Assassination In Japan: ABE Shinzo, Former Prime Minister, Shotgunned By Ex-Soldier Buddhist

By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

The former Prime Minister of Japan, ABE Shinzo, just got assassinated by a combat veteran in the streets of historic Nara, close to a train station.

The ‘Cool Japan’ showman and ex-Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party was apparently gunned down by a certain YAMAGAMI Tetsuya (41), who had military training and who had assembled a DIY twin-barreled shotgun that looked like a lot like a movie prop from Mad Max or the Fist of North Star.

Mr. ABE, globally recognized for his dysfunctional ”Abenomics” (aka supervised economic decline), was shot twice in neck and heart-lung from behind. He collapsed to the ground and rolled on his back, not reacting.

Revising The Pacifist Article 9 To Remilitarization

The deadly shots were fired at 11:29 am on Friday, July 8, 2022. There were about 20 women-aids and civilians close by, and about a hundred watchers some 50 feet away, but not at all a mass of spectators or some mass panic or anything. That’s why all those perfect pictures could be taken. The politician lay down next to a street crash barrier like roadkill.

YAMAGAMI, a wiry lean man with full black hair and wearing glasses, stood in the background for some while and nobody noticed him, apparently.

When he saw Mr. ABE turning his back, the mysterious man dressed in khaki colors made his move and wore his white medical-looking plague mask against the deadly coronavirus at all times correctly.

YAMAGAMI dropped the handmade shotgun when 4 security guards put him to the ground, now for everyone to see on video, and for the analysts around the world to analyze.

Watching the news LIVE on TV and on two laptops and on three mobile phones simultaneously is quite the adrenaline rush; especially in East Asia, where news are loud, splitsecond and multitasking. Then, there was also this American Häagen-Dazs ice cream commercial…

Japanese media follow strict journalistic protocol [for moderation]. So, while official NHK talking heads were saying that ABE Shinzo was injured, and that not more could be said at this point in time, net citizens in Taiwan and Korea already shared savage footage from dying ABE Shinzo in his own blood and not moving at all.

Also, everything is blurred in Japanese news. Faces, blood… pixelated. Not so in China where street gore is rarely a problem.

How could this even happen, you ask? Are there not like… thirty agents shielding their supreme leader, like Barack Obama or Angela Merkel are shielded when visiting “the people“?

Well, apparently, guns are prohibited in Japan, and extremely hard to import, unless you are an American arms dealer. Even the secret service did not pull their guns, even after their boss already lay dead or anyway looked like he was laying dead.

They just grabbed the punk killer and that was that. Japan has the death penalty, though. That could be comforting.

Assassinations of Prime Ministers in Japan happened before, in the 20s and 30s of the last century. Other attempts have been made. But in recent memory, no such king killings.

The attack had to be premeditated. Mr. ABE on Friday morning was not difficult to find. His own LDP party openly advertised his visit to Nara, when and where ABE would show up [see the ad below].

All Mr. YAMAGAMI had to do was sneak up behind him… and BAM, BAM.

That said, there is probably nothing political to gain for Mr. Y from this, only negative fame.

Unlike in the West, in Japan the names of perpetrators are immediately released to the public. This is done to shame their families, teachers, employers and friends… everyone down to the local swim club manager. Unfortunately, YAMAGAMI looked very professional and righteous. He successfully inserted himself into Japanese history.

The ruling LDP [Liberal Democratic Party] has no loss, only gains… and more sympathy. In two days, on July 10, are the elections for the Upper House. The LDP is wanting for a clear majority of seats. And this will probably happen anyway, and now more than ever. ABE Shinzo was very pro-American and anti-China. He supported the revision of the Pacifist Article 9 of the Constitution to re-militarize Japan under the leadership of the USA against a future war against China.

Japan has been ruled by the LDP since 1950, with only minor interruption for one or two years. The Japanese people are so brainwashed by the American occupiers, they believe ABE‘s ‘Cool Japan’ is real, even though the masses of people are poorer now and Japan‘s future seems quite pointless.

Mr. ABE kept Japan servile, prevented Asia‘s unification, and lowered Japan’s birthrates—all of which made him the darling of the Western media. He also prostrated Japan further under the G7, NATO, WHO, IMF and other Western organizations…

When Mr. ABE resigned as Prime Minister on August 28, 2020, due to illness of his intestines, he had more or less completed Japan‘s total Americanization [see some magazine covers by Time magazine or the Economist below].

All the Japanese people did since 2020 was zapping through US Netflix and Disney+ Channel, lining up for gene-experimental US-Pfizer vaccination, starring at their US iphones, using US Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or watching Youtube for Japan news. That was true Abenomics.

Former Prime Ministers Make Bad Politics

Abenomics in its early 2013 stages consisted of ABE‘s three arrows: One up the sky. Another down the sea. The third over the mountains. It‘s a metaphor for gobbledygook. What ABE had in mind was printing more money, spending more money, and getting bigger through more money. This is not satire. It is an accurate description of Japan‘s strategy of assisted decline from 2012 to 2020.

And what did Mr. ABE get in return? Western media don‘t even bother to spell the dead man‘s name correctly, even when he was still alive: It is ABE Shinzo, and NOT Shinzo Abe! sight…


And to make the humiliation worse, when the news of his assassination first broke on Twitter and Yahoo!, those US media portals showed their readers in Japan a charity banner that urged them to support the Ukraine war against Russia. Can you believe it?!

There can only be one politically correct explanation for Mr. YAMAGAMI formerly of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces to have killed his former head of state, and it cannot possibly be the US-occupation of Japan. It can only be the not-enough US-occupation of Japan.

Therefore, they will probably say that the Chinese are celebrating ABE’s demise and that YAMAGAMI’s true motive was radical Buddhism or something obscure.

So could Mr. ABE still be alive, actually? There‘s a conspiracy on Chinese Weibo and US Reddit that he might be dead but that the government cannot report it before strategic consultations have taken place with KISHIDA, the LDP leadership, the regime press AND the US embassy, all scheduled for 14:30 pm Tokyo time.

The Japan flow of information: Hospital informs government, government writes press release for US Reuters, Japanese NHK gets a Carbon Copy.

The Taiwan flow of information: Reporters in hospital overhear the doctors, inform the public.

Meanwhile, NHK was showing us the red-and-white helicopter landing on Nara University Hospital‘s rooftop, over and over again. The three rescuers who pushed the cart didn‘t seem in a hurry.

Mr. ABE would not be taken back to Tokyo any time soon.

Unless he was stable,…

Or had been dead.

[NOTE: Taiwan TV TVBS Channel on at 17:53 Tokyo Time reported ABE Shinzo demise. Japan NHK came in second, minutes later. The exact time of death, according to Nara Hospital, was 17:03 pm on July 8, 2022.]

The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

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