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“I found it disarmingly simple and heartfelt! In 1959, my generation was about eight on average. We already understood things well beyond our years without being able to express or change them. This post by Teranam13 has the common touch. I think we can all understand the cry from the heart which it puts so well. Perhaps this kind of understanding suffices.”
by teranam13
USA…and Russia from a 12 year old’s perspective circa 1959:

I read a lot to escape a very sterile and cruel yet stable family when I was young and the subject of my suffering, in the context of human suffering, fascinated me; especially what Dostoyevsky had to say. Of course I was too young to understand his depths, especially the concept of redemption by personal suffering.

What struck me as a child, and it seems valid enough even now, is that the Russians know how to suffer. None of these folks ran around all put out because life did not turn out the way they expected and planned. Yes, they were unhappy but somehow they always continued to chop wood and haul water throughout.

OK, this sounds glib and superficial but what I see now in the USA is many, many people doing everything they can to stay asleep, spiritually and emotionally. Well, this is usual, but history and fate have given the USA the “rope to hang itself with”. No invasions, no famines, no plagues (a few hurricanes and earthquakes) and vast, vast wealth to burrow down under in denial, lots of drugs which numb but don’t paralyze. No need for social solidarity.

It is a country that bombs weddings etc, at a distance, with no accountability by man (certainly not Ban Ki Moon) or nature. The schools don’t teach, the hospitals don’t heal, the police do not protect, the government does not govern; yet the band plays on and on, as the bridges crumble and yet another foreign war begins.

In a sense, G-d has turned his face away from the USA because the worst thing is His silence. “We are great because we are good.” The platitudes issued from the mainstream churches in His name, the lack of true dialog and worse, much worse, the casting of our own inner demons by our leadership onto others gives proof of a vast inner wasteland paralleling the boarded homes and crumbling factories of the Mid West.

The only thing missing is a fact-check from the rest of the world unless… unless the American people do begin to wake up. Archangel Gabriel sounds the trumpet – arise!

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