The Russians have been so successful in gathering their country together because they come to other people and ask them about their needs, wants and dreams. Preferably in their own languages. Americans come to other nations and dictate what they want, need, and dream all in the English language. The West is not far behind. Here are the Russian anonymous person’s commentary on the “commentary” of the EU institution, not intended to be read by Russian “savages.”

How the West sees an “ideal” Russia?
• a Russia without an independent foreign policy.
• a Russia surrendering its security and economical concerns in the name of “appealing to Europe”.
• a Russia which abandons any thoughts of allying itself with China because the EU are the good guys, and China is a “meanie”.
• a Russia that MUST “return” Crimea to Ukraine
• a Russia that will be held personally accountable for any failures in implementation of Minsk agreement.

The current Kiev government can do nothing regarding their responsibilities according to the Minsk-2 accord (with the blessing of the EU, it’s implied), but Russia must be held responsible for EVERYTHING. And be sanctioned appropriately, should it falter in its duties. After all, “sanctions should be a slow squeeze that gradually reduces Russia’s freedom of manoeuvre and thereby reminds it of its misdeeds and Europe’s displeasure.”

This “commentary” had been published by the Powers That Be of the EU – and that everything written herein bodes nothing good for Russia in the foreseeable future, no matter what. Russians, being the citizens of Russia, tend to react very negatively to some Western countries’ decision to “deal” with them. And the reaction will follow. As it turned out, the Westerners of old (who also had some “long- term problems with Russia”) were truly… mortified by such manner of counter-reaction.

Newspaper Izvestia published yesterday thorough research tracking the financial sources of the ultraliberal publication “Novaya Gazeta (New Newspaper). Novaya Gazeta that published 100 articles about MH17 implicating Russian government in each of them has been financed by the government of Denmark and Soros foundations. The administration of Novaya Gazeta and other liberals declared the investigation by Izvestia a treason. Izvestia rebuffed them by saying that they are committed to uncovering the truth and that they have nothing in common with the anti-Russian activities of NG.

In place of “color revolutions,” and “springs,” we are now witnessing the rise of the anti sovereign government putsches portrayed as public utility revolutions. I have no patience for all those young and healthy men and women in Lebanon, screaming and demanding for somebody, anybody, to come and clean after them their own trash. Organize, put on rubber gloves, pull up a truck, and start loading trash on a truck. Do you guys and girls want a better life? Stop waiting for your government to pick up after you. Do it yourself!

My heart and soul goes out to people of Libya and Syria suffering from European and American aggression. On the plus side, if the refugee crisis won’t destroy the EU, nothing will.

Germany’s social democrat leaders wants Eastern European countries to admit more refugees. Since entering the democratic heaven, three Baltic sisters lost 50% of their population. No one can find it, it just evaporated without a trace. I would vote for them to receive 2.5 million North African refuges, just to counterbalance blondness of the ethnically correct population. The ethnically correct Europeans, finally, can take a pause hating distant Russians and start hating ethnically incorrect non-Europeans moving in next door.

However, to transport any refugees to Ukraine would be a big mistake. They will be pushed right back to EU by the coming tide of millions of Ukro- Nazis taking refuge from those “mad” anti-fascists from Novorossia.

I can’t wait to see the hordes of Ukro- Nazis trained by NATO, colliding with the hordes of CIA trained ISIS terrorists, colliding with the self-taught Polish football fans. This will be an epic battle. They will be fighting with one hand, while taking selfies with another.

Even the Guardian started to lose it’s condescending cool, “Global financial collapse will solve this problem. These economic migrants won’t be so keen on the UK when we have 20% unemployment and no Welfare budget for them. Bring it on China.”

And that bring us back to the most advantageously placed for these particular crises, Ukraine. Ukraine has been the most economically mismanaged country in the world. It had to be put into complete desperation in order to breed fascism. Ukraine is a huge human experiment. Comfortably situated people wouldn’t go burning and shooting each other. For the past 25 years, since Ukraine left the Soviet Union, it was under supervision and direct management by the US state department and IMF, which is the financial arm of the US State department. Ukraine’s economic freefall for the quarter of the century has been masterminded and organized by the US to have fertile economic ground for growing fascism. Oh, wait I have already said that.

