By Ken Leslie for the Saker Blog

1. How to be progressive in America

As some readers of my previous essays recall, I devoted quite a lot of space to one (possibly principal) agent of imperialism and genocide, namely, Roman Catholicism. Although I made my views clear, I’ll repeat—I am not discussing the RC religious dogma, its theological foundations or the honesty of its followers but its (geo)political dimension which has, for a long time, steered or even governed global affairs. Naturally, this has upset some RC believers who instinctively defend their church—right or wrong. I sympathise with them because the high-level machinations I describe are naturally not well known to the “flock”.[1] However, none of the comments on my previous article on the Vatican in US politics engaged with the substance of what I had written. This is a good sign because it means that I have touched a historical nerve somewhere. In addition, nowhere on the blogosphere—but absolutely nowhere—could one read about the very salient and unchallenged-by-history pattern of imperial and genocidal conquest by the Roman Catholic Church.[2] Again, as is the case with any worldly empire, the few and far between benefits afforded the aborigines are greatly outweighed by the pillage, rapine and suffering. In the case of the Catholic Church, this is especially sickening in the light of the high spiritual and religious principles it espouses (various Protestant sects are also guilty of this if to a lesser extent). So, the deafening silence on this incendiary topic tells me that there is something to my writing and this goes beyond the “left-vs.-right” theatre that the proles in the US and Europe are allowed to participate in as a reward for their indenture.

Also, despite my efforts to proofread my pieces, errors do creep in. I need to explain—writing about politics is cathartic and therapeutic for me—unlike academic writing which I have pursued for many years. I usually knock out 4000+ words in about three hours (sometimes in a single sitting). I do try to remove the most obvious clangers but don’t have the time for the next level of polishing. Why am I saying this? Please, focus on the big picture. I’m a grammar Nazi Reichsmarschall myself but please—don’t miss the forest for the trees. My humble aim is to present to the uninitiated certain topics that have evaded historical scrutiny. Hopefully, my scribbles might encourage them to dig deeper.

I had started on a piece on George Soros when I saw this. It is a photo of Barak Obama surrounded by his intelligence supremos.[3]

The caption added later reads: “President Barack Obama meets with director of National Intelligence James Clapper, right (Alma Mater St. Mary’s University, Texas), in the Oval Office, Sept. 9, 2010. Also attending are, clockwise from left, Robert Cardillo, DIA Deputy Director (and now Director of National Intelligence for Intelligence Integration and schooled at Georgetown), Deputy National Security Advisor Tom Donilon (Donilon attended La Salle Academy, earned a B.A. at the Catholic University of America in 1977 and is connected personally to the Biden family), Rodney Snyder, Senior Director for Intelligence Program, NSS (cannot find any kind of BIO on him), John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (Attended private catholic schools from his youth, is Alma Mater at Fordham University and is former CIA), and National Security Advisor Gen. James L. Jones (Alma Mater Georgetown University). (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza).

Although I did not check all the biographies, I have little doubt that the above is correct.[4] What does this tell us? Compared with Trump’s enforcement apparatus, this cabal is even more impressive in its religious/ideological zeal and lack of diversity. I am aware of the potential for the abuse of statistics, but what is the probability that five of the heads of the empire’s dark apparatus are RC/Jesuit-educated? Oh, and the key person is missing from the photo. The then-director of the CIA, Leon Panetta is an alumnus of the Jesuit Santa Clara University. I’m pretty sure that I could dig out some more, but never mind. How has something so blindingly obvious escaped scrutiny and censure? What would have happened if all of the above happened to be Jewish—or Protestant? The photo allows one to take a glimpse of the reality behind the crumbling Potemkin-like façade of the American democracy.

What does this mean? First, it is another nail in the coffin of the inane belief that Obama was somehow “left-wing” and progressive. If this destroys the alt-right sales pitch which attempts to paint itself as fundamentally different from the genocidal neolib, neocon fake left (and vice versa) so much the better. Obama’s and Trump’s foreign policies are controlled by the same people. Second, it confirms the idea the United States is the ideological inheritor of the Third Reich (sans the persecution of the Jews). Here, Obama is surrounded by a Jesuit council of war—a sinister camarilla responsible for the killing, maiming and spying on millions of people throughout the world. Barak Obama dropped more bombs on innocent people than… fill in the rest. These are not regular Joes who happened accidentally to partake in the fine education provided by the Jesuit (and other) fathers. Rather, they are zealous Roman Catholics who were groomed (excuse the pun) from early days for senior positions in the CIA, FBI and other nefarious three-letter agencies that guarantee the survival of America’s bloated empire.

