by G.H Eliason for the Saker Blog

This article will unequivocally prove the Russian government and Julian Assange was innocent in relation to the DNC hacks of 2016 beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Doing so has involved the laborious work detailing events occurring from 2015-2016 that are completely separate from the DNC LEAK VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) investigated. In the beginning, it became clear we were investigating entirely different events.

This, in turn, shows clearly that VIPS assessment regarding how WikiLeaks obtained the DNC files is the only option left on the table.

How am I so sure? The real DNC hackers (different event from WikiLeaks) say so explicitly. We’ll expose the real hackers in context with the crimes. Specific people with specific tools identify them as Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear. Their names and photos of their group leaders are below.

Part 1 of the series located the DNC hackers working in Ukraine from 2014 through late 2016 (groups are still active today) beyond any shadow of a doubt. This was done by the hacking group members’ own admissions and mainstream media sources sympathetic to them as well as Ukraine’s SBU (akin to CIA) who the hackers worked with from 2014 onward. The FBI and ODNI were shown to be clearly complicit after the fact.

Part 3 will investigate the crimes involving the DNC hackers not listed below showing clearly an international terrorist campaign involving US officials, EU officials, as well as other governments, included acts against their own populations.  Initially, I was going to include this here but it deserves its own treatment.

Terrorism is not an accusation to make lightly. Both US and international standards define the threshold clearly. Large security corporations and government officials sworn in to protect people from this collaborated with the terrorists instead.

Real property was damaged. People have died. Reputations ruined. The US government was defrauded. The faith of a nation overturned. Entire countries were made scapegoats to cover the worst kind of corruption. They were put under sanctions for crimes another country committed. It’s time to clear the air.

Part 4 will show how the mainstream media “Russia did it” narrative developed. We’ll bring it into focus by looking at two specific instances where people should have been able to trust the sources. Instead, organizations built on the reputation of stellar journalists of a day gone by have been taken over by a 1% that built the for-profit privatized Intelligence industry control the opinions of a nation based on their client’s needs.

The Ukrainian hacker groups Cyber Alliance, RUH8, and CyberHunta (including Shaltay Boltay) are still an active Ukrainian state Information Operations and hacking consortium. From 2014 on these combined groups committed an international crimes spree that spanned the east and west. Just the Wikipedia listing of Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear crimes is breathtaking.

“Known in the West as Fancy Bear/Cozy Bear, Attacks on prominent journalists in Russia, the United States, Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltics, The German Parliament, threatened U.S. military wives, French TV5 Monde, United Bank for Africa, Bank of America, TD Bank, and UAE Bank, White House and NATO attack, World Anti-Doping Agency, Dutch Safety Board and Bellingcat, Dutch ministries,  International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), German and French elections (2016–2017)[Shows groups still active after Shaltay Boltay imprisoned],International Olympic Committee, United States conservative groups, The Ecumenical Patriarchate and other clergy,  German Marshall Fund, Aspen Institute Germany, and the German Council on Foreign Relations.

Fancy Bear’s targets have included Eastern European governments and militaries, the country of Georgia and the Caucasus, Ukraine, security-related organizations such as NATO, as well as US defense contractors Academi (formerly known as Blackwater), Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. Fancy Bear has also attacked citizens of the Russian Federation that are political enemies of the Kremlin, including former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and Maria Alekhina of the band Pussy Riot. SecureWorks, a cybersecurity firm headquartered in the United States, concluded that from March 2015 to May 2016, the “Fancy Bear” target list included not merely the United States Democratic National Committee,”

Some of the groups look counterproductive because they work with Ukraine’s hacker IO unit. The hackers accomplished their goal hacking them because it built rage and a sense of victimization in the media. Most importantly, it insulated Intel community superstars from having their relationships with the real hackers inspected too closely.

For other victim groups listed above, these groups worked with the hackers to build foreign policy changes.  It was a well designed an acceptable way to develop a self-censoring media that ostracized facts outside of the acceptable narratives that needed to be spun.

