May 10, 2015: Moscow – Putin’s and Merkel’s Q&A: Merkel, wearing all black: Hand Crimea over to NATO, let us kill all the Russians in Ukraine and install NATO bases on your border, and we will allow our capital to come back to suck the Russian economy dry. Putin: Bite me! You are the fascist coup supporters. [Source]

May 12, 2015: Sochi – Somebody left the Washington stable door opened, and Kerry got lost and wandered into Putin’s back yard. The Russians placed Kerry right in front of a hey box. He was hovering slowly over his fat folder with stickers: Ahhh… whatyamacallit? errr.. Poroshenko… should think twice before shelling those nice people in Donbass. Why did everybody get so surprised? Kerry is no fearless Merkel. He and his calcified prostate wanted to get back home. Surrounded by the enemy he unconditionally surrenders. It’s his kneejerk reaction since the Vietnam war.

Don’t fool yourself thinking that his entire outlook on the universe has changed after he tried excellent Russian Abrau-Durso champagne. He will recover and will fight this war until the only Ukrainians left are those in Canadian reservations. Putin and Lavrov should always remember that they are talking to a murderous lying delusional psychopath, as Kerry’s compatriots compassionately call him.

1. Putin, Kerry discuss closer Russia-U.S. cooperation on Ukraine crisis [Source]

We don’t know what was said during the meeting, but on some photos you can read Putin’s lips. Putin to Kerry, ”Thanks for coming, John. But we have decided to divorce ourselves from the West and plan on having a BRICS currency. Hope you understand.. ‘Have a nice day, and run along now’. Lavrov, giving baskets with non-GMO potatoes and tomatoes to Kerry, allegedly said, “take yours … and dangle…”

What has happened to that great nation of yours, Kerry? To that shining bacon of Freedom & Hope on the Hill?

Here are some highlights on visit to Sochi:
US, Russia Willingness to Discuss Complex Topics Key Point in Sochi Talks [Source]

a. The senior State Department official acknowledged Kerry had sought direct talks with Putin for some time, but it had been difficult;
b. It was the US, and not Russia that asked for a meeting;
c. The day Putin granted Kerry an audience is also the day when the two superpowers launched their first every joint naval war games, curiously, in the Mediterranean Sea where neither has either an inch of coastline; [Source]
d. Kerry agrees that it’s fine to sell weapons to Iran. It’s just the timing is wrong. Would be much better timing, if Russia waited until after his gang bombs Iran;
e. Kerry lost his touch with reality once again, by insisting that Russia has to abide by the Minks agreement, even so Ukraine signed it and that the US is ruling Ukraine nowadays. It’s the U.S. that has to abide by the Minsk II agreement;
g. Putin offered Kerry Russian Abray Duso champagne; Lavrov gifted him with two kilograms of potatoes and tomatoes [Source]
Путин угостил Керри «Абрау Дюрсо», а Лавров подарил два кило помидоров
Ushakov: Putin and Kerry agreed to increase influence on Kiev.
f. Kerry read Putin a long list of grievances that the US has with Russia’s ongoing opposition to everything Obama does around the globe and prevents him from setting a unipolar global agenda, and left, [Source]
h. Kerry didn’t stop in Kiev, snubbing Poroshenko, and went directly to Turkey;
i. Ukro-Nazis are upset and disappointed. Those of them who make money on the war say that in his phone conversation, Kerry pressed Poroshenko to speed up the implementation of the Minks II agreement. For many in Ukraine the Civil War is a very significant source of income.

2. After Turkey, Kerry will visit China [Source]

The U.S. will be West Virginia 10 years from now.
The Western slime sleep walking down the slippery slope in Ukraine.
How dare the Russians to have a Victory Parade on the Beautiful Square? Stoltenberg, the Nato secretary general, says that such behavior of Russia is inexcusable.
Facebook shows it’s true colors, if you think they are yellow and blue, you are wrong. It’s brown.
More African countries benefiting from China’s investments and show non-compliance with the rape-your-resources US policies.
Queen Elizabeth and her circles may appreciate the idea of general war, but I don’t. Lyndon LaRouche
Inquiring minds want to know: if they nuke New York and the government decides not to mention it for fear of stoking animal spirits, would the average American continue as if nothing happened?

