U.S. Embassy Luxembourg – Statement on Russian PM Medvedev’s Planned Visit to the Grand Duchy

The U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg, responding to news of the Russian Prime Minister’s planned visit issued the following statement:

“Luxembourg and its government find themselves at a unique time and in a unique place for advancing the right of all countries and peoples to “stay what [they] are”. It is a unique time as Russian Prime Minister Medvedev comes to Luxembourg just after the fifth anniversary of the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia. Luxembourg is a unique place because Luxembourg was twice in the position of Crimea – occupied by a larger foreign power insisting it give up its identity to become part of a larger empire. Now, the world will watch to see if Luxembourg officials accept a different future for the people of Crimea than it insisted for itself, or will instead look the other way. To challenge illegal aggression, Luxembourg is at the perfect moment, in the perfect place, to forcefully call on Russia to reverse course and leave Crimea. After all, who in Europe or even around the world has greater standing to raise this issue?”

source: https://lu.usembassy.gov/u-s-embassy-luxembourg-statement-on-russian-pm-medvedevs-planned-visit-to-the-grand-duchy/
Comment: clearly there is no such thing as “US diplomacy” out there.  All that’s left are a sad gang of illiterate ignoramuses who don’t even realize how utterly offensive and yet also comical they look in the eyes of civilized people.  The local reaction was predictable:

“The Luxembourgish government does not need tutoring from another state or embassy about how foreign policy should be defined. This is unacceptable!”

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