How a Weak Ruble, Sanctions Help Russian Economy Grow

Russian, ASEAN Energy Companies May Trade in National Currencies instead of US dollars

Russia, Serbia Sign Military Cooperation Plan for 2016

Why is Mongolian neutrality significant for Russian security

Russia and India agree on contract to develop FGFA

Indian start-ups help Russian businessman become billionaire

Is revolution in Russia by émigrés abroad possible?
Parliamentary elections are due in Russia in less than six months, prompting not just the Russian government but also its opponents to intensify their activities. Sitting in London, two multi-millionaires are openly supporting calls for a revolution in Russia. Instead of directly taking concrete action, however, they are waiting for the government to make mistakes.

Why Russia’s Reviving Its Nuke Trains

NATO Missile Shield Is Practically Guaranteeing a Russian Preemptive Strike
“Every General Staff relies on the fact that if the enemy’s intentions are unclear they should be interpreted as aggressive (otherwise, they could be late to respond)”
Rostislav Ischenko

Does Panama show Russian entrepreneurs are moving back onshore?
The most recent information gleaned from the Panama Papers indicates that some Russian billionaires began closing their offshore companies after the beginning of the government’s de-offshorization campaign in 2015.


Russian Soldiers in Syria as Efficient as “Swiss Watches”


The US

When I become overloaded with wit, wisdom, humor, and intelligence of people around the world, I read conservative American press. To unwind, relax, to have some pure, devote from any mental activities fun.

A conservative take on America. Americans about themselves… in their own words… using American language… Not from the Onion magazine, but REAL conservative source.

Meet Kyle S. Reyes is President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing. He’s also an acclaimed keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and social media.

“Enjoy your transgender bathrooms. We just lost America”

  • While you were fighting over who should use what bathrooms at Target, we lost our country.
  • Don’t believe me? Then perhaps ALL is lost.
  • The screens around our house in the past couple of weeks stand in stark contrast to what’s in front of them.
  • filled with images of the attacks around the world. Day in and day out, we hear stories about “refugees” pouring into the United States.
  • This time, he talked about the end of times.
  • I’ve always felt great respect for my country and believed that if, God forbid, we ever faced World War III, America would once again triumph.
  • Perhaps my fear, and the anxiety of so many others, is that we were wrong.
  • I’m angered to see that we live in a country where we have gone soft.
  • we demand that the freedom now come in the form of a shelter from hearing words we don’t like.
  • We care more about protecting where someone can take a leak than we care about the safety of our children. OUR CHILDREN.
  • We give out trophies to kids who come in 8th place. Eighth freaking place.
  • We dig up the graves of people who have been dead for a hundred-plus years because they had something to do with the Confederate flag, and that offends someone NOW.
  • we elect a House and Senate full of Republicans who proceed to also place THEIR heads up their collective asses
  • hoping someone else will cover the cost of our skyrocketing and borderline pointless health insurance
  • We’re more worried about the tool than we are the person.
  • We cry out that police are our enemies … and then we beg them to protect us from the likes of ISIS.
  • We send billions of dollars overseas to help the homeless in impoverished and war-torn nations while we cut the funding for our own food banks and homeless programs.
  • but we sit quietly on the sidelines when our men and women protecting our country who make $11/hour aren’t getting paid because Congress is debating their funding.

At the end, this deeply conservative author makes a 180 degrees turn and becomes a socialist: “We’re terribly focused on what matters to us as individuals. We’re so worried about what matters to “me” that we forgot that in order for us to have a “me” … we have to first have an “us.” A safe “us.” A unified “us.”

CrossTalk: Universal Justice?
The American legal system is rapidly transforming itself with the expressed purpose of replacing much of international law. Be it within the realm of trade and banking, criminal prosecutions and even sports. The Americanization of law supplants the United Nations and the sovereignty of every state on the planet.
CrossTalking with Joe Lauria, Daoud Khairallah, and Toby Cadman.

Hasidic neighborhood in South Williamsburg is a top beneficiary of Section 8, but some question whether law is strictly followed

Hasidic community depends on outside money to survive — federal subsidies to help many low-income Hasidic families cover the rent. In Brooklyn, the Section 8 tenants live smack in the middle of one of the city’s hottest real estate market.

