by GH Eliason

In a bizarre twist of fate, this article maybe the only warning Stepan Bandera III receives that he really needs to get a running head-start.

Part of the Ukrainian Diaspora is trying to cast the crowning achievement of his grandfather “the real Stepan Bandera” to the ash-heap of history. This move is geared to crush the hope for freedom of generations of Bandera supporters.

In an effort to co-opt Ukrainian Nationalism out from under the Bandera brand, emigre nationalist leaders are already starting to refer to Stepan Bandera as a “disgruntled Pollack with a bad sense of direction!” Questions asking if the original Stepan Bandera even visited Ukraine are now being voiced. Most importantly, Stepan Bandera’s honor and commitment are being challenged by Ukrainian Diaspora leaders.

For Stepan Bandera III, Public Law 86-90 represents the pinnacle of his family history. Shown below, just like North Vietnam, Ukraine did not exist without it. The country called Ukraine only came into being in 1991.

The Bukovinians, Galicians, Russyans, ethnic Hungarians, and Romanians that make up the “Ukrainian diaspora” all have strong family ties that make up what’s called the Ukrainian emigre world. After supporting Bandera for over 60 years, all have their hopes pinned on the young Bandera to fulfill his grandfathers word and free their families from Poroshenko’s repressive government. The emigres are watching how the situation in West Ukraine pans out very closely.

Cast into his notorious grandfather’s foot-steps like his father before him, the young Bandera III will most likely succumb to the need of a new Ukrainian hero. Since Kiev is now openly nationalist, it may be necessary to keep Ukrainian nationalism relevant in the Diaspora, and more importantly the US Congress.

Will the new and improved next generation Bandera martyr for the cause please stand up!

Keeping Stepan Bandera III’s Work Behind the Scenes and Destroying it

Having grown up in Canada under the watchful eye of the Ukrainian World Congress, the youngish Stepan Bandera III learned the softer OUNm tradition of Ukrainian nationalism as well as the rigid American OUNb tradition that is shaping post Maidan Ukraine.

From the mid 1990’s the US and Ukraine have been working together shaping Ukraine into something that resembles a democracy to no avail. If Ukraine wanted to achieve this at any point, who sabotaged it?

At CUSUR ( Center for US-Ukraine Relations) each step in Ukraine’s progress was plotted. Economics, Military (especially NATO ascension), politics, and agriculture were all areas that measured timetables for national maturity were laid out.

If you look at every steering committee at CUSUR you will find the name Stepan Bandera as one of the steering committee members moving Ukraine into the European fold.

This one name appears on all of the steering committees of the CUSUR. As you’ll see in  UA Quest Roundtable Steering Committees  , that name is Stepan Bandera

RTI: Ukraine’s Quest for Mature Nation Statehood Steering Committee–Stepan Bandera

RTII: US/Ukraine Strategic Partnership Steering Committee– Stepan Bandera.

Opposing this and steering Ukraine away from Europe and NATO involvement, other than handouts you will also find perennial keynote speaker Valentin Nalyvaichenko. Nalyvaichenko shared the podium with US Congressmen, Military brass from the Pentagon and NATO, as well as department of State, and Business representatives from America’s largest corporations about integrating Ukraine.

What Nalyvaichenko actually brought to the table over the past decade was the perspective and demands of Nalyvaichenko’s superior in Tryzub Banderi, Dimitri Yarosh .

Nalyvaichenko, who seemed to be the right choice based on his credentials became the obstruction and not the bridge to democracy the US government was hoping for.

In late spring 2015 when asked about Ukrainian intelligence reform he stated openly that Ukraine will follow the OUNb/UPA model and there was no need to pursue a foreign model. The model Nalyvaichenko was referring to was the OUNb SB terror group. The “SB” were known for their murder and torture skills worldwide during the 1950- 60’s.

This alone would keep Ukraine out of NATO. During his tenure starting under Yushchenko, Nalyvaichenko gave budding speeches abroad while pushing Yarosh’s agenda at home.

It is an amazing thing that Dimitri Yarosh has maintained a larger voice in Congress pushing his agendas than sitting presidents in Ukraine where ever the opportunity came up.