Ukraine’s GDP performance is worst in the world from 1991-2015 [source]
According to data of the World Bank, Ukraine’s real GDP performance for the last 24 years has been the worst in the world, writes Sergey Korablin, a doctor of economics in Kyiv, in an August 22 article in

Out of 166 countries in the world whose GDP statistics are available to researchers, GDP growth for the period of 1991-2014 declined in only five countries. Ukraine’s decline was 35 per cent. The other four, negative growth countries were Moldova (-29%), Georgia (-15.4%), Zimbabwe (-2.3%) and the Central African Republic (-0.9%). All five countries are owned by the IMF and the World Bank. Three countries out of five are the Russia haters. Hating Russia comes with a hefty price, it seems.

As Poroshenko said in his August 31th speech, “Ukrainians biologically belong in Europe.” For Ukrainians to be a member of the EU is like any other bodily function, say vomiting or diarrhea. There are, however, mean people in Europe who don’t share Poroshenko’s dreams. Here’s their stories: The Europeans great Ukro- Nazis in Europe
1. Prague – People hold banners saying Stop Fascism and Poroshenko – fascist
2. Poland meets Ukro- fascists – Polish youth are kicking Ukrainians off the bus. You can hear them saying “Ukrainian kurva” which is a polish for a female dog.
2. People is Spain don’t like Ukrainian fascists

A documentary made by “Russians in Germany” РУССКИЕ В ГЕРМАНИИ GERMANY LIVE-TV

It comes with no surprise that exactly one year ago, on August 26, 2014 Sacashvili tweeted: Exactly in one year Ukraine will be sending humanitarian aid help to Russia

Touching that the fugitive Georgian was thinking about Russia. You know who else has been thinking about Russia? The US Vice President’s son. Not the one who died of brain cancer, but the one who has brain damage from his cocaine preferences. Hunter Biden, with a mouth that’s always open. He blames “Russian Agents” for Ashley Madison profile

Biden thinks international agents, possibly Russian, who objected to his board membership with a Ukrainian gas company set up a fake account to discredit him. However, IP mapping suggests otherwise

Of course the Europe political scams still managed to insert Russia in the middle of the refugee disaster that they have created and mitigated. Joschka Fischer, of German Green party, “And yet many Europeans feel threatened once again, not by Russia, which is aggressively pushing outward against its neighbors, but by refugees and immigrants – the poorest of the poor. While hundreds of boat people have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea this summer, voices have emerged in almost every corner of Europe, 26 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, calling for isolation, mass deportations, and the construction of new walls and fences. Throughout Europe, xenophobia and open racism are running rampant, and nationalist, even far-right parties are gaining ground.”

We naturally want to get the political environment back to a state where sanctions can be lifted,” Merkel said Thursday in a speech in Vienna. “We have so many international problems to tackle that it would be desirable to return to constructive cooperation” with Russia, she said.” Oh, no, Merkel. You won’t make Russia to solve your problems.

The Western blame of Russia and China for the European refugee status has started. Peter Lavelle’s, Russia’s knight in shining armor, discussion on refugee crises on RT TV Western-made refugee crisis

We are watching very carefully how the EU and the US repackaging their anti-Russia and anti-China propaganda and laying blames for human and economic disasters handmade by the West on these two innocent nations.

According to LFT the local (in China) social media is saying that explosions in China are in retaliation to PBOC dumping US treasuries and CNY devaluation. The PBOC devalued their currency (Aug 11) and the industrial depot at Tianjin exploded (Aug 12), then after the second devaluation Shandong exploded (Aug 22). These explosions were followed by the explosion in Japan of a US supply depot that supplies US special forces in the pacific rim (Aug 23). Now there is a third explosion (Aug 31). Watch for explosions in US commercial zones (outside of CONUS) and military supply facilities. If this happens, it could be a confirmation of low intensity warfare between China and the US (started by the US of course).

Russian bloggers were very disappointed when Kiev Rada storming Right Sector thugs, while throwing grenades and cutting the security servicemen with scalpels did not produce neither Putin’s portraits, nor wads of Russian rubles.

Ukro-Nazi, Igor Gumenyuk, who threw a hand grenade, has been on the active military service and a member of the special battalion (death squad) “Sech” of the Right Sector. He was supposed to go back to war with Donbass in two days. Nonetheless, hostilities around Kiev’s Rada were declared to be a “Russia’s provocation.” Putin, in accord with an ancient Ukro tradition, was blamed for everything. Images.


