“A child was murdered with a weapon of mass destruction, two young women as well, a police officer was executed in the line of duty. So when you look at the gravity and the harm and when you look as well at the many many victims who became amputees … and then you look at the motives … these were political motives.” [Source]

Let me guess…a judge said this about the bombing of Gaza civilians while delivering her guilty verdict against the government of Israel. No, she didn’t. Did she say it against the NATO bombing of civilians in Yugoslavia killing thousands and violating every international law and treaty in the book? Nope, that didn’t happen either. About the bombing of Syria? Nein… Maybe, she said this about the Western backed Wahabbies who attacked the elementary school in Russian Beslan on September 1, 2004? No. Quite the opposite. The US called those militants the “rebels,” as also those terrorist groups who killed hundreds of hostages in the Moscow Nord-Ost theater in 2002. Instead, the Western media condemned the rescuers in the death of hundreds innocent children and adults, while white-washing the terrorists as “freedom fighters.”

Did an American judge say this about the continuing terroristic shelling by the Kiev junta of Donetsk and other Donbass towns and villages where thousands of perfectly innocent people are being killed, while leaving the survivors to exist as mutilated amputees? Did she say this about 48 innocent civilians, including a university student, a local poet, a pregnant woman and a child, who were burned alive in Odessa on May 2, 2014, by the Right Sector Ukro-Nazis, while the survivors of this vicious attack are still imprisoned by the Kiev fascist regime? Wrong again. According to the US Senate’s new military budget [Source] simply states that the genocide of Russians in Ukraine is done with a lofty task of “(2) Protecting and defending the Ukrainian people from attacks posed by Russian-backed separatists.” And, in case you ask, those people in Donesk all killed themselves.

Make no mistake. There is no Western judge who would ever condemn the killings of non-English speaking people.

“We the people” has reached the pinnacle of the US civilization, climbing in their humanity almost as high as 7th century Illyrian anarcho-pirates. The ancestors of the British empire and the destroyers of Rome. Part of the people who came to Britannia from the Iberian peninsula, and are now constituting the majority of genetic makeup of Britannia today, were Phoenicians. They came to the Iberian peninsula from Northern Africa, sometime after Rome had destroyed Carthage. The “treacherous” Punics were people of trade mostly, but they managed to end Rome and have been wearing the Romans’ cultural skin ever since. Capable organizers, and even better pretenders. Intensely focused on the protection of their genetic makeup, in other word racists.

The US calls the killing of English speakers a terrorist act, while the killings of non-English speakers a necessary justifiable extrajudicial punishment.

Quoted at the opening are the words of the female prosecutor Nadine Pellegrini, who got her successful death penalty verdict on April 15, 2015 against the youngest of the two Tsarnaevs brothers. She has it done in a state that banned the death penalty 30 years ago. It will look good on her resume. The US court condemned the younger brother to death, despite of the fact that he was still a teenager at the time of the alleged bombing and despite polls that “show that more than two-thirds of Bostonians wanted Mr Tsarnaev to receive a life sentence without possibility of parole.” [Source]

The conviction rate for the Justice Department is 98%. Any US jury will convict anybody in any crime. People in Massachusetts, apparently, en mess were against the death sentence and the court looked near and high to find those jury members “without prejudice” who would condemn Tsarnaev to death just for being a Muslim and having really good hair.

Apparently, Dzhokhar Anzorovich “Jahar” Tsarnaev’s guild is said “to believe in an ideology of hate and he expressed those beliefs by “killing, mutilating, and maiming.” That’s why he was sentence to death.

Considering that his “ideology of hate” is presumably seeking to punish the US for the crimes against the Muslims, Tsarnaev stands in opposition to those Chechen nationals whom the U.S., the EU, and NATO herald as the “freedom fighters,” simply because they practice an ideology of hate towards Russia and express those beliefs by killing, mutilating, and maiming Russian people in Russia and in Ukraine. That is because Russia is the only stable and peaceful home for several Muslim nations, and does not follow in the Western practice of just letting some very rich Muslim families buy real estate while bombing out of existence multiple other Muslim countries simultaneously.

