Something rather hilarious just happened: the US Embassy in Moscow decided to hang up a big “LGBT+” flag next to the Stars and Stripes, see for yourself:

Pretty soon the Russians, being Russian, made a joke out of it saying that the “LGBT Embassy” in Moscow decided to fly the Stars and Stripes :-)

But that was not enough.  The clueless US Ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, decided that he personally needed to chime in to explain to the Russian people why the US had decided to post that flag on the same day when the Russian people would vote on a number of Constitutional Amendments which included one saying that marriage is defined as the union of a man and a woman and another one mentioning Russia’s faith in God.  Listen to the poor man and just imagine the reaction in Russia to this:

If the goal was to ridicule the USA and make it appear, effeminate, clueless and deeply hostile to everything Russia stands for, it would have been a stunning success.

But that was probably not the goal.

Personally, I wholeheartedly welcome and fully support this initiative: Russia does need to be regularly reminded of what the USA and the AngloZionist Empire truly stand for and what “western values” would do to Russia if adopted.

In fact, seeing how the US Ambassador to Germany successfully offended the German people on a several occasions, I would hope that soon a majority of US Ambassadors be chosen amongst the so-called  “LGBT community”.

In Europe, there is now a fad of appointing women to the position of Minister of Defense.  This is good, I also applaud this, but the USA needs to do better.

I want a homosexual Secretary of Defense.  This will really make the Russian people happy.

Me too.

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