 The Third Formidable U.S. Provocation with Global Implications
By Vladimir Kozin, Advisory Group to the Director, chief advisor, head of advisory group to RISS director. Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Professor, Russian Academy of Military Sciences; Member, Russian Analytical Association; PhD in History, Senior Researcher (Academic Rank)

US military not ready for upcoming threats: Ex Pentagon official

May 19, 2016 – The United States is channeling billions of dollars to projects that are mostly “obsolete” and do not benefit the US military in the face of upcoming threats, a former Pentagon official says.

Obama Launches Military Buildup Along Russia’s Borders Out of ‘Total Panic’
The Latin America

 ‘Coup by those who lost elections’: First Rousseff interview since impeachment (RT EXCLUSIVE

Macri Gives Go-Ahead to US Military Installations in Argentina

Venezuelan opposition leader urges army to disobey President Maduro


The Middle East

“CrossTalk” Syria lessons

The Obama administration again says it supports the peace process to end the Syrian proxy war. However, there is still the demand for a political transition defined by Washington. And this demand is backed up by threats. Has this conflict entered a new stage for Syria and the region?

CrossTalking with Mohammad Marandi, Richard Weitz, and Kevork Almassian.

The Three Historical Stages of Anti-Semitism (Updated)

Origins of the Syrian War, Richard H. Black, Senator of Virginia

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has threatened that the Syrian president will either be removed through a political process or by force.

Jubeir says has said that time may be coming for a Plan B in Syria. He added that if President Bashar Assad does not abide by efforts to establish a truce across Syria, alternatives will need to be looked at. He threatened to intensify military support to militants in Syria. Jubeir made the remarks following another round of International Syria Support Group talks in Vienna. Saudi Arabia and several regional and western countries including the United States have been supporting anti-Damascus groups since the beginning of the crisis in 2011.

 NATO finalizes build-up plan to counter Russia

 May 19, 2016 – NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says the Western military alliance will deploy more troops into eastern European member states as part of a QUOTE deter and dialogue strategy. Stoltenberg was speaking on the sidelines of a NATO ministerial meeting in Brussels. The NATO chief said the meeting would address all important issues to prepare for a summit in Poland in July. On Wednesday, he said NATO wants dialogue with Russia to ease tensions over the Ukraine crisis. Russia has long expressed concerns over NATO’s eastward expansion. Moscow accuses the U-S and the Western military alliance of returning to a cold war mindset of mutual suspicion and military competition.
#4 SRS-HT-IRAN ARAQCHI H3 A top Iranian diplomat rejects Washington’ claims that the expansion of its missile system in Europe is aimed at Iran and not Russia.

 “Peace, Not Russia, Is Real Threat to US Power”

As NATO Dominance Vanishes, British General Predicts War with Russia,
by Alexander Mercouris



‘EU is in process of collapsing on itself’ – Marine Le Pen to RT (EXCLUSIVE)


There’s still some spirit in these NATO vassals

Hillary Clinton’s husband reminded to Poland and Hungary that they are “free”  from Soviet Russia thanks to the US fighting for their “freedom” in the Cold War. Now, everyone should be grateful that 30 years later the US keeps fighting this Cold War against Russia, to protect European freedom… from Russia and from its markets, and its natural gas and oil. Remember, Poland and Hungary, you are only truly free when your only trade partner is the US and the US European Command Center and NATO troops are deployed in your countries, and the US missile system are installed near your cities, so Russia could target you back and not the US cities, which are exceptional.

Democracy is Hillary! Hillary is the only true democracy!

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Now, hold each others hands, so no one would escape and chant:  I, pet goat II, I pet goat II, I, pet goat II!!



Smoke bombs & Firecrackers: Ukrainian nationalists protest Donbass elections

Can someone tell me what ‘border’ this American idiot in Ukraine talks about @ [0:15]

“Demands of the Nation – NO to Capitulation!” The march of nationalists in Kiev, Ukraine for continuation
A statement from the “Azov” battalion (funded by Igor Kolomoisky, btw):

The Essential Saker IV: Messianic Narcissism's Agony by a Thousand Cuts
The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA