Islamic militant “jihadists are looking for fertile soil in Europe…” “Is there enough hope for them given by the West?”

Alexander Blok, The Scythians

I’m bringing to your attention the most famous poem of A. Block not just because akin to the ancient Scythes I like to occasionally ride on horseback across flowering meadows, but because Blok’s poetry is considered in Russia to be prophetic. Although no single translation is good enough to reflect this cataclysmic text, you can compare several to get a clue. [Source] [Source]

Geopolitically interesting is the end of this poem that says if you reject us, the old Europe, we will not mourn. We will simply refuse to shield you from barbaric forces. We will step aside and watch passionless how the barbaric hordes burn your pretty towns. There are some other gory details of the European future in this poem you can check yourself.

Since 1918, everybody knew that if you ask Blok a question and open randomly a book of his poems, the answer shall be found right there. So, it has been a question of mine since middle school regarding Blok writing this retrospective and not another prophetic poem.

The Scythians failed to deliver, it seems. Where, in the 21st century, would “barbaric hordes” appear from to invade Europe? So Russia, pissed off for being snubbed by Europeans, could stand aside and let them to destroy and desolate Europe?

I believe I just found my answer in the US project of the “Greater Albania” run by ISIS. May 18th SITREP by Duff. [Source]

While the West, bankers, Archie Bunkers, billionaires, warts and all, are dreaming up that Macedonia, is the New U.S.-Russia Battlefield [Source] May 19th, 2015.

Beating this dead “war with Russia” horse, they try to divert the Europeans from the fact that this up and coming Balkan war will take place between the US and EU.

As it was reported on repeatedly, Ukraine has become a gate for thousands of Wahabbies and ISIS militants to get into Europe under the cover of Ukrainian migrant workers. ISIS in Ukraine – Kiev and the jihadists: a dark alliance [Source]

ISIS’ Balkan Networks [Source]
ISIS fanatics tweet chilling photos from European cities counting down to ‘zero hour’ [Source]

At first it looks like the ISIS boogie men are just an artificially conjugated scare to make former Yugoslavian countries join NATO and the EU. See, [Source]

Islamic militant “jihadists are looking for fertile soil in Europe,” Kodheli said, recruiting fighters among the Muslim communities prominent in Bosnia, Albania, and Kosovo. “The number of people participating from [the] western Balkans is increasingly worrying. They have families, friends and neighbors left behind. Is there enough hope for them given by the West?”

For Europe’s security, “the weakest point is right in our [Albania’s] back yard,” amid five non-NATO and non-EU states—Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Defense Minister Mimi Kodheli said. Those countries contain a knot of historic conflicts in the middle of a NATO-ordered Europe…”

A gleaming “NATO-ordered Europe” is spared of any knots, obviously.

It started to look like and ISIS conquered Balkans region is becoming a reality.

Once, a talented mathematician solved something related to the problem of knots. When his friends came to congratulate, his mother-in-law took an offence to this. “Knots, she exclaimed. We don’t have any problems with knots. We don’t even have knots. We use suitcases!” In Russian, the word ‘knot’ has double meaning, one of them “a beggar’s knot.” An old, easily frightened woman thought that her son-in-law’s colleagues sought to belittle her in some way.

This old lady’s anxiety reminds me of the fragile minds of the European politicians. “More dynamic and aggressive powers—Russia, Iran and China—are unlikely to leave a weak and divided Europe alone. . . .” Johns Hopkins University’s spawn reads NATO’s fairy tales to frightened Europeans. [Source]

The scariest thing for Europeans is that Russia and China are not just likely to leave Europe alone to solve its own problems, but that they definitely will.

The reality is that destroying Europe is the next best thing for the US to keep its stock market at a record high and stay on top a bit longer. The US prospered enormously from the both wars in Europe last century. Since the US failed so far to coerce Russia into the hot war with NATO in Europe, the US is funneling military hardware and personnel to the Balkans from the Middle East via Ukraine. They’re going there not just for delicious Balkan cuisine. [Source]

Of course, if Greece leaves the EU and/or NATO, it will also become a playground for the new European Caliphate. Fortunately, all the authentic ancient Greece’s artifacts are long stolen by the Brits and safely tucked away at their summer residences in some -shire.
NATO is not going to protect Europe since ISIS is a backdoor operation for NATO and the Saudis. Neither Russia, no China will interfere to help.