These people (and not nobodies such as Victoria Nuland or Geoffrey Pyatt) were behind the bloody putsch in the Ukraine—and in this post I shall provide some historical reasoning behind this bold and possibly fatal move. Before I continue, I wish to stress that the overthrow of the dithering oligarch Yanukovich by the CIA and Western Ukrainian fascists (and supported by a number of Jewish oligarchs and politicians) was one of the key events in modern history and a possible prelude to WWIII. The fact that president Putin partly parried the fascist offensive cannot erase the bitter truth that the forces of Mordor are now closer to Moscow than they’ve been since the summer of 1941 (SOMETHING THAT NO-ONE IS PREPARED TO DISCUSS). Obama’s council of war is the modern version of the medieval Ritters’ councils that planned and executed one anti-Russian crusade after another. These Knights of the Oval Office are ostensibly relaxed, accustomed to selling poisonous lies to their grateful “Commander-in-Chief”.

In my previous article, I mentioned how Roman Catholicism has succeeded in positioning itself as THE Christian faith in America due to its ubiquity and power. Various Protestant churches are too divided, weak and mutually conflicted to offer any kind of pushback. The situation is even worse with the plethora of Orthodox Churches in America. They are either co-opted by the intelligence apparatus or silenced and threatened for their suspected links with Russia. Consequently, even when something as extraordinary as this happens, it is countered by—oh, the Jesuits are solid Christians, they have excellent schools etc. Does that mean that the Protestants or the Orthodox aren’t Christian? Don’t the Protestants have some good universities? Not a single Yale or Harvard man/woman? OK, Obama ticks the diversity box but still—there is no explanation for the prevalence of the sons of Loyola at the summit of US power. Or rather, there is no explanation that will not transport one warp-like to the galaxy of conspiracy theories involving the Jesuits. Everybody knows that Jews have been expelled from many countries. How many people know that the same happened to the Jesuits and that they often earned the wrath of kings, emperors and even popes for their meddling, subterfuge, sabotage and plotting—always with the aim of strengthening the hand of the Catholic Church (as they saw it) and weakening its enemies. From the perspective of their patrons, the problem was never their aim but their methods which caused political frictions, international tensions and religious strife.

Since long before its “independence”, the Ukraine has been a haven for two types of Russophobe. On the one hand, a number of Ukrainian Jews—especially rich ones—have used the country as a springboard for a campaign against Russia proper. Due to political circumstances, they could only assert themselves fully after the downfall of the Soviet Union, once the memory of the wholesale salvation of the European Jews by the Red Army sufficiently faded from the memories of younger generations. The Saker has offered many excellent analyses of how this came about. Here, we only need to remember Igor Kolomoisky, a porcine Russophobe and notorious oligarch whose fiefdom around Dnepropetrovsk has been the central hub for the bloody fascist vendetta on the Donbas and who to this day has not received his just desserts. Thus, I am not trying to whitewash the Jewish role in the weaponization of Ukrainian nationalism. I am very much aware of it and this is a topic which deserves its own separate article. As a matter of fact, I discuss one of the principal funders of the Ukrainian disaster and who happens to be Jewish in my previous article. Yet the photo above reminded me that I haven’t finished the previous (and as far as I can see the main) story. Although I cannot hope to get to the end of this never-ending saga, I need to say a bit more on the second form of Russophobia before I embark on discussing its psychological roots.

We are still at the stage of primary analysis of the geopolitical situation. By this, I mean that the present crisis is still too fresh and unpredictable to be fully comprehended. Without a careful observation of different factors that have contributed to the current global impasse we cannot hope to arrive at novel solutions to the plethora of problems we are currently facing. Clearly, the first step is drawing analogies with the past. After all, memories (and records) are the only referent we have in judging the present. Looking at the above photo, I asked myself: If it was the Jews that were mainly responsible for the Nazification of the Ukraine, what are all these Jesuits doing around Obama? There is no doubt that the Jews played an important part—but why hasn’t ANYBODY EVER questioned this black-clad elephant in the Oval Room? Whoever might have been the executor of the coup, there is only one constant here—a bloody thread that weaves through the Russian and European history. Who are these defenders of the “Western civilisation” and what role did they play in turning the Ukraine into a Cerberus of the Empire?

