The following is a translation/ interpretation of Cat Motya posts regarding the issue of management of Mecca.

Please, keep in mind that in Russian classic literature, folklore and fairytales,  cats are learned and wise creature whose main duty is to tell tales about life in faraway lands.   Take, for example, Alesander Pushkin’s poem, Ruslan and Ludmila.  The story of their love was told to Pushkin by a learned cat.

That the Iranian government was about to make a decision to advise its people not take part in the Hajj was known in Russia for quite some time.

“After two series of negotiations without any results because of obstacles raised by the Saudis, Iranian pilgrims will unfortunately not be able to take part in the Hajj,” said Iran’s Culture Minister Ali Jannati on Iran’s TV.

Brief History of Mecca massacres

  • In 24 September, 2015 in so called “Mina stampede” at least 2,236 pilgrims according to the Western sources were suffocated or crushed during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mina, Mecca. The Saudi Vice Minister of Health officially announced 4,173 people dead in this incident in a press release later removed. At this “stampede” the former Iranian ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi was killed along with  465 Iranians.
  • The 2015 Mina Massacre came after on 11 September 2015, a crawler crane toppled over onto the Masjid al-Haram, the Grand Mosque in Mecca. 111 people were killed and 394 were injured. 11 Iranians were killed and 32 injured.

Some other “notable” deadly stampedes include:

  • July 2, 1990: A stampede inside a pedestrian tunnel (Al-Ma’aisim tunnel) leading out from Mecca towards Mina and the Plains of Arafat led to the deaths of 1,426 pilgrims, many of them of Malaysian, Indonesian and Pakistani origin.
  • May 23, 1994: A stampede killed at least 270 pilgrims at the stoning of the Devil ritual.
  • April 9, 1998: at least 118 pilgrims were trampled to death and 180 injured in an incident on Jamaraat Bridge.
  • March 5, 2001: 35 pilgrims were trampled to death in a stampede during the stoning of the Devil ritual.
  • February 11, 2003: The stoning of the Devil ritual claimed 14 pilgrims’ lives.[6]
  • February 1, 2004: 251 pilgrims were killed and another 244 injured in a stampede during the stoning ritual in Mina.
  • January 12, 2006: A stampede during the stoning of the Devil on the last day of the Hajj in Mina killed at least 346 pilgrims and injured at least 289 more. The incident occurred shortly after 13:00 local time, when a busload of travelers arrived together at the eastern access ramps to the Jamaraat Bridge. This caused pilgrims to trip, rapidly resulting in a lethal stampede. An estimated two million people were performing the ritual at the time.


  • December 1975: An exploding gas cylinder caused a fire in a tent colony and resulted in the deaths of 200 pilgrims.
  • April 15, 1997: 343 pilgrims were killed and 1,500 injured in a tent fire (Main article: Mecca fire of 1997). The tents are now fireproof.
  • November 1, 2011: Two pilgrims, a wife and husband, died in a coach fire. There were two coaches in the convoy, and a person in the second coach noticed smoke billowing from the coach in front. He radioed the driver to stop. Everybody evacuated the coach, and as the last two were getting out, the coach suffered three explosions.
  • Feb 8, 2014 – A raging fire Saturday at a hotel in the Saudi Arabian city of Medina killed 15 people and injured another 130
  • Aug 30, 2015 – A fire at a residential complex for oil workers Aramco residential complex in Alkhobar in eastern Saudi Arabia kills 11 and injures at least 200
  • Sep 17, 2015 – More than 1,000 pilgrims have been evacuated from a Makkah hotel in Mecca after fire broke out in one of the rooms. Two pilgrims were injure
  • Sep 22, 2015 – A fire at a Mecca hotel led to the evacuation of at least 1,500 Hajj pilgrims on Monday. It is the second such incident in Saudi Arabia in the last week. Four pilgrims were injured
  • Dec 24, 2015 – At least 25 people died and 123 were injured in a fire in Saudi hospital’s maternity ward and intensive care unit in southern Saudi Arabia
  • Friday 27 May 2016 – MAKKAH: Fire hit a 20-story hotel at Shuhada neighborhood in Makkah on Friday, … Saudi Arabia.

