By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

Hello, Dr. Pattberg here from Akihabara, Tokyo, the electronic city. Today a short lecture about the US colonial power, its Woke ideology, and the planned attack on Japan’s culture and honor.

The US had long planned a massive propaganda attack on Japan – ideally during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. The Olympic Games themselves are actually of no interest to anyone in the East or West, and they don’t trigger much attention.

But what triggers much attention are drama, hate, racism, smut and division.

Therefore, hundreds of Western journalists in 2020 had already prepared themselves to expose and humiliate the little “backward, racist and sexist” Japanese on the world stage.

For the historians, media and social scientists among you, the “propaganda game” should be familiar and well known. The Olympic Games force a country to open up. And a lot of shit floats through the grates in four weeks.

Thousands of activists come over and dig in the dirt, wanting to embarrass the host nation. This has actually always happened, but very spectacularly so in Munich in 1972, during the 2008 Olympic Games in China, and during the 2014 Winter Games in Russia.

And to describe this phenomenon with examples, I chose Akihabara in Tokyo for today. Akihabara is – or better: Once upon a time it was a tourist attraction and a showcase for Japan’s high-tech, Japan’s manga, Japan’s anime and Japan’s game industry.

So, if a hostile power, say the US colonial office, wanted to damage Japan’s culture…then that power would strike here!

It would sabotage everything, use all the methods of modern psychological warfare: gaslighting (reality distortion), framing, the Hitler smash, racism, sexism and much more. And Japan has no media, no newspapers, that could possibly retaliate across national borders.

Eventually, the desperate Japanese would be labeled deniers, maniacs, or just bad losers.

A revolution or emancipation from the USA after more than 70 years of foreign rule is hardly conceivable. There would be a massacre if the US declared Japan a “rival” for a fourth or fifth time in history.

The USA needs a new deadly enemy every few years or so: be it the Vietnamese, the Soviets, the Iraqis, the Germans, the Afghans, the Cubans, the Ukrainians, the Russians, the Chinese or (again) – the Japanese!

Yes, but why would the USA, as a comfortable occupying power in Japan, want to intentionally harm the Japanese? Japan after all went along with everything:

  • De-Japanization;
  • De-Militarization;
  • Democratization;
  • Capitalization;
  • Americanization…

Is there more?

Yes, there is always more! A new brutal ideology has emerged in the USA: the ideology of Wokeness.

Wokeness actually just means “psychopathy”. In this deadly ideology, anything successful, competent and orderly is just the result of systematic racism, sexism, or discrimination.

With the Wokeness ideology we can sabotage, brainwash and, ultimately, cancel entire nations and peoples – friend or foe – i.e.: wipe them out.

Even the traditional genders, male and female, the father-mother-children family, national borders, the laws, the sciences —everything can and must be erased. That is the stated goal of woke or wokeness.

Everything is already “woke” in America, especially the White House, the big cartels, the ruling castes, Hollywood and the Jewish media. They all want to collapse the multi-polar world and then – after a restart – take over the planet completely.

Japan was a decent and dependable vassal from 1948 until today, 2022. It has ceded all powers of its industries, politics, education, banking and trade, and especially energy and food supply, to the USA.

Nonetheless, exotic Japanese culture is a tough nut to crack mainly because of the language barrier: There just aren’t enough Americans who know or want to learn Japanese. So, there’s a lot happening here in Japan that the Americans wouldn’t tolerate and wipe out at the first opportunity – if they could!

For example, they would like to mix the Japanese with other races. They would die for orchestrating mass migration to Japan. The country is very homogeneous. That’s why there are no ghettos here, no social parasites, hardly any crime, and almost everyone has good manners – citizens behave well, respect the elderly and so on.

The US would like to have black neighborhoods here, huge drug markets, racial unrest, chaos and violence – that would be ideal. Then the West could, just like in America and Europe, torment people at will, lock them up, release them, catch them again, confiscate everything, privatize public services, moderate social security systems, print fiat money.

A British agent once told me that there was so little going on in Japan that he wouldn’t be surprised if it were the Americans who started the constant earthquakes in the Pacific.

The huge market for sex and prostitution is definitely not American enough here in Tokyo.

