gazprom then suggested that if Ukraine does not recognize LPR and DPR and not for this reason to pay for delivery, it makes sense to contract with a Ukrainian trader, without violating Ukrainian laws, to supply the population of the South-East of Ukraine. But they are silent”, he added.


2)Zakharchenko: the Provocateurs are playing on people’s grief 

In addition to the external enemy, the Donetsk people’s Republic is faced with the subversives within the government

“The enemy is inside us. The more we have a peaceful life, the more we have enemies. The state, which was built in eight months, have yet to be built. There is a powerful and terrible war. Destruction that it has brought, will be restored for decades,” said the head of DPR.


3)Military events in NovoRussia for 25.06.15


4)Military events in NovoRussia for 26.05.15


5)The Fateful Triangle: Russia, Ukraine and the Jews (and Israel)


6)Why Armenia Isn’t Ukraine (Probably)


7)The Ukrainian government has issued an ultimatum to the Rothschilds 

Financial analysts advise the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers to change the rhetoric against its creditors

“Talk to them (the Rothschilds — ed.) from a position of strength (and they dispose of the funds in trillions of dollars), to say that they have to go to conditions imposed by the Ukrainian government, as recently stated by our Minister of Finance, we give them a last chance… I would like to see how these Rothschild bounce when they are giving a last chance for the Ukrainian government,” — said the expert.


8)Ukraine does not pass the trucks with goods to Crimea 

The state border service of Ukraine unilaterally banned the trucks with goods to cross the border with the Crimea

“The situation, deliberately provoked by the authorities of the neighboring state, has reached a critical point. The transported fruits and vegetables under the hot sun quickly deteriorate, the owners of the cargo on the eyes suffer losses. The desire to quickly enter the territory of the Russian Federation has led to conflict incidents on the border. Among the drivers waiting in queues, began to quarrel, fight”, – have informed in FSB.


9)Fights in Donbas 25.06.15


10) Fights in Donbas 26.05.15


11)“Ghost” Brigade Farm (VIDEO)


12)Goodbye, Minsk II: Poroshenko Signs Law Allowing Foreign Troops in Ukraine


13)BBC:Ukrainian government creates the tipping point for the residents of Donbas 

On the largest of the British channel BBC has released a story about how the Ukrainian authorities do not give the residents of Lugansk to meet with friends on the other side of the front

“Ukraine, dividing families and separating themselves from the people of the region, creates a point of no return for Donbass, making it more dependent on Russia,” — says a leading.

“As the war comes to a standstill, Ukrainian politicians are calling for a full blockade of Donbass from the country, more imposing harsher conditions of entry and exit in the territories of the republics. Lugansk residents cross the bridge, risking their lives”, — said in the story.


14)Ravreby: Saakashvili should put the blame on someone for his future failures 

So well-known Ukrainian journalist Maxim Ravreby commented on the insult of the Odessa Governor Mikhail Saakashvili to the Russian policy of the Inal Ardzinba

“He needs to dump his future failures on someone. A relative of the Inal Ardzinba, Vladislav once the battle was won. Ardzinba he interfered in Abkhazia, and now supposedly in Ukraine prevents. I suggest you all talk show of Ukraine to check Saakashvili for his body of drugs. Before public speaking this is necessary, because as you can and tie gum live,” he Ravreby.


15)Putin Explains to Obama Reports of Russian Troops in Ukraine Misleading


16)Senior US Official to Address Weapons of Mass Destruction Issue in Kiev


17)Touching Base: Putin and Obama Talk Ukraine, Iran Nuke Deal, Syrian Crisis


18)Purgin: the Adopted amendments to the Constitution contradict the Minsk agreements 

The amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine adopted without taking into account the proposals of the DPR and LPR

“This is completely contrary to the Minsk agreements, as all changes must be coordinated with the DPR and LPR”.

“The majority is for two people against. We approved the draft amendments to the Constitution of the proposals of the Venice Commission and technical corrections”, — he explained.


19)Ukrainian soldiers crush a car with a BMP-2 p>

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