What does Russia produce? 1

What does Russia produce? 2


Space Exploration

Space complex rockets Angara

New generation rocket engine RD-181

Engine RD-191

Progress 66 Cargo Ship Docks at the Space Station

The automated Progress 66 supply ship docked at the space station at 3:30 a.m. EST (0830 GMT), parking itself at the station’s Russian-built Pirs docking module


For space exploration Russia also develops and  manufacturers

Mirrors for telescopes by Shvabe

Thermal imaging systems by Shvabe

Optical devices and camera objectives  by Shvabe,  In the photo gallery, you can see how MC Zenitar objectives and other optical devices are produced in Russia.

Optical-electronic systems

24-hour navigation for aircraft and surface vessels

Detection and recognition of objects

Search and rescue of persons in emergency situations

State border surveillance, police patrol

Anti-terrorist protection

Environmental monitoring

Anti-fire forest patrolling

Search for damaged parts of gas and oil pipelines


Laser technologies

Aerospace technology laser communications. Atmospheric optical link “Artolink” – laser equipment of innovative FSO-technology.

Aircraft targeting devices

Shvabe’s Gyro-stabilized optical-electronic system. Installed on various Mi and Ka helicopters.

24-hour detection and recognition of ground and water-surface targets

Laser range finding

Aiming of small, cannon, and gun weapons and free-flight missiles

Aiming of guided aircraft missiles

In this photo gallery, you can see how GOES-342 and other optical-electronic systems are produced.



First MIG 29M2 made in 2017 for Egypt Air Force

New SU-34 Fullback

Nice pic of Il-76MDs lifter fleet during recent VDV airborne troops drill. Rus’s upgrading its RuAF Il-76MD to Il-76MDM


Russian made, easy on a budget, AeroVolga LA-8 an 8-seat amphibious aircraft for the North America under LTF-UL-2003


Computing and software

Creators of World of Warships computer game

Rusinformexport builds an e-government in Syria

Software Developers

Starting from 1 January 2016, Russian state (federal) and municipal agencies can buy software of foreign origin only in cases where there is no comparable domestic analogue or where such analogues do not meet their tender requirements. Legislation prohibits these agencies from using foreign e-document management programmes, as well as foreign accounting and human resources systems. If a public authority nevertheless decides that the purchase of foreign IT products is necessary, it will have to justify this decision and in particular specify the reasons why the domestic products do not meet its requirements.

State database of the domestic software products

Leaders in software development




Peter-Service: software solutions for the telecommunications industry, focusing on OSS/BSS development, deployment and maintenance.

Veeam: Always-On backup and recovery systems

DataArt: Technology Consulting & Solution Design,  designs and builds custom software

PROMT is a Russian company focused upon the development of machine translation systems

Online-Translator Promt


Acoustic systems

Your Favorite Rock Band Probably Dreams About Russian-Made Microphones

There are plenty of innovative and highly successful Russian startups looking for investors


Innovative technologies

Rostec developed and manufactured communications systems ‘invisible’ to the enemy systems of electronic warfare

Ruselectronics and Optron developed  lighting systems resistant to radiation and corrosion for hazardous production facilities and nuclear power stations.

Rostec and Shvabe developed lighting with energy-saving technologies that lead to a 10-fold increase in the city’s lighting


Radio-electronic technologies

President-S from KRET, presentation video in Russian

On-board aircraft defense systems which provide effective counter measures to rockets for civilian aircraft

Kret develops radio-electronic  systems and complexes  that are not just new, but based on different principles that turn an aircraft in something that has no analogues in the world. This will ensure Russia’s superiority in aviation  for the next decade.

Russia: KRET unveils ‘President-S’ defence system at Army-2015 expo

Radio-Electronic technology magazine online #4 2016


Products for general consumption

Web-portal: The Manufacturers of Russia

7,846 manufacturers listing for 35,847 products.

This is just one online database for made in Russia goods.

To name a few

Masonry and Construction, composite materials, glues

Garden and Landscaping

Small electronics for households, water heaters, ovens, stoves,  toasters, irons, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, laundry machines, fryers, microwaves, professional studio microphones

Computers, monitors, parts and modules, plasma video screens, speakers, Mirex microSD and microSDHC, Mirex memory sticks and flash drives, cartridges for laser printers HP, Canon, Samsung, Kyocera, Xerox, Panasonic, Brother and Xerox.