The story of the Ukraine is a complex one. Its (fragile and largely artificial) national identity was constructed through the centuries of struggle between Russia and the Polish/Lithuanian commonwealth, the Ottoman empire and various Moslem tribes from Southern Russia. Rather than expound on this, I will just note that the Polonisation and conversion to Catholicism of large swaths of the Western borderlands of Russia did a great deal to erode and ultimately extinguish the sense of Russian identity in the long-suffering population. It was mainly Polish Jesuits that were tasked with “capturing the souls” of the heathen barbarians inhabiting the borderlands thus destroying their bond with the native land (note the contempt in which both the Jews and Jesuits hold the Orthodox inhabitants of Western Russia). Especially zealous in implementing this vampiric geopolitical strategy were Andrzej Bobola and Josaphat Kuntsevich (not a Jesuit but nevertheless). Forced conversions of pre-Christian Slavs of the North-Western Europe had been horrible and unforgivable, but now, these “black parachutists of the Pope” embarked on a crusade against fellow Christians.[5]

Much like their more modern Croat, Vietnamese or Hutu brethren, they implemented a scorched Earth policy, killing, converting or expelling Orthodox Russians from their villages (mainly in Byelorussia). However, as every good story, this one had a happy ending (at least temporarily). Both Kuntsevich and Bobola were sent to hell by the enraged subjects of their ministrations. Interestingly, local Protestants also seem to have been involved in the former’s elimination. This of course immediately earned Kuntsevich sainthood—at least in the Vatican’s warped moral universe.[6] His death was followed by the murder of hundreds of Orthodox Russians who were unwilling to betray their faith. The Jesuit Bobola, who has been the patron saint of Poland since 2002 was the notorious “soul catcher” of the Borderlands. His job was to use his Jesuitical methods in order to sell the criminal Empire that is the RCC as true Christianity to the frightened and helpless peasants. He employed threats, bribery, chicanery etc. to deprive the Orthodox of access to their churches and priests. Fortunately, the Cossacks of Bogdan Khmelnitsky caught up with the criminal Jesuit and after he refused to renounce Catholicism and adopt Orthodoxy, they sent him to the seventh circle of hell. Even the Vatican was so embarrassed by his actions that it waited almost 300 years to beatify him.

The Jesuits on the other hand, learned their lesson well. A bloody crusade was not likely to work on people who opposed it with conviction forged by faith. To counter this, they came up with the ultimate con. Instead of trying to install priests and laymen who wore the uniforms of the regular troops (protected by the Geneva Convention), they created a sabotage division (a la The Brandenburg Regiment) which wore enemy’s uniforms, used his language, rituals and sacral architecture. The priests wore beards, were allowed to marry and crossed themselves “properly”. Icons were venerated and services in Church Slavonic were introduced. What was not so obvious was that these black paratroopers were loyal sons of the Pope (and Loyola). By gradually infiltrating the religious life of what was to become the Western Ukraine, they (and not the Jews) played the principal role in creating the artificial Ukrainian identity. In spite of its relatively small size, the Greek Catholic or Uniate Church has been one of the most effective anti-Russian forces in modern history.[7]

That this is a universal strategy of the Catholic Church can be seen from the examples of the Independent State of Croatia and South Vietnam. After the Serbs in Croatia started resisting the horrific Vatican-inspired genocide and forced conversions, the government of NDH came up with a similar plan. Although the Uniates had been present in parts of Croatia around Žumberak for some time, this was not enough to pacify the recalcitrant Serbs. A new monstrosity called the Croat Orthodox Church was formed in the hope of attracting those desperate remaining Orthodox believers who could not commit that last spiritual betrayal even when threatened with torture and death.[8] This didn’t have any effect at the time but was taken out of the closet, dusted and employed more recently in Montenegro (the “Montenegrin Orthodox Church”) in a new attempt to destroy this centre of Serb spirituality and deploy it in its never-ending Drang on Russia.[9] Sound familiar? Kiev, the centre of Russian Orthodoxy is now the capital of the bitter enemy of Russia. Creating pseudo-Orthodox Churches while mercilessly suppressing any attempts by the Catholic believers to free themselves from its oppressive clutches, has been the signature tactic of the Holy See for a long time.

