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Some Jewish Orthodox sources point out that someone, who should not be named, is organizing the collapse of the US stock market and the US banking system in retaliation for Obama’s regime agreement with Iran, and the EU’s push for a separate Palestinian state, and for the division of Jerusalem. When I wrote about this 6 months ago, it sounded like a conspiracy theory. This week it’s becoming so obvious that on Friday September 4th, the Deutsche Bank’s Dominic Konstam implicitly ask “whether what comes next for global capital markets (most equity, but probably rates as well), is nothing short of a controlled demolition. A premeditated controlled demolition, and facilitated by the Fed’s actions or rather lack thereof.”

The stock market started going up on Tuesday, magically and without any reason, after the EU governments rushed, falling over each other, to bomb Syria. There will be no separate Palestinian state, no division of Jerusalem, and no agreement with Iran, and the stock market will levitate.

The trend to watch here is not the collapse of the US stock market, as the majority of Americans don’t own any stocks, and have no retirement funds in stocks, rather than Social Security. The new trend here is an upcoming collapse of the US banking system and with it inability of the US population to finance its everyday life. America is a paper empire living off the petro-dollar spoils. Since the petro-dollar’s demise back in 2014, it’s growing a long fat tail resulting in collapsing oil industry, foreign trade, market, banking, etc. You name it and it’s collapsing.

An American society is deeply divided by design. In case of civil unrest, the Midwest states would be fighting against the coastal states, the southern states would be fighting against the northern states, African-American communities would fight against white communities and etc.

Contrary to popular belief, the US military is not a united patriotic force of fighters for “US freedom.” The old guardians of “Lady Liberty” mostly of Polish, Irish, and German descent have been retiring since the Clintons’ regime, whose contempt for military servicemen was duly noticed. Good old fashioned military sanity, if any, had retired with all those people. Most of them are not doing well and harboring rightful resentment against the neo-con Washington elites that tossed them under the bus. The new military, run by the Nobel Peace Prize Commander-in-Chief, looks like a rather random conglomerate of for-profit death squads and assassins for hire. That’s why the Washington and Wall Street elite is so desperate to implement “‘revolution in military affairs’ [transformation to high-tech, unmanned weaponry] to insure the long-term superiority of U.S. conventional forces.”

Translating from the neo-con doublespeak to American English, they are replacing carbon based military servicemen with silicon based, because in case of social unrest, people serving in the US military will start taking sides opposite to the Washington -Wall Street elite. See 6th generation unmanned fighter and F/A-XX

America is a paper empire. It’s power based on faith in the dollar as a stable currency. There is nothing behind it that guarantees its price tag. After the stock market collapses, and banking system collapses, the faith in US dollar will collapse also. Will this result in a civil war, strengthening of the local governments, new redistribution of wealth, and partitioning of the country into two or three parts?

Meanwhile, the European-American’s war on Russia is gearing up. Following, likely, the Chatham House’s “Russia challenge” plan, every country along the Russia’s borders/sphere of interest is being destabilized. First Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, then Armenia, now Tajikistan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Moldova. Next it will be Hungary, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. After that Germany, Austria, Poland, India

For those of you who thinks that NATO is in Eastern Europe only against Russia, think again. The Hegemony is knocking countries out one by one, so they won’t be able to build a coalition against the US.
US Aerial Surveillance Impaired Off The East Coast Until October 1st Due To “Military Activities”

Is President Putin coming to New York on September 15th? [source]

It’s highly probable that the American regime will try to kill the President of Russia. Either that, or they will try to “arrest” him for allowing Crimea to join Russia. They have a long history of killing foreign leaders and disrespecting the governments of sovereign countries. Bolivian president’s jet was rerouted, downed, searched, and detained for hours by Austrian authorities in June 2014. That’s why they are upping military activities around New York and Washington, so Russians won’t be able to retaliate effectively.

Vladimir Putin has become a national treasure. It is unwise to trust pirates with treasure. (‘Yankee’ means pirate in Old Dutch.)

Just to assume that any government member of any non-Western country is safe on the American ground is absurd.

