Press TV reports that a UN conference at the European Parliament has criticized Israel for its policies towards Palestinians, calling for a boycott against it.

The ‘International Conference of Civil Society in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace’ in Brussels has been organized by the UN’s Committee to restore the Rights of the Palestinian People.

During the conference, British Member of Parliament Clare Short blasted Israel for not being interested in a two-state solution, and criticized the EU for “allowing” Israel to build “an apartheid wall”.

“The boycott worked for South Africa, it is time to do it again,” Short was quoted as saying on Saturday.

The Israeli separation wall was also attacked by the European Parliament’s vice president, Edward McMillan-Scott, who maintained that the wall would not bring peace to Israel.

Pierre Galand, European coordinator of the Committees and Associations for Palestine said Israeli policy is the cause of the current conflict between Fatah and Hamas.

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