If Vladimir Putin was half as sly as mainstream media tries to make him out to be to support this Russia, Russia, Russia narrative, wouldn’t it have made more sense to quit and try something that actually worked somewhere in the middle of this mess of a crime spree? Getting caught every time means it’s time to reboot and retool the system.

Let’s be clear

The real Fancy Bear hackers have been located and the real groups identified have been in Ukraine since 2014. The crimes above are real. In part 1, we established the FBI did everything in its power not to conduct a real investigation into what became a hallmark case of espionage dividing the nation.

Cyber security expert Marcy Wheeler commented, “Crowdstrike’s story of a Russian hacker falls apart on this point. Part of the problem is that Alperovitch stated his final undeniable and overwhelming proof was that it was used to target Ukrainian artillerymen throughout 2014. She argues X-Agent had to be in development at least 6 months BEFORE Victor Yanukovych was ousted in a coup. Ukraine and Russia were on friendly terms.

More importantly, the first point Carr makes — that others have access to X-Agent — is very important. He notes that the anti-Russian hacker Sean Townsend not only knows that it could be used by others, but that it has been.

In fact, Sean Townsend believes that the Russian security services DO use it but he also knows that they aren’t the only ones….They did not, however, do basic research (like calling the developer of the Android app, Jaroslav Sherstuk) to confirm their speculative conclusions about it, not over six months time.

Having not done that research, however, they released a report claiming they now had high confidence in their earlier attribution at precisely the time when it would affect the debate about whether GRU really did this hack or not.”-Marcy Wheeler

It’s important to underscore that Wheeler was also an ardent supporter of the Russian narrative pushed by James Comey and Robert Mueller. Even so, this iron-clad proof manufactured by Crowdstrike was too much to stand behind.

What is Crowdstrike’s relationship to the DNC hackers, now identified positively as Ukrainian Intel Operatives?

Crowdstrike and the DNC hackers started work together beginning in 2014 through the Atlantic Council. The Atlantic Council has a contract with the Ukrainian World Congress in part to support the 2014 Ukrainian coup. These groups are what falls inside Dimitry Alperovich’s expertise.

Like the FBI, ODNI, CIA, NSA, et al, Crowdstrike knew the Ukrainian Intel operative groups Cyber Alliance and CyberHunta were the only groups outside of Crowdstrike that had the tools used in the DNC hacks. And there is no reasonable way possible for Dimitry Alperovitch and Crowdstrike not to know they were rubbing elbows with the responsible hacker groups.

In a few minute’s you’ll meet the Ukrainian who said he had the tools and they were used by “Sean Townsend’s Cyber Alliance” on his partner group CyberHunta (group member Shaltay Boltay were former FSB-GRU criminals arrested for treason in Russia) to get files he wanted.

alperovitch hacker friends.jpg

Alperovitch and the hackers were close enough to be Twitter pals throughout 2016 and possibly as early as 2014.

When you look at the top image, the Ukrainian nationalist trident and Guy Fawkes mask logo are clear. This screenshot shows the Ukrainian Intel Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear subgroups including CyberHunta and RUH8.

The bottom photo is a network diagram I took from Crowdstrike’s Twitter profile in December 2016 while investigating the DNC hack narrative. It shows a section with Crowdstrike (bottom left) in the center of their network and extends to other Twitter networks inside Crowdstrikes range of influence.

Network diagrams show volume communication by proximity. This means the closer two groups are on the graph, the more communication they are having over a longer period of time.

The fact is, Dimitry Alperovitch’s Fancy Bear/ Cozy Bear is one of only a handful of accounts that have avatars close enough on the graph to bend down and kiss Crowdstrike. This might explain why they were the only two groups with the tools unique to Fancy Bear/Cozy Bear in 2016.

Because of Crowdstrike’s close relationship with the real hackers, you have to wonder what Crowdstrike’s part in the hacking really was. One of the hacker’s nicknames even sounds like a Crowdstrike “falcon” tool ie “FalconsFlame.