The question is, if the US neo-cons assassin or kidnap President Putin during his trip or while in the US, and Russia retaliates with nuclear strikes on the US, will anyone in the world notice that the US is gone?

The US State Department astrologers declared a week of propaganda about Russia’s involvement in a war on Syria.

First came highly organized “refugees:” thousands of young men with military hairdos, no possessions, but all wearing new shoes, looking like an Daesh army played by actors from Central Casting, relocating from nowhere to Germany and dragging along random women and children as a human shield.

Don’t get me wrong, I want all those women and children to get to a better state, and I don’t mean New Jersey or California, because they are broke.

Hollande’s regime is getting ready to bomb Syria in retaliation for the refugees.

Not to be outdone, Israel Begins Constructing Barricade Along Jordan Border

Bulgaria wants to run with big boys and Closes Airspace to Russian Syria-Bound Humanitarian Aid [source]

Bulgarian decision surprised Russia, because Russians: We’re Not Using the Bulgaria Route to Syria Anyway [source]

AS ZH puts it: “Maybe it’s our cynicism shining through once again but does this not have the smell of the “Syrian Chemical warfare YouTube clips” debacle… Flood Europe with Syrian refugees, drowned children as collateral damage, gain empathy points with the media blaming it all on Assad once again… and enabling more airstrikes, military equipment, and devastation to be unleashed.”

One of the most sinister shows I have ever seen was a line of ordinary Germans standing and clapping, clapping, clapping to people whose homes Germany +NATO destroyed, whose brothers, sisters, and friends they murdered, and whose wedding parties they droned ….What can go wrong here?

Richard Perle’s “creative destruction” agenda to reshape the Middle East, starting with the invasion of Iraq, is coming along very nicely. Half of the ME has been destroyed. This week, the EU is “preparing public opinion to step up the actions” in Syria. Could it be because the Syrian Army is establishing control over a district in al-Zabadanai, repelling an attack on a military airport in Idleb?

De-Colonization of Europe from the US powers barely started by Greece and Hungary was masterfully reversed. Both countries at this moment are suffering enormous economic and social loses that are only likely to grow. The US Neo-con government released the Refu-genie from a geo-political bottle and started Proxy-Colonization of Europe by the hands of its former colonies.

The US State department menacing Russia to stay away from Syria. because, … wait for it. Refugees are coming to Europe, because they are “escaping Russia’s military in Syria.”
And,Maidan was a peaceful demonstration according to the State Department Spokesman Mark Toner.

So, whom do you believe, the US State Department or your lying eyes? If Maidan was peaceful, and “nothing happened,” why the US announced back in February 24th, 2014 that Ukraine’s overthrown president Yanucovich was “wanted for mass murder“?

Large influx of information about “103 Russia’s paratroopers killed in Damascus.” “Turkey reported that 43 paratroopers from Pskov were killed in Rakka.” “Bodies of 103 Russian paratroopers including 8 from Vladivostok discovered.” These headlines are very misleading. They should say: “Bodies of 103 Putins were discovered in Syria.”

In his article on presumed Russia’s military involvement in the war on Syria, the Saker quoted the Russian’s defense doctrine.

It should be just taken as a gospel, that Russia won’t fight wars outside its borders. It seems that one the most important consideration here is an understanding that if Russia gets involved in one military conflict, NATO and the US will start military conflicts everywhere in all and every country just to get Russia involved in more and more conflicts. As Rostislav Ishchenko wrote, it would be a pyromaniac NATO “with their gas can” against “the Russians with their fire extinguisher

It might sound counterintuitive, but Russia’s non-involvement in regional wars, serves as a non-starter for many other regional wars that NATO could start otherwise.

It is worth noting though, that Russia’s government officials declared at some point this year that Russia’s military and demographic capacity is at least 10 times less than NATOs, and that Russia won’t fight a war on its territory. If attacked by superior conventional forces of European countries, NATO, NATO proxies like Ukro-Nazis, and/or US, Russia will simply respond with a nuclear strike against the “country aggressor” meaning the US. Essentially, if facing conventional defeat on its territory, Russia would use nuclear weapons. No ifs, or buts.