1. Military Training for Young Children at Ukraine’s “Neo-Nazi Summer Camp”. Recruitment of Ukraine’s “Child Soldiers” Financed by US “Nonlethal” Military Aid? [source]

Ukraine Economy
Just a reminder that an EU-Ukraine Agreement of Free Trade Area will enter into force on 1 January 2016. Europe prepares to flood Ukraine with its cheap low quality goods, so Ukraine could place its barcode on them and in turn to flood Russia, disrupting the Russia’s economy and trade. To prevent this, Russia will stop any Ukrainian goods from entering the Russia’s territory. Right now, Russia is the biggest buyer of Ukraine made products. Ukraine, and its European partners have seen nothing yet.

1. Ukraine GDP and Exports Collapsing
Ukraine’s top analytical paper Zerkalo Nedeli (Mirror Weekly) estimates annualized Ukraine GDP fell 16.3% during January-June 2015
Report is based on data by Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

Ukraine’s GDP performance is worst in the world from 1991-2015

According to data of the World Bank, Ukraine’s real GDP performance for the last 24 years has been the worst in the world, writes Sergey Korablin, a doctor of economics in Kyiv, in an August 22 article in

Out of 166 countries in the world whose GDP statistics are available to researchers, GDP growth for the period 1991-2014 declined in only five countries. Ukraine’s decline was 35 per cent. The other four, negative growth countries were Moldova (-29%), Georgia (-15.4%), Zimbabwe (-2.3%) and the Central African Republic (-0.9%).

2. Ukraine Reaches Agreement With Creditors – But the Figures Don’t Add Up [source]
by Alexander Mercouris

Ukraine secured only half the write-off it wanted and the amount involved doesn’t seem enough to fill the hole in its IMF programme.

3.  Has Ukraine got a haircut by the Templeton Investments, or its head got cut off? [source]
For those who reads in Russian, warning, many curse words. Should I say, very few non-curse words.
It seems that Ukrainians are surprised that they are being ripped off. They are a new American colony now.
Ukraine is acting as anti-Russia sanitary cordon and pays for its maintenance.

4.  Ukrainian Companies Denied Access to Russia’s Subsoil Wealth in Black Sea [source]
September 1 – Companies with Ukrainian licenses issued prior to Crimea’s reunification with Russia will no longer have access to energy resources under the Black and Azov Seas if such activity is seen as a security threat by Russia, the government said in a statement on Tuesday.

Before Crimea’s reunification with Russia in March 2014, Ukraine’s state-owned Chornomornaftogaz owned 17 hydrocarbon fields, including 11 natural gas fields, four gas condensate fields, and two oil fields, along with 13 offshore platforms in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.
Among foreign companies interested in Crimea’s offshore hydrocarbon assets were ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell and Petrom.

As ZH remands everyone that The Myth Of A Russian ‘Threat’” is the relentless propaganda war.
Not a week goes by without the Pentagon carping about an ominous Russian “threat”. The Pentagon’s rhetorical games also serve to mask a real high-stakes process; essentially an energy war – centering on the control of oil, natural gas and mineral resources of Russia and Central Asia. Will this wealth be controlled by oligarch frontmen “supervised” by their masters in New York and London, or by Russia and its Central Asian partners? Thus the relentless propaganda war.

Novorossia Donetsk Donbass

1. A piercing video with a great soundtrack Eng subtitles. Defenders of Donbass. My opened palm closed into fist
Защитники Донбасса – “Моя ладонь превратилась в кулак” [18+] (English Subs) / War in Ukraine

2. On August 29, 2015 After a failed attempt to advance on the territory of Donetsk People’s Republic, the entire 40th battalion of 72 brigade of Ukraine Armed Forces ran abandoning its position and leaving behind weapons, 21 dead and many wounded near Starognatovka – Belaya Kamenka
Батальон ВСУ бежал с поля боя под Волновахой, позорно бросив САУ, — боец «АТО»

After that, some of them showed up on social media explaining their retreat by a fact that the battle was “a sheer madness.” Right now a couple of major theories exist to explain their behavior. First, that Ukrainian military don’t want to fight with their compatriots, however being comfortable with bombing civilians. The second theory is that chaotic ran from the battlefield and abandoning all their weaponry, wounded, and dead is the result of being trained by the American instructors. And finally, that by running, 40th battalion was trying to lure Novorossian fighters to follow them and to get into a setup trap. It must be one of the brilliant ideas of American military strategists. They always misread the reality on the ground, however. They never get anything right. The simple truth is that Novorossia fighters are not attracted to male asses across the fields. That’s why they never follow running Ukro- Nazis.

