A French writer Frederic Beigbeder wrote about Russian women: “Women of all nationalities hate them, because beauty is unfair and one should fight against unfairness. Russian women are  enemies. Angels have always had plenty of enemies – you can read the Bible to see it, because this book is a catalog of martyred angels.”

The Under-18 Women’s World Championship Hockey

European sports fans were booing during the Russian anthem which played for the Russian hockey team at the U18 WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. 11.01.2017 . Russia vs Czech Republic.


their booing and insults died out  when Russian team players started singing the national anthem


Fight at the U18 WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. 11.01.2017 Г. RUS-CZE.  

The fight started with the Czech players’ attack on the Russian team goalkeeper.




The International Ice Hockey Federation reported the Russian team victory in the following terms:  “Russia wins physical contest: A pair of second-period goals and a 33-save shutout by Valeria Merkusheva paced Team Russia to a 2-0 quarter-final victory over the Czech Republic.

Previous years victories of junior women hockey teams from the USA and Canada were reported as :” Canada beats Russia at U18,” “the U.S. women’s ice hockey team dominated Russians,” Team USA blanked Russia,” Team USA Tops Russia.

In Russia only beauties play hockey  (16+) and more photos


To compare, a Collection of historical photos of Russian girls high school and college students from the beginning of 20th century

Fortunate is a nation which in the moments of trials and tribulations doesn’t stand round waiting for someone else to tell her what to do, but instead with simplicity and ease picks up a nearest wooden club and starts nailing her abusers, until in her soul the sense of injustice and fury is replaced by contempt and pity.”

Lev Tolstoy, War and Peace. Vol. 4, part 3. [my translation]


After reading your comments:

What makes it a story is that the Czech  players, who attacked the Russian goalkeeper, didn’t get any penalties.

Nina Pirogova, a hockey player, not a character from the British TV show Strike Back, got a match penalty and didn’t play the game against the US team.

With this very simple move, the organizers of this year championship bled the Russian team of its two best players, so they would lose to the Americans.

You didn’t notice this because in your mind it’s acceptable to attack and hit Russians, feeling protected and encouraged by your governments and authorities.  You don’t even understand that you, the Westerners, are being conditioned by your regimes to fight us.

If I were you, I would start reexamining your thinking.

Remember what took place past summer in France?

See out Sports News SITREP for videos

June 11th, 2016 France: Riot police and England fans clash ahead of Russia match

June 10th, 2016 French riot police disperse English and Russian fans in Marseille

Eyewitnesses report about provocations of the British football fans against the Russians
June 12, 2016, 04:03
Russian RT.com: Eyewitnesses reported that the riots in the stands of the Velodrome, which hosted the match of the European football championship between national teams of Russia and the UK, broke out after British fans started insulting Russians.

The British sports journalist Simon Rowntree reported on Twitter that the British were shouting insults at Russia, President Vladimir Putin and tennis player Maria Sharapova.

Another representative of the British media, Martin MacIntyre believes that “the reaction of Russian fans is not surprising. I saw two English fans knock a Russian fan to the ground, took off his pants in front of his face, and at the end wiped his ass with a Russian flag”.

As reported by RIA Novosti, a buffer zone between fans of both countries was absent. Later, the Police Commissaire Antoine Boutonnet stated that the reason for the violent collisions of football fans has become “excessive alcohol consumption”.

Needless to say that only Russian fans were arrested and jailed by the French court.

Have you noticed a trend here?

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