The Old Rome and the Third Rome came together and they are winning. Cat Motja


The Battle for liberation of Germany. Part I.

Recently while talking to my German pal, I said that Russians liked Germans more than any other Europeans. With the exception of Serbs, of course. He swallowed his beer and didn’t respond, probably because he didn’t believe me.

Next, I saw some of Motja’s thoughts and ideas about Germany, which were very similar to mine.

As an illustration of some of Cat’s points, I want to begin with a story of a young Russian nurse, who worked in one of the Moscow hospitals where she met a young German doctor who came there to do a year-long medical fellowship.

They liked each other, they dated, they fell in love and decided to start a family together.

He thought that for his career it would be better for him to work in Germany, and he went back home and took his bride along with him.

A month later, however, she returned to Moscow, and told to all her friends and wrote on her blog that she had escaped absolute horror, and that she would never, ever return to Germany. Naturally, people asked her legitimate questions like “Is he a sadist?” and “Did he torture you?”

Her answer was: “No, not at all. Actually he is a perfectly nice guy.”

Since he was the one working and she was enrolled at school, they rented a small apartment that they kept absolutely freezing, because it was too expensive to turn on the heat.

After coming home from work, he would turn every single light off and sit in the dark, for the same reason they never watched TV. They never went out, never went to a bar or a party, never invited friends over, and no one ever invited them. For dinner he would take one slice of meat, one potato and one piece of bread and he would serve the same for her. She wasn’t allowed to flush the toilet during the day, for fear of the water bill.

People wrote comments to her saying that it could be because he was the only one working and that things would be different once she got a job. She said that didn’t believe this to be true, because (and this is the most important part) he was absolutely happy with his life and considered this way of living to be the best and the only way. He even criticized Russians for being wasteful for living in warm apartments, having many holidays with so much food and going out too frequently, since it wasn’t productive.

As far as I remember she soon married some Russian guy and went on having a life that most young professional Russians have, which might look from outside as having too much of good time.

To get an idea, glimpse at these candid pics of the Russian villagers’ life.

The abandoned groom went on living his frugal, German life — which is getting promising every moment in terms of becoming even more frugal.

What I am trying to say is that how incredibly easy is it to indoctrinate people into believing that self-abuse and depravity is good for them. How easy is it to instill into them an idea that unnecessary sacrifice is their national character trait.



From Cat Motja’s twitter feed

As a reminder, back in 1996 when the US and international occupational regime in Russia had rigged election and re-elected Yeltsin for the second time, it was Chubais who had conveyed the threat of the Western governments. On Feb 6, 1996 in Davos Chubais said, ” if a communist elected as president of Russia this would inevitably lead to BLOODSHED.”

Do you understand? They were saying to the Russia’s military and security services that they would drown the country in  blood, if their occupational government is toppled.

This week in Davos…

  • Chubais:World has turned upside down. This kind of horror in Davos I remember only once, in 2009 at the time of the financial collapse. This year the most correct description of the common feeling in Davos is the feeling of horror from the global political catastrophe.”

Commenting this Chubais’s interview, Peskov said: “We don’t know what’s going on in Davos, but here in Moscow everything is in order, there is no “horror,” we keep working.”

Among the menagerie of magical creatures populating the Slavic folklore, it has been noticed a house-elf type of evil spirit who, existing along with people in their dwellings, creates mayhem and devours positive energy. The creature’s name is Chubas in Russian, Chubis in Ukraine and Chubais in Latvian. The creature doesn’t eat bread and meat, doesn’t drink kvas, but nourishes itself on people’s grief and pain. First, chubais moves into just one house, and if it isn’t chased out, it can devastate an entire region. In fairytales it’s being depicted as a rusty colored rat with human face.

I didn’t write about so called “assassination attempt” in Macedonia in December.  I will write about this later, when I get more facts, but in case someone from Macedonia reads this, please don’t believe when media tells you that Russia is behind “color revolution,” political assassinations, or any kind of putsch.

There is a way out….

Putin and Germany

  • In August 2014, President Putin said that we can never forget the lessons of the World War II. However, German people cannot be held for thousands of years  responsible for what Hitler had done.  Many Germans had died fighting with fascism, also.

Our country was in war not with Germany, but with the Nazi Germany. Germans were the first victims of Nazism,”  said Putin.

