In the interview with the German magazine Focus Online, Saddam Hussein’s former double, General hans-Lothar Domrose, NATO Commander of the Brunssum Allied Joint Force Command admits that he sleeps well after his sergeant burps him. [Source]

General: Putin is not like us. He is “tough-minded,” and we are all softheaded here. You know, Scheiße -köpfe. You have to be to make it in NATO. There is a test for this.
Q. Der General, are we or are we not in war with Russia? Or the sky is just overcast today?
A. As Die Anstalt reports, you can always recognize Russian soldiers now, as they are not wearing uniforms. [Source]
Q. Entschuldigen?
A. At the beginning we thought we weren’t. After that, we thought we were, but Russians told us they were all on vacation in Crimea. You know it’s a resort, right?
Q. Should the West respond with counter-propaganda?
A. That’s why you are here. Our counter-propaganda response is the truth: NATO is not on the Russian borders.
Q. General, who are those men in green taking selfies with us on the background?
A. Those are Russian soldiers actually, because we are standing on the Russian border.
Q. General, does NATO have Putin challenged by being too close to the Russian borders?
A. That, sir, is nonsense.. NATO did not move to the Russian borders. Russia’s borders collided with us when we weren’t on fishing expeditions to not getting no more members into not our basket.
For a moment, the General obviously mistook a journalist for a Senator McCain, because he pumped his pale wrinkly fist in the air yelling, We will obey America! He was fast pacified with a glass of warm vodka and a cookie.
Q. Herr General, former members of the Warsaw Pact now belong to NATO and are still equipped with Russian military technique. Are they still delivering the spare parts to the Russians?
A. Currently, they are not. They just sell the parts and supplies on the open market, so Russia just buys it there.
Q. How is the Russian military presence in and around the Ukrainian troubled region?
A. What’s troubling is that the Russian armed forces are permanently near Ukraine’s territory. We have over 300 airspace violations, and they are all on the Russian territory. We also have time dealing with Special Forces in jeans and sunglasses. They are seeping.
Q. Sipping what?
A. It’s hard to see across the border from our location, but it might be the Boston iced tea.
Q. NATO troops are so close, Putin could use catapults to hurl nuclear weapons now.
A. Putin is a “dangerous gambler”, he is willing to defend Russia against US aggression, and he want to implements a “de-escalation”—

The General allegedly said that if Russia, unfortunately, has not threatened the US to use nukes to defend itself, NATO would be in Moscow by now. Vladivostock as well.

Q. General, the Russians say they will use nukes against NATO “if NATO troops attack Russian territory.” Is NATO preparing to attack Russia?
A. No one in NATO wants to wage a war. But we will protect the population. We protected the population of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Syrian population is very well protected by us for now. We are protecting the population of Ukraine. Soon, we are preparing to protect the population of Macedonia and Serbia. After that we plan to protect the population of Greece, Moldova, Armenia, and Belorussia. We want to protect the populations of Russia and China as well, but the governments in these countries won’t let us.
Q. General, what do you think should happen to the French Mistrals?
A. It’s been already decided. Russia gets its money back. France is selling the ships at a deep discount.
Q. To whom?
A. Money is tough now. Only the Chinese can afford to buy these ships. They want to resell the ships to their closest ally…
Q. Who?
A. Russia.
Q. The last question, Der general, what’s your handle at the NATO gay bar?
A. “We have to be straight and honest go our way. Let the differences quietly made: We stick to the truth.” And, btw, it’s Roseberry beret.

The General also expressed concern that if NATO attacks Russia and Russia responds with nukes, he won’t be able to hide behind his soldiers, which is a Deutschland military tradition. He was also not sure if he could be able to run fast enough. Also, the direction of this run is still somewhat foggy. It’s a good ‘ole family tradition, mused the General, wiping a tear. My grand-father ran a marathon from Ukraine back to Bavaria. My father ran a marathon from Kiev to Berlin.

At the end of the interview the general offered his proof of the Russian invasion of Ukraine here:

He said, NATO is a “values-based defense organization” that’s why our pensions should be raised before I retire to Honduras next year. NATO should be paid more money, because we stand against Russia. Russia is dangerous because they might vigorously defend themselves if NATO attacks them. As a NATO general, he added, I can assure you, we have no idea what we are doing, and that we are the best in doing this.

General hans-Lothar Domrose’s interview is a rare peek into the inner workings of professional international country hunters, also known as depraved homicidal Hegemon’s megalomaniacs “value-added” NATO, a military arm of the US economy.

After reading and editing the NATO general’s interview, all I am going to say is – the bunch of profiteers, pirates, and madmen hijacked the powerful military organization into advancing their personal gains by putting the existence of the entire Eastern European region in question. Anyway, I’m investing in adult diapers.

War on Donbass Novorossia
1. Images of the funeral of Alexey Mozgovoi in Alchevsk [Source]

2. In Rome, Italian communists organized the memorial for Mozgovoy
My hat off [Source]
Their statement with Russian subtitles [Source]
Thanks, Duff, for a link.