* * *

The Ukraine Rada has been busy today. Thanks to JohninMK for the links.

They denounced an agreement with Russia on the mutual protection of classified information. [Source]

The agreement between the Ukraine and Russia on the transit of Russian military units temporarily stationed in the territory of Moldova through Ukrainian territory that was signed in 1995 has now been cancelled. [Source]

They passed the second reading of the decree allowing the country to rescind temporarily its commitments in the ‘ATO’ outlined in the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. [Source]  and it didn’t take long for the Russians to respond to this [Source] l


1. Ukraine has officially deviated from its obligations to respect human rights in Donbass [Source]

May 21, 2015: – The Parliament of Ukraine has adopted a Statement in regard to Kiev’s right to derogate from a series of international obligations in the sphere of human rights protections in separate regions of Donbass. The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine will inform the UN General Secretary and the General Secretary of the Council of Europe about the Statement adopted.

249 of Ukrainian MPs voted in favour of this act with the necessary minimum of 226 votes.
As the explanatory note to the document claims, carrying out of military operation in Donbass was accompanied by the adoption of legal acts, which are incompatible with the obligations of Ukraine in accordance with the Human Rights Convention, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and European Social Charter.

“Thus, Ukraine makes use of its right to deviate from its obligations determined by paragraph 3 of article 2, articles 9, 12, 14 and 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and articles 5, 6, 8 and 13 of the Human Rights Convention in separate regions of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine”, — the act says.

2. Ivan Protsenko: Ukrainian authorities and MPs, who voted in favor of that law should be declared a threat to humanity [Source]

May 21, 2015: Ivan Protsenko, one of the leaders of the antifascist movement in Kiev, who had to leave for Russia after the coup d’etat in Ukraine, wrote today on his page in Facebook:

“Today Ukrainian Parliament adopted a law allowing Kiev not to adhere to human rights in the ATO zone. Many people interpret it as the right not to respect some of the freedoms in Donbass. Guys, you are a bit delusional. The area of application of this horrendous anti-human law is much bigger. As far as I remember, the ATO regime had been introduced in the Odessa, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk regions, etc., and not only in Donbass. The mere fact that such laws are being introduced and, moreover, adopted, is not consistent with the humane norms, leave alone the Minsk Agreement.
The current Kiev authorities and MPs, who had voted in favor of this law should be recognized as a threat to humanity for what they have already done in the course of the last year, and they should be tried at the international tribunal, if the population does not tear them apart before they are brought to the Hague. If the UN and the OSCE turn a blind eye to such outright crimes, they become the facilitators of these crimes, as their prerogative is to regulate law systems and norms on the international level. We have to shout about it for the entire world to hear … in order for it to hear … to start shouting at once… we should have started shouting about it yesterday … dead people are not able to fight, they will only be the material evidence of the crimes … You have to choose: either you fight and demand the reaction of the global community, either you try to prevent the catastrophe, or you will prevent the continuation of the catastrophe by having become the evidence of the crimes … the dead evidence of the crimes… make your choice right now …”

3. Pro-Junta Ukrainian fascists VS Anti-Junta Ukrainian nationalists [Source]
20th May 2015, city Lviv, fascist state Ukraine

Your media will never show You: Pro-Junta Ukrainian fascists VS Anti-Junta Ukrainian nationalists. Fascist organization “Right sector” didn’t allow for nationalistic organization “Autonomous resistance” to make social marsh at 1st May.

19 days ago, Lviv branch of created by Jews fascist organization “Right sector” blocked street there were members of “Autonomous resistance”. “Autonomic resistance” announced a Social March at 1st May, leaflets calling for participation were posted in the city Lviv. Few of these leaflets, You will see the first minute of the video. But “Autonomic resistance” took part in this fascist coup known as “Euromaidan” and it is nationalistic organization. Both organizations screamed same fascist slogans: “Glory to Ukraine – Glory to Heroes”, “Glory to Nation – Death to enemies”, etc. “Right sector” and “Autonomic resistance” both pretend to be the sole spokesman for the interests of the working class.

Heads of “Right sector” claimed that “Autonomic resistance” couldn’t be spokesman for the interests of the working class, because members of that organization are from another social class.