A Russia-Germany Military union would make all other military unions obsolete.


Their favorite thing to do is to separate us into groups and then to pin us against each other.

Let’s take, for example, this innocuous text title: “Whom should WE consider to be Slavs?’

It’s an interview with Vladimir Napolskih, corresponding member of Russia’s Academy of Science RAS, doctor of history, professor, senior researcher of the Institute of social communication at Udmurt state University.

Accordingly, WE call those people Slavic who speak Slavic languages or at least think in Slavic languages.”

Thus , the Slavs lived in Eastern Germany in the middle ages, but most of them (except for the Sorbs) lost their language and identity, and today their descendants, the Germans, which impossible to call Slavs, and to separate them from the Germans “of non-Slavic origin” is also impossible.”

Do you understand how this info virus works? They tell us that if we live across the border from Russia, we are not Russians, even if we speak the Russian language. We are Ukrainian or Belorussian.  If some of us live across the next border and don’t speak a Slavic language, they are not even Slavs, teaches Mr. Napolskih.  For thousands of years they were Slavs, but suddenly, in one day they stopped being them. He even suggests to us that we don’t know who we are because we “lost our identity.” Do you get this?

Forget about some alleged “brilliant genetic research” that can allegedly prove one’s relation to someone living thousand years ago. This research are not available for Slavic people. Instead, some members of the Russia’s Academy of Science use a rule of thumb: if you speak a Slavic language, you are Slavic, if you speak a different language, you are not. If you live on the territory of Russia, you are Russian. If you happened to be across an artificially created border, you automatically stopped being Russian. So, if I speak and think in English, that makes me automatically Anglo-Saxon. Right?

This what cat Motja calls the Matrix: a carefully created web of delusion of the Western liberal ideology, which slices and pulls apart everything that constitutes human life, from countries, nations, states, legal systems and economies, to religion, science and knowledge itself. And why stop there? They went and deconstructed human biology by dividing us into a dozen of genders, and millions of ethnic and social groups.

Out of this plethora of new entities, what nationality they dedicated to be an “aggressor?”  Russians.

Now, guess what gender is being called an “evil oppressor?”  The white men.

This infallibly leads me to a logical conclusion that the liberal ideology wasn’t created neither by Russians, nor by white men.

I recommend you to listen to  Sargon of Akkad’s lecture on the Death of Social Justice that culminated in Donald Trump’s victory.  Only one caveat, he offers a brilliant analyses of losers, however doesn’t say much about the winners.

I think he is afraid to say what Cat Motja says:

“The Old Rome and the Third Rome came together and they are winning. “



Cat Motja on Germany, Russia, Old Romans and beyond

Part I

Those who say that Putin will become stronger because Trump won don’t understand the process that takes place.  Trump was able to win only because Putin has fought for years and won against our common enemies.

Concerning Germans and the orchestrated attacks on them: Germany is our brotherly nation. There ARE two strongest nations in this universe, Germans and Russians. That’s why the enemies of this world consolidate their efforts to place us on a collision course.

It has been like this for centuries. First they separated us, then they do everything to instill a mutual animosity towards each other, and after that they push our two strongest nations to collide, so they would EXTERMINATE us with our own hands.

If we could take from mice their broadcasting powers and explain to the Germans, I am sure they would understand. It’s not a matter of believing, it’s a matter of understanding. When a person understands, then they won’t let someone take advantage of them. The same with the Germans; the most important for them is to understand why they have been constantly programmed to be against Russians. Next time, if someone makes a noise for them to go against Russia, they will recognize this particular person as a mouse who wants them to go and exterminate themselves while killing Russians.

That’s why one of the most crucial things that should be done immediately is to introduce an Amendment to the Constitution of Germany that would require a referendum of all German lands to grand the Chancellor permission to start an  invasion of any foreign country, with a provision that if even one land disagrees an invasion won’t take place.


The Center of the consolidated armed forces command of the Middle East, the Balkans and Africa, will be located near Shoigu. We will provide logistics and intelligence in terms of the satellite images, operative reports, new weaponry, so they would be able to follow Shoigu’s commands. Just like in Syria, everything was tested in the most difficult real war conditions.