“It was a political crime designed to intimidate and coerce the Untied <sic!>States,” the Guardian goes on. Interesting, how being above everybody else doesn’t necessitate learning your own grammar.

“Our goal in trying this case was to ensure that the jury had all the information that they needed” to deliver a fair verdict, she says. I bet that “all the information needed” to condemn Tsarnaev to death was “Muslims are evil.” At least, that’s is the prevailing sentiment on Twitter.

“We believe that they accomplished that goal,” she continues, and “shown the world what a fair and impartial jury trial is like.” Once against, the delusional US officials become the voices of their own defeat.

The biggest snafu of this trial is that the prosecutor arbitrarily and propagandistically calls the brothers Tsarnaev’s crime “political” and not “religious,” despite what the brothers declared. Political would mean that the brothers acted in the interest of some countries, or governments, or political parties. No country, as far as I know, were implicated in backing the brothers Tsarnaev. Why does the prosecutor Pellegrini insist that the crime against the innocent people of Boston was “political” rather then driven by their purportedly misguided religious beliefs?

I believe that this unsubstantiated “political” angle is left lingering from the initial plot of CIA grooming the elder brother and promising him the US citizenship in exchange for the staged attack to implicate Russia before the Olympic games and before the Ukrainian coupe. I even remember hearing the very first media coverage coming from Boston and initially brothers were called Russians and from Russia without mentioning Chechnya.

However, Russia in its honest work against the terrorism had cautioned the US about the brothers’ unsavory activities prior and proved this right away. That’s why the CIA was so reluctant to respond to Russia’s calls. Considering that all the existing terrorist groups in Chechnya are backed and directed by the US, NATO, and the Saudis in order to destabilize Russia, how great it would be to implicate Russia in something that is done against her?

The president of Chechnya, Kadyrov writes: “If they actually did that attack, I don’t believe the US special intelligence services didn’t know about it.” “Who can guarantee that after executing Tsarnaev he won’t be found innocent tomorrow? This happens often in the USA. He was nine years old when he came to the US. And the America that he has faith in has made him into a terrorist.” Ramzan Kadyrov [Source]

Despite to what the prosecutor says, this American court failed to “shown the world what a fair and impartial jury trial is like.” By rejecting the obvious, and acting as a propaganda tool, this trial demonstrated to the world once again the American judicial system is running nothing but the kangaroo court designed to lynch, and to turn a man into a martyr, not to discover the truth.

I leave you to read at your leisure the macabre bloodthirsty statements posted by the Guardian and made by the people, the majority of whom, for the rare exception, are tagalongs and weren’t even effected personally in any way, shape, or form. Remarkably, I couldn’t find one example of Christian forgiveness, for the exception of those who make a living out of being Christians.[Source]

Still, the US and the EU consider as unlawful the arrest and prosecution by the Russian court of a Ukrainian female military pilot, previously known for her participation in killing innocent civilians in Syria. The military pilot who executed two civilian unarmed Russian journalists, and killed other civilians in the process in a terroristic act designed to intimidate and coerce Russian people and Russian freedom of speech.

My thesis is that if the US condemns the killing of the innocent civilians within its borders as acts of terrorism punishable by death, the US has to equate the killing of civilians around the word to the same standards. If the US keeps maintaining that “killing, mutilating, and maiming” of civilians outside of the US borders is for “freedom fighting,” then the US has to award Tsarnaev Jr. like they award the Nazi Right Sector in Ukraine, and let him go to back home to his parents.

If the US rejects the Tsarnaev’s appeal and ends up executing him, the US will only widen and deepen the rift between the self-entitled and self proclaimed exceptional American passport holders and the rest of the world. The Americans, dead serious of demonstrating that the non-English speaking world is made up of non-people, will end up justifiably treated by the rest of the world as non-people as well.