Meanwhile, Russia is preparing to win a nuclear war. First week in September, Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) main component the Strategic Nuclear Forces (SNF), held two of the largest ever drills.

The drills took place in 20 regions of Russia with involvement of all the Strategic Missile Forces and the Strategic Nuclear Forces. [source]

At first SMF reported that they are checking their systems and sub-systems. The aim was to estimate territories and extend of the aftermath of WMD strikes on the territory of Russia. Along the way, all without exception Chemical, Radiation and Biological Protection (РХБ) Troops got involved with more than 1200 military specialists and 200 special CRBP unites. [source]

The drills show that Russia’s military is expected to continue defense operations and attacks against aggressors even after nuclear strikes on Russia. That changes the commonly held believe that a nuclear strike would be the end of a war. The general idea about a nuclear war is that the first strike will be the end of it and that the one who strikes first wins. Russia’s defense forces preparations, along with their silence on the matter, shows that the nuclear strike on Russia will be just the beginning of war.

Other Russia’s moves worth noting:

1. Russia’s Central Military Command is on full alert yesterday through the rest of this week. The Central MC covers Belarus, Ukraine, Western Russia to the Urals, and Kazakhstan –  here.

2. Russia is also sending a Borei-class Alexander Nevsky (K-550) to the Pacific right now. It carries 16 SS-N-30 Bulava ICBMs with 6 – 10 warheads. There will eventually be a total of four Borei-class nuke subs bobbing around in the Pacific in next few years. [source]

Is Tajikistan becoming the next hot spot of “color” or utilities” anti-government western backed putsch? Putin and Rakhmon have agreed to hold a separate meeting at the CSTO summit.

Tajikistan is economically and culturally connected to Russia with millions of migrant workers remitting back home up to 40% of the country’s GDP. Second, the Tajikistan government takes a no nonsense approach to any attempt of militants’ apprising. Third, the president of Tajikistan immediately asked for the Russia’s assistance to its law enforcement.

The Russian president viewed the developments in Tajikistan as an attempt to destabilize the situation and assured Tajikistan’s government of Russia’s support. the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) summit due to be held in Tajikistan’s capital of Dushanbe later in September.

In brief:
• Tajik defence ministry refutes media allegations about death of 25 servicemen
• Tajikistan’s authorities deliver ultimatum to terrorists sheltering in mountain gorge
• Unidentified armed group attacks police checking point in Tajikistan’s capital
Col. Gulmurod Halimov — the former commander of the Tajik paramilitary police unit who has been trained in Russia and the United States, joined the ranks of the jihadists, but he has also addressed his compatriots with an appeal to come to wage jihad in a video on the Tajikistan Live web portal. Many Russian analysts fear that the colonel-turned-jihadist’s appeal can attract, in particular, some of the migrant workers from Tajikistan in Russia, whose total number exceeds 1.2 million.

The Civil war broke out in Tajikistan only five months after it declared its independence on September 9, 1991. And it was not until June 27, 1997, at the ninth meeting between representatives of the Tajikistan government and the united opposition at the Kremlin that a final peace agreement was signed.

In 1992-1993 alone, about 60,000 people were killed in Tajikistan, and the number of refugees in 1994 alone was estimated at one million to 1.5 million. According to various estimates, the economic damage amounted to $7 billion to $10 billion. About 150,000 houses were burned down and another 15,000 were looted. In the Qurghonteppa Oblast1 in the south, about 80% of the industrial capacity was destroyed. By 1997, Tajikistan’s industrial production had fallen by 72% [source]
Colonel Cassad’s take on the Situation in Tajikistan

Euro-Maidan in Moldova
RT Ruptly Producer Ordered Out of Moldova [source]
“A producer of our RUPTLY video agency in Chisinau has been ordered to leave and get back to Moscow. Video equipment has been confiscated. We are keeping an eye on the whole situation,” Simonyan wrote on Twitter.” RT chief Margarita Simonyan said on Monday.


