Christian Vignette Project Description

Comments posted to articles under the Sandbox category with a tag of ‘Christian Vignette’ can viewed by all and a selected group of commentators will be allowed non moderated comments.

Currently completed

  1. An online form has been created that will allow interested commentators to request becoming a ‘Vignette’ commentator
  2. Program to transform form information to wordpress acceptable input is completed and tested
  3. Creation of ‘vignette’ registered user from data has been tested and works.
  4. ‘vignette’ users can comment unrestricted on ‘Vignette’ post tested and works
  5. all comment to ‘vignette’ posts are visible to non ‘vignette’ users but no posting is allowed … tested and work

Not Completed

  1. auto processing of online forms data format acceptable to wordpress program is not completed
  2. program to allow saker yay/nay on request needs to coded (currently he has to manually edit the requests)
  3. email back to the declined requester does not yet exist
  4. auto input into wordpress auto execution of accounts is not done


The parts that visitor/commentator experience all work.

However manual intervention is required between receiving of request and account creation. It is estimated than another week or so will be required to automate these manual steps.


Herb Swanson (webmaster)

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