I like Zakharchenko more and more.

First, there was this exchange with a Ukie officer near the :

Then Zakharchenko’s men finally took the airport, and Zakharchenko invited Poroshenko to negotiate face to face at the airport.

And then there was this – Zakharchenko’s offer to return to the Ukrainians the flag they died under at the last terminal they controlled at the airport:

[Note from editor: That video does not exist anylonger.]

The more I listen to Zakharchenko, the more I like him.

Frankly, I also have a good feeling about like Givi, Motorola, Mozgovoi, and Kononov too. Not so sure about Khodakovskii and Kozitsyn. But all in all, these guys look tough and decent to me.

In the meantime the Ukies have announced three waves of mobilization, and it is pretty darn clear what they are preparing for: a massive onslaught against Novorussia using huge numbers to compensate for poor training, poor morale, poor tactical skills and poor leadership. My guess (and hope) is that they will lose, but even if they do, it will be a bloodbath.


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