Ukraine Economy

1. Kremlin: imposing moratorium on foreign debt payment in Ukraine means step towards default [Source]
May 19, Ukraine’s parliament has approved the law granting the government the right to impose moratorium on foreign debts payments

2. Ukrainian Finance Minister Does Not See Ukraine’s Future Without Russia [Source]

3. The Verkhovna Rada’s decision to suspend foreign debt payments is illegitimate, adviser of the Russian President Sergey Glazyev said [Source]
Решение Украины не выплачивать долги нелигитимно, а киевский режим не имеет права на существование, – Глазьев
“This decision is absolutely illegitimate, as illegitimate as the Ukrainian government itself. We need to convince the world community that the Ukrainian regime in Kiev has no right to exist. This regime is oppressing the people of Ukraine,” Glazyev said in an interview with the radio station “Moscow Speaks” “Govorit Moskva”.

4. Ukraine is Europe. Kiev daily. You don’t really need translation for this one
If you thing that your town hall meetings about the new development project are tough, compare how protest of the construction of a new mall in Kiev.
Part I [Source]
Just another day in the madhouse ‪Banderastan‬ formerly known as Ukraine. ‪‎Maidan‬ – mission accomplished
Part II [Source]

NATO War on Donbass Novorossia

Ukraine regime has conducted a terrorist war on civilians, homes, hospitals, schools & towns for over a year while west media silent.
1. Donetsk: A Defiant and Besieged City [Source]
May 18, 201 – The report on the ground. A fresh look at the life of the capital of Donetsk People’s republic.

2. China’s Red Cross gifts $1miln in medical supply for the refugees from Ukraine to Rostov region [Source]

3. Ukrainian soldiers tortured the LPR [Source]
May 20th, 2015 – Ukrainian soldiers tortured the LPR servicemen captured near Schastye, the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky said at a press conference at the Lugansk Information Center today.
Ukrainian soldiers wounded and took captive Yevgeniy Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov in an attack on the observation post of the LPR people’s militia near the town of Schastye on May 16.
“I can tell you one thing… I know the details of the battle that took place, and I know what injuries our servicemen had. If you watch the video from the Ukrainian side, you’d notice that Yerofeyev, when captured, had a gunshot wound to the shoulder, but afterwards, when they paraded him on TV, his other arm had injuries too. I can tell you for sure that they used torture on these servicemen,” – Igor Plotnitsky said.
Plotnitsky then showed the journalists extracts from documentation about the LPR servicemen captured by the Ukrainian soldiers.
“Alexander Alexandrov was the commander of a recon group, he joined the LPR people’s militia in Lugansk on 12 January 2015. Captain Yevgeniy Yerofeyev, a reserve officer, was the commander of the recon company, he joined the LPR people’s militia on 17 February 2015,″ – Plotnitsky said.
Igor Plotnitsky scornfully refuted Kiev’s allegations that the captured LPR servicemen were members of the Russian Armed Forces.
“To say what they did before they joined up in the Republic, I don’t know. However, the Kiev officials have been looking for the Russians, Russian spetsnaz and soldiers all the time, but they never can give evidence of such. If they captured our scouts, that fact that they may have once served in the Russian forces doesn’t prove anything. Well, if Ukrainian soldiers captured a Spaniard or Frenchman, who are here with us, well what would that mean? Now, the Ukrainian government just passed a law that allows foreigners to serve in their forces. That’s contrary to all the Minsk agreements. Why, the Ukrainian side tries all sorts of tricks, they use any means to weasel out of implementing the Minsk agreements. The LPR government is making active efforts to free our servicemen. Right now, negotiations are underway on the exchange of these prisoners; we’ve had two meetings already,” – Igor Plotnitsky said.