To NATO or not to NATO, that is the Question

After understanding the two sides to the equation, do you need to ask which side is winning? Is it the pro-European Stepan Bandera or the anti- Bandera Maidan factions of Tygnibok, Nalyvaichenko, Yarosh, or Poroshenko?

Do any of these grade B comic book actors opinions really matter when the decision was made over 10 years ago?

According to the US Army, Ukraine’s ascension to “the organization (NATO) is restrained by the country’s inability to qualify politically and economically for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) membership soon.”

Politically to qualify for NATO membership, a country has to be a democracy and well on its way to having a stable economy. Because of this, NATO doesn’t place a lot of faith in the Ukrainian Nationalists intellectual capacity to develop into a member state. –U.S.-UKRAINE MILITARY RELATIONS AND THE VALUE OF INTEROPERABILITY Leonid I. Polyakov December 2004

NO NATO For You!

In the same monograph, current Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski described the inability to rely on Ukraine’s nationalist intellectual heritage to right the problem.

In a word, according to both men, snowballs have a better chance of surviving hell than a Ukrainian nationalist understanding Democracy or much else going on in the world around them. Describing Kiev’s ability to the understand the world it lived in prior to Maidan under then president Victor Yuschenko:

It (Ukraine’s nationalist government) was intellectually decapitated as a matter of deliberate policy during the Stalin years and beyond so that the most able and energetic Ukrainians were either killed or magnetically attracted to Moscow and Russified.” Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Ukraine and Europe,” Fulfilling the Promise: Building an Enduring Security Partnership Between Ukraine and NATO, Ashton B. Carter, Steven E. Miller, and Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, eds., The Stanford-Harvard Preventive Defense Project, 1999, pp. 33-34.

Why are smart Ukrainians magnetically drawn toward Moscow?

The nationalists insisted on the primacy of will over reason, action over thought, and practice over theory. Their doctrine of nationalism was[is] infused with aspects of the irrational, voluntaristic, and vitalistic theories…In the place of objective scientific discovery the nationalists propagated myths and favored an ideologically ‘correct’ image of the Ukrainian past. They promoted a cult of the struggle and reverence for national martyrs…”-Ukrainian Encyclopedia

The intellectuals probably reasoned that they would eventually be killed because they liked mundane things like literature, mathematics, science, problem solving, or quite possibly building a country they could be proud of.

Prior to 1991 Western Ukraine had an industrial base. When the Ukrainian nationalists took over in Kiev, industry outside Russia leaning areas died. Southeast Ukraine and primarily Donbass became the centers of technical knowledge and manufacturing power for Ukraine.

The Nationalism article in the Ukrainian Encyclopedia was written by former Waffen SS officers that became Ukrainian Nationalist scholars at leading universities in the west further states that Ukrainian Nationalists have no concept of socio-economic solutions because of their ideology.

The rich and powerful take it all….yep, that’s about as far as they went with building a state economy.

Going further and rubbing salt deep into wounds Maidan inflicted on Ukraine, the US Army monograph just won’t give the poor Banderites any slack.

Given that Ukrainians themselves had a rather limited ability to present their historical arguments[that’s gotta hurt, seriously], their influence on U.S. foreign policy prior to becoming independent was also limited, being realized only through émigré circles. The above-mentioned dominant perceptions of Ukrainians as “unpredictable and dangerous nationalists” were very likely behind the logic of the famous speech in August 1991 by U.S. President George Bush…[Americans] will not aid those who promote a suicidal nationalism based on ethnic hatred.” Such warning naturally surprised Ukrainians and ignited protests and demonstrations from the Ukrainian Diaspora in the United States.”

As Director of the CIA ex-President Bush dealt extensively with the Ukrainian emigres and knew they were still the rabid nationalists they always were. When Ukraine became a nation in 1991, the caveat was the American faction which is entirely Bandera Nationalists would take a back seat to the OUNm groups softer form of nationalism.

Punctuating the OUNb intellectual tradition at Maidan was giving Andrei Parubi the Secretary of Defense position for post Maidan Ukraine. Mr. Parubi who exemplifies the Ukrainian nationalist intellectual tradition was one of the founders of the Svoboda party and an ideologist for it.

He was forced to resign the Ukrainian Defense Ministry the day after his grade school IQ results were released.