2. The rogues’ gallery extraordinaire

For those who think that the above pattern is coincidental, read on! The Jesuits had long been present in the Russian empire in one form or another and it would take too long to chronicle their adventures, victories and defeats. Suffice it to say that as the 19th Century wore on, the Jesuits became the weapon of choice against Russia, especially from the territory of Austria-Hungary but also other countries. After decades of study, most of the important faces and events are engraved in my memory and I shall demonstrate this by focussing on a couple of Jesuits who have contributed substantially to the current tragedy of the Ukraine.

The first delinquent is Andrey Sheptitsky, a Polish nobleman who often travelled to the Russian Empire as a spy for Austria-Hungary at the end of the 19th Century. His obvious ability (and noble birth) earned him the title of the Archbishop of the Jesuit-managed Ukrainian Uniate Church. In his exalted role, Sheptitsky’s church became one of the leading centres of Ukrainian nationalism and anti-Orthodox activity. But why not appoint Sheptitsky to a regular RC sinecure? Because on his father’s side, he was Ruthenian—in other words, a Russian from the Western borderlands of the Empire whose family had been Catholicised and Polonised in the 19th Century.[10] Thus, the reasons why the Vatican bosses sent young Andrei to Galicia were twofold: as half-Russian, he could mimic an Orthodox bishop with ease. The more important reason was that as a recent convert, Sheptitsky was certain to show no empathy when it came to “capturing” the souls of his fellow Russians. His subsequent career is glossed over by most sources but one detail could not be erased from his saintly biography. It was Sheptitsky who gave his official blessing to the notorious 13th Waffen SS division Galizien at its inception ceremony in 1944. Thus, a Catholicised Russian youth was trained as a spy and was rewarded for his services by being appointed Archbishop at a tender age. He ruled his false church for many years only to witness the ultimate defeat of his vision of a Pope-owned Ukraine. The liberation of the republic by the Red Army led to the abolition of the Uniate church and the transfer of all its properties to the Russian Orthodox Church on the orders of Joseph Stalin. The papal shock troops from the days of the Union of Brest who terrorised the people under their yoke for centuries and finally joined Hitler on his (essentially RC) crusade, were wiped out—at least for a while.[11]

The second rogue was mentioned in one of my previous articles. As far as the Vatican was concerned, the first years following the victory of the Bolshevik revolution were for them years of opportunity. Finally rid of their eternal enemy—Russian empire—the prelates in the Vatican assumed that given the repression against the ROC by the red zealots, Orthodoxy would eventually be eclipsed and supplanted by Roman Catholicism as a state religion. However, the situation was chaotic and the notoriously efficient and ubiquitous Vatican intelligence system was largely in the dark when it came to the disposition of the Soviet leaders towards Catholicism. The Holy See needed an agent at the heart of the Soviet state who could report on the changing political situation in a timely manner. For this momentous task, the Vatican selected American Jesuit Edmund Walsh and under the guise of the Papal Famine Relief Mission sent him to Russia in 1922. The zealous and ambitious Walsh did not waste time on giving out packets of food to starving children. Rather, he fulfilled his principal task by transmitting his intelligence reports daily from the German Embassy in Moscow. The future geopolitician of the American Fourth Reich had another task—to convince the Soviets to surrender the body of the Jesuit Bobola so that it could be interred in Rome. While he succeeded in this scheme, his mission was over as soon as the Bolshevik leaders realised that Walsh was hiding his spying behind a “humanitarian” front (USAID anyone?). Although present from the start, Walsh’s “anti-communism” (read Russophobia) exploded after the war when the Soviet Union under Stalin laid to rest any hopes the Vatican and the Jesuits might have had of conquering and converting Russia.[12]

However, Walsh’s success in removing the remnants of Andrzej Bobola did bear bloody fruit in the end. After being canonised by Pius XI in April 1938, Bobola (minus his arm) was taken on a prolonged tour through the Catholic “Slobovias” of Central Europe. The aim was clear—to inflame religious tension and hatred of Russia. This of course would lead, as it did, to the weakening of the opposition to Hitler and in at least one case—a religious holocaust. The Jesuit’s body arrived in Warsaw in June. It has been recorded that in the two months following Bobola’s arrival, several hundred Orthodox churches were burned down in Poland. This was horrible enough but nothing in comparison with what ensued a little later—one of the most horrific genocides in modern history inspired by the blood lust and xenophobia of the Roman Catholic Church and executed by the monstrous Nazi tumour—the so-called “Independent State of Croatia”.