In Brief 09.10.2015:
• Mariupol on Fire. Sounds of explosions. Chief of the Police in Nicolaev short and killed. Video, Eng Subtitles
• DPR intelligence found that Ukrainian Army is using a school in Mariupol to place heavy artillery [source]
Local “Right Sector” leader taken into custody in Odessa [source]
• Right Sector Party neo-Nazi leader Yarosh alludes to armed resistance, calling for actions of civil disobedience Ukraine [source]
• France24 TV channel: Right Sector are not fascists: Ukraine – Exclusive report alongside the nationalist militia fighters [source]
CyberBerkut obtained documents from the Ukraine Military Ministry that show that Kiev Junta intentionally targeted Donetsk schools and kindergartens – real coordinates [source]
Suddenly Yatsenyuk – investigation of RF law enforcement of direct participation of Kiev junta members in terrorist groups on the territory of Russia [source]
• 10.09.15 Ukrainian military shelled Spartak, Gorlovka & Donetsk [source]

1. Ukraine American born Finance Minister Yaresko went to Ankara to meet the financial ministers of G7 countries and ask them for money to pay for gas for the upcoming winter. [source]
Why it should be interesting ? We know that Ukraine is on life support from NATO countries. Because:

• Ukraine has already received money from the EU for this winter gas supply. Part of these funds went missing, as I reported earlier.
• the money the IMF was putting into the Ukrainian banks has gone also

IMF Officials Implicated in theft, concealment of Ukraine loan corruption, US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT INVESTIGATING [source]
The US push to sell off the state owned (taxpayers’ owned) companies is accelerating with Saakashvili crying that state corporations under Yatsenuyk government have cost Ukraine $4.5 bln. This is a typical economic hit-men approach to blame the state owned companies for all economic ills and demand their immediate privatization for pennies on a dollar. Same was done in Russia in 90s, when the taxpayers owned oil and gas industries were given away for nothing to the private entities to “manage the industries and to reduce the “losses.” We all know how this ended. It’s a miracle that after 25 years of the US State Department and IMF management of Ukraine, the state managed to hold on some of the most profitable and vital for the country industries. This all coming to an end now.

Saakashvili says state corporations under Yatsenuyk government have cost Ukraine $4.5 bln [source]
“Due to Kiev’s machinations and manipulations at the Odessa customs office, the state’s treasury has fall short of 400 million hryvnias a month, “Odessa region governor said

2. Europe should expect 4 to 6 million Ukrainian migrants, the moment there is a visa free regime between the EU and Ukraine [source]
Ukrainian Foreign Minister says there is hope that by December 15 Kiev will have a positive report on the reforms that Ukraine should complete within the framework of moving towards a visa-free regime.

3. Yatsenyuk, so called Prime Minister of Kiev junta of NATO occupied Ukraine, was a member of a Wahhabists terrorist group in Chechnya [source]

Kremlin comments on Russian chief investigator’s accusations against Ukraine PM [source]
MOSCOW, September 9. /TASS/. Statements of the Russian Investigative Committees are never unsubstantiated, however, the Kremlin believes it’s premature to comment on any issues before the investigation is completed, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, commenting on the remarks of head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin about the participation of Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the Chechen conflict against Russian troops.

“According to investigators, Arseniy Yatsenyuk took part in at least two armed clashes in the Chechen capital of Grozny: on Minutka Square on December 31, 1994 and near hospital No.9 in February 1995. He also tortured and executed captivated Russian servicemen in the Oktyabrsky district of Grozny on January 7, 1995,” Bastrykin said.

4. Ukraine as a colony
Notes of a Russian railroad engineer and a blogger about Russian Mir (World)
BTW, it’s a great blog with images of Russia’s cities, towns, villages, roads, and railroads. The author is always traveling to somewhere with a great sense of humor.