Heads of “Autonomic resistance” shouted social leftist slogans, like: “Death to fascism, Death to capitalism, but in end of video they added “Death to bolshevism [soviet communism]. They also shouted slogans against rising prices, taxes and tariffs for the poor. “Autonomic resistance” demanded higher wages and pensions, accused the current regime of Poroshenko in criminal acts against Ukraine. “Autonomic resistance” opposed the IMF, they are against the dictatorship of the US and EU in Ukraine. At the same time, they supported the war against the residents of the former East of Ukraine and called Russia an aggressor.

The fascists the “Right sector” blocked the street and police surrounded the members of the “Autonomous resistance” to prevent a collision. So, the members of the “Autonomous resistance” shouted all their ideas and slogans to residents of Lviv who had gathered in the street.
So, Kiev junta fear even former supporters who were trying to oppose and criticize them. Kiev junta send fascist gangs even against radical nationalist organization like “Autonomic resistance” then these organizations going to protest against current anti-social politic of Kiev junta.

Watch video from city Lviv. Video was recorded by resident of city Lviv and supporter of “Autonomic resistance”, due to his words about situation in the city Lviv. Because video was used by few officials channels, You see their logos in this video. By Konstantin

4. Czech Communists put veto on proposal to ratify EU-Ukraine Association Agreement [Source]

5. Large column of Ukrainian “Uragan” MLRS moving towards Mariupol city [Source] May 20, 2015

6. After column of “Uragans” Ukrainian army moves “Smerch” heavy MLRS systems to frontline [Source] May 20, 2015

Donesk Novorossia

1. Ukrainian Army shelled the DPR territory almost 40 times in the last 24 hours – MoD
Donetsk, May 21, DNA. Ukrainian military shelled the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic 39 times for the last 24 hours, the DPR Ministry of Defense spokesperson told the Donetsk News Agency.
The DPR Army registered 39 instances of shelling from the direction of Ukrainian Armed Forces positions, — the spokesperson said. — The enemy does not cease using heavy artillery”.
According to the MoD data, Ukrainian military five times opened fire on the localities of the Republic from artillery systems, three times – from ATGM, and five times – from tank cannons. Also 22 instances of mortar-guns use, one instance of APCs in combat and three — of grenade launchers and firearms fire had been recorded.
The Ministry spokesperson said that Donetsk (locality Oktyabrskiy, the area of the airport), Gorlovka and Yasinovataya were once again subjected to the enemy’s fire. Besides, such settlements were targeted as Kalinovka, Lozovaya, Shirokino, Belaya Kamenka.
Civilian casualties and the DPR Army losses are being specified.

2. Kiev government uses the ceasefire as a cover for their preparations for a summer offensive in Donbass [Source]
Киев готовит новую стратегию летней наступательной операции – Басурин
20th of May, 2015. Donetsk People’s Republic, Novorossiya.
Kiev government uses the ceasefire as a cover for their preparations for a summer offensive in Donbass, the DPR Defense Ministry spokesperson Eduard Basurin told a briefing today.

“Poroshenko is trying to save his government, but it’s hardly possible given the complete failure of its social and economic policy. Kiev can only hope for another major inflow of Western cash, to extend its stay in power in the short-term. In the near future, we don’t expect frontal attacks our positions by Ukrainian infantry and armor.

Our intel indicates that the Ukrainian side changed its operational doctrine dramatically due to influence from NATO, especially American, military advisors. The primary focus of the summer campaign will be to degrade our economic potential, to damage our transportation, energy, and social infrastructure through regular shelling from artillery systems of all sorts. Their main goal would be to weaken our forces through diminishing our economic base, and, coincidentally, erode our societal support. We in the DPR stand 100 percent behind the ceasefire, and we’ll definitely fulfill our obligations under it. However, we’d meet any attempt by the Ukrainian side to seize the Donbass through the use of new tactics by its forces, despite the formal stipulation of the Minsk Agreement regarding withdrawal of heavy artillery, with an appropriate response,” – Eduard Basurin said.

3. Letter of the DPR People’s Council’s Committee on Security and Defense requesting explain the principles of work of the OSCE observers [Source]
В Народном Совете предложили ОБСЕ объяснить, почему миссия в ДНР не реагирует на обстрелы ВСУ
May 20, 2015 – The DPR People’s Council’s Committee on Security and Defense has decided to send a letter to the OSCE with a request to explain the principles of work of the OSCE observers, the press service of the DPR Parliament told the Donetsk News Agency today.