Overall, it’s a good move for any Ukrainian battalion. Running improves health and extends longevity. They have to survive in order to slave and pay back 40% of their GDP to the Templeton Investment Foundation. I almost feel like buying its stocks now.

3. Poland asks to be invited to join Minsk negotiations to advance their demand to return the Western Ukraine regions with Lvov. Is Poland ready to give back German territories they received as a result of WWII? [source]

4. In case of no war, or the second referendum in Donetsk [source]
by Rostislav Ishchenko
Если войны не будет, или второй донецкий референдум
Ростислав Ищенко, обозреватель МИА «Россия сегодня»

First, as a result of the economic blockade of Donbass by Ukraine, economies of DPR and LPR were refocused on Russia (albeit via South Ossetia).

Second, as a result of the financial blockade of DPR/LPR by Ukraine, the Republics introduced the so-called multi-currency system (the hryvnia/dollar/ruble), which in fact freed them from the Kiev’s control and placed them under an umbrella of the ruble (more than 80% of cash turnover — RUR).

Third, the administrative blockade by Ukraine pushed the Republics to their own documents of identification. However, it became clear that these documents (due to the lack of recognition of DPR/LPR by the world community) have no legal status even in Russia. Now, the obvious choice is to grand Russia’s passports to the entire population of the Republics.

Fourth, in the last days of August, Russian media suddenly had a revelation and began discussion the possibility of holding in DPR/LPR referendum on accession to Russia this autumn.

If the first two points could be a forced reaction to external circumstances, the issuance of Russian passports is a political decision. Recognizing the population of DPR/LPR as Russian citizens means to assume a serious responsibility. The fact is that Russia is obligated to protect its citizens regardless of region of residence and regardless of when and how they acquired citizenship, by birth twenty years ago, or received it only yesterday by refusing Ukrainian citizenship. It is clear that all the millions of residents of Donbas won’t move to Russia. Half of them have already left their homes, and this is most likely the limit. Moreover, many plan to return and some have already returned. Therefore, Russia has to protect its citizens in their place of residence — in DPR/LPR.

Given the fact that Russian passports will be an only document making it possible to legally move outside the tiny territories controlled by the militia, we can assume that with really massive certification will get them the majority of the remaining territories of the DPR/LPR residents. In addition, according to the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation, over a million people have already emigrated to Russia from Ukraine (mostly from Donbas). Many of them will also take the opportunity to obtain Russian citizenship in the Donbass.

In the short term, the population of Russian citizens in Donbass People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic will be larger than Abkhazia, South Ossetia, or Transnistria. It will come to the point that while Kiev killing its own citizens is certainly not good, but it seems like an internal matter (at least the U.S. in this case, unlike Libya, is considered so), but when Kiev starts killing Russian citizens, the provision of the Constitution requires from the Kremlin to intervene to protect. The difference between a good will and the Constitution is huge.

Finally the most important point. Even before the beginning of issuing the Russian citizenship to everyone, DPR/LPR gave the leak that immediately after the October elections, tentatively in November or December of this year, they plan to hold a referendum on reunification of the DPR and LPR with the Russian Federation.

Are the last two points the most significant? Information about the plans to hold a referendum appeared and was widely distributed before the start of this plan implementation. Did the Kremlin want “our friends and partners” to have knowledge about it and factor it into their plans? In fact, what they are saying to the West controlled Kiev is “don’t attack until the end of September. We will hold a general certification of the population with the Russian passports, followed by a referendum in which the citizens of Russia will vote for the return to Russia. And then we’ll talk with you from the completely different political positions”.

Will Kiev let Donbass go? Ichenko thinks that no. The US needs a proxy war with Russia. in which Russia is called an “aggressor.”

What would come next, after the referendum for re-unification with Russia?

