by Cathal Haughian

250,000 capitalists read the Financial Times, and it has been our undertaking to chronicle our understanding of capitalism via our book The Philosophy of Capitalism. A USA led team has answered the question ‘What is The Nature of the Monetary System?’ The Monetary system has three layers – the core is Religion and the unconscious mind – as they formed first. The outer layer is operational and intersects with geopolitics, it explains:

Why we need to beat Russia

We may see Syria as a testing ground for Imperial Power. Russia has tested our influence and shown the World it’s wanting, so it’s crucial to appreciate why and of what consequence.

Our Imperial weapons give definite form to our Empire. And nothing has shaped our Empire more than the FIAT. The deformation began in 1971, when the US imposed her Power to re-define the rules of the monetary system for her sole benefit. The ability to print IOU’s in exchange for real value is more clever than theft as we borrow and do not pay back in kind due to inflation. Our enemies, adversaries and vassals must found their financial systems upon the printed dollar which they must purchase with hard earned money. That seizure has financed a vast network of military bases, bribery, assassinations, coup d´états and perpetual war.

What’s not to like? All that Power without taxing the produce of the American people. So why have we lost in Syria?

Let’s begin by appreciating that the global “FIAT system” is responsible for our moral crisis and departure from virtue. As we embrace further the gods of greed – listen to the masses cheer for Clinton and Trump – we must recall that virtue is knowledge of what is good. We are getting weak because we have forgotten what is good for us.

Trust and LibertyThe root of this evil is our love of easy money, or FIAT money, defined by those with power as “wealth by decree” which places an arbitrary value upon “wealth issued by men” such that buying power has no natural governor, as it did when gold was freely traded along currencies in truly free markets. But whom, may we ask, has the power to decree wealth? And with such great power to do so, who can be trusted with such great responsibility?

No one. That is who.

But nonetheless, governments and monarchies throughout the ages have been entrusted to issue wealth by decree. All have failed, because power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So in every FIAT timeline we see the more powerful become wealthier and the wealthy become more powerful, because it is they who control the issuance and distribution of wealth. Inequality of Wealth, therefore, always reaches its peak at the end of the FIAT timeline. As social position offers more favours than purpose and production. What has happened is what always happens – you have a system politicized to such an extent that political access – and not profits from innovative new solutions – Become the core of the incentive structure.

Notice how productivity declined after Bretton Woods and later when Bretton Woods was abandoned. One of the problems of easy money, not the only one mind you, is the financialization of the economy. Financialization drains key human capital and generates malinvestment. Nuclear engineers are doing MBA’s so that they can work as investment bankers! Trillions of dollars have been invested in real estate developments that provide no productivity gains. Easy money kept fracking companies alive –producing an endless glut of gas that had nowhere to go but heat tar sands in Canada – what waste!

This is the real economic evil of our current monetary system – malinvestment – with two insidious effects:

  1. A halt in fundamental scientific breakthroughs and
  2. The West, apart from Germany and Norway, has run at a loss for decades

If the common man had a say in all this, he would declare his modest holdings to be the pinnacle of wealth, by his decree. He will offer you his apartment for your mansion, his hot dog for your lobster, his bike for your car and so forth. If this sounds ridiculous, then think how absurd it is to offer stacks of paper for these same items, which (based upon the numbers and signatures printed upon them) you would gladly accept, by decree.

We know that paper is just as intrinsically worthless as the electronic digits they represent in a bank account. The issue here is who holds the power of decree. The little people never will. The monied men hold this power – like a parasite feeding upon any who deign to offer value at the marketplace.

And that is the cut of the second edge my friends. That is the death blow. The Fiat produced a parasite – the financial sector – that in its greed is killing the real economy. So when we read about absence of opportunity with such empathy, know that the parasite suffers too, as the problem of debt reaches higher toward senior capital.

When we see debt piled on debt just to prolong the dying system, take note that a few monied men enjoy the fruits of this easy money for a time before defaulting … and with no collateral to make lenders whole, many walk away with nothing more than an impaired credit rating – into a waiting system where debt is harshly devalued.

Monsanto can darken the sunflower harvest in the Ukraine, and Allianz can steal a few tranquil Greek islands, but the ambience is never quite the same as when hard working people had their just rewards, and goodness and charity and kind souls rejoiced – with compassion and cooperation – while loving the narrative of a life written while desiring only the product of their work.

The world this Global Reserve Fiat creates is one of misery and strife where evil and greed feeds upon the spirit, and the world becomes an immoral wasteland of modernity. The worker is discriminated against as all pressure and stress is heaped upon his future, as the law discriminates between debts held as an asset vs. debt held as a liability.