3. USA: Protesters rally in NY to condemn US support of Ukrainian ‘neo-nazis’ [Source]

4. A successful test of thermobaric installation SD-07 “dragon” [Source]
In anticipation of the summer fighting and coming release of the DPR and LPR from Ukrainian occupation received a new wonder weapon.
On one of the polygons under Lugansk militia of the people’s militia conducted a successful test of thermobaric installation SD-07 “dragon”. This miracle-weapon will help heroic militia to de-mine the territory before coming in and, if necessary, to cover the position of the Ukrainian punishers with fiery whirlwind, inflicting huge losses in manpower and equipment.
Thanks to our commentator Ben for the link.

5. Donbass of Steel Art Exhibition [Source]
Gun metal sculptures.

1. Kiev junta dictator Poroshenko’s income increased sevenfold in the first year of his presidency, while the Ukraine’s economy is collapsing [Source]

US NATO EU War on Russia
1. NATO increases its presence in Georgia [Source]
This is an illustration to my May 27th SITREP list of NATO activities on the Russia’s borders.

2. Obama claims that Russian’s position in Ukraine becomes more aggressive [Source]
Обама: позиция России по отношению к Украине стала более агрессивной
This Washington’s doublespeak means, the US NATO and EU are becoming more and more aggressive in Ukraine.

3. Nustafa Nayem traveling from Ukraine to Russia to teach “Vata (Cotton)” how to live and how to organize resistance in Rushka [Source]
Mustafa Nayem, a journalist and a deputy of the Ukraine parliament Rada, meets a liberal pro-Washington Vladimir Pozner in Mayakovsky Library in Saint – Petersburg, Fantanka 46. Open Library project, May 30th at 15:00. Free admission. Information partner of Meduza project.
“Soon the Russians will know what’s terror-groups in their own cities. shooting and explosions on the streets. Soon, our brothers will be revenged. ”
Apparently, NATO and their Ukrainian employees forgot that Russia has been fighting CIA instigated terrorism and insurgency for the past 20 years.

4. These 19 Passports Will Be A Lot More Valuable On July 1st [Source]
Representatives from the European Union recently closed out a summit in Riga to decide the future of EU visa policy with respect to Ukraine. Once again, Ukraine was denied visa-free access to the EU, proving that “European support” for Ukraine against Russia is just hot air and empty promises. There are, however, 19 other countries, which will be joining the EU visa-free list as of July 1, 2015.

5. NATO: Russian annexation of Baltics would take two days [Source]
НАТО: Россия может оккупировать Прибалтику и Киев за два дня [Source]
NATO’s Petr Pavel: Russia can take over Kiev and Baltic countries in two days. We are very upset about the Russia de-escalation techniques.

6. Tbilisy and Kiev have divided the Black Sea without Russia [Source]
Тбилиси и Киев делят Черное море без России
May 27, 2015 – On the Georgia Independence Day, Georgia and Kiev willed to Russia to disappear. “After Russia disappears, it’s going to be only us on the Black Sea. Turkey, of course, has to return what it took from us.”

7. The Russian Supermarket paradox – How Auchan, Metro and Castorama gain from Russian consumer pain [Source]
The biggest of the foreign retailers in Russia – Auchan, Metro, Ikea, and Kingfisher (Castorama) – are nationals of countries whose governments have gone to war with Russia, imposing the sanctions which have triggered the Russian economy’s current contraction. But in a series of interviews attempted this week in Moscow, the spokesmen for these foreign groups don’t want to acknowledge that they are profiting at the expense of their domestic rivals. What they fear, retail sector analysts say off the record, is that the Kremlin will introduce legislation to require an increase in the domestic sourcing of retailer supplies. That would be good for Russia, but bad for the German, French, Swedish and British groups.

8. Nothing Obliged France to Cancel Mistral Deal – French Politician [Source]

9. ISIL Complains Recruitment Down Due to ‘Conspiracy Theories’ [Source]
Thanks blue for the link.
Great news and it’s all started with thesaker publishing the speech of Colonel-General Igor Sergun, the Head of the GRU, accusing the US and allies of creating the transnational “Islamist” terrorist network. [Source]

Russia and Beyond
1. Russian watchdog may grant access to Russian market for Moldavian canned fruit, vegetables [Source]
May 27, 2015 – Looks like Russia tries to gain the access to Tridnestria without using the military by lifting the food ban on Moldovan’s produce.

2. US national faces administrative charges for violating rules of sojourn in Russia — [source]
A law enforcement source in St. Petersburg told TASS earlier on Wednesday that a US Department of Defense employee had been taken to a St. Petersburg court for violation of Russian visa regulations.

3. Moscow criticizes arrest of FIFA officials as exterritorial application of US law [Source]

4. Russia to consider norms of WTO, Eurasian Economic Union in its economic policy — PM [Source]
Currently, Vietnam, Iran, India, Egypt and Israel are negotiating the possibility of forming free trade zone agreements with the EAEU.

