In the U.S., Walmart declared an open war on Amazon by telling trucking companies that it will no longer do business with them if they continue moving goods for Amazon.

Recently I had a lovely discussion about who should be called the new anti-Christ. First, anyone who attacks and kills Christians for their faith is an anti-Christ. Second, if  Christianity vanishes from earth, an anti-Christ would come as a messiah of Israel. Three things are certain. He will be a human being. He will come from a tribe of Dan, and he will rule for 42 months.

How does that have anything to do with two giant retailers fighting?

Amazon’s expansion into food and brick and mortar is seen as proof that the company is a part of the plot to consolidate retail trade in one hands as a part of the globalists’ plan to stage a coming of the anti-Christ.

We are nowhere near spiritual conditions that would call for the end of the world, but  it’s possible to simulate reality to make people believe that something is taking place. It’s also possible that Amazon with its huge online presence might be used as a so-called “crisis actor.”

Traditionally, to decide someone’s place in Bible prophesies, we need to look into a hidden meaning of their name by estimating its number in gematria. “Amazon” spelled in Hebrew אֲמָזוֹנָה and has a value of 109. There are a few other words in Bible that has the same number and you can find them here

Among those words there are a “store-house,” a word “comfort,” a verb “devour, ” and  the name Ahimelech.

If the first three words have relation to online retail, Ahimelech seemingly doesn’t.

Ahimelech was a high priest during the reign of Saul. At the time, just like ISIS and Al Nusra today, militant armed groups were traveling across the Middle East and fighting with each other and against neighboring people and destroying other nations’ places of worships.

One day David got in fight with his father-in-law Saul and fled before Saul had him killed. He came to a village of priests guiding the Ark of the Covenant, a barrel shaped wooden box that served as a tribal war chest filled with gold the tribal members stole from unsuspecting Egyptians.

To keep the other tribesmen away, the priests made up a story that  some kind of covenant with God was hidden inside the chest. It mostly worked to keep greedy violent conniving riffraff from attacking them, and the priests stuck to their legend ever since.

When David came to their village, he met with Ahimelech and demanded bread for his fighters. The priest suspected something when he saw a dirty disheveled chief of Saul’s armed forces showing up at his doorstep alone, without his usual entourage, and he got very scared of David. David, of cource, lied to the priest and said that he was dispatched by the king for a secret mission. Then a hungry David said, “what’s that under your arm? Give me this bread you are holding.” The priest, however, didn’t want to give David anything, so he said that bread was no good for David and his fighters because it was “hallowed bread,” and since David and his fighters slept around with women, they couldn’t eat this bread.

David wasn’t superstitious and didn’t buy the priest’s excuse to withhold food from his troops and he also gave a remarkable account of how the locals viewed them. He said, “Of a truth, women have been kept from us about these three days, since I came out.” In other words, he admitted that local women were running away and hiding from him and his militants.

He also reminded the priest that even so this bread was offered as a sacrifice, it was just common ordinary bread and his men could eat it just fine. After getting bread David began looking for something else to take and found Doeg, a Syrian man who stayed with Saul after he attacked Syria, converted to Saul’s religion and was trusted enough to be made a head of King’s private security.

The deal with the private security is that you never know if they are protecting their subjects, or guarding them. In the recent SBU documents leak, we saw how the heads of private security for Ukrainian mobsters are playing geo-political roles way beyond their kin.

After David saw Doeg,he demanded some weapon from the priest and got the sword of Goliath, that was stored in the room behind the Arc. With the bread and the sword, David fled to the neighboring Palestinian village. The Palestinians didn’t kill him and accepted him as a refugee, despite the bad blood between them and David, since he killed their military commander Goliath and even came carrying Goliath’s sword.

Meanwhile, Doeg realized that Saul just lost the best part of this armed forces, went and took revenge for Saul’s invasion of Syria, first by telling king that Ahimelech conspired with David against Saul and gave him bread and the sword, and then he killed every single priest per Saul’s suggestion and after that he killed Saul himself.

What was Doeg reasons for revenge? After Saul became the king of Israel, he fought against all his neighbors, or “enemies” as the tradition called them. He attacked Palestinians and Syrians and he “vexed them.”

Doeg, who was a very well educated and intelligent man, according to the herd of Talmudic scholars, joined Saul’s tribe by pretending to convert into their religion and becoming the head of his security to take revenge for Saul’s military adventures and for destroying his nation and all the nations around. He was, in a modern understanding, an illegal intelligence officer, who acted undercover as someone who betrayed his people and started working for the enemy.

Saul and his tribe of the Benjamites left an interesting heritage. Their men were suspected of practicing homosexuality, and that’s why they were slaughtered by the members of other tribes several times and their women were forced to marry men from the other tribes and nations.

This situation had resulted in so called “The Salic Law” that skips women and gives the property to the next male relative, and the practice of Mossad to assassin males in a family, and to target women with their character assassination to make them to lose the support of those around them.

Having to share the gematric number with Ahimelech, Amazon should share the priest’s fate to be cut into pieces by a Syrian sword.

Amazon’s logo, a small letter ‘a’ underscored by a schematic drawing of a red penis, could be viewed as a sign of vitality or arrogance.  While growing, Walmart had killed scores of small Mom and Pop Brick and Mortar stores. Amazon killed small Mom and Pop online stores. No one can compete with free same day delivery. No small online business owner can use the U.S. Postal services at deep discount and have tax payers to subsidize them. The war between Walmart and Amazon should be an interesting one. If  Walmart chooses to play patriotic and domestic company vs evil globalists card, Walmart might even win.


