The Leader of the DNR, Alexander Zakharchenko, was interviewed yesterday on the most watched talk-show on Russian TV, “Evening with Vladimir Soloviev” and when asked by the host whether the local accomplices who had made such a murder possible had been identified, he only replied “the investigation is still ongoing”.  This short exchanges illustrates a couple of interesting things:

First, even though there are some who don’t want questions to be asked, these questions reappear everywhere, even on prime time TV in Russia.

Second, while Zakharchenko did, of course, blame the Ukie secret service SBU, he did not reject the notion that there were local accomplices either.  All he said was “the investigation is continuing”.  I bet you that this issue – local accomplices – will continue to plague the DNR leadership until and unless they come up with some credible explanation for what happened.

Third, the Russian blogger Anatolii Sharii made an excellent and very funny video yesterday about those who criticized him for asking the tough questions.  Here is what he said in a video entitled “nobody forbade not to think” (with English subtitles):

All I can say is that I fully agree: if somebody prefers not to think – great!  But please don’t censor others for using their brains.

Now, let’s turn to a very dangerous consequence of the current situation.

One one hand, we have the murder of a very popular military leader of the DNR and on the other, we know have the Leader of the DNR, Alexander Zakharchenko, on record making direct threats to retaliate against Ukrainian officials and especially SBU leaders.  Here is what said (with English subtitles):

And yesterday, during the talk show with Soloviev, Zakharchenko went as far as to say that his forces are ready to liberate Kiev.

Now put yourself in the position of an Ukronazi leader or, better, into the position of the Kiev CIA station chief: you don’t want Minsk-2, what you want it war with Russia.  Is the solution not obvious?

Organize a horrible terror attack in Kiev, say a car bomb in front of the SBU building in Kiev during rush hour, just to make sure to get a maximal number of civilians, and then blame it all on Zakharchenko and the DNR leaders, of course!  And by the time the entire “civilized world” (aka the US and its NATO puppets) will denounce the latest “Russian atrocity”, launch a massive attack on Novorussia and say that the DNR forces have attacked “just as Zakharchenko predicted they would”.

Friends, this is very very bad.  I cannot blame Zakharchenko for his words, he has just lost a close friend and he is understandably upset, but the fact is that this all starting to look extremely dangerous.

To make it all worse, there are now clear signs that the Obama Administration has decided to double-down (yet again!) in Syria and that their oh-so-subtle plan is to bomb Daesh out of Mosul to force them to enter Syria and join the fight against the Syrians and the Russians.  Just in time to deny the Russians their victory in Aleppo (or so, at least, do the Americans hope).  And, of course, the bombs falling on Mosul are “democratic” and “humanitarian”, so the press has nothing to say about it.  Only Russian bombs are “inhumane” and otherwise horrible.

So if the AngloZionists have decided to double-down in Syria, is it not likely that they have also decided to double-down in the Ukraine?  Create a nice little war just on time for Hillary to beat Trump who is, after all, a well-known “Putin ally”, right?

I consider that the risks of a CIA-SBU organized false flag in the Ukraine (probably Kiev) are right now at a maximum and the risks of an Ukronazi attack on Novorussia very high.

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