In what I can call peak irony, Walsh was appointed a special consultant to the Chief Counsel at the Nuremberg trials, Robert Jackson. His task was to interrogate the father of modern geopolitics—Karl Haushofer—in order to establish his influence on the Nazi war plans. This was akin to asking Himmler (whose uncle was a Jesuit tried at Nuremberg) to interrogate Pinochet or Banzer. Whatever Haushofer’s geopolitical knowledge and skill, he was a simple amateur in comparison with the might and global reach of the Jesuits (and the Vatican)—especially compared with the “father of the American geopolitics”. Note the mimicry often ascribed to Jews—hiding behind American patriotism, Walsh was free to further the goals of a foreign entity to which he owed his true allegiance.

It was the Superior General of the Jesuits Włodzimierz Ledóchowski who’d worked on establishing close links with the Reich (despite attempts to whitewash his nefarious activities) and it is self-evident that the Jesuits and the Nazis were on the same page when it came to dealing with the Russians “with sword and fire”. One concrete result of this was the inspection visit to the Ukraine by Cardinal Lavitrano and his team. Their aim was to assess the possibilities for a wholesale conversion of the Orthodox under the auspices of the Wehrmacht. Similar schemes were promoted by the RC arch-hater of Russia and England Franz von Papen (who had brought Hitler to power) while serving as German ambassador to Turkey. Fortunately, the epic battle of Stalingrad put paid to these monstrous schemes.

But, back to Walsh. Since the 1920s, his principal task was to infiltrate US military and foreign policy circles and slowly reorient the United States—which at that time was still largely and proudly Protestant—on a path better aligned with the interests of the Holy See. Having acted as Inspector for the US Army Training Corps during WWI, in 1919, Walsh established a school of “foreign service” at the Georgetown University. You might be wondering why a deeply religious man devoted to following the path of Christ would choose to meddle in geopolitics. If you are, you are hopelessly naive. The answer of course is that the Jesuits (I always remember the honourable exceptions) have little to do with religion and all to do with bringing about a global hegemony of the Roman Catholic Church. To people such as Walsh, learning, prayer and contemplation were empty rituals that helped mask a pathological zeal and iron will to pursue a very un-Christian, or rather, satanic ideal. As always, the Jesuits were ahead of the curve.

Walsh’s efforts were not in vain. At the end of the war, the RC cabal around Cardinal Francis Spellman was instrumental in neutralising Henry Wallace (some say that Roosevelt was killed by the RC opponents of his “communist-friendly” policies) and cleansing the American body politic of any residues of the progressive, optimistic, anti-imperialist and peaceful course charted the late and much-lamented American president.[13] The United States of swing, Orson Welles, bravery in the Pacific and social conscience suddenly turned into a grim, paranoid Oceania suffused with fear and ready to engage in an epic religious crusade—despite its absolute victory in WWII.[14] From a relatively isolationist country focussed on its own problems, America became an empire virtually overnight. The loudest voices of the 4th Reich at that time were right-wing Catholics who did all in their power to suppress dissenting voices and bring about a nuclear holocaust of the Soviet Union. I have already given some details of this underhand coup by the fascist elements in the US in one of my previous articles. Here, I only wish to expose the link between this old-school Jesuitical cabal and their descendants proudly advising Obama on “American geopolitics”.