4. Donbass: the revolution of conscience [Source]
May 20th, 1015 – Dmitriy Rodionov on the perspectives of Novorossian statehood

5. Minsk Agreement allows all the regions of Ukraine to get out from under the Kiev regime’s tyranny [Source]

6. Every child of the Lugansk republic will participate in health improving programs in Russia’s health resorts [Source] About 10,000 children are expected to spent summer in Crimea. All this at no cost to their parents, apparently. A newly created children’s charitable foundation is taking care of this program.

7. Donetsk Botanical Garden – one of the largest gardens in Europe – celebrates its 50th anniversary [Source]
The ceremony for the anniversary attracted retired staff, government officials, and Deputies of the DPR People’s Council.

8. Kiev has failed to destroy Donbass industry despite the blockade [Source]
Киеву не удалось уничтожить промышленность Донбасса, несмотря на блокаду – Плотницкий
20th of May, 2015. Lugansk People’s Republic, Novorossiya.
Kiev has failed to destroy Donbass industry despite the blockade, the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky said at a press conference at the Lugansk Information Center today.
“The object of the economic blockade against Donbass imposed by Kiev was destruction of our economic base. They did everything possible to ensure that we could never run any of our factories and enterprises. However, yesterday, I was at the Stal steel-casting company, I saw how everyone is slowly rebuilding their operations, and I saw how our Republic provides all possible assistance. Any blockade, whether it is economic or political, is a boomerang that always comes back. At the same time, the economic blockade imposed by Kiev had negative effects for Ukraine itself. Look at, for example, their purchase of coal in South Africa… therefore, the economic blockade, I think, won’t last a very long time,” – Igor Plotnitsky said.

9. Ukrainian Armed Forces more than 30 times shelled the territory of the DPR — MoD
Donetsk, May 20, DNA. Army of the Donetsk People’s Republic registered 33 instances of Ukrainian shelling in the course of the last 24 hours, the representative of the DPR Ministry of Defense told the Donetsk News Agency.
“33 instances of shelling on the part of Ukrainian Armed Forces had been registered, — the spokesperson said. — The enemy keeps on using heavy armaments”.
According to the Ministry’s data, Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled the territory of the Republic from artillery five times, from tanks – once and from APCs – twice. Besides, 17 instances of mortar-gun shelling, two instances of anti-aircraft systems use, one — of anti-tank missile use, and five instances of grenade launchers and firearms use had been registered.
The ministry spokesperson said that Ukrainian army targeted the city of Donetsk (Kiyevskiy district, the area of the airport) and the town of Gorlovka. Also localities Zhabichevo, Nizhneye Lozovoye, Shirokino, Кalinovkа, Ozeryanovka and Belaya Kamenka were shelled.
The data on casualties are being specified.

10. Battle intensified in ‪LNR‬, where ‪‎Ukrainians‬ broke NAF perimeter, but lost 1 armored vehicle & suffered 13 casualties, retreated. Village Zolotoe;
Kiev junta claims it lost at least 13 KIA/WIA near Zolotoe & ‪‎Katerinovka;

11. DPR Foreign Affairs chief: Novorossiya project closed for the time being!
Глава МИД ДНР: Проект «Новороссия» закрыт на какое-то время

12. BREAKING.. OSCE caught red handed planting covert cameras and listening devices near Shirokino to spy on NAF [Source]

13. “CTF IRL” – Epic battles for Shirokino explained in simple terms by a mortarman [Source]

14. Documentary about the war in ‪‎Donbas‬ will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival [Source]

War with Russia is a Good thing says Washington

1. A Bill to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2016 for military activities of the Department of Defense and for military construction, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes. Many thanks to Saibot for providing a link and commentaries. [Source]

The US House of Representatives has passed yesterday a new defense policy bill, enabling the US to provide lethal weapons to Ukrainian forces in Section 1532:
The Secretary of Defense is authorized, with the concurrence of the Secretary of State, to provide assistance, including training, equipment, lethal weapons of a defensive nature, logistics support, supplies and services, and sustainment to the military and national security forces of Ukraine, through September 30, 2016, to assist the government of Ukraine for the following purposes:

(1) Securing its sovereign territory against foreign aggressors.