You see, reader, while we all hold “deposits” at banks, which is an euphemism for bank debt, only the lending class (and I use this term in the broadest sense) get to hold debt on their balance sheets as a wealth asset, whereas the little people hold debt as an obligatory liability. If there is a default, all the better as the law allows them to seize the “secured” assets as collateral. Is there a flaw in my thinking? Let us see…

You may say that banks are able to hold debt as an asset because they have the capital to cover that debt – to which I would say, “Really ??!!” As we understand the nature of debt in this modern era of aging debt, and the derivatives that attempt to hedge those obligations, this is simply not the case, as the lessons of Enron, AIG, Lehman, MF Global – ad nauseam – clearly prove. The empire of debt is hallmarked by misery for the masses though this is no accident, for a system cannot discriminate in and of itself. Financial laws are written by and for the hidden agenda of monied men, how can we conclude otherwise? A few of which see war or systemic crisis as an opportunity to rewrite the social contract e.g. the tax payer takes over bank debt, see Ireland, Britain and soon Australia and the Eurozone.

Look at the workers as they make their way home on the subway, standing tightly together, neither wanting nor caring to utter a word to one another, their grey features melted by the stress of their “wealth as debt”. Their one shot at consciousness ground away while vampire and zombie stories speak to their existence. Look at the once prosperous cities around you, like Detroit, or Camden, crumbling into 3rd world ghettos. Not exactly a world that the 1% wants to live in, but one they deserve – one of their making.

They can insulate themselves in the Hamptons for only so long until the sirens sound. It has always been this way, and it will always be this way, until man changes his nature by recognizing what is good for him.

Now, the East – China / Russia / India – challenge the Global Reserve Fiat. And when the dollar fails, and it will: For debt is the essence of fiat, and when it defaults, the system defaults with it.

Fiat Debt is unstable for two reasons:

  1. Because no natural ecosystem is able to sustain unlimited, continuous exponential growth – as all 100% fiat (debt-based) valuation systems require. More debt is required to repay existing debt plus interest. The basic operational problem: you can inflate a system easily by issuing new “secured” debt against collateral and thereby increasing collateral value (think about mortgages as buying power to buy houses, pushing house prices up, collateral looks fine even if debtors cannot pay interest or principal – as long they can easily refinance or banks can sell recovered properties in a real estate market spiked by easy credit and demographics (like in the US from 2001-2005, or London and Sidney now). Easy credit can paper over affordability and to some extent demographics. Now this definitely does not work in reverse; you cannot even stop because once credit stops flowing, prices start to tatter; and in the latter stages even an decrease in the rate of increase might be enough to crash the system.
  2. Because it is entered into and created so lightly, and it is based on the assumption of a fixed future performance by an entity or individual. And when the 98% – their future burdened by intolerable debt, unemployment and declining wages – decide to walk away? The fear of that decision has been driving interest rates down for decades, to make it bearable not for the good of mankind but to prolong the system. This brings into relief an internal contradiction: wages decline in sync with interest rates because the bargaining power of workers evaporates as Central Bankers reduce the cost of capital, contributing to the substitution of labour and labour wages by that of the machines and AI software. Until the workers walk away from more debt for less income, we watch this balancing act between debt pretending to be wealth, and wealth being treated as a “bad investment”. All performed for the benefit of gradually changing our definitions, as we evolve into a new equilibrium determined by the East – Their collective gold reserves will be large enough to re-price the currencies and free the markets.

As we look at the precarious nature of our faith-based money, we must acknowledge the moral implications of “dishonest money”. Seizure by decree, whether judged just by Constituted Power, is immoral. But the fact that dishonest money is so easy to create, control and redistribute helps one understand the wave of immorality that has swept over our world.

Paying tribute with labor and exchange rates is not enough for the empire of debt. Rather, its vassals must accept and embrace the ideology of the empire as well – “Wealth as Debt” and Globalism. It’s their separation in language which causes the confusion – Globalism and Absolutism – for they are one and the same thing.

When Russia and China stockpile honest money, they attack our most potent weapon and father of our decline. Our Imperial weapon will die by both edges of its own sword, one being the contempt with which it is so easily created to bend the will of the world to its bidding, and the other sharp edge which the wicked are blind to recognize: The evil that sound money prohibits.

Will Russia and China attack the fiat dollar using overt enemy action? Possible, but not probable: as they can simply undermine “confidence” in the FIAT and wait upon the 2% to bury the blade. The Dynasties of Wealth – Have you ever wondered how we hedge our holdings through turmoil? The top 85 patricians of which own more wealth than the bottom 3.5 billion humans – will move first. The 1%, then 2% and whoever else left standing will be forced to follow through.

Only Gold has the history, depth, unique qualities, loyalty of the elite and transitional power to challenge any man, any nation, any system on earth, past, present and future. The Dynasties understand this, because they have both witnessed and authored this axiom across generations of asset accumulation.

When they vote, they vote with their ability to make markets, and then reap the profit from the market they make, offering favor to those who protect their interests. They easily control men through greed and are beholden to Gold alone. Gold transitions their wealth recycling system through change.

As the sand peters past the last curve of the hour glass the Dynastic hand is clear to see. So the Neo-cons need to beat Russia, and soon, as only Globalism can keep the markets enchained.

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