1)Poroshenko: All the talks about the second official language is nonsense 

The Ukrainian language will be the only one.

“Ukrainian was, is and always will be the only official language.And the revolution of dignity, and the struggle against the aggression showed a price of verbiage that took our state from this decision”, — said Poroshenko.

“What now unites our nation, state, nation? Language. And this was not the result of policy action. We have seen the manipulation of these self-proclaimed defenders of minority languages, their cynical manipulation of the European charters, but they will not be able to split our society,” said Garant.


2)Military events in NovoRussia for 25.05.15


3)Military events in NovoRussia for 26.05.15


4)The Assassination of Donbass Commander Alexey Mozgovoy. “His Legacy Will Unify Novorossiya”


5)Lyashko demands to deprive the Russian Black sea fleet base in Crimea 

It is assumed to terminate the agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on the status and conditions of stay of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, the agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on the parameters of division of the black sea fleet and the agreement between the government of Ukraine and the government of the Russian Federation on mutual settlements related to the division of the black sea fleet and the fleet’s presence on Ukrainian territory.


6)Is Novorossiya Dead?


7)US Scholar Scolds Obama for Letting Neocons Run Wild in Ukraine


8)Sociologists: the Majority of Ukrainian citizens speak Russian 

Ukrainian citizens are in the majority only in Western Ukraine

“The author of the infographic, Alexei Kurinnoy, says: for a more realistic estimate of the number of Russian speakers, there must be added also bilingual people, which, despite the knowledge of both languages in their home prefer to use Russian language,” writes Havich.


9)The Russian foreign Ministry has accused the SBU in the unreliability of information about the detained Russians 

Russian foreign Ministry opened diplomatic correspondence with Kiev

The Russian foreign Ministry noted that the disclosure of diplomatic correspondence is a compulsory measure, but it allows to estimate the reliability of recent publications in Ukrainian and some Russian media.


10)11 Promises Poroshenko Made in His First Year as Ukraine’s President


11)US Tries to Reassure the World: Won’t Go Nuclear Over Ukraine


12)US Uses Sanctions as Policy Tool on All Occasions – Russian Deputy FM


13)Many OSCE Lawmakers Back Russia, Oppose Sanctions – Russian Delegate


14)South Ossetia Appoints Envoys to Donetsk and Lugansk Republics


15)Fights In Donbass 25.05.2015


16)Fights In Donbass 26.05.2015


17)Why is Kharkov silent?


18)Ukrainian army shelling of Donetsk despite ceasefire.


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