First, this referendum is not binding for Russia. Moscow might take long time to “think,” and use the fact of a referendum to strengthen his negotiating position, formally repeating the mantra of commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but hinting that since March 2014 years circumstances have seriously changed for the worst for the Kiev side, so a package of demands to the regime has naturally grown (considering that Kiev even the previous one was not able to fulfill).

Second, the authorities of DPR and LPR have not defined the boundaries of their competence. In some cases they talk about the area boundaries. In Donbass the working term is Novorossia, and there is a working Parliament of Novorossia. The governments of the Republics periodically talk about the liberation of the whole of Novorossia, as an important priority. What’s Novorossia? Most use this tern to define 8 regions in the South and East of Ukraine (Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk). Some mix in the Kirovograd region. Others highlight Kharkiv and Sumy in the North in an independent Union — Slobojangina, considering the Donbas region as an autonomous region. In General, the borders of Novorossia is not defined, and expand or contract arbitrarily.

Third, Zakharchenko promised several times that the militia will come to Kyiv, and Lviv. By the way, promised, quite rightly, the war cannot be finished until the fascist beast is destroyed in his lair.

Thus, the question of territorial competence of the governments of the DPR and LPR and of the Parliament of Novorossia is not defined and theoretically can apply as to “some areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”, as they say in Kiev, so to the entire Ukraine. In general, the limits of the governments outreach during the civil war are determined only by the capabilities of their armies.

Therefore, it’s not a fact that Kiev will be able to declare today’s front line as the borders. However, in case Kiev decides to recognize the independence of Donbass, it will open up opportunities for further legitimate entries into Russia. The struggles of the past year and a half become worth it. It also may increase anti-junta movements in Kharkov, Odessa, and other cities of Novorossia. Kiev is unlikely to succeed in organizing a new army and throwing it to suppress the Kharkov People’s Republic and Odessa People’s Republic. Potential participants of the death squads will remember how a year and a half they fought against the DPR and LPR only for Kiev to achieve a peace deal on worse conditions than the ones offered in March 2014, when Donbass only wanted federalization.

At the begging of 2014, Washington was trying to make Russia to choose between bad and the worst. Now, Moscow has the situation flipped.
Now Washington will have to choose lesser of two evils. They can either take a risk to the discontent of its European allies. If Washington initiates aggression of Kiev against Donbass, it will bury Minsk Agreement and deprive the EU of arguments in discussions with Moscow. The US can wait and watch, as in the framework of the Minsk Agreement Moscow slowly, with obvious pleasure and at the comfortable pace, digesting the entire Ukraine, starting with Donbas. But Washington will have to support and contain useless Kiev regime as long as Russia will be ready without stress to eliminate it.

Ukrainization of the Western World

Western businesses, like the Dutch airline KLM, are now acting as active censors of the free speech. This is a glimpse of things to come. It’s apparent that the European and North American companies are going to start monitoring their customers activity on social media to reveal those with different political views and to deny those people access to services.

Just in: Valentina Lisitsa is silenced by Dutch airline [source]
August 26, 2015 by norman lebrecht

A musician’s stalker demanded from KLM Dutch airline to remove Ruchmaninov music performed by Valentine Lisitsa spewing hatred on Canadian and European soil – Inna Thorn , a Maidan sponsored activist, well known to the community as a staunched Ukrainian nationalist involved in harassment of those who have a different opinion on events in Ukraine. Apparently, Inna Thorn, is a nickname.

Airline Drops Pianist from In-Flight Entertainment Over Controversial Tweets
WQXR Blog Thursday, August 27, 2015 – 11:00 AM By Brian Wise

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (ADR) is a subgroup of Air France KLM SA Air France KLM SA is an airline company. The Company is engaged in passenger transportation. Its activities also include cargo, aeronautics maintenance and other air-transport-related activities, including catering. The Company’s two sub-groups Air France and KLM have a flyer program, Flying Blue, which enable members to acquire miles as they fly with airline partners or from transactions with non-airline partners. Its segments include Passenger, Cargo, Maintenance and Other. Its geographical areas of operation include Metropolitan France, Benelux, Europe (excluding France and Benelux) and North Africa, Africa (except North Africa), Middle East, Gulf, India, Asia-Pacific, North America and Caribbean, West Indies, French Guyana, Indian Ocean, South America. The Company’s fleet comprises approximately 571 aircraft.