In the parallel universe mice will try to stage a putsch against Trump, to topple Putin, to kill Zolotov and to chase Kadyrov to Jordan’s border. Their schizophrenia will last for several months, at least.


You most likely have read the poll conducted amongst the population of different countries about the possibility of the World War, meaning a real “hot” war. The results are dispiriting, meaning that people en mess demonstrated how brainwashed they are, like gold sand. They don’t notice wars around them, they don’t notice that they live under occupation, and they have no clue that we have just avoided the biggest catastrophic war in the history of humanity, thanks to Putin.

The occupation of the former territory of the USSR had started at once, after Gorbachev agreed with the conditions of capitulation. According to those conditions, our military withdrew from Europe, we were obligated to destroy ourselves,  peacefully following the created for us schizophrenic Matrix. We were obligated to willfully surrender our territories, to divide ourselves, to abandon our people, to pay in reparation to the USA rubles that we worked with blood and sweat to earn. For that they shipped to us frozen chicken legs called “Bush’s legs” and tested on us experiential vaccines, and so on.

We were obligated to pay the West with our scientists and children. We had no right to know where our children were going, and what was happening to them. We allowed the occupational authorities to sit on our necks everywhere, from the Kremlin to Duma.

They wrote for us our Constitution, and laws. they created the political parties, approved by them, they created our Media and staffed it with their people, that we had to financed, even so they worked exclusively for the benefits of the occupying powers.

Their main task was to hide and obscure the fact of the occupation. They wrote school textbooks for our children. We signed an enormous quantity of treaties, limiting our ability to develop new weapons. Our army had no rights to move on the territory of our country without Washington’s permission, and so on and so forth, including a ban on the development of new medications, and a ban on the production of many different vaccines.

We had no rights to open new scientific laboratories without Washington’s permission. We agreed to limit our work on development of our territories and economy.

The list is very long. When it became clear that Russia’s federation was approaching the disintegration point with the scenario similar to the USSR disintegration, and that the process was working and we approached the point of no return, a revolt took place in the Kremlin. This revolt had been carried out by former KGB intelligence officers.

At this moment, our enemies didn’t yet make a decision to start a war against us. They still had certainty that those unlimited possibilities that they received as the occupying force would let them keep the process under their control. They thought that they could eliminate undesirable people who came to power by using the force of the representatives of the occupational international coalition inside the RF.

The first serious stage to strangle our nation had started right after Khodorkovky was arrested, and Berezovsky, Gusinsky and other representatives of the global micehood, who were acting as guards in our open air death camp, were kicked out of the country.

The very first attempt to rebuild the army and go into international waters was violently stopped by open demonstration of force, when the US shot and sunk nuclear submarine “Kursk.” To announce that the submarine was destroyed by the Americans would mean the next logical step, to declare that the Russian Federation was in a state of war with the USA-NATO. At the time, that war would be unquestionably lost by us with all the terrifying consequences for the entire population.

We wiped our tears, clenched out teeth, and started working to prepare for today.

First, we needed to set up a secret weapon construction bureau,  where we could develop new, better weapons. It was extremely difficult. Most scientists were taken from the country and worked for the West.

Inside Russia, dozens of scientists were killed; they were killed on first suspicion. Their deaths were staged as accidents or robbery attempts.  None of those murders were ever investigated. Mossad and the CIA knew our every sneeze. Information was reported to them from the first day of occupation. Mossad and CIA could check any paper anywhere they wanted.

I am going to skip the large chunk of events to get closer to our situation today to highlight one very important aspect — the Hour X putsch didn’t succeed because of one  very imperative reason: Putin and Shouigu created what they could create per agreements with the occupational international  coalition, but they created this something in a completely unexpected manner.

I am talking about EMERCOM of Russia or MCHS. It’s a modern army that covered an entire territory of the Russian federation. This army received modern helicopters, the most advanced weapons, and trained troops. The amount of weapons and troops was so massive and included substructures, that all the comprador and traitors forces from the Police and other power structures, and with their Bolotnaya-Medvedevs, and other sold-out former comrades, and members of the occupational “Fronde,” simply couldn’t match the power of the new armed forces commanded by Shoigu.

The Chief Occupant had become hysterical, and in the first time in history in the UN they declared Russia to be a “defeated country,” and not the country of “winning democracy.”

To be continued….


Scott Humor


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