President Poroshenko’s Official Response

Petro Poroshenko’s official response to all this was education reform. He cut the high school graduation age by two years and two full grades. Imagine letting loose the average American high school freshman on the world at 15 years of age. They can be drafted. They can work. They graduated! Won’t American kids be jealous?

Right now Poroshenko is poised to take the EU by storm as the new improved education system is set to provide the most competitive priced day labor on the continent.

Beyond that by finally legalizing the organ trade that Ukraine has been cited for as a world leader in, Ukrainian kids will always have a way to make an extra hryvnia or two.

The Ukrainian nationalists running the government and the Ukrainian war remind me of a rabid version of MTV’s Beavis and Butthead, even if they are a bit more intellectually challenged.

Will Europe catch up and comes to grips with the fact that Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Secretary Ashton Carter, and the US Army War College are on the same page concerning the violently anti- intellectual and demented nature of Ukrainian Nationalists ruling in Kiev?

The appointment of Secretary Carter should signal to the world that short of the entire US Government undergoing a total frontal lobotomy, the US has little interest in defending Kiev’s violent “Idiocracy.”

Given the facts and all the fake Russian invasions NATO General Phillip Breedlove is forced to lie about, I no longer wonder if he cries into his pillow at night.

Public LAW 86-90 Its all about UKRAINE BABY!

The 2004 Army Monograph which was funded by the US Army War College External Research Associates Program admits the unthinkable. Are you ready?

Ukraine, in the same vein as North Vietnam, and Cossackia did not exist outside Public Law 86-90 until 1991. Yes, its true! Like North Vietnam or a Cossackia, “the Ukraine” recognized by the US existed first in the mind of Stepan Bandera! The reference in the monograph is to the almost but not quite government of Simon Petlura, but Bandera’s legitimacy had to stem from some source no matter how shaky.

From the Monograph-

“In the 20th century’s Soviet period, this took the form of the destruction of Ukraine’s attempts to become independent during the civil war of 1917-20;…”

This same monograph written by a retired Ukrainian Army Colonel recognizes Ukraine’s nationalist attempt at nation forming as having failed. It also recognizes the reality of former Cossack nations in Southeast Ukraine’s Donbass and Zaporozhye.

This actually means Donbass has a stronger claim to existence than the new country called Ukraine, first realized in 1991,overthrown, and again a new country in 2014.

Run! Stepan Bandera III Run!

The move has been on for a while to kick Stepan Bandera to the curbside. This generation’s nationalists can’t quite grab for the limelight under the glare of the long dead nazi thug. Claiming the Bandera mantle, Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Lyashko, and Yarosh all need to become “the leader” and move out from under the long Nationalist shadow that Bandera casts over post- Maidan Ukraine. Poroshenko’s inability to gain an easy victory over Donbass has made both him and Yatzi a shoo in for a different kind of tie during the next coup.

Nevertheless, Bandera was an unusual cult hero; after all, he had lived for most of his life outside Ukraine in Poland and Germany. During World War II, he was under house arrest and, although espousing a ‘revolutionary’ ideology, never returned to Soviet Ukraine to join the armed underground in the 1940s where it had been led by Mykola Lebed, Roman Shukhevych, and Vasyl Kuk in 1941-1952. Indeed, why did Bandera, the alleged ‘revolutionary,’ not return to the revolution in his homeland?”- Contemporary Nationalism in Ukraine: Why we need a Broader Analytical Framework Taras Kuzio Center for Transatlantic Relations, School of Advanced International Relations, Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC

Yarosh was hand picked by the last of the 1st generation Banderites, Slava Stetsko. The Pravy Sektor core group Tryzub, was originally put together as her private army. He’s made it clear that he’d rather destroy what’s left of Ukraine than unite the region by extending “democratic freedoms.” By protecting the the rights of the smaller republics that make up Ukraine, he could have protected its unity and the Stepan Bandera legacy.

Tryzub Banderi, according to the Taras Kuzio article has supported presidents ranging from Kuchma to Yushchenko which shows how prevalent this Bandera brand has been in Ukraine. Kuzio also reminds the reader that Dimiti Yarosh’s Tryzub was founded as an SBU project. Remember, behind the SBU’s Nalyvaichenko is Tryzub’s DimitiYarosh.