Though some party towns like Roppongi are regularly crashed by American soldiers, and though Okinawa is one giant fat American whorehouse, all of Japan – like Thailand or the Philippines before them – could be turned into a massive whorehouse for western sex tourists.

In order to get to Japanese women though, the Americans have to cancel out the Japanese guys first, of course. So, the Japanese males are brutally portrayed as racists, sexists, patriarchs and monsters who tie their wives to the kitchen sink, bully their female secretaries, and grab young schoolgirls in the crotch on the train ride.

Since only American morals apply globally, Japan always pulls the ass card. For example, there are a lot of alien eccentricities in Japan. Every people have their own characteristics. For example, let me remind you that up until the 1990s in France and Germany it was completely normal to practice nudism – i.e. free body culture. We were naked in the garden. On the campsite. Or even on a bike tour.

We also had mixed saunas. However, this was only possible because the group was homogeneous and there was trust among its members. When migrants and competing groups of men joined in, however, things ended quickly.

This was also the case in Japan, when, before the Europeans arrived in Old Edo, it was completely normal for young women to sit bare-breasted in front of the bathhouses.

Many things in Japan are rather abnormal from the point of view of Americans. Fathers still take their daughters to the men’s changing area up to the age of six. Older men compensate high school students for a “date”.

There is also a clear fetishism of school uniforms.

Japanese have different love making rituals. They prioritize foreplay or role-play. Also, because of thin walls and super-small houses, sex is outsourced – to the so-called “love hotels”.

For 30 euros you can have a nice hour in the more than 10,000 love hotels.

There are also unusual rules for printing pornography. Pubic hair may not be shown in Japan; and also, not the act of penetration – with real people.

In art, however, anything goes, so there is a veritable pornographic market for pedophilia, gays, and animal lovers in Japan.

All of these “abnormalities” are easy targets for the American morality missionaries, who suspect a perverse male culture here and want to ban it all.

After that, only the West should run sex and porn here; with US Tinder or Canada’s Pornhub. Of course, I’m generalizing when I always cry “America”. That’s because woke Canada is just as much part of the US empire as is the City of London, which incidentally finances OnlyFans – with over 50 million registered sex workers, the largest prostitution ring in the world.

Not just porn, but also hard drugs like cocaine and heroin the West would like to sell in Japan. And that’s what western politicians want to achieve with mass black immigration. Because “black people” should never be racially profiled – that would be racist. And then they could sell cool drugs to the Japanese youth.

Japan is not yet prepared for all the grief of multiculturalism. If Japanese porn falls, then there really isn’t much Japan left.

It gets worse. Japanese men are not only portrayed as perverts or otakus (freaks), but also still, unfortunately, as mass murderers and sadists; similar to how German men are still vilified as living Nazis today.

The Japanese are doubly unlucky because they are non-white. For example, as is well known, Ida Hodolf borrowed the swastika, the swastika symbol I mean, from the Buddhist religion. There, the clockwise and the counterclockwise swastika both simply denote the grace of the Buddhas –incidentally also in Tibet, the favorite vacation spot of liberal German do-gooders.

Unfortunately, the West canceled this sacred sign as a symbol of absolute evil. What a pity that in Taiwan or in Mainland China and Japan, there are Buddhist temples with the swastika everywhere.

As a rule, and let’s be honest, every symbol can be canceled. Here is the flag of Imperial Japan: the rising sun. Today a hated, forbidden symbol –in China! And here, the swastika –banned in Europe!

In Japan the swastika is not a problem. You can buy one as a tourist. Memorabilia of the Third Reich can also be bought here. That’s “history”!

And by the way, here is the American flag, the most hated symbol on earth! Now you can believe that or not. This flag, the American flag, will one day characterize Satanism.

Japan’s imperial history and loss of World War II still get shoved up the ass of the Japanese today. They are per se the descendants of war criminals, rapists and subhumans.

Therefore, here in Japan, every US representative takes the following approach; whether the US ambassadors or US diplomats, the US media or US cultural people, they always and immediately contact critics of Japan – i.e. anti-Japanese dissidents, opposition figures and troublemakers.

This is no joke: Americans see their embassies as a government organ that actively coerces, promotes or fires local politicians and dictates foreign affairs.

