By Scott Humor

The above statement was made yesterday by Alexei Venediktov, editor of the Echo of Moscow radio show. He said this while addressing the fact that the liberal Echo of Moscow was financed by the Gazprom, and that EoM was 48 million rubles in debt to a said state corporation.

As it turned out, Gazprom bought stake in the Echo of Moscow media with a provision banning it from making any interference into the editorial policies of this media source, but only so long as it stays profitable. The Echo of Moscow has been hemorrhaging money for the past two years, and its debt will only be growing. At this point, Gazprom can and should make some moves towards replacing the current editorial team and cleaning up this swamp.

On the top of the losing control over the company (which he should have years ago), Venediktov has other reasons to be pessimistic. The liberal ideology is a modern variation of Trotskism or secular messianic form of Rabbinical Talmudism. On Monday July 23, the liberals discovered that their “cocoon,” as they call it, the state of Israel, is not as mighty as they made everyone to believe after the failure of David’s Sling air defense system. Not that anyone wants to invade Israel, but it’s certainly good to know that the only “advance technology” they possess is hutzpah.

As if this wasn’t enough, Syria liberated its South border with the occupied Golan Heights from Israeli proxies. The French Le Monde posted materials revealing Mossad as the agency committing near endless assassinations and terror acts. The British scientists published research paper stating that circumcision of newborns as practiced by Talmudists causes irreparable damages to their brains and bodies, from initial pain shock to hormonal imbalance and lead to sudden death syndrome and to psychological and mental disorders of those who survive. Venediktov is being a prime illustration of this groundbreaking discovery.

Is you think that this was an illustration how Yahve abandoned the chosenites, you have seen nothing yet. On Monday 23, at the time when SOMEONE disabled the David’s Sling, a huge bolder fell out of the Western wall in Jerusalem. Granted that the wall was built by the Crusaders in the eleventh century and was never maintained properly, it’s surprising that it’s still standing at all. The rabbis hoped that the Blood Moon on Friday would turn the course of history and committed bloody human sacrifice of 250 innocent Syrians. It didn’t help, because on Monday 31 the Pentagon’s demonstration of its might and power by firing the Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile failed.

On the same day we got news that three rabid Russia haters busy creating staged videos of non-exiting “Wagner PMC” for the convicted felon and wanted murderer Khodorkovsky were killed in the Central African Republic.

International jihadi terrorists in Chechnya: Shamil Basayev, Ibn al-Khattab and Geydar Dzhemal, a father of Orkhan Dzhemal.

While the Western media immediately started its familiar tune that “Putin kills journalists,” those liberals who live in Russia suddenly DISAGREED and started pointing back at Khodor, their leader, blaming him for the murder of their comrades, saying that he intentionally dispatched them to CAR without any security to remind about himself and to post “interesting pictures” on the internet.

The comic relief for the kerfuffle was provided by the driver of three “sacral victims” who showed up hours after the murder claiming that he escaped an ambush of ten Arabic speaking assailants. This driver used to work for the French UN mission. The French who were kicked out of their former colony would like to come back very much and not happy that Russians came in their place, and, with no bloody history with the locals, feel welcome there.

In the aftermath of the killings the liberals did a simple estimate and realized that every time one or three of them being killed Putin and Russia’s government is being blamed, which means that more of them die more blame can be levied on Russia.

At this rate, soon here will be no Jewish “oligarch” living in the UK left, no former spies and defected KGB agents, and, Oh, horror! no liberal journalists left to bite, kick, stab and defecate on the nation.

Let’s think who would want to impose more sanctions on Russia? The SBU, the Mossad, the CIA, Browder, Khodarkovsky himself, the French who want to come back to the CAR, the Americans, the Western proxies and PMCs who were just destroyed in Syria, the Saudis, the Pentagon, NATO, America arms manufacturers, American NLG manufacturers, American wheat farmers, the Dagestani mafia, the American Media, Poroshenko, the IDF, Poland, the Baltic states. The list goes on and on and on. For every one of them on the list a death of a prominent Russian speaking liberal is just what the doctor ordered.

I never thought I would say this, but I agree with Venediktov: they are all going to die. It’s impossible to survive if your death brings so much incentives to enemies of your enemies. If a death of one Russian speaking liberal like Magnitsky gave birth to wide range of sanctions against Russia, how much good would deaths of three liberals might bring? What about a hundred of dead liberals? Ten thousand? I understand that they do not just live in Russia, they are the soldiers of Zion, which means they are at war against the country. The Liberals should understand that they are being killed not for nothing, but for an idea.

Liberals are going to be extinct.

That’s why Vinedictov, drunk, scared, or both, screams “We are all going to die!”

Scott Humor,

the Director of Research and Development

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The War on Donbass, which is called by the Western politicians and media the “Russian aggression in Ukraine” was a staged psyop.

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