(2) Protecting and defending the Ukrainian people from attacks posed by Russian-backed separatists.

(3) Promoting the conditions for a negotiated settlement to end the conflict.

We are getting to watch, live and in real time, the kind of massive, global shuffle that set up the axis/allies in WWII.
Nothing is boding well for the Anglo-Saxon world at this point. Rather unfortunate that the moral majority is mindfucked and the intelligent minority is a well boiled frog.

2. Ukrainian crisis escalation will have adverse impacts on entire Europe — Russian FM [Source]
May 19, 2015 – It is necessary to have Kiev establish dialogue with Donetsk and Luhansk, lift economic blockade, carry out amnesty, conduct inclusive constitutional, court and other reforms in Ukraine.

3. Russia to take measures if Ukraine hosts foreign missile defense elements — Kremlin [Source]
MOSCOW, May 19. /TASS/. Russia will take measures to protect its own security if Ukraine hosts components of a foreign missile defense system, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said.

4. War criminal ‎Ukraine’s President ‪Poroshenko‬ says Ukrainians should prepare for a major Russian offensive [Source]

5. Ukraine troops in basic training — with U.S. instructors [Source]
“It’s been a long time since I heard a target called an Ivan,” 1st Sgt. David Dzwik, one of the trainers, said in an interview out in the sunny forest, while observing the Ukrainians run through drills. “Now, I’m hearing it again.” David Dzwik, a career soldier from Michigan. He went for a couple of tours to Afghanistan. Has a wife and three kids, who live in a 2 bathroom single family house in Traverse city, Michigan, according to the public records. I hope his children are doing well in school and are proud of their father who came to Ukraine to teach Ukro- Nazis how to kill the Russian children.
He was featured in the Vanity Fair article December 2011 article Echoes from a Distant Battlefield.
Another American pig who came to kill Russians is Capt. Nicholas “It’s going to be an awesome” Salimbene, commander, Company B, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade.

6. American, Lithuanian forces begin combined tactical field exercise [Source]
RUKLA, Lithuania (May 14, 2014) – Capt. Nicholas A. Salimbene, commander, Company B, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade “Sky Soldiers,” stands in front of American paratroopers as they join NATO allies from the Lithuanian army’s “Iron Wolf” Mechanized…

7. US paratroops train Ukrainian forces to take on Russian-backed militants [Source]
A joint Ukrainian-U.S. flag detail marches to position before the ceremony that marked the beginning of the U.S.-Ukrainian exercise Fearless Guardian in Yavoriv, Ukraine, Monday, April 20, 2015.
They are training Nazi Ukrainian national guard forces. A joint Ukrainian-U.S. flag detail marches to position before the ceremony that marked the beginning of the U.S.-Ukrainian exercise Fearless Guardian in Yavoriv, Ukraine, Monday, April 20, 2015.

8. NATO to consider permanent brigade in Baltics [Source]
NATO was already in the midst of its most substantial reinforcement since the end of the Cold War, with preparations to double its quick-reaction force to 30,000 troops.