You would not be surprised to learn that while Walsh was busy sicking the dogs of nuclear war on Russia in 1947, a new lecturer in economics was appointed at his School—one Lev Dobriansky. Born of Ukrainian parents in New York City, Dobriansky was one of the leaders of the post-war “anti-communist” (fascist Russophobic) surge. His principal claim to fame was the authorship of one of the most shameful documents in US history—the Captive Nations Week Resolution. Endorsed by President Eisenhower in 1959, the resolution introduced the concept of “captive nations”—these were mainly countries, ethnic groups and national minorities that a newly fascist US could leverage in the fight against the Soviet Union. They were deemed “oppressed” but of course, as noted even by the timid and supine Congress of Russian Americans, the project was purely anti-Russian and involved some of the most despicable Nazi criminals.[15] The concept was not new. Both Imperial and Nazi Germany had supported and funded various ethnic minorities in order to dismember Russia (most of them were given at least one Waffen SS division). Ukrainians (namely their various fascist organisations co-ordinated by the CIA and Gehlen Org) played an important role in this project. As I said, they had been funded since the end of the war by James Forrestal et al. and supported by the RC apparatus as “freedom fighters”.[16] One of Dobriansky’s students eventually became a wife of the failed nationalist president of the Ukraine Yushchenko, whose coloured revolution of 2004 was funded massively by George Soros himself. Why would Soros fund someone who was attempting to revive Ukrainian fascism? Please read my previous articles.

Dobriansky’s daughter Paula has navigated the dark landscape of Russophobic US foreign policy for a number of years. Another Georgetown alumna, she was considered by Trump for the post of the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs (!). This story can go on forever but it is better if I stop here. I have completed the circle—from Andrew Bobola to his disciples three centuries later who have made his dream come true. What do you see in the picture now?[17]


  1. Interestingly, the Freemasons, these old enemies of the Church are often accused of keeping dirty secrets away from the prying eyes of low-level adherents.
  2. Most relevant sources are at least 30 years old. With the rehabilitation of Germany and the fall of Yugoslavia and USSR, very few people have studied this controversial topic (e.g. John Cornwell).
  3. Stock photo available on
  4. Rodney Snyder was CIA but has non-Catholic education.
  5. Stalin is particularly demonised for returning these territories to the USSR. Perhaps president Putin should shed some light on the role of the Vatican in the 20th Century ordeals that befell Russian people.
  6. I’ve read somewhere that he didn’t prevent the Jews and Tatars from following their religious rites. I am not sure about the source but it might be worth investigating.
  7. I am pretty sure that the Church and priests shown in the famous film The Deer Hunter belong to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.
  8. On a side note, Joseph Buchko, the Uniate chaplain of the SS Galizien division, led the ceremony of enthronement of a new Croat Uniate bishop in 1943.
  9. In Vietnam, Vatican’s agents (primarily the Diem brothers) created so-called “patriotic” Buddhist associations in order to mitigate the turmoil caused by their crusade against Buddhism.
  10. The Roman Catholic terror against the Ruthenians spearheaded by Austria-Hungary has been well documented.
  11. Another interesting character is the Jesuit bishop Michel D’Herbigny (titular bishop of Troy—a Trojan horse as remarked by H. J. Stehle) who was sent into the Soviet Union in order to establish a secret network of Roman Catholic priests/agents.
  12. After the end of WWII, Stalin put into motion a plan for a kind of Orthodox federation that would act as a bulwark against the depredations of the RC fascism. The plan was supported by many clergymen in the West, notably the Archbishop of Westminster. The plan was short-lived. It was abandoned following Tito’s break-up with the Socialist block.
  13. The names of the leaders of the so-called “Business plot” of 1933, whose aim was to kill Roosevelt were MacGuire, Doyle and Murphy.
  14. The United States did not only defeat Japan (with Soviet help) but also came out of the war unscathed. Thus, it won not only against its military enemy but was handed an instant victory against potential economic competitors.
  15. Have those Russian Americans ever asked their American colleagues why since 1945, the American foreign policy has been governed by the Russophobic agendas which have nothing to do with the United States and everything to do with Roman Catholic and Jewish (both ultimately European) hatred of Russia? This is just another confirmation of the observation that the US is a mighty golem controlled by powers far removed from its shores.
  16. The SS division Galizien was spared justice due to the intervention by Pope Pius (who described them as “good Catholics”), transferred to Great Britain and from there eventually moved to Canada, where their descendants still poison Canada’s relations with Russia.
  17. Georgetown was not the only Jesuit institution of learning to give itself fully to the anti-Russian crusade. Fordham college was the home to the CIA-funded Institute of the Contemporary Russian (NOT SOVIET!) Studies.


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