“The Ukrainian armed forces continue to fire artillery on Donetsk at nights. Many residents of the districts appeal to the DPR deputies asking to find out why the OSCE representatives don’t react to the ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian army,” – the press service said.
As a shell hit a two-storey residential house on Listoprokatchikov street (Kievsky district of Donetsk), floor and three flats on the second floor were destroyed yesterday. One person was killed. Ukrainian army continued to shell the district last night.

“Residents who keep an appointment with us, and whose houses are attacked on a regular basis, suggest accommodating the OSCE mission in their houses. They believe that it would be better for the OSCE to see the conditions the Donbass residents are in now,” – the press service added.
The Committee on Security and Defense added that they share citizens’ opinion, as many deputies fight in the DPR militia and are well aware of the situation along the demarcation line.

4. Red Cross In Europe states that Ukraine puts administrative barriers to the humanitarian help to Donbass [Source]
Красный Крест заявил о препятствиях со стороны Киева в оказании гумпомощи жителям Донбасса
May, 20, 2015, Moscow, Russia:

On May, 19, 2015 the Head of the International Red Cross in Europe and Central Asia Loran Korba, who is on a working visit in Moscow, met the Head of the Russian Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights, Mikhail Fedotov. The theme of the meeting was the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine and the humanitarian assistance to the war zone.

Loran Korba said that their operation to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as their residents, became the fifth in magnitude in the history of the Red Cross, with 75 foreign and about 300 local workers employed.
She said that about 120 thousand people receive direct humanitarian aid from the ICRC every day and that there are four working ICRC groups dealing with the conflict in Ukraine, that were established within the framework of the contact group in Minsk. These four groups are: economic, political, humanitarian groups and group on safety and security issues.

During the meeting, Loran Korba added that the Ukrainian side did not willingly goes to the contact for the provision of humanitarian assistance and often put administrative barriers.

5. Graham Phillips visits Vanya, a boy mutilated from shelling by Kiev Ukro-Nazis, in Moscow hospital [Source]
The day before yesterday, Graham Phillips, the British freelance journalist and blogger, visited Vanya. It was so memorable! Graham turned out to be such a sensitive, kind, and surprisingly cheerful person, and therefore quickly found his way with the children. Vanya got lots of gifts and a yummy cake from Graham. Vanya received a remote-controlled helicopter, which Vanya absolutely loved. He was immensely pleased! Graham also handed in the money collected for Vanya. On the occasion of meeting with such a wonderful guest, a tea party with cake was whipped up on the spot. Vanya and Graham became friends and talked like old buddies. Our hero was invited to visit London! This is simply great: London, Big Ben, it’s a dream! While Graham was here, all were having fun and laughing, he exudes such a positive energy and feelings – beyond words, and all that is because our guest is a person with a real big heart and a broad mind. Many thanks to Graham, for all that you do for the residents of Donbass! For taking the time to come and visit our Vanya and other children affected by this terrible war!

War on Russia is a Good Thing says Washington

1. Details and Secrets of the meeting between the Ambassador “Color Revolutionary” Tefft and 5th Column bloggers in Russia [Source]
Подробности тайной встречи посла США с оппозиционными блогерами

also John Tefft meets with Russian bloggers, Nuland pays a visit to a curious Museum of Modern Art in Moscow [Source]
On May 20 a closed meeting was held between John Tefft and the Russian bloggers at the U.S. Embassy. It is known that it was visited by Russian opposition blogger Anton “dolbоeb””fuckface” Nosik. Details of the meeting are still unknown.

The meeting was held after the consultation of U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland. It was held during her visit to Moscow. During her working trip Nuland together with Tefft made two unofficial visits.