Part of Mueller’s evidence was the servers used by this component of Ukraine’s hacker group CyberHunta used. These remain to be the only groups with the tools used in the DNC hacks during this time frame.

Since this graph was taken in December 2016, it means Dimitry Alperovitch and Crowdstrike were in constant contact with their Fancy Bear/ Cozy Bear hackers from the time Alexandra Chalupa was leading Trump/Russia research and yelled “bear” in January 2016. The hacker’s main groups were hired by Alexandra Chalupa through Christina Dobrovolska to do oppo research and are the Ukrainian source everyone seems to be looking for…the name Steele comes to mind.

Mother Jones reported Russian Hackers Targeted 109 Clinton Staffers in a Single Month. Mother Jones obviously didn’t understand Ukrainian involvement. Remember, Alexandra Chalupa hired the Fancy Bear/Cozy Bear hackers to do the research from Ukraine at the DNC. The Fancy Bear/Cozy Bear DNC researchers are the same hackers that stole Huma Abedin’s State Department login in the Yahoo hack only a few years before. Old habits die hard I guess.

“When Hillary Clinton resigned as Secretary of State in 2013, she negotiated continuing access to classified and top-secret documents for herself and six staffers under the designation “research assistants,” according to a powerful senator who notes that Clinton was later deemed “extremely careless” with such information.” Fox News

Clinton researchers had access to State Department server passwords from 2013 until after the 2016 election. Now, barring the facts above, what kind of people did Alexandra Chalupa hire to do research for the DNC? Were they Democrats?

When you consider most of their crimes were against the progressive side of the party and going left to Bernie Sanders, the answer is no. They are card-carrying Ukrainian nationalists that prefer the 1930s German political dialogue.

What kind of people do Alexandra Chalupa, Ukrainian Intelligence, and the Ukrainian Ministry of Information hire and work with?

As the head of Ukraine’s SBU after the 2014 coup, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko rebuilt Ukraine’s version of the CIA/FBI from the ground up by firing everyone that did not subscribe to Pravy Sektor politics.

“SBU does not need to invent anything extra — it is important to build on the traditions and approaches of the OUN-UPA security service. It [the OUN-UPA security service] worked against the aggressor during the temporary occupation of the territory, it had a patriotic upbringing, used a counterintelligence unit, and had relied on the peaceful Ukrainian population using its support.”- Valentyn Nalyvaichenko

He was second in command of Pravy Sektor under Ukrainian neo-nazi terrorist, Dimitro Yarosh. Under the Victor Yushchenko regime, he brought Yarosh’s vision of Ukraine to US leaders for years through Ukrainian Diaspora roundtables.

To simplify his statement, his honest belief is Ukrainian Intelligence and security actors only need to subscribe to the same 1930s and 1940s political beliefs that torturers and murderers did at the WWII death camps and be a little enthusiastic about it. Those are his words.

The above represents the political beliefs of the Ukrainian Intel hackers and Information Operation researchers/ Ukrainian Intel operators Alexandra Chalupa brought to the DNC and team Clinton. They work inside a framework built by former Pravy Sektor spokesman, Sviatoslav Yurash under neo-nazi Dimitro Yarosh and Valentyn Nalyvaichenko.

These are the Fancy Bear/ Cozy Bear groups Crowdstrike worked with through 2016 and hid from the investigation.

Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear- Meet Ukraine’s DNC hackers

Pictured below are Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear Ukrainian Cyber ​​Alliance members Artem Karpinsky, Andriy Baranovych (Sean Townsend-RUH8), Oleksandr Galushchenko, and Andriy Perevezy are part of the most aggressive the Ukrainian Intel hacker & IO group behind the DNC hack and 2016 election interference operation. This group stated their primary goal is to destroy Russia.

None of this is speculative anymore. The hacker’s are positively located in Ukraine at the time of the DNC hacks working for Ukrainian Intelligence. The hacking groups were working for the DNC and Hillary Clinton. The hacking groups have been positively identified.  The members have been identified. The hacking groups were interviewed by the FBI. One component of Ukrainian CyberHunta was in Ukraine from 2014 until October 2016 and that subgroup was indicted by Robert Mueller.

