This video is nothing short of amazing. Think of it, these people are openly confronting what is clearly Ukie death-squad and not just some regular military unit (their gear is brand new and clearly imported).  Even more amazing is the language used.  While I don’t feel like translating it into English, I will say that it is just about the most overly aggressive, rude and provocative as it gets.  You talk like that to a cop in Russia and you will get arrested and probably a good taste of his rubber truncheon.  
Which, by the way, also is one hell of a contrast with the behavior of the Ukies in Odessa and Mariupol.  This time the Ukies acted like pros: remained calm and composed.  Wherever these guys came from, their are not the pathetic assortment of thugs seen in Mariupol but a disciplined unit.  And whether they were aware or not that they were being filmed is irrelevant: it is very hard to keep your calm when faced with a clearly enraged crowd which could turn violent at any instant.

Can somebody find out what this unit is exactly?  Where did these guys come from?  I sure hope that this is not the sign of a revamped Ukie military because if it is, then the NAF militia will be facing a much more dangerous and capable enemy.

This is a remarkable video: a very courageous crowd facing some very professional soldiers.   Things appear to be changing on both sides.

The Saker

UPDATE: I am getting a lot of comments saying that this is an old video.  If so, then I would be even more interested in finding out what this unit is and what it has done since.  I hate that re-cycling (and misleading) of old videos to new events, but I guess it comes with the Internet territory.  But in this case, I still find this video quite amazing, though if that is not Kramatorsk today, then the behavior of the crowd is not so amazing.  Anyway, sorry if this is an old one (don’t have the time to check now), but if you find any info about the unit, please post it here.  Thanks!!  The Saker

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