Translated and subtitled by Scott Humor

Life has once again confirmed the validity of assessment given by a former Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski.



This long gone former minister once said that the Poles “gave the Americans a blowjob for nothing in return. Suckers. Total suckers.”

This time Warsaw got on its knees in the matter of punishment for the accusations of Poles in participation in the Holocaust.

Let me outline a general historical background.

The Poles feel burning sensation in intimate parts, when they are reminded of the actions of Polish collaborators and nationalists during the Second World War. In case someone forgot, their “adventures” were purely a la Bandera and his followers, whom Poles themselves hate.

For example, in a village of Jedwabne, which before the war belonged to the Bialystok region of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, and after the war went to Poland, the local Poles killed all the Jews.

Let me quote the American historian Jan Tomasz Gross, who established this fact.

In July 1941, a large group of Poles living in Jedwabne took part in a brutal slaughter of almost all the Jews there, who, by the way, constituted the majority of this town population.

At first, they were killed one by one, with sticks, stones, tortured and beheaded, their corpses were desecrated. Then, on July 10th, about one and a half thousand survivors were locked into a sheep barn and burned alive. This was an act similar to what Bandera and his followers did, and it is quite understandable why in Warsaw feels uncomfortable being reminded of this.

The Poles are trying to refute accusation, but in the same town of Jedwabne the Polish Institute of National Memory was only able to dispute the number of victims. They say that there were not one thousand and five hundred victims, but 340-350 people.

This was not the only episode of Poles murdering Jews.

What’s illustrative: former Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski in 2001 apologized for the incident.

But in 2015, the current head of the country nationalist Andrzej Duda, speaking at presidential election debate, said that Jews in Jedwabne were killed by the Germans, and that the participation of the Poles in the Holocaust is a lie.

Unsurprisingly, having come to power, Duda and his party began instilling their views, which led them to the adoption of the law on the Institute of National Memory. They introduced a criminal liability for accusations of Poles in the murder of Jews, and all that.

I want to point out that initial purpose of this law was completely clear.

Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine (there is no way without it) tried to squeeze some money out of Germany for occupation during the Second World War. However, this trick wouldn’t work, if German burghers, reasonably, would point out at complicity of Poles in crimes of the occupiers. Hence the need to wash the black dog white, declaring the Poles to be saints and victims.

To create an appearance that they were oppressed from all sides: by the Germans, Bandera and his followers and the NKVD. But they themselves would never.

The whole thing fell flat on its face. After the law was adopted, it caused outrage in Israel, which is known as a beloved wife of the United States. As a result, Washington gave Warsaw a humiliating spanking.

First, Donald Trump signed Act S. 447 into law, which journalists dubbed “Justice for survivors.” It allows Holocaust survivors in Poland and their heirs to file claims for restitution of property in the United States courts. We are talking, for a moment, about restitution in amount of about $300 billion.

Secondly, when Andrzej Duda flew to the United States, he was not met by any senior officials. The President of the main American vassal in Eastern Europe had to be satisfied with meeting the governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner and mayor of Chicago Ram Emanuel. And those even they had only met with Duda from selfish interests: Illinois has a lot of voters ethnic Poles, so politicians had to earn sympathies of this part of electorate.

Polish media drew attention to a shameful failure of Duda’s visit, who in addition managed to enrage his compatriots by talking to a mayor of Jersey City Stephen Fulop. This mayor previously planned to dismantle a monument to the victims of Katyn and abandoned his plans only under pressure from the Polish authorities.

This public flogging took place against the backdrop of a visit to Washington of the head of Uzbekistan, whom Trump received in the White house and praised on Twitter.

After this beating of Polish “babies,” Warsaw tried to butter the United States up, offering to place Pentagon’s permanent military base in Poland, and to do so at the Polish expense.


Trump ignored this act of sycophancy.

And then the proud Polish lords surrendered and canceled criminal punishment for those who would dare to accuse the Poles in participated in the Holocaust.

This cancellation happened at the speed of light, an amendment was filed in the Sejm and adopted practically the same day.

The head of the office of the Polish Prime Minister, Michal Dvorchik told reporters that the purpose of the law was “to protect the good name of Poland and the historical truth.”

Getting away with criminal punishment was explained by a desire do not “divert attention from the purpose of an original changes.”

Yes, Yes, we believe you, pan.

You weren’t just put in your place.

You on your own decided to abolish criminal punishment for the truth about crimes of your ideological predecessors. And the fact that you have decided to take such a step after a series of acts of public flogging by the Great white Master is, of course, a coincidence.

One writer once said that a beggar is ready to sweep the ground beneath the feet of those who are above him, but immediately demands that those who are below him would sweep the ground in front of him.

The Polish state is an exemplarily beggar.

It kisses Americans in the ass and requires the same for himself from its Ukrainian “partners”. It was a thing of beauty the way Poland was humiliated, it was very indicative.

By the way, we need to treat them just like the Americans do.

Our experience of liberating Poland from the Nazi occupation and assistance in rebuilding the Polish People’s Republic shows that Poles don’t understand friendly attitude.

The master’s shouting and whipping is the only language they get.

That’s because of their historical memory.



Scott Humor,

the Director of Research and Development

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