1001 Arabian nights of Germany. Merkel, assuming Scheherazade’s pose, has been telling everyone how hospitable and generous Germans are being towards refugees. [source]

Poles , on guard to never let Germans look remotely human, shoot from all their mass media artillery accusing Germans in bringing refugees to fix demographic situation, to work to support the aging German population, and to enslave all other European nations using a special Muslim-German army.

Hospitality of Germany towards refugees didn’t go unnoticed by Russians, especially by those who own real estate in Germany, but whose visas Germany now routinely denies. What’s Merkel’s game, asks Igor Shengalts, a journalist living in Germany. [source] Is she gathering millions of Muslim men into an army to send them against Russia, or against the US and NATO?

“The End Of The EU”: Merkel’s “Heroic” Refugee Response May Destroy Union, Slovakia Warns [source]

Furthermore, the Polish media now says everyone in Poland wants to emigrate to Russia. Have you heard about Russia? According to the Polish media last week, Russia is a wonderful, rich, huge, hospitable country populated by beautiful and kind people. Russia will be the only lasting and stable country in the midst of instability. Rosja będzie jedynym trwałym i stabilnym państwem w niestabilnym otoczeniu [source] The Russian government is loyal to the interest of its people, and protects them from the harm and evil of the outside world. Five minutes later Czech media came out of a closet and revealed that the entire population of the Czech republic is sitting on suitcases, ready to run for the Russian border.

No one asked the Russians about this possible invasion of ex-comrades, turned NATO members and Russophobes. Russians, people who forgive easily and don’t hold grudges, developed new favorite national pastime: discussing on MS where to relocate unwashed hordes of the European cream-de-la-crème.

Germans, of course, will go to the Volga region, where they have been settled since the seventeenth century. The refugees from Poland will go to the region of unparallel beauty, the Russian Far East. You have to keep Germans and Poles separated by Siberia, don’t you? Hungarians are welcome, if they do something about their eyebrows. French cheese makers, winemakers, and chefs are wanted. Serbs are welcome unconditionally, unlike the British who are not welcome at all.

In the middle of this excitement, Ukrainians are silently watching in horror and disbelief. Yelling and gnashing of teeth have started right after Merkel declared that 800,000 refugees will be welcome by Germany in the next year. “What about us?” asked Ukrainians. “You promised to take us. We did everything you told us. We had a fascist putsch, we bombed Donbass, we lost Crimea, we cut ties with Russia, we took huge loans. We provide entertainment for the whole world. We have got the most televised fascist regimes in history. Junta’s members’ crimes are plentiful, and well documented with high quality videos. We are better than those Muslims. We are better looking, we are Christians, we dress nice, we will blend in. We work hard. We were waiting to come in. Those Muslims just jumped the line. They were standing behind us, and now they are in Europe and we are not.”

To add insult to injury, seven Syrian refugees were captured crossing the Ukrainian border. This stunned Ukrainians stupid. No one ever wants to come to Ukraine, and everyone wants to get out. Turned out Ukrainian news isn’t as popular in Syria and Afghanistan, as one is led to believe. The refugees thought that Ukraine was Europe. Ukrainians are now denying this vehemently.
This is it for Ukrainians. They lost their historical chance to live in Europe [source]

In confirmation of their worst fears, Radoslaw Sikorski, a rabid Russia hater with an American wife on a Khodorkovsky’s payroll, [source] a former disgraced Polish foreign minister and current speaker of parliament, made a statement that the EU is looking into an “interesting idea’ to prevent Ukrainian migrants from coming to Europe. It’s reported that he said that the EU should help Ukrainians to move inside their country, not to the outside. [source]

In just 30 short days, the Ukrainian economic migrants went from More and more young Ukrainians are leaving for Poland to flee the war and avoid military service. For Ukrainians, Poland offers hopes of a refuge, work and safety, [source] to the “interesting idea” of keeping Ukrainians inside their own country. See, Poland braces for Ukrainian refugees [source]

Also, he said, the refugee status will be canceled for the courtiers with the Associated agreement with EU.
Now, pay attention, this is very important. According to Radoslaw “Big Mouth“* Sikorski, the EU is preparing to stop accepting refugees from the countries with the EU Association agreements, like Ukraine, Balkan countries, and… Turkey, which signed its association back in 1962 and is still waiting. It means, that the EU is preparing to use this law to stop ANY refugees coming via Turkey and also all those who got stuck in the Balkans.

*Sikorski’s American Indian name is “Big Mouth” because he speaks up, and not due to his renditions about the US and oral sex, see the link to John Helmer’s article above.

Turkey will be stuck with millions of refugees. The same Turkey that is fighting with ISIS and Kurds now, Kurds that as the US Department of Defense today admitted, the US troops arm, train, and help to fight with “ISIS.” See DOD’s admission here, and denial here.