2. Russia Daily Brief for May 21, 2015 (With the best pic of Lavrov ever) [Source]

3. Ukraine rips up key cooperation deals with Russia [Source]
May 21. 2015 – Kiev (AFP) – Kiev lawmakers on Thursday annulled five crucial security agreements with Moscow that allowed Russia to transport troops to a separatist region of Moldova and purchase weapons only produced in Ukraine.
Ukraine starts blockade of Russian armed forces in Transistria

Russia and Beyond

1. Looks like France wants to use Mistrals, build on Russia’s money and still officially owned by Russia, to wedge a war on migrants in the Mediterranean [Source]
May 19, 2015 – By cancelling their delivery to Moscow, France’s economy will take a significant blow, at a time when sanctions have already struck its exports industry hard. As France’s policies fall in line with EU sanctions, other members should help to alleviate its financial burden, particularly those members which are outspoken advocates of sanctions and those which will benefit most from a new crisis taskforce.
Don’t you love it when the Europeans bickering about money? They are just one big dysfunctional family who wants to become a one big unified country like Russia.

Underlying forces of the current crisis

1. Our commentator Ecocide before Fratricide [Source]
The Pacific Ocean is dying:

2. This shows that Pacific waters approaching the US had by last fall reached more than twice background for Cs-137 and at least 6-8 times background for Cs-134. Of course, nuclear apologists also assume that radioactive releases of cesium occurred only in the spring of 2011 and then stopped, but they in fact have not stopped, and only increased with the ongoing high-level groundwater ‘flushing’ going on at the disaster site in Japan. This curve is ON THE WAY UP and NO ONE HAS NOTICED. [Source]

3. America’s Shadowy Energy Partnership With Azerbaijan [Source]
May 17, 2015 – A report from the Washington Post offers an in-depth look into a shadowy relationship between the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) and powerful members of the United States government.
Secret cables from American diplomats based in Baku, which were published in 2010, reveal an economy “similar to the feudalism found in Europe during the Middle Ages: a handful of well-connected families control certain geographic areas, as well as certain sectors of the economy.”

The Obama administration sent special State Department envoy Amos Hochstein to Greece in early May to convince the Greek government to back a proposed pipeline to connect Azerbaijani natural gas to Western Europe. The American supported pipeline is in a race against Russia’s Turkish Stream pipeline, which would connect Russian gas to Western Europe by running beneath the Black Sea and through Turkey and Greece.

4. Banks Rule the World, but Who Rules the Banks? (I) [Source]

5. Russian-Chinese New World Order by Mikhail Delyagin [Source]
Throughout the entire 2000s the U.S. herded the world capital into their bonds by “exporting chaos”, but after the crisis of 2008-2009, this strategy failed (most of debt growth was funded by the Fed). The U.S. strategy towards the Islamic State and Ukraine suggests the transition from debt financing to the strategy of debt write off by fomenting WWIII. This is the main threat of our time.

6. More Russian, Chinese Companies Switching to Yuan Transactions – Bank [Source] May 21, 2015

7. Russians see Ukraine as an illegitimate state [Source]
“Why have so many Russian citizens seemingly been so cavalier about the dismemberment of Ukraine, a sovereign state that majorities of Russia’s population had long viewed quite favorably?
New survey evidence indicates that this is not so much a product of a surge in Russian nationalism, which has actually remained rather stable since the pre-crisis period. Instead, it has much more to do with a stunningly widespread Russian view that Ukraine as it has existed since 1991 is simply not legitimate as a state within its present borders and with its present government.”

If You Are A Failing Empire

1. Obama Just promised to turn the U.S. into Camden NJ which is a “Rotting, Decaying Hellhole” [Source]

2. Nobel Winner’s Math Is Showing S&P 500 Unhinged From Reality [Source]
Standard & Poor’s 500 Index members last year spent about 95 percent of their profits on buybacks and dividends, with stock repurchases exceeding $2 trillion since 2009, data compiled by S&P Dow Jones Indices show.
“It is very strongly indicated by reliable measures that we’re looking at a stock market which is something like 80 percent over-priced.”

2. Jim Rogers On The Coming Water Wars [Source]

3. The War On Cash Destroys A Small Entrepreneur [Source]

4. Beheaded bodies of three political activists, including two children, are currently on display in Saudi Arabia, the biggest ally of the US [Source]

5. The US officials say China may be sending in “legions” of operatives disguised as graduate students to steal US military secrets. Obviously, that in an effort to improve relationship between two countries, and tear China away from Russia, the US threatens to cut Chinese students from the American colleges.