Air France KLM is incorporated under French law with its headquarters in Paris. Both Air France and KLM continue to fly under their distinct brand names as subsidiaries of the group and are both part of the SkyTeam alliance. Air France-KLM’s frequent flyer programme, Flying Blue includes Ukraine International Airlines.

The company stock price is in deep multi year decline from EUR40 in 2008 to about ERU6.

Russia and Beyond

1. Russia: MAKS 2015 shows the world its shield in the field of military security [source]
Коротченко: Россия на МАКСе-2015 показала миру свой “щит” в области военной безопасности

2. United States continue their military provocations of Russia. USS Donald Cook is entering the Black Sea with 56 nuclear missiles on board [source]

3. The US intrusion in the Black Sea is happening just as Russia and China held Naval drills far away [source]

4. Shocking Russian fighter jet MIG 29 vertical takeoff [source]

5. And here Spectacular Vertical Takeoff MiG-29 from inside [source]

6. Never seen before. This is not a plane, this is not a bird. This is not a spaceship. This is Russian SU 25 S
This jet can stop in midair

7. Russia is getting really good at military PR [source]

8. Caucasus is a bridge connecting crisis on Middle east with the Ukrainian crises [source]

9. Russia’s MP made an official request to UN to move its headquarters to a neutral country [source]

10. Russia is asked to protect journalists from Pentagon [source]

11. In times of war, Pentagon reserves right to treat journalists like spies [source]

12. Germany opens its gates: Berlin says all Syrian asylum-seekers are welcome to remain, as Britain is urged to make a ‘similar statement’ [source]

13. USA are moving towards the world war. Is Minsk on their way? [source]

14. Western countries are psychologically preparing their population for a war against Russia [source]

15. France, Germany and Russia Back Ceasefire in Donbass: Hold the Cheers

16. In This Central Asian Country the Dream Is to Move to Russia
In Tajikistan (on the border with Afghanistan and China) parents, and even the president, want youngsters to learn good Russian so they can hope for decent employment in Russia

Mikhail Petrushkov, a Tajik representative of the International Coordination Council for Russian Compatriots, said that learning Russian is, unsurprisingly, mostly pursued by young Tajiks.

Petrushkov said that by increasing its educational reach Moscow could stand to gain more than just cheap labor.
“A brotherly country should extend us a helping hand. We suggest not just sending Russian teachers, but opening schools, as happened in the days of the Russian Empire,” he said. “Schools were opened everywhere, expanding the empire without any need for wars and leaving behind a culture for everybody.”

17. RUSSIA INC. The World Bank, using its PPP calculations, has decided that the Russian economy is bigger than the German one. Its top five are China, the USA, India, Japan and Russia. Its numbers put the BRICS GDP at 96% of the G7’s. The world is changing.

18. Cheap ruble opens new market opportunities for the Russians producers [source]
Девальвация рубля открывает для российских производителей новые экспортные рынки

I would never use vedomosti as my source, since it’s liberal and anti-Russia, however, it put together some interesting data. Keep in mind that this article explanation of rapid expansion of Russia’s agricultural sector and export into Asian markets, is that due to cheap ruble that makes the costs of labor very cheap. They refuse to factor in a simple fact that until a year ago Russia was buying all those products instead of producing them. What’s really important that Russia from a major buyer of beef, pork, sugar, honey and so on is turning into a major producer.

Russia is looking to replace Canada’s grain trade for the Chinese market. Case in point, China only buys grains from Russia and Canada. Russia and China trade now in national currencies and barters to avoid dollar. Canada currently supplies 6 million tons of cattle feed grains to China for dollars. Russia is ready to supply this amount of product to China, and to the other participants of the Asian market, leaving Canada in a dust. Russia is also ready to become the largest supplier of pork to China and other Asian markets. Russian producers are also looking to up the amount of corn (currently at 50,000 tones to China and 566,000t to Korea) and soybeans to China.

The same goes for chemical and bio-chemical industries. many Western companies produce their products in Russia to sell in Asian markets. BSH Hausgerate GmbH, L’Orеal, Unilever, Oriflame, P&G, Candy, Hoover, Renault-Nissan, and Volkswagen are among those who are expending production in Russia.

Canada, which is officially in recession, due to low oil prices, looks at a long way down if it also loses Asian markets for its grain producers.