On September 30th, 2015 Russia initiated its military operation two weeks before an estimated fall of Damascus. The following stunned silence showed that our adversaries didn’t expect that, and didn’t know what to do. Soon, however, they started massive consolidation of forces.

On December 10th 2015 OUTDATED WHY ARE YOU POSTING THIS NOW Vatican’s COMMISSION FOR RELIGIOUS RELATIONS WITH THE JEWS published a remarkable document in which they proclaimed the Catholicism to be a child of Judaism, praying to the same god and casually rejecting Jesus as living God, but talking about Him as a Talmudic teacher. They branded millions of Catholics as lesser Jews. They reminded that “The permanence of Israel is to be perceived as an “historic fact and a sign to be interpreted within God’s design.” They said that Judaism is not to be considered simply as another religion; the Jews are instead our “elder brothers” (Saint Pope John Paul II), our “fathers in faith.”

The authors of this documents at the very least ignored Christ’s words “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

I have no doubts that this hastily and poorly written document was published by the Vatican two months after the Russians coming to the Middle East with one aim, to place on the millions of deceived papists an unduly burden to defend “The permanence of Israel” as a part of  “God’s design,” And how exactly should we count Jesus’ promise “You see all of these things, do you not? Truly I say unto you, there shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down”  into this “design of the permanence of Israel?”

If Jews are the “fathers in faith” of Catholics, then the Catholics must be the “children in faith” of Jews. For the Vatican to dedicate millions of Catholics from the “children of God” into the “children of Jews” is a riot.

This however explains why the Catholics inside the US military are eager to attack Orthodox Christians in the Middle East and Russia while fighting for the geo-political interests of Israel. It also illustrates my thesis made elsewhere, that Christianity exists as long as Russia exists.



Looks like emir of Qatar is our guy now.

Since December 2016, when the commodity trader Glencore Pic and Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund bought 19% stake in Russia’s Rosneft, the “Qatar gas pipe” problem has received an elegant solution. Qatar fulfills Russia’s LNG orders for China, and other buyers, and Russia fulfills Qatar’s orders for the European market.

Qatar Airways planes, coming from Europe to Doha and vise versa, begin to fly over Syrian airspace for the first time since 2012!


A vivid discussion is going on in Russia as well as in the U.S. as to what we should do to media members.

There are two schools of thoughts: one says to hang the press members, another, to try them in court and then hang them.

“I am not a huge fan of mob justice though, and believe that in this event, they should be rounded up and tried one by one. Their actions should be measured against the damage that they did to the nation, by stirring up internal dissent, omission of historically relevant information, disinformation, misleading reporting, ect., and those convicted would be convicted of treason, in a court of law, as per our constitution, and then hanged. “


The court has to be the UN court. The Western media members, not just the journalists, but also their owners and shareholders, have to be tried for spreading hatred against nations, taking active part in color revolutions and destabilizing multiple countries, being directly and indirectly responsible for death of millions people, and currently for trying to start a nuclear war that would kill most people on earth.

After this trial, we the people have to demand that executives of media companies to be elected, because since the media acts as a political party, they have to obey the laws under which most political parties operate.


In Russia, a non-systemic opposition was shown that their anonymity during unauthorized meetings is a thing of the past. 

The new service FindFace developed by the Moscow-based company N-Tech.Lab. was launched in February of 2017. It’s software crawls through millions of profiles on VKontakte to find the person you are looking for within seconds.

It’s no secret that non-systemic opposition looks for a regime change in Russia. According to their own statements, they want also “severe punishment” of law enforcement and military, the surrendering of Crimea and withdrawal from Syria, dismantling of nuclear weapons, and breaking the country apart. Overall, an extent of their appetite is epic.

Russia’s new military doctrine equates “color revolutions” to the military actions of hostile world actors that warrant a military response.

However, people are still living under the stress of having a handful of the Western paid “protesters” and local crazies to block the streets and to attack police officers. Recently every event staged by the non-systemics had at least one officer being injured. Now, people that go for those “protests” would be able to see themselves on the giant panoramic photos called Gigarama.

The relics of St. Nicholas on the gigapixel panorama of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Gigarama is also a Russian invention. No one else takes massive collective photos of public events.

There is an option there that allows to zoom in on every face in the crowd, and with the assistance of the Findface, it’s possible to identify a person.

We have seen photos of the Police officers and their families being posted online with their home addresses. Now, the chances to be recognizable got equal.


Stalin vs Reznik

An attorney Henri Markovich Reznik,  who used to split his days between chairing the presidium of the Moscow City Bar Association, and teaching at Kutafin Moscow State Law University, has abruptly resigned from his university position. The reason for his departure became a memorial plaque to Stalin installed inside the University hall. Reznik, protested the decision to mount a plaque even so it was made back in 1960 and carried out just now. You can view a picture of a memorial plaque here and see underneath it a picture of an attorney in question.

Many people leave their jobs every day, not many of them become a subject of a nationwide discussion. The main thrust of the discussion is where else should we placed more Stalin’s memorial plaques and portraits. The general consensus is that those plaques should be placed in every school, university, hospital, TV station, newspaper, and government building. Some should be strategically placed along the perimeter of Russia. Let them work their magic.

Nearly half a million Syrians have returned to their homes so far this year: UNHCR


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