By Batiushka for The Saker Blog

There are only two powers in the world…the sword and the spirit. In the long term the sword is always defeated by the spirit – Napoleon Bonaparte

Introduction: You Are What You Believe

Like the Saker, I have White Russian connections. I know what the generation of my grandparents, adults before the so-called 1917 ‘Revolution’, told me. Then I read a lot about it. What I read only confirmed the living memories. Russia before 1917 was rotten from the inside, a house of cards. The whole ‘Revolution’ was a story of the treachery of the elite, the aristocrats, including many Romanovs, the politicians, the generals and the new bourgeoisie. Having lost their faith, they replaced all loyalty to the Faith, the Tsar and Home with pure greed. The same thing happened with the USSR. A generation after the people’s war won by those trained in the Tsar’s Army, the Soviet Union turned into a State in whose official Communist ideology nobody believed any more. The elite had lost faith in it and so the USSR also fell.

After 1991 the Russian Federation was handed over to the future oligarchs, the new aristocrats, just as before the Revolution the Russian Empire had been far too much in the hands of the past oligarchs, the old aristocrats. Whoever says oligarchs automatically says corruption. And when the rich have enough riches, they next want power and betray to get it. Like the rest of the world, the Russian Federation is a very unequal and corrupt society because of these oligarchs, who simply repeat the Western oligarch model. Have no illusions: Oligarchs rule the Western world. It is illusory to think otherwise. In France Pompidou was and Macron is a Rothschild banker (the ones who own The Economist and much of the rest of the media). French conglomerates stand beside them. In Germany banks and huge automobile and chemical industries put up their political candidates. In the UK all candidates are vetted by the financial sharks of the City. As for the USA, think of Trump or Hoover, and all is clear. Follow the money.

Myths on the Conflict in the Ukraine

Thus, the Western media, owned by the oligarchs, simply repeat what their owners want. That is what the mainstream media are for: the repetition of lies. The media affirm that the special operation in the Ukraine, which they call ‘a war’ or ‘an invasion’, was unprovoked. It was not: it was preceded by eight years of the Kiev regime genocide of Russians, a host of provocations of a purely Nazi nature and even a threat to go nuclear. The media claim that the operation is ‘horrific’ and that millions are dying. If you use the word ‘horrific’ and say that ‘millions are dying’, then you are describing the illegal US invasions of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, Western-sponsored terrorism in Syria, the Anglo-French bombing of Libya and the British-supplied Saudi massacres in the Yemen. In comparison, for the Ukrainian operation in general, however horrific individual cases, words like ‘sad’ or ‘conflict’ would be more appropriate. No, millions are not dying in the Ukraine, but, true, it must go into the tens of thousands.

The point is that for Russia, the Ukraine and the Ukrainians are not the enemy. They are brothers. The enemy is the Nazi mentality foisted on the Ukraine by the Western puppet junta in Kiev. The supply of NATO arms is ‘horrific’, as ‘horrific’ as the brutality of Nazi soldiers and their NATO trainers and supporting Western mercenaries. The aim of the Russian Federation is self-determination for the Ukraine. The south and east of present Kiev regime territory will probably go back to Russia after 100 years of captivity. Small parts of the far west, demilitarised, may go back to Poland, Romania, Hungary and maybe Slovakia, if they wish, to be decided by some international conference of those concerned. Do not forget the very clear Russian aims: To liberate the Russian areas, just as the Crimea was liberated eight years ago, avoiding civilian victims as far as possible, and to demilitarise and denazify the rest.

Demilitarisation would almost be complete by now, if it had not been for the greed of Western arms merchants and NATO’s attempts to smuggle in new arms and prolong the agony. Those arms now have to be destroyed, as most of them already have been, before ever they can be used. As for denazification, that will take decades. Not only the Ukraine, but even the Russian Federation and all its institutions without exception, have their infiltrators, CIA assets and plants. As President Putin stated at the Victory Day Parade in Moscow on 9 May 2022:

‘We remember how Russia’s enemies tried to use international terrorist gangs against us, how they tried to seed inter-ethnic and religious strife so as to weaken us from within and divide us’.