For any of them to be historically successful, Ukrainian nationalist history shows their “obvious competition” must end up a martyr for the masses or an enemy of the state.

The Ukrainian nationalists inside Ukraine have been so destructive to the State and emigre reputations that the Ukrainian emigres are even looking outside nationalist circles for a figure that can unite Ukraine once again.

Alexey Mozgovoy, Seriously?

That’s right, Ukraine’s homegrown anti-bandera has been mentioned in comments by a Ukrainian emigre nationalist leader as a figure that can unite Ukraine. George Mazni, former UCCA Arizona president wrote praises to the memory of Alexey Mozgovoy in comments to the article “US Congress and President Obama Officially Recognize Donbas’ Freedom!” at

Mazni, whose UCCA tenure was at the end of the cold war had a government in exile position akin to a US state governor for the emigre world. He has a very informed opinion when giving insight into the politics of the emigres. Mazni went further to state that if the Cossack Commander Alexey Mozgovoy of Prizrak(Ghost) Battalion were alive he might consider “Cossackia” a legitimate undertaking. I agree wholeheartedly this would be a good move.

One of the biggest open secrets of the war is that commanders from both sides get together for Tet-a-tets regularly and have tea. Alexey Mozgovy’s Prizrak pioneered this effort. The one thing both sides agree on is that neither of them can stand the punisher battalions the emigres are currently funding. Battalions like Aidar, Azov, Pravy Sektor, Kiev Rus, and IGIL/ISIL constantly fire on both the Ukrainian Army as well as the towns and cities, breaking the truce.

The discussions range from how they don’t want to kill each other because they are one people, to marching on Kiev together, and of course destroying the punisher battalions outright. They certainly have enough military hardware at the contact line to chase the neo-nazi battalions close to the Polish border.

Both Presidents of DNR and LNR are Cossacks and naturally hold higher positions than did Commander Mozgovoy. Since this is the case, under Mazni’s scenario, Petro Poroshenko needs to sit and discuss the situation with them. Since the Cossacks have been put up at least tentatively as the saviors of a united Ukraine, Poroshenko should follow the instructions Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky give him about rebuilding the nation very carefully.

The American emigre’s are going to need to make a concession. Every statue of Stepan Bandera or Shukhevych in the USA needs to be torn down. Statues to WWII Nazi SS are not acceptable on US soil and violate Federal law. From Glenbrook, NY, to Phoenix, Chicago, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and the other major cities, the monuments that glorify Nazism in America must be destroyed. The war time Nazi leadership buried in Bondbrook, NJ should be exhumed. The other nationalist emigres will need to follow suit.

A day later, realizing his UCCA informed opinion would end up in print, Mr. Mazni very unsuccessfully tried to back track proving Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter assumptions about nationalists to be quite correct.

Assassinating Bandera

The only thing this generation’s Bandera needs to do to survive for now is absolutely nothing and accept the caveat he has been handed. Ukraine has asked the Roman Catholic Pontiff to canonize Stepan Bandera, which will never happen. Picture “Saint Stepan Bandera” saint of our former and latter Holocaust? Saint of we kill everybody? Saint of nazis everywhere?

Of course given Ukrainian nationalists love affair with self destruction, as soon as “a leader” is established or changed out Maidan style, that is all subject to change.

Toward the mid-1950’s the CIA wrote a white paper predicting who would kill Stepan Bandera. There were only seven possibilities. The CIA named the US at the top of the list and the Soviet Union second. The problem was neither country knew where Bandera was. Only five men in the world did. Only one had anything substantial to gain from it. He gained everything. He was third on the list. His hand picked successor is one of the horses in the heir to Bandera race.

The KGB had to have been given the address to find the worlds most elusive terrorist by someone. Linked innocuously to one of my earlier articles, the paper really sheds light on the level of betrayal that characterizes the OUN and emigre leadership. As much as Secretary Ashton Carter thinks it will make their heads hurt, nationalists can look through and research the paper’s location themselves.

Will Stepan Bandera III stand up for the the people that supported his grandfather and whose relatives make up the diaspora? Will he give his voice for their right to live safe from Poroshenko’s persecution? Will he join his father as one of the unfortunate or unlucky Banderas? Or will he stay out of history and be remembered as that mediocre bartender with a funny name who made an adequate 7&7?

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