It’s been a truly amazing week for Russian society with many huge victories, some unexpected.  

On Wednesday, President Putin signed a Federal law prohibiting the  Central Bank of Russia changing auto insurance rates during the year after their establishment, reported the official Internet portal of legal information.

The essence of this news is not insurance. Vladimir Putin. Banned. The Central Bank Of Russia. Let’s for a moment ponder about the meaning of this.

Now it should finally become clear who really controls the Central Bank of Russia. The President Of Russia.

Give a link to this post to anyone who says something about “occupation” of Russia via its central bank and proposals for “nationalization” of the Bank of Russia.


On June 24th, the most important event for Russia wasn’t the result of Brexit referendum.

On Friday, Russian Parliament Duma had passed a new anti-terrorist bill.

The anti-terrorist package of bills was prepared by a group of lawmakers headed by Chair of the State Duma Committee for Security Irina Yarovaya. The bill contains following measures:

  1. life sentences for international terrorism ;
  2. Financing terrorist groups can carry up to 15 years behind bars.
  3. Terms of between eight and 15 years are proposed for assisting extremist activities unconnected with actual terrorist attacks.
  4. Knowing and not reporting terroristic activities could end us costing of up to 100,000 robles (about $1,530) in fine or jailed for up to a year.
  5. lowers the age threshold for terrorist crimes, such as terrorist attacks and hostage taking, to 14 years from the current 16 years.
  6. A completely new provision for public calls to terrorism or justifying terrorist crimes, including via the internet, the stipulating fines of between 300,000 and 1 million rubles ($4,600 – $15,400) or prison terms ranging from five to seven years. Publicly expressed excuses are defined as “public statements to the effect the ideology and practices of terrorism are correct and worth supporting and following.”
  7. The bill contains a very important Anti-sect amendments, giving to the law enforcement a variety of judicial tools to deal with the Western toxic cults like scientology and Jehovah Witnesses. A special group of amendments defines what “missionary activity” is and prohibits attempts to conduct it on behalf of religious associations whose aims contradict the law. According to Tass: “A ban is imposed on missionary activities aimed at inducing suicide, at creating obstructions to getting mandatory education and at persuasion of individuals to refuse to perform their legally mandatory civic duties.” Let’s keep our fingers crossed, but it looks like Hassids and paramilitary terrorist Jewish organization Habad might be banned on the territory of Russia under this law.

The bill will allow Russian law enforcers to prosecute terrorist recruiters and sponsors .

The draft obliges all communications companies, including internet providers, to retain information about data traffic on their servers for three years (one year for messengers and social networks).

Russia has a long history of fight with JW. Back in 2004, Russian Supreme Court banned Jehovah’s Witnesses branch. In the same 2004, a court in Moscow dissolved and banned a Jehovah’s Witnesses group on charges of recruiting children, encouraging believers to break from their families, inciting suicide and preventing believers from accepting medical assistance. JW filed a lawsuit with ECtHR against Russia and won.

See about this case here. 

The new antiterrorism law give priority to domestic laws over the international norms via amendment to the Constitution.

This bill has been desperately needed and by the law enforcement, and by the society in general. We all have seen calls for terror attacks on Russians, for “revolutions” and for bloody coups, coming from established and known journalists, politicians, actors, writers, and journalists via TV channels, radio, print media and internet. Filing complaints with internet providers, law enforcement and courts in most cases was futile, due to the lack of legal base. Another outrages situation is that many Russian bloggers who are supporting President Putin and write in support of the interests of their country are forced to hide due to multiple threats. This situation is absolutely outrages. Again, prior to this bill there was no legal base to go after owners of the internet accounts that issue threats. Now, such base comes to existence.

 This anti-terrorism bill is actually in its essence the most powerful anti-neocon and anti-neo-liberal law ever.

The reaction of Washington funded  “non-systemic opposition” to this bill is hysterical in a true medical sense of the word. I have to write a separate post just to describe of what’s happening right now. Oh, the screaming, and yelling, and insults…

It’s a huge victory for all good people over Washington,  London, but not over Tel-Aviv, yet. It’s a huge victory for the supporters of President Putin. It’s huge victory for the Russia’s law enforcement. It’s like 1937 for neocons and CIA agents.

Unfortunately, it’s not a purge of the Mossad agents.  They still can live in Russia, have citizenship, and work against Russia freely. Unfortunately, the Israel Defense Forces, Tzahal trained murderers can move to Russia and live and wait for a command to start shooting crowds, like they had done in Kiev. And, just like in Ukraine they blamed Yanukovych’s government for the murders. They will try to blame the government of Russia.  I wrote about Israeli Tzahal servicemen burning Russians in Odessa

Hopefully, we will get them all, soon.


The activities of some American diplomats in Russia have been causing a justifiable outrage of population. Internet stores a huge collection of well documented un-diplomatic activities of the US Ambassador and his subordinates in funding anti-government actions of people and organizations.   Because of the diplomatic immunity there was nothing that could be done to the US diplomats, until last week, when the US  Congress in its eternal wisdom and feral hate to Russia decided to severely restrict movements of the Russian diplomats. After saying a brief thanksgiving prayer, Russian authorities immediately applied the same restrictions to the US diplomats. My guess, they won’t be traveling to Yekaterinburg with pockets full of money and funding its Mayor Mr. Roisman’s re-election campaign. They also won’t be able to fund a group of CIA agents also known as the Communist party of Russia.

See also, Moscow to impose severe restrictions on the movements of the US diplomats as a retaliatory measure, after Washington

While the West loses its unity while facing the collapse of their financial economies. Countries with real economies, like Russia and China are moving towards more unity.

On June 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived on an official visit to Beijing from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, where he took a part at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit. At this very important summit, the President of Kazakhstan spoke for admission of India, Pakistan, Iran to SCO . It was decided that India and Pakistan are to be admitted to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at the organization’s summit in Tashkent.

According to tass, on Saturday, Putin is expected to have major talks with the Chinese leaders on a broad spectrum of bilateral and international issues, including the situation in Syria, Afghanistan and on the Korean Peninsula.

Another extremely important move have been taken by Russia lawmakers. On June 22nd, they issued an official request to the US and NATO to give a legally binding assurance that the European anti-missile system is not directed at Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry has demanded legal guarantees that  the United States’ missile shield is not aimed against Russia.

No one expects NATO to respond, of course. Why was this done?

The same day PM Medvedev signed a law allowing to utilize intercontinental ballistic missiles by shooting them.

The bill emphasizes that “the destruction of weapons and military equipment is an exceptional measure and applies to arms and military equipment, which is financially unfeasible to recycle, and in respect of weapons and military equipment, which according to its technical condition cannot be transferred for disposal”.

“Utilization of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, technically suitable for the functional use may be carried out by the method of the launch of such missiles“, – is stipulated in the government decree.


Back during his visit to Greece, president Putin gave what he called “the last warning.” The request for legally binding reassurance is not a threat of any sort. Everyone understands that this reassurance will never be given by the US and NATO. However, now they will not be able to lie and say that those anti-missile systems weren’t directed at Russia. So, if one beautiful Saturday night, the ballistic missile launch base in Romania  is blown up, it wouldn’t be anything but a routine utilization of an intercontinental ballistic missile gone wrong.

Almaz-Antey successfully tested new BUK-M3

Russia successfully tests newest Buk-M3 air defense missile system — manufacturer

Russia’s air defense system manufacturer Almaz-Antey has conducted successful testing of the newest Buk-M3 air defense missile system. The tests took place at the Kapustin Yar (Cabbage Patch) range near Astrakhan, Southern Russia,

By its technical characteristics, the new missile is superior to the previous models and for today has no analogues in the world among the anti-aircraft missile systems in its class. “The new missile has a significantly lower weight. This has increased the missile system vehicle’s on-board ammunition capacity 1.5 times. The new system’s missiles are carried in containers and launched from them”, Almaz-Antey said.

The Buk-M3 system is superior to the S-300 air defense missile system by a number of characteristics, including the kill probability. The Buk-M3 system has a range of 70 kilometers (43.5 miles), which is 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) more compared to previous versions of the Buk antiaircraft missile system. The Buk-M3 has a maximum firing altitude of 35 kilometers (21.7 miles).


June 14,  during the exercises in the Nizhny Novgorod region Russian soldiers practiced the tactics of “fire carousel” – the use of heavy flamethrowers “Pinocchio” (Buratino) and MLRS “Grad” against command posts and bunkers of an imaginary enemy.

In total, the training was attended by two thousand soldiers, 500 units of weapons and military equipment. Drones were used for fire coordination.

Heavy flamethrowers “Pinocchio” (Buratino) demonstrated great results in liberating Syria from ISIS Daesh occupation




Unique footage of underwater tanks fording Volga river near Volgograd (Stalingrad)

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Happy Brexit.


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