9. Black Sea: From NATO No-Go Zone to Prospective Battlefield [Source]
Once seen as no-go zone for US the Black Sea has become the backdrop for one NATO military exercise after another and now even Chinese military presence on the side of Russia
At no time during the Cold War did the US engage in such openly hostile and belligerent actions designed more to provoke than to defend. It seems the policy now is to both prepare for war and work to ensure that it comes to fruition
a. the US committed a significant monetary investment to the permanent expansion of its military presence in and around the Black Sea;
b. The US Army is currently, or will soon be, leading a series of critical military exercises in the Black Sea;
c. as part of the US military training, a significant amount of military hardware is being shuttled across the Black Sea;
d. There are other important military moves that the US-NATO have made in the Black Sea in recent months, all designed to send a stern warning to Russia. NATO’s Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) recently completed its training exercises “designed to improve interoperability and enhance rapid integration of Alliance maritime assets… The force trained on anti-air, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare procedures during separate exercises with the Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian navies.” As part of SNMG2, NATO deployed significant military assets to the Romanian port of Constanta, not coincidentally a short distance across the Black Sea from Crimea and Russia’s fleet at Sevastopol. Participating in the SNMG2 was the USS Vicksburg with its Mark 41 Vertical Launching System, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and arsenal of guns. In addition were Canadian, Italian, and Turkish warships, all carrying significant firepower of their own.

10. US increases money flow to anti-government NGOs in Russia [Source]
США увеличили финансирование российских НКО

11. US Blinks in Face-Off with Russia [Source]
May 18, 2015 – An analysis of the Kerry’s visit to Russia by Finian CUNNINGHAM.

12. Net of the US Dangerous Biochemical labs extends from Odessa to Chernigov and Kharkov in Ukraine [Source]
Cеть лабораторий особо опасных инфекций раскинулась от Одессы до Чернигова

13. Mortar attack on Russian embassy in Damascus an ‘act of terror’ – Moscow [Source]
May 19th, 2015 – The Russian embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus was shelled on Tuesday. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the shells were fired from the Jobar district of Damascus, which is controlled by “illegal armed groups.”

14. The US think that the Russian C-300 won’t be able to protect Iran from the US air attacks [Source]
В США считают, что российские С-300 не защитят Иран от возможного военного удара

Russia and Beyond

1. Russians are not very well known for their humor. Not because the Russian humor is hard to translate into foreign languages, but because no one ever bothered to do this. Humor has become a part of the Russian’s response to the Western information war.
Only misanthropes and Russophobes claim that Russians don’t smile. Those who do claim have never been to bed with one, or to a Victory Day parade. [Source]

2. Russian Business Correspondent John Helmer – are legal dominoes about to fall over Russian Sanctions? Audio interview with John Helmer [Source] [Source]

3. Before You Buy That Rothko – How The CIA Covertly Nurtured Modern Art As A Cold War “Weapon” [Source]
The CIA program was originally set up in 1947, under the not so covert division called the Propaganda Assets Inventory. You really can’t make this up.
The same was with the literature. Nobel prize in literature given with the help of CIA to Pasternak and Brodsky. Same with the other literary awards like the Booker and Pen used during the cold war to support the Liberal (unregulated open market proponent) opposition. That’s why Rockefeller was one of the biggest backers of Abstract Expressionism (which he called “free enterprise painting.”) In other words, painting in support of the unregulated open market that exist for the expense of the civil society and against its interests.
Part of this was the push of the Jewish art collectors and art sellers to destroy the realistic depiction of the people and the world as banned by the Judaism.
This is a source of the staggering difference in evaluation between the figural and non-figural art.
The irony of this all is that while in 20th century the classically trained artists, so strong in Russia and the Soviet Union, were sidelined and ridiculed by the mainstream media, in order to push forward the non-figural painting to propagate the free enterprise and unregulated market, the Western art world completely lost the ability to teach, produce and understand the figural art.

4. Putin Turns the Media Tides, But Who Is the Real Loser? [Source]
Russia’s and Vladimir Putin’s victory over western aggression the last few days is so apparent to all, but perhaps we are missing some greater point?

If a crocodile shows its teeth, don’t assume it’s smiling at you. The current US’s pretend in rapprochement of Russia is an attempt to throw Germany under the bus.
My guess was the last week rapid feverish warming up the US – Russia relations has its aim to isolate Russia from all its allies.

Last, but Not Least

“Give me my pen back..”
Classic Putin

The Essential Saker IV: Messianic Narcissism's Agony by a Thousand Cuts
The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA