Once upon a time, a few Russian guys built a super all terrain vehicle and dubbed it Sherp.

Sherp is an ATV with superb off-road performance, with no one else even coming close.

Happy and excited about building such a cool thing, Russian guys invited the Western experts to share a joy of this engineering marvel. The Western experts looked at Sherp and said: “Russians would do anything not to fix their roads.”

I have a counterargument to this sort of expert logic involving French perfume and Russian sauna ( banya.)

Comment by Rodger Olsen, a science fiction author from Californian, made for a Forbes article on Russia’s economy

“You really need to read more. The dollar volume of the Russia economy is misleading and somewhat irrelevant. What is relevant is that Russians can wander into the store and buy anything from water heaters to toilets to shingles and toilet paper, all made in Russia. The country is virtually self sufficient and, therefore, almost immune to sanctions and inflation caused by currency fluctuations. Why did you think the sanctions failed so miserably? The idea that all they produce is oil is a fiction. Energy in all its forms is only 13% of the Russian economy. Since it currently pays almost 40% of the bills for the federal government, outsiders assume, wrongly, that Russia doesn’t do or make anything else. They forget that Russia is the leading exporter of grain worldwide, a major supplier of industrial machinery and the world’s second largest arms exporter, among other things..”

I have been researching for this SITREP for a month, and there is a trend on YouTube to terminate accounts that post videos of Russian made products and technologies.

What does Russia produce? 1

 Information and intelligence systems for driverless buses, cars and tractors

Electric driverless cars and buses Shuttle developed and built by the Auto Motor Scientific Research center  NAMI

A Shuttle minibus that are being currently used by some university campuses and other organizations doesn’t even have a room for a driver. A vehicle is being driven by an intelligence system with technical seeing capability several levels of control, and considered to be safer than conventional vehicles. An artificial intelligence receives and processes all the incoming information, this AI brain never sleeps and doesn’t check its phone messages.

NAMI engineers also invented an “Adaptive transportation system” and instead of large buses the streets will get many driverless mini-busses that come and go as they are needed and requested through the system.



all Russian made technologies and parts

Adorable robot joins Moscow Metro team to greet passengers during holidays

Robots, robotic systems, drones

Leading robot manufacturers

Industrial Robots Arkodim-Pro



Research and development in medicine

Russian medicine is the best kept secret in the world

Medical equipment

Neonatal equipment  Incubators

Neonatal equipment by Shvabe has helped save the lives of over two million children

Medical equipment

Equipment  for intraocular pressure measurement. The unique methodology of intraocular pressure measuring through the eyelid.

IOP tonometer diaton. The device is intended for true IOP (Ро) measurement through the eyelid in sclera area.

3D-printed prosthetic hands for kids


Public Transportation


A tram is a rail vehicle which runs on tracks along public urban streets

Vityaz-M New generation of trams in Moscow, near fully made from Russia produced parts

Vehicles, parts and testing equipment

Portable express fuel testers

Cortege VIP vehicles  

 Shortcut: New Russian race car from 0 to 100 k/h in 4.7 sec


Trucks,  SUVs and ATVs

GAZ vehicles won the Stage I of the Russian Rally Championship.

GAZelle NEXT and GAZon NEXT light trucks


All terrain Artic tested truck Burlak, the first ever ATV that went to the North Pole and came back

Technical characteristic of Burlak


Typhoon is a Russian family of Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) armored vehicles

RemDiesel manufacturer of specialized vehicles. Typhoon VDV, Typhoon, Vystrel



Avrodiesel (YMZ) starts mass production of new medium-duty in-line engines for agricultural vehicles.

Auto Electric charging stations


Road construction

The coolest presentation of a new road in Saransk

Urban Development

Saransk – home for Football world championship


Building schools, universities and medical campuses

New kindergarten in Crimea

Suvorov military cadet Corps, Tula campus



Mega constriction projects

Sea ports and transportation

Kerch bridge to Crimea

Energy bridge to Crimea, cool video


Personal computers and other devices

Super-protected or “rugged” laptops for industrial, military and other field use

TV sets Polar TV

Small drones

Russian open Drone racing


Public and personal lifesaving satellite and robotics systems and equipment

Uran-6 in Aleppo

National Accident Emergency Response System – ERA-GLONASS , operating throughout the entire Russian Federation.

The HartRAO-based cutting edge tech quantum-optical stations of the GLONASS satellite navigation system

The latest robotics systems developed domestically for demining of the historical and residential areas of the Syrian Palmyra

Personal armor and protective gear

Floating personal armor Korsar-MP [I had a link to a video that Youtube took down]

Weapon and mechanisms operating on so called New Physical Principles

Robot de-miner Listva

Listva works on the principle of “burning” that’s why you see no explosions [I had a link to a video that Youtube took down]


Organization and fulfillment of mega ecological projects like a cleanup of Arctic

·        The cleanup of Arctic. 79,000 tones of debris removed

·        Cleanup of Franz Josef Land archipelago


Restoration of flora, fauna and marine life


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