How long before the US starts bombing Ankara to remove Erdogan, who is a “dictator” who is “killing its own people?” I think the US will bomb Turkey for Christmas, to upheld the “Christian values.” And, on New Year’s Eve the US will bomb refugee camps in Hungary, to show their support to the Syrian “opposition.” Professors of the American and Canadian Universities are already publishing articles with scientific proof that “The last time Hungary embarked on a racially motivated immigration policy, it was an ally of Nazi Germany.” [source]

To pacify upset Ukrainians, Nuland promised Ukrainians to get Crimea back, if they behave well. [source]

Nuland, this self-appointed master of Eurasia, will give a peninsula populated with 2 million Russian people to a fascist Ukraine. Are those millions of Russians her property? Who does she think she is? And why does she limit herself to ruling over Russian provinces only. She should broaden her scoop and promise to give back to Russia the US occupied Alaska; back to Hawaiians the US occupied Hawaii; Israel occupied Jerusalem back to Palestinians; Washington and New York back to British; North Ireland back to Ireland; California, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida back to Mexico; Northern Cypress back to Cypriots; Falklands back to Argentina,
and the Mona Lisa back to Italy. France has no legal claim on this painting.

“France has ceased to exist, finally. After Charlie Hebdo published two cartoons depicting a dead Syrian boy. One cartoon with a McDonald’s logo saying “Almost made it,” and the second, with a Christ next to a drowning boy, saying “Christians walk on water, Muslims drown.”
They’re all Hebdo
I don’t care about the fate of the artists from this magazine. It should be horrible by definition.

The dialog between the West and Russia is absolutely impossible. Because of our principles. Russia’s task now is re-format Europe. De- Charlization of Europe. Until Europe puts the cartoon artists in jail, no contacts are possible. The only contact that should be between Russia and Europe is through the sniper rifle telescopic sight.

P.S. I’m so grateful that Lavrov didn’t participated in this… ”

Is the next “revolution of dignity” coming to an Armenia’s neighbor? Azerbaijan suspends activity in the EU, Euro-parliament, and Euronest Parliamentary Assembly after being accused as being “non-democracy” and threatened with sanctions. Azerbaijan politicians called threat of sanctions “ridiculous” and accused Europe in being anti-Muslim, anti-democratic, meddling, and disappointing. [source]

Meanwhile, Russia’s Government Is Giving Away Free Farmland – Up to 12 Acres per Family. And yes, it is beautiful, rich farmland, some of the best in the world, near the Pacific Coast, close to Japan, Korea, and China. A catch? you have to have Russian citizenship. Here and here.

Web portal for registration to acquire free land [source]
More information on Ministry of the Development of the Far East web site
and about the territories of Forward socio-economic development

In brief:

  • Welcome to the World Without the West [source]
  • Report and Retort: A World Without the West [source]
  • A Conversation Continued: A World Without the West [source]
  • Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to the Russian media outlets, following is the full text of the interview [source]
  • Al-Jaafari: Terrorism, the West imposed sanctions main reasons behind paralysis of economic life in Syria and the refugees [source]
  • Update2- Army eliminates terrorists, destroys their vehicles, weaponry [source
  • Russia is building refugee camps in Syria with the help of Iran and China.
  • Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to defend refugee camps built by Russia.
  • Russia takes 7000 Syrian refugees and says that will take everyone who wants to move to Russia.
  • Lavrov: Putin in speech at UN to touch upon Ukrainian crisis, situation in Syria [source]
  • International investment forum Sochi -2015 [source]
  • Free help in organizing business in Krasnodar region [source]
  • In Syria the US troops were ON and OFF the ground in a matter of 4 hours

The 14-year-old Muslim boy arrested and charged with terrorism for bringing to school for Show&Tell watch that he made himself. “America is a deeply fallen nation. I don’t know how obvious it has to become before people come to grips and start to do something about it.” [source]

A day after, the Obama’s regime went into overdrive in doing PR damage control, by “inviting” a boy to the White House and offering him placements into the best technical colleges. A teacher and the local Police stand their ground, however, claiming that the boy is a potential danger to the American society. What a sick parade of freaks!

Poverty as weapon
This my rant is dedicated to all those claiming that the US failed in its multiple wars against many countries.

Au contraire, my friends. Oh, so contraire.

The strategic goal of the US is to create massive destruction and poverty in countries and regions around the world. [source]

Americans don’t understand very well of how truly horrible their nation’s impact on the rest of the world has been. They developed a system of total devastation. They use this system over and over again. They benefit from misery of other nations. It would be a waste of time to try to educate Americans on the extent of the horrifying bile they are collectively pouring onto the world.

However, for our own sake and for the sake of our respective nations, it’s time for us to start analyzing poverty as an integral part of hybrid wars that the US unleashes on the world population. It’s time to say that “austerity” is another form of shelling the civilian population. That economic sanctions on countries are the war crimes and state terrorism because their intend is to terrify and harm the general population of those countries. That the rising food prices and falling real wages are equal to the use of slow acting chemical weapon.

That’s what’s happening now in Russia and being caused by a price fixing by a few monopolist retail supermarket chains owned and operated by Western companies.

Poverty destroys people’s heath, intellect, prevents children from development. Poverty causes low birthrate and higher mortality rate. Poverty breeds despair and anger. Just look at Ukraine. Since being cut off from Russia twenty some years ago, Ukraine’s population has been placed in severe poverty by the IMF, and other US financial and political institution. The rise of fascism is the direct result of poverty and desperation artificially imposed on the population.

The governments of sovereign nations have to seek to alleviate their people from poverty as a matter of national priority. If Russia wants to win the war with the West, all it has to do is to make Russian people prosperous.

In brief:

  • Russian conspiracy theories on the nature and aims of the “refugee crisis” in Europe [source]
  • Fox News Conspiracy theory: Russia and China Plotted Migrant Invasion of Europe (Video)
  • Germany Reintroduces “Border Controls” With Austria, Sends Riot Police As Refugee Crisis Spirals Out Of Control [source]
  • The former marine also points out how the so-called ‘War on Terror’ is nothing more than a well-planned strategy to be in a “perpetual state of war to destabilize the region for the Greater Israel plan.” [source]
  • Stratford “predicts” that Russia, EU, and Syria will “fall apart” [source] What Stratford is nor saying, is that it will be the US that will fall apart.


1. Neo-Nazi march in Russian port Odessa, currently occupied by NATO. Euro-fascists were marching in support of the arrested murderers of Oles Buzina, a historian, writer and poet, who was killed on his house door steps. Pictures tell the story. [source]

2. Pro- Kiev Junta female doctor working for a private medical clinic in Moscow attacked and severely beat up a pregnant nurse from Donbass. An ethnic Ukrainian doctor wasn’t happy that the refugee nurse was working in the clinic through the government refugee program. This doctor was fired from the clinic and the Police investigation has started. The last reported this female doctor was not arrested, so she still can take it on a run, considering that the Russian blogosphere predicts that she won’t live to see her day in court. [source]

3. Member of the Ukraine’s parliament Rada Moseichuk threatens to kill a woman, who is a doctor in a hospital for not allowing his to come in and to kill the former member of the Azov battalion, who was accused of crimes [video]

4. For the upcoming cold Ukrainian (European) winter without heat, an absolutely genius method to heat any room for very, very cheap. Video in English

5. Kiev junta sanctioned Ramzan Kadyrov. The president of Chechnya asks if he wants to travel to Kiev who dares to stop him? [source] [here]


1. On reorganization of Donetsk people Republic’s armed forced [source]
In brief: the romantic and loveable motley crews of self-defenders and local militias are being replaced by a ultra-modern armed forces, mobile, trained, disciplined, well paid, and armed with latest weapon and all the bells and whistles of the modern warfare.

No more cab drives, miners, and school teachers armed with a Turkey war period cannon from a local museum and AK-45 honestly put together with a sticky tape. Now, Donbass has an army of Russian men and women for whom war is a profession. Everybody wishes that it wouldn’t come to this. That Donbass would become a part of Russia a year ago, together with Crimea, and live peacefully and happy. But, Donbass stands not just against Kiev junta. Russian Donbass stands against Euro-fascism and Amero-Zionism. They have started this war and intend to have it until Russia is destroyed. Russia believes that it’s time for EU and US to cease and decease. And that’s why Donbass has got an ultra-modern armed forces. Click to see gorgeous Russian Imperial flag of the 1st Army Corps of the Ministry of Defense of Donetsk People Republic. Videos Congratulation with a Tank Operators’ Day: Gorlovka Today and Beginning of the Empire.

2. Kiev reacts with predictable hysteria to announcement about the local elections in DPR and LPR on October 18th [source]

Colonel Cassad’s collection of Moldova related sources [source]

Russia and Beyond

1. The rise of conservative-nationalist Russia has become “the greatest surprise” for the West [source]

2. Crimea’s head Sergey Aksyonov has reportedly invited celebrities from around the world to settle on the sunny Crimean Peninsula, where he said a Beverley Hills-like city may be created in the future [source]

3. Germany that we have lost. New information about the Gorbachev’s treason, and the surrendering of the interests of the USSR in Europe. [source]

4. In terms of priorities the Ukrainians know what’s what. They are ahead of the whole planet in terms of black humor production [source]

5. Vladimir Rogov: Battle for Moscow has started in Kostroma [source]
Владимир Рогов: Битва за Москву началась … в Костроме (ВИДЕО)

6. Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem calls on Ukrainians to unite with Russians [source]

7. Many Europeans will most likely seek asylum in Russia, in case of invasion [source]

8. France to start European rebellion against USA – [source] [source]

9. News of unrest among the US intelligence ranks: [source]

10. “They’re Making Idiots Of Us!”: Eastern Europe Furious At West  [source]

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