Incidentally, the same British agent told me that the Americans “are the ultimate successor of Her Majesty’s Colonial Office in the last century”.

In plain language, this means that the Americans don’t cultivate any friendships at all, but simply let the colonial masters and exploiters and conquerors mentality hang out. The Japanese are conditioned to feel helpless and guilty, just as the Germans were conditioned to accept and submit to US military rule.

But now some very specific examples of how the Americans here in Japan want to undermine, sabotage and bury Japanese culture.

I won’t name names.

[Brief insertion: By “I won’t name names ” I mean the instigators and terrorists. But the names of the targets of their smear and hate campaigns are of course public figures:

Yoshiro Mori, a former prime minister, has been outed in the global press as the Olympic Committee’s chief sexist.

Taro Aso, a former deputy minister, was scandalized as a misogynist for daring to say that women are best for making children.

Hakuo Yanagisawa, the former health minister, was outright destroyed in the media and on the internet.

The strategy of the Woke spirit warriors is evident: sabotage the entire political system, destroy the top performers through injury, psychological terror and arbitrariness.

Ok, and now back to you, Dr. Pattberg!]

For example, there are several crazy Americans who walk into Japanese Onsen, bathhouses, with fat tattoos. Then they are declined because tattoos are banned; and because obnoxious foreigners disrupt the operation.

Then, of course, the provocateur turned out to be an agent provocateur with contacts in the Western media, or a tolerated criminal – and there begins another smear campaign against racist and anti-Western Japan, which does not tolerate foreigners.

The American foot soldiers of the Woke-and-Cancel cult seek out all possible groups of victims, and then spin their personal stories into stories about systematic homophobia, transphobia, gender phobia and hatred of women.

In America, Americans developed the political instrument of ‘D.I.E.’, an acronym for diversity, inclusivity and equity. For these lunatics, that means that Japan is literally hell.

Japan isn’t diverse for American expats because they won’t come to power here. It’s not inclusive for them because they can’t assimilate without language skills, and not fair because they won’t be able to keep up in school with the Japanese.

In order to denigrate the Japanese into villains, quotas for skin colors and ethnic groups and minorities are needed here, just like in America!

In other words, the emasculated Japan, which is totally dominated by America, is still far too Japanese in looks –and must be diluted!

For now, the US and the EU are busy with Russia. Want to cancel Russia. The Russian economy is completely paralyzed. This bought Japan some time to relax.

The fearful Japanese politicians, not a single one of whom is known by name in the West –the current prime minister is Fumio Kishida, and you don’t need to remember that– would authorize ten more US bases in, say Yokohama, if only more time could be won.

Because a war in which Japan is dragged along cannot be a war against Japan.

In 2013, for example, Washington sent Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of ex-President John F. Kennedy, to Tokyo as the next US ambassador to Japan.

This woman doesn’t speak Japanese, has no idea about Japan. But that’s the whole point. It is symbolic. Kiss my foreign rule! Whoever is white and American is in control here. Just like General Douglas MacArthur back then.

Again, the Americans are not engaged in diplomacy at all, but in colonialism.

Ms. Kennedy was practically unable to achieve anything positive in Japan. Firstly, she was hardly ever in Tokyo. Secondly, she only met with anti-Japanese elements. And thirdly, her incompetence was whitewashed by being the “first female ambassador” –a slap in the face of evil patriarchy. Hallelujah!

Well, the Americans in Tokyo act as Supreme Commanders. They rule Japan with the help of their Japanese finger puppets. Naruhito, the current new Emperor of Japan, studied at Oxford and is married to his wife from Harvard. Incidentally, the prime minister during Ms. Kennedy’s time in Tokyo was Shinzo Abe, who had studied in California. THOSE are the supreme rulers of Japan, friends. They can’t [and probably shouldn’t be] without the West.

That demolition team had completely surrendered Japan to US BIG-Tech monopolies: Wikipedia, YouTube, Zoom, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, Pornhub, Instagram, Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and so on.

Japan lost BIG banking, telecom and social media. All gone.

Anyone who comes to Japan will quickly realize that everything is American here – KFC here is the traditional Christmas turkey– and all things American are considered sacred, not to be questioned.

It’s a real American cult, with American Hollywood actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tommy Lee Jones or Scarlett Johansson in TV commercials all over the place.