5. ‘March on Moscow’ Among Kiev’s Scenarios to End Donbass War [source]
This is an official stance of Washington, because Kiev junta does nothing and says nothing without the US government approval

Ukraine Economy
1. Kiev Won’t Receive Financial Aid From Brussels, Washington – Swedish Media [source]
2. 2.6 million Ukrainian refugees are currently on the territory of Russian federation [source]

Novorossia Donetsk Lugansk Donbass
1. Ceasefire observed in Donetsk republic over past 24 hours — local administration [source]
It was earlier reported that only two ceasefire violations were registered in the neighboring self-proclaimed Luhansk republic.

2. Rumors about Motorola resigning are not true. He took time to be with his family in Rostov [source]

Russia and Beyond

1. Deputy FM: New US sanctions aimed at undermining capabilities of Russian defense industry [source]
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov says that the US sanctions are “are malicious, deliberate and far-fetched.”

2. Russia Arms Expo 2015 opens in Russia on September 09, 2015 Video

3. US Requests Greece Close Airspace for Russian Aid Flights to Syria [source]
According to the source, Moscow has requested and received Athens’ permission to conduct flights to transport humanitarian aid to Syria in the period from September 1 to September 24.

4. In the Black Sea NATO and US escalating the conflict with Russia by breaking the 1936 convention and setting up a military base in Odessa [source]
США решили диктовать правила в Черном море, МОШКИН Михаил, БАЛТАЧЕВА Марина

5. US Announces Intention to Set up a Shop in the Black Sea [source]

6. War Waged Against Russia Now Being Waged Against China – Russian ex-Spy [source]

7. Secret Danish offshore with Gorbachov as a co-owner [source]
“Новая Газета” финансировалась Нидерландами.

Report that Gorbachev co-owns the most vicious western propaganda yellow rag with the organizations that are doing everything to destroy the country.

Scandal with the financial secrets of liberals is growing with more juicy details. New Newspaper, NG, and Caucasus Node, Кавказский Узел, has been financed by Netherlands.

Gorbachev has been, without doubt, the biggest enemy of every Russian ever lived. Just seeing this spawn of hell living comfortably and not being on trial under an investigation of how he dismantled hundreds years of Russian history is like to have an open wound on national conscious.

I am not even calling to put this disgusting old toad to jail. We need a professional, thorough, and open investigation of who and how masterminded and organized the breakup and pillaging of the great country. All the wars and military conflicts that resulted from their actions. Spike in mortality and the extreme poverty of population was facilitated by these people. All Russians, living and dead, deserve to know the full truth about what the West calls “their victory in the Cold War.” It will never be done truly, unless Gorbachev and his people, and Yeltsin (postmortem) and his people are indicted on national treason charges. Until there is a combined criminal, military law enforcement and a parliament committee. The nation deserves to know what is Gorbachev, and who and what stood behind him.

That’s why reading this investigative journalists’ report, we can see that things are moving. Information is being brought up to light.

8. A photo-blog of a Russian railroad engineer, who is also a photographer. He is always traveling. Hundreds candid images of Russia and funny descriptions, if you read Russian.
1. Dry Land Cruise from Yalta (Crimea) via Ukraine in 2013 (Pre-Maidan)
(Part I – Moscow – Border with Ukraine
(Part II – Suma – Kharkov – Poltava Ukraine
(Part III – Krivoy Rog – Northern Novorossia – Evpatoria Crimea
(Part IV) Crimea Evpatoria – Furmanovka – Highway Simferopol to Sevastopol – Bahchisaray – Alexander Pushkin monument – Han’s Palace – highway to Sevastopol – Saki –
(Part V – Big Crimean Canyon –
(Part VI – Big Crimean Canyon – I-Petri – Yalta – Alupka – Voronsov Palace)

9. Some propaganda is like a bad penny, use it in a store, or take it to the bank, it keeps coming back.
Russia Insider republished article of some “Sheren Khalel.” A journalist that I researched and found to be fake.
Since I published my notes, I was waiting for “Sheren Khalel.” to respond and tell me that she is indeed a real human being and not a computer program. It’s hard to miss, because this name, with my material got indexed very well.

I would be happy to write a retrieval, but nobody ever stood up and said, “I’m Sheren Khalel.”