By threatening China, Russia and India, and also Iran, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Armenia, and just about every other non-Western country, the U.S. is reaping what it has sown. After the last failed Hong Kong color revolution, and ongoing Civil War after the US backed fascist coup in Ukraine, non-western countries organizing to protect themselves against the declining, but very violent US empire.

What’s being done is nothing short of amazing.

3. May 9, 2015 Birthday of the world anti-fascist coalition against the US lead neo-fascism [Source]
Interview of the Army Reserve Colonel, a military expert Alexander Zhilin
Александр Жилин: 9 мая 2015 года на Красной площади была сформирована антифашистская коалиция
Army Reserve Colonel, a military expert Alexander Zhilin [Source]

a. China To Build Military Base In Africa Next To Critical Oil Transit Choke Point [Source]

b. Russia Asks Greece To Join BRICS Bank [Source]

Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak spoke with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras today, proposed that Greece become 6th member of New Development Bank set up by Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, a Greek govt official says in e-mail to reporters.
Tsipras said keen to discuss matter in St. Petersburg Economic Forum June 18-20, with leaders of BRICS countries.
Tsipras was pleasantly surprised by proposal.

c. See also: LaRouche to Greece: Call the EU’s Bluff, Join the BRICS [Source]

“Greeks are being forced to leave the European system. I say, it is in Greece’s interest to leave. The European system is hopelessly bankrupt. The European system is disintegrating. Greece can take the lead in breaking up a system that has been rotten and destructive from the outset. By leaving the Eurozone, Greece can expose the fraud. That’s how you beat them: expose the fact that they are a bunch of bankrupt bluffers and fakers.”

“Their system is disintegrating, and all they have left is the threat of war. Obama is the same thing, part of the same bankrupt system. Obama’s fraud against Russia can lead to the destruction of the human species. Stick with Obama, and you get a free ticket to extermination.”

d. China Could Hold Oil Market To Ransom, Tops US As World’s Largest Importer [Source]

e. Iran Responds To US Naval Escalation, Sends Warship Escort For Yemen Aid Vessel [Source]

Needless to say, the US will want to inspect any Iranian aid ships bound for Yemen, setting up yet another potentially tense situation and increasing the chances of an “accident” off the war-torn country’s coast.
US, Saudi, can arm any rebel group it likes, but when anyone else does it, the neocons go berserk!

f. US May Use Military To Confront China In South China Sea Islands Dispute [Source]

g. China, Russia launch joint naval drills [Source] Beautiful images.

4. War Threat Rises As Economy Declines [Source]
Paul Craig Roberts, Keynote Address to the Annual Conference of the Financial West Group, New Orleans, May 7, 2015

“The Saker’s report on the Moscow celebration is interesting. [Source] Especially note the chart of World War II casualties. Russian casualties compared to the combined casualties of the US, UK, and France make it completely clear that it was Russia that defeated Hitler. In the Orwellian West, the latest rewriting of history leaves out of the story the Red Army’s destruction of the Wehrmacht. In line with the rewritten history, Obama’s remarks on the 70th anniversary of Germany’s surrender mentioned only US forces. In contrast Putin expressed gratitude to “the peoples of Great Britain, France and the United States of America for their contribution to the victory.” [Source]

5. One would think the Western Jews who run all the European Governments and the government of Israel would show up and pay their respects for the people who liberated them from the Holocaust and who facilitated the creation of the state of Israel. No, of course not.

When President Putin visited Israel in June 2012, Ultra-Orthodox Jews discussed a secret agreement between him and Netanyahu about the rescue of Jews from Israel to Russia in case of a big war in the Middle East. Nothing says that there was such an agreement, but it definitely would not be enacted now.

