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A few days ago, we had access to the video we share below.

The video is self-explanatory, and it makes it hard to avoid seeing what’s undeniable. There is a fifth column within the revolutionary government that threatens the Revolution from within. This phenomenon, certainly not exclusive to Venezuela, has been taking shape and expanding dramatically in recent years, since the physical disappearance of Hugo Chávez, who was the motor, soul and life of the Venezuelan revolutionary process. Its consequences could become as devastating as unscrupulous is its way of acting and its motivations. Examples of this imperial strategy carried out successfully can be seen in Brazil, where the legitimate government was overthrown by a parliamentary coup, Ukraine with an occupation government where the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden became director of the largest Ukrainian gas company, or the much more regrettable cases of Libya and Syria. Currently Nicaragua is suffering the same fate, do not forget the joint-venture project with the Russian Federation underway for the construction of an interoceanic canal that will compete with the Panama Canal, an open affront to the empire, or at least this is how the empire is used to seeing every attempt at progress that does not accrue to his own economic or political benefit. As always, we can observe the important and disastrous role played by the fifth columns in the development of these plans that betray the welfare of their own nations.

Soft Coup under Development

Hugo Chavez was already aware of the strategy and did not deprecate the dangers that lurked even before these plans had been implemented with success in the mentioned countries.

Chavez narrates he received a copy of a book by a college student with a remark on it: “Alert! The imperial strategy is fully displayed herein”. The book es titled: “From Dictatorship to Democracy. A conceptual system for liberation” by Gene Sharp. Chavez then goes on to explain that this technique is also known as the soft coup, explaining that this is the reason why the Venezuelan oligarchy and the USA Government insist so hard on calling Venezuelan government a dictatorship, in a way to justify the application of this methodology. Chavez says textually: “they want to create a virtual dictatorship, but this is indeed really difficult, because such a mirage will be soon thrown away by reality”. Chavez also portrays the misuse of students and warns them to not let themselves be manipulated and used as cannon fodder by creating unrest that lead to give the impression of impossibility of governability and build up a scenario for a coup. He finishes saying that the revolutionary government will never be overthrown.

As well the following video explain in easy diagrams the strategy behind the Soft Coup according to the design of Gene Sharp.

As can be seen from the information contained in these videos, it is easy to appreciate that a key point in the success of the soft coup is the support provided by the fifth column, immersed within the state apparatus and the operations of the central and regional government. Appearing to be part of the revolutionary process, but covertly working to dismantle it. The damage infringed goes directly to the spirit of the revolutionary on the street, who is by definition, frontally exposed to the massive attack for being himself its target by being exposed firsthand to the shortage of food, medicines, electricity, speculation, exacerbated inflation, difficulties of connection to the internet, attacks by paramilitary groups surreptitiously posing as members of the revolutionary government apparatus. In Venezuela there has been added a previously unknown variant of attack on the citizen, the shortage and accumulation of cash, paper money, to be freighted to Columbia and other destinies overseas.

It is to be hoped that the revolutionary government will react by detecting and at least officials of high media exposure will be removed from their functions due to the imminent danger they entail as they are agents of the imperialist powers themselves that threaten to destroy the nation and its population.


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