Yuri Podolyaka is an analyst who recently had his channel terminated on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSQSxUJb4zH1SEpzNerSLLg) There is an English dubbed unofficial channel version made by one of his subscribers: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY2z16SQZAUlHBxPelmh-Wg/about) He can also be found on VK (https://vk.com/id291496944) and Telegram (https://t.me/informdefense)

This transcript is from his Telegram Channel.  The translators felt that his presentation style is very fast and will present his more important work in transcript style.

Good vs Evil

Ukraine is one of the fronts of the battle of Good against Evil, it is not the battle of countries or even ideas.

Today is May 3rd and today I want to talk about what we’re all fighting against. It’s not even about what happens in Ukraine, but about what happens in the world in general.

A Russian pilot, Konstantin Yaroshenko, told us about how he was brought back to Russia <from USA>. He was being transferred in manacles and they were removed only after US representative made absolutely sure the US exchange prisoner was aboard the Russian plane. Before that, for almost 24 hours, Konstantin couldn’t
even drink water properly because of the manacles – he physically couldn’t take a bottle of water, so he had to ask the guard to pour water into his mouth.

That’s how Americans treat the prisoner who was already pardoned and was to be exchanged. The American prisoner was treated entirely differently, in humane conditions.

And here I remembered the first thing that amazes the Ukrainian prisoners when they are taken captive – they don’t expect the decent treatment they get. They know how the Russian prisoners are treated in Ukraine – they are beaten, tortured, sometimes even killed. Ukrainians are surprised that they are not even beaten. This is a huge difference that can’t be ignored.

This goes for journalism as well – the Russian journalists, like me, get regular death threats and are in real danger. There is not a single case of someone threatening a Ukrainian journalist that takes official Kiev position. If someone makes calls to do something about them, it is about lawful actions.

On another level – social networks – the situation is similar. Take note at how hateful the messaging is from Kiev-aligned posters – they call to kill children and women etc, while there’s not a single call for such things from our side.

There’s like a Satanist hatred coming from their side, with constant lies – how during the first couple of weeks they called on regular Ukrainian citizens to make phone calls to their friends in Russia and lie “for the sake of Ukrainian victory”. We can see this “lying for the greater good” on all levels.

The battle goes on not for some town in Donbass and not even for entire Ukraine. The battle is between radically different worlds. The battle is for the sake of one of the worlds winning and going on to build on our beautiful Earth, the civilization of the future.

Their side uses threats, murders, violence, provocations and spreading total hatred. Our side tries to bring to the world – which so far is not really listening – completely different values. And for that reason, we have to win. Because if we lose, they will wipe us off the map. We and our children will be either killed or turned into <cesspool of hatred> that they turned Ukraine into in mere 8 years. But I’m absolutely sure that this process is reversible and, leaning on our ideology, we would not just win in Ukraine and resurrect the Ukraine we still remember – people and country, not to mention the government. But the end goal is to win the battle in Washington. As paradoxical as it may sound today, we need to help American people to get rid of the bloodsuckers that today are violating hundreds of millions or even billions of people across the planet with their hatred.

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