He was referring to the past. But in fact his words are also true of the present. And the President added these words about the ‘international terrorist gangs’: ‘They failed completely’.

May his words be prophetic. Expect more expulsions of these international terrorist Nazis. And expect also more patriots, rejected by error and treachery in the past, to be welcomed back.

But why will denazification take decades?

The Nazi Evil is Deep-Rooted

As we have said elsewhere, Nazism, understood as Western Supremacism, has deep historic roots. Note well that it is Western (not necessarily White or Anglo-Saxon) Supremacism. In times past the present Western Supremacism was termed ‘British race superiority’, the superiority of ‘the civilised world’ (which gave ‘the civilised world’ the right to murder 200 million, directly and indirectly, in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania), and then Anglo-American, Anglo-Saxon or now Anglo-Zionist supremacy. Whatever it is called, the bid for World Domination goes back much further.

The first real example of it was seen in the Carolingian heartland in the late eighth century, when Charlemagne massacred the Saxons in 782. It then spread out with its Norman (i.e. Viking) shock-troops to Greek Italy and Sicily, to Muslim and Jewish Spain, to the real Anglo-Saxon England in 1066, then the barbarian attacks on Jews, Muslims and Greeks, miscalled the Crusades. When technology advanced, Western Supremacism spread to southern Africa, Asia, and the New Worlds. (The latter were not ‘discovered’, people had been living there for thousands of years, some with an advanced civilisation). The Western Supremacists called themselves ‘conquistadors’ (from the word ‘Conquest’, as in William ‘the Conqueror’). For the victims they were not conquerors, but what we nowadays call Nazis.

Those who celebrate them, perhaps as ‘bearers of Western Civilisation’ are Nazi supporters. And there are plenty of those in the Ukraine, in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, where on 9 May this year they sent in tractors and trailers to remove the fresh floral tributes to those who had liberated those countries from Fascism. But there are Nazis on the left and on the right, in Washington, London, Paris and Berlin, let alone in Warsaw and Prague and among their hireling academics and journalists. Most of these people are like teenage rebels, who refusing to obey their parents, reject Russian righteousness, just for the sake of their rebellion. With another generation, they will grow up. And nowadays, with the swiftness of the clock of history, a generation is no longer25 years, but much less.

Conclusion: Towards the Future World

Thus, denazification means ending the myth of Europe. Europe is a construct. It is in fact just the extreme Western tip of one single Continent, Eurasia, which probably only means sunset/west (‘erebu’) and sunrise/east (‘asu’). It is time to stop the separatist tribal wars of Europe, the bloodiest of which it calls ‘World Wars’. Unity is needed not just between Moscow and Berlin and Paris, but also between them and Beijing and southwards to Teheran, Islamabad, Riyadh, Delhi and Jakarta. And then bring in Africa, from Cairo to the Cape, from Lagos to Zanzibar. The future is Afro-Eurasia with its 7 billion human-beings. All else, the small minority, is islands outside Afro-Eurasia, which are in some way or other dependent on it.,largest%20and%20most%20populous%20contiguous%20landmass%20on%20Earth.

We will win in the struggle against Nazism. Whatever difficulties we may face in the short term, in the long term, there is no doubt as to our victory. As President Putin also said on 9 May:

‘We are a different country. Russia has a different character. We will never give up our love for our Motherland, our faith and traditional values, our ancestors’ customs and respect for all peoples and cultures. Meanwhile, the West seems to be set to cancel these millennia-old values. Such moral degradation underlies the cynical falsifications of World War II history, escalating Russophobia, praising traitors, mocking their victims’ memory and crossing out the courage of those who won the Victory through suffering’.

Yes, we will win.


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