19. The US and its financial arm IMF has placed Russia outside of the international law. The “international law” itself has become so fluid that it’s turning into the Western Europeans and north American laws that they apply at their will to the other countries.
Will IMF Throw Away the Law on Russia’s Ukraine Loan?

The IMF is allowing Ukraine to treat Russia’s government bond loan to Ukraine as a private commercial loan. Good news for everyone including Russia, because now on this can be used as a precedent, all the other governments’ bond loans can be called “commercial” and don’t have to be repaid.

20. Dogs of Western resentment bark as Chinese WWII parade passes [source]
Pepe Escobar is the roving correspondent for Asia Times/Hong Kong, an analyst for RT and TomDispatch

21. Russia accepted over 1mn Ukrainian refugees forced out of homes by Donbass war [source]
In 2014 about one-fifth of a total 1.47 million asylum requests was made by Ukrainians and 94 percent of these requests were made in Russia.
According to a recent poll conducted by the independent Levada research center, 41 percent of Russians hold that the best way to tackle illegal migration was to help the refugees find jobs and receive legal status – twice as many as the 19 percent who gave the same answer just one year back.


And now for another edition of “Amerika in decline…”
Join in as we watch the collapse of the US dollar, and with that the implosion of the US economy

How much the US will end up paying for the Ukraine?

Remember how we talk about back in February and March of this year that The Entire Oil Collapse Is All About Crushing Russia? [source]

Now, in September we are told that the Great Petrodollar Unwind Could Be $2.5 Trillion Larger Than Anyone Thinks [source]

“The virtuous circle that has sustained the dollar and buoyed USD assets for decades has definitively been broken. Now, with China’s Treasury liquidation serving to exacerbate the pressure from the demise of the petrodollar, it’s critical to take stock of accumulated petrodollar reserves in order to understand how large the unwind could ultimately be in a worst case scenario. As it turns out, narrowly focusing on official FX reserves could understate the size of petrodollar accumulation by some $2.5 trillion.

In short, China’s FX management means that Beijing has joined the global USD asset liquidation party which was already gathering pace thanks to the unwind of the petrodollar system.”

Also, for decades the petrodollar monopoly has been used by USG, Wall St. and Corp. USA as a political and economic weapon, fomenting hatred toward the US. The only ones who don’t get this are the American public. They keep believing “they hate us for our freedom“.

California Water Wars: Another Form of Asset Stripping?
“Primary” water — water newly produced by chemical processes within the earth that has never been part of the surface hydrological cycle. Created when conditions are right to allow oxygen to combine with hydrogen, this water is continually being pushed up under great pressure from deep within the earth and finds its way toward the surface where there are fissures or faults. This water can be located everywhere on the planet. It is the water flowing in wells in oases in the desert, where there is neither rainfall nor mountain run-off to feed them.

A study reported in Scientific American in March 2014 documented the presence of vast quantities of water locked far beneath the earth’s surface, generated not by surface rainfall but from pressures deep within. The study confirmed “that there is a very, very large amount of water that’s trapped in a really distinct layer in the deep Earth… approaching the sort of mass of water that’s present in all the world’s oceans.”

CIA Admits to Congress the Agency Uses Mainstream Media to Distribute Disinformation: 1975 Video

Cocaine Production Plummets After DEA Kicked Out Of Bolivia [source]

Dan Simpson: The United States owns part of Europe’s migrant problem

The last foray for the US to keep the world captive by the dollar is to destroy every single economy on this planet.

When Every Option In The Financial System Is Grounded In Absurdity, It’s Time To Look Elsewhere

The fundamentals for the US dollar are terrible, but people keep dumping money into it like trained monkeys simply because nothing else in financial markets makes any sense. This perception of ‘safety’ is based on a complete myth – every credible fundamental suggests that the dollar is dangerously overvalued; but if not the US dollar, then which currency is the safe haven? The euro is garbage, the Chinese are fighting a depression, Japan is a disaster. And that’s precisely the point. When every option in the financial system is grounded in absurdity, the only solution is to start looking for safety outside of it.

EU Refugees crisis

De-industrialization of Germany is on its way in full speed. The only thing that can stop the process is a war with Russia and China. Putting German industrial complex on military rails ones again.

This confirms suspicious that the EU is intentionally bringing young Muslim men for a war with Russia.

Chronicles of Germany’s demise

Very funny albeit true account of Germany’s meltdown made by a Russian woman.

She divorced a Muslim man in Russia, married a German man, moved in with him, got her bio-chemical degree certified and tried to find a job. Her attempts collided with illogical, in her word, suicidal behavior of German officials. Merkel reminded her Gorbachev. All her entries are well documented with the links to the major news organizations and authorities.

Her notes start on January 2015 and ends in August 2015. Her last entry states that she is preparing to flee Germany.
In brief: In Germany sex with animals is legal. German Catholic church stopped baptizing children. In many German schools pork products like sausages and ham are banned for lunches. School Christmas breaks are now being called winter breaks. Many companies ask workers do not eat during Ramadan at work. Public swimming pools ask people to swim in their clothes. If someone speaks negatively about all these, they are being called a “nazi.”

Russia has a myth about “prosperous” Germany. It’s completely false. German pensioners are digging trash in search for empty bottles. 12.5 million of Germans live below the poverty line. They appeared unexpectedly, like an avalanche. (My guess it’s all started when Germany tried to grab Ukraine, and got sanctioned by Russia.) People with some knowledge are saying that Muslims are being ferried into Germany to start the war with Russia. Russians again are enemies and “Subhumans, untermenschen” Germans are being brainwashed into believing that Siberia is a separate country called Country of Siberia in the Eastern Europe. Siberia is never called Russia on German TV.

Germany’s new name is “Deutschland ist Einwanderungsland! – Germany without borders. German’s Green party is not an ecological party, but the Muslim party. Germany has adopted new standards of living, remarkably similar to Soviet allowing only up to 16m2 per person. The government demands people with spare rooms to take in refugees. There are also force families to share apartments, to make them communal. German court jailed an 87 year old woman for not paying for a bus ride. Her pension is 500EU and her rent is 470EU. A German pastor came up with an initiative for health insurance to pay for sex services to male refugees. Ukrainian prostitutes are rejoicing. This is the Euro- integration at its best.

Remember the times when the “better” Western countries were laughing at Soviets for communal apartments. Now, the government just move refugees into apartments of Germans and making them communal by force.

The author says that all these and more is a payback for hating Russia, and for 27 million Russian people they killed. She says that Germans has never condemned what they had done to Russia. Their new idea is that they were “saving Russians from Stalin.”

They wanted Slavic slaves? The Great Invasion of Europe is their punishment for hating Russians.

She writes about the end of the European civilization. Until 14th century Europe was Muslim. It’s all coming back now with the vengeance.

German TV stations run tolerance courses saying that refugees might not know how to use European toilets, so it’s traditional for them to have their biological needs done outside, on the streets, or children’s playgrounds. Four of her family’s bicycles were stolen. She decided not to buy anymore.

The author writes how she is terrified of hate that Germans demonstrate towards Russians. For an exemption of very few sober voices, the German society is ready for a command to attack. Once, when Russia decided to pull out of the international space project, everyone started insulting Russia saying that Russians will build the next space station from “vodka bottles.” When the author asked how many space stations Germany built, she was called a “Stalin’s bitch.” “Russian” is an insult word in German language. The hate towards Russia is boiling in every German soul.

“What if they start a war?” the author asks. “How can we let Germans to kill us again?”

Germans, however, worship Americans. The author decided to flee Germany, after they officially announced that it was “Zionists” who caused the refugee crises in Europe. Not NATO bombing countries, not Saint America, not Germany’s military complex looking for new markets, but “Zionists and Jews.”

German military started drills in preparation for a war against Russia. As Germans are joking, “nuclear war is a local affair, it’s going to be very good for Russia.

Refugees are saying that money and instructions for their trip to Europe they have received from some American organizations.

On June 8th, Bundestag has allowed refugees to enlist into military.

The author lists an epidemic of sexual assaults on women, crimes against law enforcement. The return of medieval diseases like lice, and bubonic plague. The unemployment is reaching 70% among Germans, but the refugees are getting jobs as priority.

The author says that Merkel is destroying the country with the speed of a graduate from the Higher School of Economics (Die Freie Universität Berlin und die Higher School of Economics in Moskau (HSE) erweitern ihre Kooperation in der Forschung und Ausbildung)

The author says that the Eastern Germans don’t believe pro-refugee propaganda. The Western Germans believe everything their government tells them. [source]

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