It would be unimaginable to see German or Italian or Russian stars on a billboard here in Tokyo. Even the so-called imported goods from Germany, for example Ritter chocolate or gummy bears, are imported here by Americans, for example by Costco of the Jupiter Group, the latter belongs to a US investment firm.

This imbalance exists because Europeans mostly can only access the Japanese market through American intermediaries.

The whole thing is so ridiculous it makes one cry. Japan is an island nation… AND DOES NOT HAVE AIRCRAFT OF ITS OWN. May not build aircrafts in Japan. A post-war 70 years building ban!

Where was I? The Americans now want to deal another blow to Japan. The country must accommodate imaginary trans-people, black ghettos, Indian slums and more Islam. Christianity needs more offices here, too.

Japan is too old, they say; has too few children, they say. Japan is “too Japanese” –that’s the crime.

All this moral hectoring is of course fake: first Japan will be canceled, then the West will cheer its own champions here.

The toy industry in Japan was once very Japanese. Until US Disney copied everything. America has the world market, Japan doesn’t.

Before America dispelled the Japanese from the European market [mid 80s], I grew up as a young boy in Germany with Nausica of the Valley of the Wind or Taro the Dragon Boy. And I heard from the Japanese that they were fascinated by German-Austrian culture at that time and copied Heidi from the Mountains like crazy.

The Americans canceled Germany’s and Japan’s influences in one fell swoop. Today, Japanese children are growing up with US Elsa, the Disney Ice Princess and the Minions from Universal Pictures.

Sure, there’s still a lot of Japanese here in Akihabara, for example Japanese One-Piece, Pokémon and Naruto or Kamel… excuse me… Kamen Riders.

But precisely because the [last] Japanese silverware is on display here in Akihabara, the American planners come here seeing exactly what needs to be done about it.

Now they want to swamp the market for collectibles with US Marvel and DC Comics and -figures [and Disney Princesses, Star Wars Action Toys and Barbie dolls, and so on].

Godzilla is already “American”. The last five feature films were all shot in America!

Children are important in propaganda. Japan no longer has its own children’s channels. There is US Netflix, US Hulu, US Disney, US YoutubeComcast, Tokyo Disneyland, Pixar Animation Studios, Nickelodeon, Harry Potter World, HBO and Amazon Prime, and many more. It is very insidious. I remember how Americans educated us Germans with their Sesame Street.

The advantage in post-war Germany was that we still got stuff like comics from France, Belgium or Spain. Asterix & Obelix or Clever & Smart [comics] or whatever. But Japan is an island, and the Japanese were trapped there with their American masters.


Unless Japan kicks out the Americans, at least the US military and the subversive US media and agents, things are going to get very grim. Japan can’t win this.

I don’t know how else to explain that. I’m really at a loss for words. It’s so brutal and unfair, but there’s no stopping it.

Do you perhaps know this blatant experiment with the two monkeys? There are two monkeys in cages next to each other. The first monkey is given a piece of cucumber and then has to hand out a rock if he wants more. He is satisfied with the piece of cucumber.

But then the monkey in the neighboring cage is given a red grape. Well, one monkey only gets a tasteless piece of cucumber, no matter what he does. The other monkey gets a juicy red grape no matter what he does.

And now comes the hammer: The first monkey gives up. He doesn’t want the fucking pickle. He was perfectly content with his little cucumber as long as he didn’t see the other monkey with his big juicy bunches.

This is how it is with hyper-US capitalism around the world right now, and horribly in Japan. As long as the Japanese kept to themselves, they cooperated diligently and were content with what they got.

But now the Americans control everything here, and they own the whole world, and in this global economy, they simply always get the big juicy grapes, and don’t have to put in any more work than the rest of us.

It would be completely insane if the Japanese continued like this now. What for? You’ll never get the fat rewards anyway! Never and ever again!

Ok, this was brutal, but it was necessary. Not only Japan, but also Germany and Europe, but also other countries like Russia and China, finally have to wake up.

US world domination can’t go on like this. Absolutely not.

We need a multipolar world with opportunities for all countries and cultures. And most important of all: freedom and sovereignty for all states.

Thanks for listening, and see you later!

The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

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