Currently, the talks about Putin, the savior of Jews, died out and is being replaced by more somber discussion that “Bibi is the last leader of Israel until Mashiach comes.” See: The Yichus of the last Mashiach ben Yosef, Bibi Netanyahu [Source] and even more cheerful: The majority of the Jewish world is headed with Ruth Buzzy Ginsburgh and Elana Kagan into the abyss. However, this coming fall anticipated hot war between Gog (Edomite nations of the West) and Magog (Russia) is getting replaced by more Dostoevsky-esk reflection that this Torah referenced war might be just an inner straggle between spiritual and worldly.


1. Poroshenko Green-Lights Bill Allowing Russians to Be Sent to Internee Camps

NATO EU Ukraine War on Donbass

Word in a blogosphere that all the celebrations in DNR and LNR seem rather happy and well-organized. It’s surprising and even strange for the outside observers to see how these two Donbass regions is effectively functioning as separate states in each and every way, and that people there largely seem to be fine with it all and are accepting the whole DNR/LNR thing. I mean, it’s not just this but pretty much everything that’s come out of there over the past months indicates the same thing. I really do wonder how this ongoing conflict is going to eventually end and just how things will look at that stage, seeing that nobody (neither Ukraine and its backers, or Russia) around them is particularly happy about them being effectively independent. Strange twist of things…
And the Italian communist party marching with them too, shouting the old Spanish Civil War anti-fascist catchphrase ¡No pasarán!

1. Ukrainian forces have violated the ceasefire regime 41 times in the last 24 hours, the DPR Defense Ministry told the Donetsk News Agency [Source]
Украинские силовики за сутки более 40 раз обстреляли территорию ДНР — Минобороны

13th of May, 2015. Donetsk People’s Republic, Novorossiya.
“Over the past 24 hours, we recorded 41 ceasefire violations; the enemy continues to use heavy weapons. Ukrainian army fired five times with artillery, four times with tanks, five times with armoured vehicles, 17 times with mortars, one time with anti-aircraft guns, three times with anti-tank guided missiles, and 6 times using grenade launchers and small arms. They fired on Donetsk (including Oktyabr settlement, the Oktyabrskaya coal mine, the Donetsk airport, and the nearby Volvo Center), Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, Spartak, Zhabichevo, Logvinovo, and Kalinovka. Currently, it isn’t clear whether there were civilian and military casualties,” – the DPR Defense Ministry spokesperson said.

2. DONBASS-INFORMATION : 14. (13.) 05. 2015 :
Looks a lot like ‪Kiev‬ restarts the mass murdering in former Eastern-‪‎Ukraine‬ right now; ‪
Confirmed Kiev’s attack with GRAD rockets against Gorlovka and attempt to enter into the city; fighting continues [Source]
After heavy ‪Ukro-Nazie‬ shelling ‪‎Kryakovka‬ area north of ‪‎Lugansk‬ NAF suppressed firing points destroying 1 APC 1 tank 4 mortars & 12 positions;
If this is the attack, it appears to be quite smart: hitting too many places at once to allow NAF sufficiently quick artillery countermeasures;
‎DONBASS‬—Over past 24hrs, NAF lost 26 WIA, 2 tanks damaged, 7 firing positions & 2 mortars destroyed. (UAF & NAF losses not incl. tonight);
‪‎GORLOVKA‬—The leak from the gas pipeline blown up by Ukrainian forces is very serious. Significant concern of civilians’ gas poisoning;
GORLOVKA—Reports of massive gas leak in ‪‎Komsomolets‬ district, odor noticeable in high-rise residential buildings. Leaking for many hours;

Heavy shelling in North-West Gorlovka – UAF is using heavy artillery (122mm howitzers and mortars);

More updates on SITREP here Fights In Donbass 13.05.2015 [source]

3. Official statement of the representatives of the DPR and LPR in regard to the mode of the municipal elections [Source]

May 12, 2015: “Representatives of the DPR and LPR at the Minsk Agreements Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Deinego addressed suggestions in regard to the mode of the municipal elections to Heidi Tagliavini, Leonid Kuchma, А. Kulmukhametov and the coordinator in political issues Pierre Morel. The suggestions include the Draft Law of Ukraine “On the peculiarities of holding the local elections in accordance with the Set of Measures in the Implementation of the Minsk Agreement as of 12.02.15″.