Chinese Hacker Spies Take Over Penn State Engineering Department, School Says [Source]

“We will let readers determine the extent to which any of the above is grounded in reality, but if indeed China does intend to use students as instruments of espionage, we have the following message for Beijing: given the inexorable rise in US college tuition rates and your $28 trillion debt pile, China may become insolvent on the way to procuring US military secrets.”

“Bloomberg reports, Chinese hackers have apparently been perusing sensitive information stored on computers at Penn State’s College of Engineering” –

The Penn State is one of the worst schools in the US. Sensitive information stored on computers at Pennsylvania State University could only be either a collection of child porn of a former convicted football team coach, or football games statistics in coordination with the beer intake by the players. There is absolutely nothing that the PennState can teach anybody ever.

6. Trans-Pacific Partnership Obama-backed trade bill advances after deal on Export-Import Bank [Source] May 21, 2015

Russia and Beyond

1. Joint meeting of Council for Interethnic Relations and Council for the Russian Language [Source]
May 19, 2015: Moscow – “The preservation and development of the Russian language and the languages of all Russian ethnic groups and nationalities are of vital importance for ensuring harmony in interethnic relations and civic unity and for strengthening Russia’s national sovereignty and integrity.

Russia is a home to 193 ethnic groups and nationalities speaking almost 300 languages and dialects. I would like to note here that alphabets for many of these languages were only developed in Soviet times through the efforts of outstanding Russian linguists and philologists. In the 1920s-1940s, written languages were created for some 50 nationalities. They did not have them before.

We have to pay special attention to school education, where we use 89 languages, including 30 languages used as the language of tuition and 59 languages studied as subjects.”

2. The Treaty on Alliance and Integration between Russia and South Ossetia has been submitted to the State Duma for ratification [Source]
May 20, 2015: Moscow – The Treaty constitutes a basic document between the two countries. It fixes both parties’ intention to gradually develop closer cooperation in the social, economic and humanitarian spheres, and in defence and security. The Treaty is in full keeping with Russia’s interests and will lay the foundation for signing separate agreements in the relevant areas.
The Treaty lays the base for interstate relations between Russia and South Ossetia, and gives full place to the basic human rights and civic freedoms.

3. Russia Jumps to 26th Place in Human Capital Ranking
The World Economic Forum has just published its Human Capital Report 2015, and there’s good news for Russia, which has jumped from 55th place to 26th place on the back of its strong education system. [Source] [Source]

It’s hard to decide to cheer or to grieve. The USSR used to hold this place at the beginning of the 80s. After so called “democratic reforms” it took the nation about 35 years to get on its feet and to be able to wear these shoes again.

4. The following is UN-believable
Central Planning Goes Global As UN Unveils Major Sustainable Development Agenda “For The Good Of The Planet” September 25th 27th 2015 [Source]
(Reading the following keep “population control” on your mind)

This new sustainable agenda focuses on climate change of course, but it also specifically addresses topics such as economics, agriculture, education and gender equality.

This new sustainable development agenda is literally a framework for managing the entire globe.
Managing the entire globe in terms profitable for the Western international corporations.
What’s interesting that the conference is scheduled after the Jewish New Year September 13-15 and Yom Kippur on September 23th, which ends the prophesied Shemitah year, the year associated with various catastrophes and market crushes.

Pope Francis is actually going to travel to the UN and give an address to kick off the Sustainable Development Summit on September 25th. [Source]
Considering that this summer the Pope is going to issue an environmental encyclical. And did you notice the language about “the world’s religions acting in unison”? Clearly, the Vatican believes that it has the power to mobilize religious leaders all over the planet and have them work together to achieve the “UN’s sustainable development goals”.

Scott: The UN sees its main “sustained development goals,” no matter how deeply obscured, in reduction the population.
However, Since the 18th century, the world population has seen a rapid increase; between 1900 and 2000 the increase in world population was three times as great as the increase during the entire previous history of humankind – in just 100 years the world population increased from 1.5 to 6.1 billion. But, this development is now coming to an end, and we will not experience a similarly rapid increase in population growth over the course of this century… [Source]

The UN forecast misrepresents underlying demographic dynamics. The future we face is not one of too much population growth, but too little.
The Russian initiative is far more better and make sense:

7. The Saint-Petersburg Consensus – a new economic policy for the World [Source] Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Last, But Not Least
The US vs. the rest of us…

Thanks much to an anonymous contributor for the link.

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