Optic cables, Fire-resistant optic cables, TV and mobile communication  antennas,

Samovars, a Russian tea-kettle, electric and heat (wood chips, coal, pine cones)

Telecommunication, phones and radio stations, servers

Mobile radio stations

Field satellite communication complexes based on KAMAZ truck for distant and  hard to get locations

Audio and video production equipment

Products for home and home improvement

Cosmetic and personal hygiene

Music instruments

House accessories, elements of design, fireplaces, rags and carpers from synthetic and natural fiber, mirrors

Kitchen accessories, cooking ware including with ceramic surface like CAStA CERAMICA made with “green” materials, crystal ware and porcelain, also plastic and paper

Bed and bedroom


Bedroom furniture

Kitchen furniture

Living room furniture

Chairs and sofas

Bathroom furniture and accessories

Office furniture

Lab furniture

Outdoor furniture

Furniture for restaurants and beauty salons

Store counters, tool storage and organizing

Clothes and garments

Accessories and leather goods, suitcases

Goods for children and babies, toys, clothes, modules for playgrounds plastic and wood

Tools, testing equipment

Medical equipment, medical furniture

Security systems

Agriculture, seeds, plants, beekeeping

Fishery equipment

Sterling silver household items


Award winning auto and bike batteries

Tubor manufacturer of AGM batteries: Accumulators and batteries for boats, emergency  generators and water systems, and  EFB batteries for cars, trucks buses so on.

Water heating systems for multiple unit houses: Valdex

Electro-stations and CHP Modules – Omega Commercial and Industrial Heating , photo gallery

Modular ready to install industrial heating systems

Armed vehicles, auto accessories, car batteries, auto tires

Bumpers, breaks, side mirrors, auto windows, child seats, auto testing equipment, tires


Mining and Oil exploration equipment

Electronic submersible pumps for the Arctic Shelf

Gazprom offshore Arctic oil platform, the Prirazlomnaya, completed transfer to all Russia made electronic submersible pump. This equipment has facilitated the fastest ever production growth in the history of the Prirazlomnaya operation.

Last year “experts” from Goldman Sachs predicted that the Aortic oil production would stop due to the sanctions and absence of the foreign made oil pumps.

Oil platform  Prirazlomnaya




Russia is the only country in the world that builds nuclear-powered icebreakers

RFS Varyag left Vladivostok today for a two month Asia-Pacific cruise. Names of tanker and salvage tug now released as yet.

The biggest icebreaker in the world Arctica

Kaliningrad, candid images of  the shipbuilder Yantar photo gallery

Icebreakers and more icebreakers

«Christophe de Margerie» first Arctic LNG carrier with icebreaking capabilities arrives to port of SABETTA



Launch of M-class submarine K-561 Kazan

Video: Russia Launches First Project 885M Yasen-M-class Submarine K-561 Kazan

Perm project Yasen


“Prince Pojarsky” Project 955A Borei



Russia’s newest hydrofoil passenger boat Valdai 45R makes full use of composite materials – to be ready for extensive testing by summer 2017


Photo Detectors and Light Emitting Elements

Photovoltaic module, Photoelectric converters, Semiconductor photodiode (photovoltaic) multi-spectrum IR detectors with a thermoelectric battery, Photomultipliers, Systems for biometric identification, Photosensitive modular television devices (ICCD) , Radiation hard vidicon LI-501, Thermovision Camera Modules, Monocular MN–204, Electronic Photomultiplier Tubes, Electron-Optical Image Converter of 2nd Generation with Micro-Channel Plates, Night Glasses (Binoculars), Night Monoculars, LED wafers, Lithium niobate monocrystal plates

Semiconductor devices:  Precision, Ultra Stable, Temperature – Compensated Diodes

Plasma monitors of industrial application

Ar lasers

Measuring Equipment

PGA Portable Gas Analyzers (96 versions)

PGA Portable Gas Analyzers for Air Quality Check in Work Area (48 versions)

PGA-100 Multifunctional Portable Gas Analyzers

PGA-200 Portable Gas Analyzers with Replaceable Gas Detectors

TGP-11 Gas Leak Detector for Flammable Gases

EGS Stationary Gas Analyzer. Explosion protection method – exspark-less curcuit

EGOS-O-CO2 Stationary Optical Gas Analyze in Explosion-proof Design

IPG -O-CO2 Fire Gas Detector in Explosion-proof Design

MES-200A Universial Air Monitoring Device

NEVOD Oil in Water Optical Analyser

Multispectrum flame detectors of fire (standard and explosion-proof)


Electronic Materials and Structures

Co-based and nano alloys AMAG


Russia created its own  Microbolometer, an uncooled thermal sensor/receiver, for basic for the thermal vision

Also about this groundbreaking technology,  and here.


Social innovations

Books exchange

Moscow subway

Vladivostok book exchange


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