NATO War on Russia

1. Vengeful for the successful Victory day Parade NATO expels dozens of Russian diplomats and officers from its Brussels headquarters [Source]

May 10, Brussels: – Western military alliance expels dozens of suspected Russian spies from Nato headquarters while upgrading emergency military contacts with Moscow.
only four Russian officials – the ambassador to Nato, Alexander Grushko, his deputy, his secretary and his driver – were now allowed to move unescorted at the offices.

“The bureaucratic moves to curb Russian activities while… as Putin used Russia’s Victory Day celebrations marking the defeat of Nazism to stage the biggest Red Square military parade since the collapse of communism.” How dear Russians to have a parade on the Red Square? Stoltenberg, the Nato secretary general, says that such behavior of Russia is inexcusable.
Nato countries continue to provide a constant support to the fascist junta in Ukraine that initiated and maintains the Civil war of the Western Ukraine on the South and Eastern parts of the country.

2. “The Government of the United States does not look with favor upon governments unfriendly to the Soviet Union on the borders of the Soviet Union” [Source]

Who made this statement, what really had happened in Hungary in 1956.

3. On May 12 the Western backed liberal opposition that published the nemtsov’s report claimed that their web site was under the Denial of service attack by the Russian government. However, one look at this site IP address tells you that the website is located in California, on the wordpress servers owned by Microsoft.

Whois Record for Created on 2010-05-12 – Expires on 2016-05-12 IP Address Reverse IP 5 websites with IP >>Analytics: UA-13269616,,,
IP Location United States – California – Mountain View – Inc.
Website Title Путин. Итоги domain: PUTIN-ITOGI.RU nserver:
Registrant Name:Alexey Bakhtiarov Registrant Organization: INFOBOX Registrant Street: Viborgskaya nab, 29, office 521 Registrant City:Saint-Petersburg Registrant State/Province:SAINT-PETERSBURG
Registrant Postal Code:191023 Registrant Country:RU Registrant Phone:+7.8123123620
IP (, is owned by Layer42.Net, Inc who claim tha they We Make The Net Work. Global IP Connectivity. Multi-gigabit Speed Data Transport. Redundant and Reliable. Competitive

4. Anti-Russian opposition in Russia claims that 220 Russian volunteers died in major battles in East Ukraine [Source]

According to just released Nemtsov’s investigative report by Russian free market proponents a.k.a. liberal opposition activists has concluded that 220 Russian soldiers died in two major battles in eastern Ukraine. The 64-page report, called Putin. War, has been published on the Open Russia news website.
It details how 150 Russian soldiers were killed in the key battle for Ilovaisk, a small town in the Donetsk region, in August 2014. More recently, it says, 70 Russian soldiers died in the battle for Debaltseve, which fell to pro-Russian rebels in February, after the Minsk ceasefire deal was signed. “All key successes of the separatists were secured by the Russian army units,” Mr Yashin said.
Supporters of Nemtsov suspect that he was assassinated because of the sensitive information he had collected about Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict. Free market proponents also claim that Nemtsov kept all the sensitive information “in his head.”

What opposition in Russian is up to?

Declaring the Immortal Regiment with 1.5 million people marching with the portraits of their relatives killed during the Great Patriotic War with the fascist Europe being “government forced and organized,” American financed liberal opposition to common sense in Russia angered just about everybody. Speaking about being disconnected from reality on the ground in Russia.