Airplane crashes

  • January 22, 1973: A Royal Jordanian Boeing 707 crashed at Kano, Nigeria, killing 176 Hajj pilgrims returning from Mecca.
  • December 4, 1974: Martinair Flight 138 crashed near Colombo, Sri Lanka, killing all 191 people aboard – 182 Indonesian hajj pilgrims bound for Mecca, and 9 crew members.
  • November 15, 1978: Icelandic Airlines Loftleiðir HF Flight LL 001 crashed at Colombo, Sri Lanka, killing 170 (mostly Indonesian) Muslim pilgrims returning from the Hajj.
  • November 26, 1979: Pakistan International Airlines Flight 740 had an in-flight fire and crashed after takeoff from the old Jeddah International Airport on 26 November 1979 killing all 156 on board the Boeing 707.
  • August 19, 1980: Saudia Flight 163 had a cargo compartment fire shortly after take-off from Riyadh airport. All 287 passengers and 14 crew on board the Lockheed L-1011-200 TriStar, registration HZ-AHK, died after the aircraft made an emergency landing.
  • July 11, 1991: Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 (operated by Nationair) was a chartered passenger flight from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Sokoto, Nigeria which had an in-flight fire and crashed shortly after takeoff from King Abdulaziz International Airport, killing all 247 Hajj pilgrims and 14 crew members on board the DC-8.

Non Hajj related mass deaths of Muslims in Saudi Arabia

On March 11, 2002, a fire at a girls’ school in Mecca, Saudi Arabia killed fifteen people, all young girls

Dec 24, 2015 – A fire in the early hours of the morning at a hospital in Saudi Arabia kills 25 people and injures more than 100,

Apr 18, 2016 – Saudi Arabia chemical plant fire claims 12 lives and leaves 11 others injured.

Feb 11, 2016 – RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A teacher in southern Saudi Arabia opened fire on colleagues Thursday, killing at least six people and wounding

Jan 29, 2016 – At least three people were killed in an attack on a mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia

Executions in Saudi Arabia

  • between January 1985 and June 2015, at least 2,208 people were executed in the kingdom. The report said at least 151 people had been put to death in 2015, compared with 90 in 2014
  • Jan 4, 2016 – Saudi Arabia executed 47 people in one day
  • In 2016 by March 8th Saudi Arabia executed 70 Muslims.
  • Apr 1, 2016 – Executions by beheading in Saudi Arabia this year are on pace to more than double those that took place in 2015
  • At the current rate Saudi Arabia could see more than 100 executions in the first half of 2016

Saudi Arabia suicide bombers

  • The Qatif and Dammam mosque bombings occurred on 22 and 29 May 2015, at least 21 people killed.
  • Jan 29, 2016 – At least four people were killed and 18 others wounded in a suicide bomb attack on a Shia mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia
  • At least 91 people were killed in suicide bomb attacks in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh

Incredulously, immediately after the Crane massacre, Bandar Al Hajjar, Saudi Hajj minister at the time, stated that  “Starting from next Hajj season, the number of pilgrims will increase to 5 million and then to 30 million in the coming five years”. Imagine, how even larger massacre the Saudis could accomplish with increase in pilgrimage? And try to put yourself into Iranian government shoes, just in one months on September 2015,  476 Iranians were killed and 394 injured just for their desire to come and pray at the holy site.

To add insult to injury, two days after the September 24th, 2015 “Mina stampede” Al Khaleej Times reported that “‘Rule-breaking Iran pilgrims’ caused crush in Hajj 2015″

Reading this statistics of deaths, keep in mind that Saudi Arabia is a modern, highly organized society with a total surveillance of it s citizens and unparalleled security.

After this very brief and incomplete overview of deaths of innocent Muslim people, the following is what Cat Matfey, a very popular Russian political analyst, has to say:

Cat Motya’s Glossary

  • Mus musculus, house mouse, mice, rats and other rodents – enemies of Cat Motya and all cats in Russia, which makes them the enemies of Russia. Cat Motya is not a vegetarian, but his unwillingness to eat mice is deeply rooted in his sense of disgust. He catches them and keeps them in an aquarium for scientific research. He studies their behavior to prevent their attacks on cats and people.
  • Sadists – Saudis
  • Pindostand – the USA
  • pindos, those who live in Pindostan

“Let’s turn towards Mecca and recall what I have wrote before, for what I was attacked and ridiculed by representatives of  Mus musculus tribe and other such rodents. Remember,  I wrote in December 2015 that we needed to divide the organizational authority over Mecca and Medina between Russian Muslims, Shiites and Emirates.

Our tasks: After we clean and secure Syria, we will move to Iraq. Essentially, we have already helped Iraq to liberate itself by sharing intelligence including space intelligence and with our specialists working with them. Next… Egypt, we can consider that we  secured Egypt against the advancement of ISIS in case they all would rush there and start a mind-blowing bloodbath. Now, it’s not going to happen. It’s just small groups now and they are being annihilated as soon as they come, right there not far from a receptionist area, and without much losses to the country.  Next, Yemen has to be liberated. YemenOurs has to be anyway. Now, we have these spawns left, Sadists and Qataracts. We have to decide what to do with them. I’m, personally, not against peaceful resolutions, but they’re not smart enough for this on the look of it. Lebanon sits very quietly. I mean it’s Sunni’s part, because Shiites fight for Assad, but Sunnis are neither here, no there. As always. The situation with Lebanon should defuse after ISIS is completely destroyed in Syria and Iraq. They will bring normal reasonable people in to govern, of this I am certain.

Why wouldn’t we divide Sadists in two parts, like KK Security divided Sudan? By the way, they have done this very quietly, don’t you think? That’s my personal cat’s opinion, that they will have a peaceful divorce, because it’s hard to imagine that Sadists will accept the situation that we will be ruling there and not Pindostan with them. Keep in mind that in areas where Houthis live in Saudi Arabia oil flows, and under Sadists only sand flows.

I dream about shaking up the Sadists a bit, and delivering Mecca under the joined authority of our Muslims, emirates and Shiites. So that it would be under common rule of all Muslims. I think that the Salman’s family has lost the moral rights to govern Mecca after they allowed the CIA and Mossad to kidnap Muslims from other countries who came for Hajj. This is a crime against Islam.

I consider that our Kadyrov, plus the Sheikh of Dubai, plus Ayatollah of Persia, should rule the spiritual center of Muslims in Mecca. Why? They are creating all kinds of ‘isises’ against us, and we keep destroying them, and they have to  pay for that somehow…

Furthermore… Tonight [Friday 27th] we are witnessing something that might be the beginning of this process. At the beginning, as always, there has to be an iron clad reason.  Saeed Ohadi, the head of Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization gave the Sadists an ultimatum on the grounds that they have lost their freaking mind and that the new Sadists’ minister of hajj  has invented so many rules to make sure that Persians wouldn’t be able to contribute to their own security, and that the Sadists are not providing their security, as I’ve showed in facts above. He also mentioned that they, Persians, have already sent a letter to the general secretary of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and that after waiting for ten days they are requesting an emergency meeting  of Iran’s Supreme Hajj Council.

[“Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati “tentatively confirmed” the cancellation of the Hajj for Iranian pilgrims, according to Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). Jannati stated that “time has run out” for Saudi Arabia to fulfill the conditions Iran set for its participation in this year’s pilgrimage and accused Saudi Arabia of “sabotage.” He added that Saudi Arabia did not accept Iran’s proposals for ensuring the safety of pilgrims after the September 2015 Hajj stampede. Saudi Arabia also reportedly refused to comply with additional Iranian demands on travel arrangements, including reversing its ban on Iranian airlines in Saudi Arabia and issuing visas for Iranians through the Swiss embassy, which represents Saudi interests in Iran after the severance of Iranian-Saudi ties in January. The cancellation would likely require Iranian pilgrims to coordinate their travel through a third-party country rather than banning Iranian travel altogether.”]

[Grand Ayatollah: Saudi Arabia should not administer holy sites. Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi stated that Saudi Arabia “cannot administer Mecca” and called for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to administer holy sites in Mecca and Medina instead. He also called for a greater investigation by the Iranian Foreign Ministry and the international community into the extent to which ISIS “emerged from Saudi Arabia.” (Fars News Agency)

Dirty Sadists agree with the Persian’ demands, but only in their words. In reality, Persian pilgrims will be cut off any consulate help the moment they step on Saudi Arabian soil.  Also, since Sadists insist that Iranian planes not be used to transport Iranian pilgrims,  the transportation problem is not solved at all.

The  Iranian officials called the behavior of the Sadists “inappropriate and cold.”