5. Russian deputy FM: BRICS leaders may “take association to new height” [Source]
MOSCOW, May 27. /TASS/. The leaders of BRICS could take the association comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to a new level, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Wednesday on the Rossiya-24 TV channel.

6. Russian, Azerbaijani Navy to Hold Joint Drills in the Caspian Sea [Source]
The joint training between Russia and Azerbainjan will most likely affect US-Azerbainjan relations.
May 22, 2015 – The joint training will be held in September 2015 and will focus on joint artillery strikes against air and maritime targets, assistance to wrecked ships and protection of international maritime security in the Caspian Sea.
The joint training between Russia and Azerbainjan will most likely affect US-Azerbainjan relations.

7. Nazarbaev advocates creation of the Eurasian Transcontinental path [Source]
Назарбаев выступает за создание Евразийского трансконтинентального коридора

8. In the US Low Wages & Unemployment Are An Existential Crisis For Millions [Source]
There is a huge and growing problem of low wages and unemployment. It is an existential crisis for millions. If millions of young Americans don’t start earning more money, they can’t afford to have children, or take care of them properly, and that is the end of us as a nation. Even though I deplore government interference in the marketplace, the problem is so severe that it demands government action.
The problem is not that free markets are bad; it is that the corporatist thief state is in the advanced stages of crushing and dominating the markets where people can sell their labor.

9. Putin vs US – A German Viewpoint [Source]
(click CC for English subs) Dirk Pohlmann reports

Washington’s War on Russia
1. the US Military corporate complex demands loyalty from everyone on earth to ether support their profit taking by destroying country after country, or to be destroyed [Source]
A car sticker: “If you can’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.”

2. Stephen Cohen: The White House Policy Pivot on Russia [Source]

The US Military Secret Report on the State of the Ukrainian Armed Forces
Russian blogosphere is buzzing about the secret report on the state of the Ukrainian armed forces
Секретный доклад о состоянии вооруженных сил Украины [Source]

The common understanding is that the US military “advisers” arrived to NATO occupied Ukraine not for the training mission, but to check on the war readiness of the Ukrainian armed forced. What they found was so disconcerting that Kerry went to Sochi and Merkel went to Moscow. They found out that the Ukrainian military cannot, doesn’t want, and will not fight with the former “brethren.” Kiev Junta is not even scraping the bottom of the barrel to get people drafted, it reached down and scraping under the barrel.

Neocons and NATO realized that they have to go to battle themselves. The US troops have to go to battle in Ukraine. The NATO troops have to go to battle themselves. (Note to myself: invest in adult diapers) They can’t rely on the Ukrainians to keep the proxy war with Russia. The all out hot war between Ukraine and Russia, that Khodorkovsky and Vanguard Corporation dreamed up, is slipping through the cracks. The following are some highlights of their discoveries:

a. Kiev junta gets financing for its military from the West “per head.” That explains enormous drafts and lies about the losses.

b. Kiev regime demands the participants of “Anti Terrorist Operation” to pay for “ATO” [Source]
Очередной плевок киевского режима в лицо своим защитникам: с участников «АТО» взимают деньги… на «АТО»

c. Food in the military is abysmal and makes people sick [Source]
Junta feeds its military with meet frozen 50 years ago;

d. 40% of drafted are 40 years and older [Source]
Kiev’s Poroshenko issued a decree № 274/2015, “On Amendments to the Regulations on the passage of Ukrainian citizens service in the military reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” This was reported on the official website of the President.
According to the decree, the age of conscripted military reservists increased from 40 to 57 years. Why? See point a.

e. During the drills the best of the best soldiers, chosen to be trained by the US, didn’t hit any targets. Not even one. Not even by an accident.
How focused one has to be to fail every single task? I can actually hear their mothers telling them, Don’t you dare to show any skills. If you fail in everything, they just will discharge you back home for being an hands-growing-out-of-your-ass idiot. If they see that you can do something, anything, they will send you to Donbass to be killed.

f. Reason for the high death in Ukraine military might be low quality inflammable uniform [Source]

g. Meat (cannon fodder) won’t escape gravilization (grave + mobilization)[Source]
Мясо от могилизации не уклонится

h. The morale of the Ukraine troops is at all time low [Source]
«Морально-психологическое состояние силовиков на Донбассе слабое» — перехвачены документы командования ВСУ

i. More than 10,000 draft dodgers only in Lvov region alone [Source]
На Львовщине от могилизации уклоняется 10000 человек

j. Intelligence of DPR reports that the Ukrainian Armed forces leaders know that the soldiers will AWOL and abandon their positions if fighting starts [Source]
Командование ВСУ опасается, что силовики будут бежать с позиций в случае начала боев — разведка ДНР

Last, But Not Least..
Nothing here today. The NATO general nicked it.
Bye for now, guys.
And don’t forget your kevlar…

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