The US State Department thinks that since patriotism is a pure fiction paid by the military in the US, it can sat the say about the Russian people. See
How The US Military Is Paying NFL Teams Millions To “Honor the Troops” At Sporting Events [Source]

1. Interview of the disgraced MGMO professor to, a Kiev based TV channel owned by Goldberry LLC. The company is based in San Marcos, California. As of September 25, 2014, Goldberry LLC operates as a subsidiary of Novosti TV LLC. The registered agent for the company is Legalzoom.Com [Source]

2. Most important about the Immortal Regiment [Source]
«Бессмертный полк», итоги. Самое главное

3. Khodorkovsky is behind a smear campaign against Immortal Regiment
К очернению «Бессмертного полка» причастен Ходорковский, — Лурье [Source]
Washington backed and Khodorkovsky paid Liberal opposition claims 1.5 million people participated in the Immortal Regiment march in Moscow and all over the country are lying

4. We don’t have to apologize for honoring our fallen relatives. I want a large photo of my grandfather to be seen [Source]
Не надо оправдываться. Распечатайте фото деда покрупнее

5. The Immortal Regiment ask the Russia’s law enforcement to investigate the suspicious photos [Source]
«Бессмертный полк» просит Генпрокуратуру разобраться со скандальными фотографиями

6. Is Finland on Course to Recognize Donetsk People’s Republic? [Source]

It has de facto already happened, Johan Bäckman, a Finnish political activist, author and legal sociologist, is convinced, if not for the country than at least for one of the governing parties.

7. Almost Half Of US States Are Officially Broke [Source]

8. All what you need to know about Facebook. Update [Source]
In the photo you see moderators of Facebook in central office of company. One from photo is Ostap Korkuna, US citizen, who originally from city Lviv. He is far right in the photo, it is his photo. This photo was made at December 2013, during fascist coup in Ukraine. Thus, moderators of Facebook supported fascist coup.

9. Link to the National Endowment for democracy [Source]
The last available report the list of grants\ recipient and the amount of grants paid to the NGOs in Russia in 2011.

10. Enforcing the Ukraine “Group Think” [Source]

11. Swastika scratched on burned car that was sporting Russian flag, St. George Ribbons [Source]
May 12, 2015: Montreal Canada

12. More Clinton Cronyism: Selling Uranium Interests To Russia While Hillary Was SecState [Source]

If you looked at the U.S. economy under a microscope, what you’d see is a gigantic cancerous blob of cronyism surrounded by tech startups and huge prisons. If you zeroed in on the cancerous tumor, at the nucleus you’d see a network of crony institutions like the Federal Reserve, intelligence agencies, TBTF Wall Street banks and defense contractors. Pretty close to that, you’d probably find the Clinton Foundation. A veritable clearinghouse for cronyism masquerading as a charity.

Russia and Beyond

1. To Be Russian
A great essay by Andre Vltchek. [Source] [Source]

Two slightly different versions. One with illustrations.

Trust between the West and Russia is broken. It has been for quite some time, but now it is broken irreversibly. A good thing, because what kind of trust there could be between fascist imperialism and the forces that are fighting for the freedom of mankind?

In the Middle East and Africa, in South America and many parts of Asia, Russia is increasingly seen as an enormous moral force. Russia is synonymous with hope. Not for those in North America and Europe, but for those who were, for centuries, suffering under their boot.

2. The Birth of Super-Nova by Egor Kholmogorov [Source]
ХОЛМОГОРОВ Егор Рождение новой звезды

May 9th 2015, for many in Russia has become a moment of unprecedented emotional and cultural synthesis.

For decades now, Russia as a country-civilization, was painstakingly looking for its own cultural form. Our past was broken into millions of sharp shards. We cut our hands every time we tried to pick up fragments.

Being under constant attacks from every possible angle and side, Russia was stubbornly whispering, I don’t want to die.

Symbols of a better life, that Russia offers to herself and to the others. Be human. Keep life and memory. Sustain progress for people, not in place of people. Look for strength in your faith. Don’t allow abuse of your dignity. Reach for the soul and simplicity in life and culture. Those are all very decent civilizational choices, considering the de-humanization that imposes on the world the dying hegemony “leader.”

3. Living and dead by Maxim Sokolov [Source]
Живые и мертвые СОКОЛОВ Максим

Last, But Not Least

Waltzing tanks. Only in Russia [Source]

And little hedgehogs [Source]
I had a little cute hedgehog just like these ones as a kid.

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