Remember the amount of Muslims and especially Iranians who were killed during the Hajjes last year? Sadists claim that 770 people had died, but Persians quote 2500 people, which is a huge number. A huge majority of these people were citizens of Iran.

I, as a cat, think that it was a planed massacre, and that it was planned by Sadists together with mice, because they are allies. When a crane collapsed, remember, 200 people died, and then several hotels burned down with people inside. This is a tendency. I have been saying it all along, that this is a tendency. Now, these rodents make noises that they are allies, and that they have “strategic cooperation.”  That was proclaimed by the former chief of Mossad Bordo when he was lecturing at Harvard.

See also, Saudis, Israelis developing new ‘super Stuxnet’ against Iran nuclear program

Even Bloomberg wrote about secret interactions between Mossad and Sadists’ secret services, but… it was obvious for everyone willing to see. They cooperate against Iran, Hezbollah and Palestine, despite of all statements of the Sadists that they are defenders of Muslims, especially Palestinians, but in reality they are not, they are their enemies, just like their “special” ally.

Consider all of these and also facts that Sadists have assisted in kidnappings of Persian citizens during their Hajj…

This is the story as it happened: An Iranian man went to Hajj to Saudi Arabia and disappeared. No one saw him. No one knew what had happened to him. There were no witnesses. This man was a nuclear scientists. Iran made an inquiry with the Saudis, and they responded with -2000C coldness claiming that they knew nothing, and even that his man was a terrorist and joined some kind of militant group.

For a year no one heard from this man. And suddenly, one day a message from him, a video message where he said that he managed to get to the computer while his captors weren’t watching, that he was in the US, and he asked to be saved.

The next day a scandal had erupted. Iran showed the guy on TV, Persians are angry. The Iranian government makes an official inquiry to the American government about a kidnapping.. And pindos? At first this filth had denied everything and even blamed Iranians for provocation against innocent Washington. Persians, however, don’t give up that easily. They posted the electronic location  from where the message was sent. Relatives crying and saying that it was him. In response, those filthy animals produced a new movie. They made a new video and made this man to say that he came to the US by his own will, that he wanted to stay in the US and asked everyone to stop looking for him. This is just days after he was pleading for help.

Persians, of course, refuse to eat this steaming pile, they went into some secret negotiations, and finally this man was returned home.

Do you understand the vulgarity, cynicism, cowardliness, and evil of those mutants? There were many other people, and groups of people who have disappeared  without a trace! We can imagine what those animals did to them. This was a story of just one kidnappings, when a man was walked to a mosque, a car stopped offered a ride, he got inside… He came to his senses in pindostan.

With all these in mind, we have an argument that considering that Iran is becoming our new ally, and they allow us to have on their territory what we need, and that they have the longest border on the Persian Gulf, they punched pindos many times, and that they don’t cook up terrorists against us. Considering all these and more, it might be that the “world” will gradually realize that it was a mistake to trust Sadists with Mecca.

We have to have influence and a full access to Mecca, because our millions of Muslims don’t take other nations’ territories and don’t bomb anybody.

P.S.: “Panama Papers” reveal that King of Saudi Arabia was a sponsor of Benjamin Netanyahu’s political campaign.

P.P.S.:         Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader Ayatollah  Ahmad KhatamiWe favor a Hajj with dignity and security,’ he said, condemning Saudi rulers for their policies regarding Hajj pilgrimage.

The Iranian nation is a dignified and dear nation and will never accept insults and insecurity, he said, noting that Iran has neither an embassy nor a consulate in Saudi Arabia to protect its interests.

Despite efforts by Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization to hold Hajj season this year as in the past, they create obstacles and prevent Iranians from making Hajj pilgrimage, said Khatami.

The cleric also contended that Saudis’ refusal to accept Iranian Hajj pilgrims and deadly crash in Mina last year prove that they are incompetent to run the great event.

The agents of the Zionist regime have no merit to organize the Hajj season,’ he said. [IRNA]

“Yes, mice, yes… That where we are slowly, but technically advancing. We will snatch Mecca from your ally Sadists’ hands. Kadyrov, emirates and Persians will supervise the common security and decide who would be allowed to pray and who wouldn’t.

A day after Cat Motya’s  post about Mecca, Saudis announced their ban on selfies with cats. What’s next? Are you children of Satan going to ban cat videos? The primarily reason for the existence of Internet? Give up and surrender, because your time has passed. “

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