If you look at all the major hacks Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear have attributed to them above, they are either the world’s worst hackers or their working goal is to hurt Russia’s reputation in the world community.

In fact, just to build his case enough to show criminality, Robert Mueller had to resort to including the crimes against the Russian government and interests because that’s all he had. And he had to rely on information provided by the hackers themselves just to make that almost work.

It was during this 2014 they became part of a still in play Information Operation coup in the United States. Without their work, it would have been impossible to build the anti-Russian narrative that still dominates media and politics in 2020.

Very damning for all the investigations is the fact the former FSB/GRU criminal connections some of Ukrainian Intel operator CyberHunta had were arrested by the Russian FSB in the fall of 2016 and convicted of treason.

As noted in part one of this series, the FBI interviewed them. In 2017, Ukrainian Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear stepped up activity using the NSA toolbox just after Shaltai Boltai members of CyberHunta were arrested. The Ukrainians kept going after Shaltay Boltay members were in prison. This shows their use of Fancy Bear signature tools when Shaltay Boltay could not use them.

Since as early as last fall, the Russian hacker group known as APT28, or Fancy Bear, has targeted victims via their connections to hacked hotel Wi-Fi networks, according to a new report from security firm FireEye, which has closely tracked the group’s intrusions, including its breach of the Democratic National Committee ahead of last year’s election.- Russia’s ‘Fancy Bear’ Hackers Used Leaked NSA Tool to Target Hotel Guests

ukraine hacks journalists mh17 shaltay boltay.PNG

The image below is from DDOSecrets.  According to the NYT in their article Huge Trove of Leaked Russian Documents Is Published by Transparency Advocates by Scott Shane this is a miracle upload with too much information to sort through quickly. The 2 time Pulitzer prize winner never put 2+2 together and conclude he had the real hackers he won his Pulitzer misidentifying. This web platform is an outlet for them to try to upstage Wikileaks.

The first thing to notice is the bOltai files. CyberHunta’s Shaltay Boltay spent most of their time attacking Russian interests

#julianassange #wikileaks the DNC LEAKS and VIPS

This is the part that confuses people and makes it almost impossible to clear Julian Assange. I’ve proven beyond any doubt the DNC hackers Assange was accused of working with actually worked for Ukraine.

If you look at the top file description in the image above, the DNC hackers state in undeniable terms WikiLeaks refused to work with them.  If the Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear DNC hackers gave Assange and WikiLeaks the DNC files, their credibility would be unimpeachable for WikiLeaks.

According to NYT Pulitzer Prize winner, Scott Shane article shown above, when the DNC hackers approached WikiLeaks:

The documents include a voluminous archive of material hacked from Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs that WikiLeaks had declined to publish in 2016, telling Foreign Policy magazine the next year that it “rejects all submissions that it cannot verify” or that it finds “insignificant.”

The Ukrainian Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear team that Crowdstrike, Mueller, the FBI, Comey, Clinton, Clapper, Kerry, Brennan, Chalupa, Obama and others worked with and hid: never delivered anything to Assange.

In and of itself, this makes the only plausible explanation for WikiLeaks possession of the DNC material to be exactly what VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) Larry Johnson, Ray McGovern, and Bill Binney said it was.

The DNC LEAK is the only other explanation that has been offered and all the valid evidence supports as the vehicle between the DNC and WikiLeaks.

The DNC hacks were meant to set in motion the chain of events that occurred from 2016 incriminating Russia to bring it to heel and suffer under sanctions. Assange is still the scapegoat today. It was very successful because it changed the politics of the entire world.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks should sue all the parties above for libel, false persecution, and slander, false imprisonment and every other crime committed against Assange regarding this matter.

The sanctions imposed on Russia based on false evidence need to be reconsidered and lifted. Russia is a competitor of the United States, not an enemy.

It’s time Ukraine faces a hard reckoning for what it has done.



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