Here is the republished article: “Chased by War: Syrian Refugees Caught in Ukraine Warzone. There are about a dozen Syrian refugees stranded in Donetsk who fled Syria only to end up on an unlikely European battlefield”

Thank you eimar clark for commenting and providing a link. “This story was published months ago and is at least partially discredited:”

Russia and Beyond, cont.

1. Non-parliamentary parties indignant about meeting of U.S. diplomats with the Russian opposition [source]
Head of the Rodina Party says it might have been a “shelter operation” for a meeting with oppositionist Alexei Navalny.

Vyacheslav Maratkanov of the Right Course Party said that a meeting between the US Embassy diplomats and parties “is beyond activities of an embassy.” The politician said the meeting featured Bradford Bell, First Secretary of the U.S. Embassy, who, he said, is a “professional provocateur, used to work in the Balkans, has been participating actively in “promoting of democracy” to the south and south-east.” Maratkanov said “consultations of the kind are a bad sign on the eve of elections to the State Duma (Russian parliament).”

2. Sweden’s actions in respect of Russian diplomatic assets unlawful — Foreign Ministry [source]

3. Russia’s Eastern Economic Forum [source]

4. Vladimir Putin’s Q&A on Eastern Economic Forum [source]
It looks like Russia is not just walking away from Europe, it’s sprinting away. “The development of Siberia and the Far East is our national priority for the entire twenty-first century.” V. Putin

5. The Pearl of Siberia: Breathtaking Views of Lake Baikal [source]

6. Interview with the Information Minister of Syria Omran al-Zoubi

Europe is in free fall

How Neocon Thirst for Regime Change Destabilized Europe
Maybe France should bomb itself for creating the refugee crisis in Libya. And France helped create ISIS. So it shares blame for refugees from Syria:

For three years, the US, along with the Gulf states and Turkey, poured billions into “opposition” groups, supposedly to unnamed “moderates,” but in reality to Al Qaeda-linked Sunni groups such as al-Nusra and ISIS to spearhead a sectarian war. The US, Turkey and Jordan have operated a base in Jordan where US instructors trained dozens of ISIS members. In an article last year, the New York Times confirmed that the CIA assisted Arab governments and Turkey by airlifting weaponry to these groups in Jordan and Turkey. The Guardian reported last March that British and French instructors were also involved. [source]

The NSA must have some great info on Hollande.

Kaddafi bankrolled the traitor Sarkozy who bombed Libya into ruin: [source]

In the recorded interview, which France 3 TV Kaddafi insults Sarkozy and says the decision to fund a French presidential election was part of his political strategy.

Asked whether he feels betrayed by France’s president, Kaddafi reportedly answers: “Sarkozy is mentally deficient… It’s thanks to me that he became president… We gave him the funds that allowed him to win.

NATO Opens (Another) Command Post Near Russian Border; Kremlin Warns Against “Cold War Logic” [source]

Who Would Win World War 3? The Infographic

West Point Professor Calls For Military Strikes On Journalists Critical Of War On Terror [source]

Germany plans to buy technologies stolen by Ukraine from the Soviet Union and Russia to built own space rocket engines [source]
Эксперт: немцы могут вложить деньги в украинскую космическую промышленность

We know about the Kaddafi’s curse [source]
Colonel Kaddafi is being vindicated from beyond his grave

Trahison Des Professeurs: The Critical Law of Armed Conflict Academy as an Islamist Fifth Column

William C. Bradford Near East South Asian Center for Strategic Studies
April 23, 2015 3 National Security Law Journal __ (2015 Forthcoming)
Public Law 86-90| The Vietnam War Gives the Precedent for Donbass

Fascism From West Point

NATO: Never-ending Aggression Toward Others
NATO is now going to open headquarters in Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Estonia — all nations between Western Europe and Russia, all nations where the United States promised Russia NATO would never go, and all moves seen as threats by the Russian government. In fact, Russia is now putting (possibly nuclear) missiles into Kaliningrad and talking frequently about the growing likelihood of war with the United States.

Thank you, Ladies and Gents, for your time


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